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Milf professor with strap on bangs teen
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Scott and I were ecstatic at the thought of a week alone with each other. We had to walk up to the hotel room, unpack, and meet back downstairs for dinner. Scott and I walked up to our room together, just talking about what we were going to do for the next week in forensics. We got to our room, and the events unfolded. When I pushed the key into the door, we heard a small click, and he shot one of his famous smiles at me again.

I opened the door and walked in. Now this hotel is very nice. They advertised their amenities, not their prices, meaning they were nice rooms. When Scott and I walked in, he flicked on the lights, and I backed him up against the wall, and proceeded to kiss him passionately. He had a light teenage mustache, that I loved a lot, and it tickled my upper lip as I kissed him.

We stood there kissing for a few minutes, when we both, consensually, broke the kiss. We proceeded to look around the hotel room. Looking in, on the left was the kitchenette, with a microwave and fridge, the basics. As you walked in further, the huge bed sat against a wall. We looked at each other, and had the same idea.

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We both sprinted for the bed, and flopped down. To our amazement, there was no squeak in the bed at all. This was very important, because we could do whatever we wanted without being caught. In addition, the walls were made of concrete, so I knew our noises could not escape the confines of our room.

In the corner of the room was a huge stone Jacuzzi. We again both knew that it would be a fun time, later in the evening.

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Through a door in the far wall, one could see a tile floor, which undoubtedly led to the bathroom. I walked in, and saw the biggest shower I have ever seen, Four people could easily fit in the stall at once, again, I foreshadowed a memorable experience hear.

"We probably should hang up our suits, and go down to the bus for dinner," said Scott. We did, and walked down for dinner.

Of course, we sat next to each other on the bus, and at dinner. When Scott and I talked, we had an underlying perverted humor. We always had, even before we knew that we were gay, and I guess it never occurred to me that we were flirting, I always tried to make it seem I was open for it, and I guess now, he did as well. We were at a table four other freshman guys, who were extremely funny.

One person in particular was an ass altogether, and everyone thought so. He was always rude to the waiter, only trying to get a laugh from everyone. Scott always had his hair gelled up in the front, and we had a joke about how he got his hair gel. For years I had joked with him about how he did not buy his hair gel, it was hand-cranked. An obvious pun for anyone listening. Even if I said it in front of someone else, they would always laugh.

It was this base, that most of our questionable humor stemmed, and was always a funny addition to our days.

Now we were far beyond the "that's what she said" jokes, we were so in tune with one another's personality that we could twist what the other said so that it was sexual. Neither one of us knew that we had flirted with each other for years in this act, but now, it was our cute connection.

When we finished eating, we boarded the bus, and went back to the hotel. Scott and I walked up to the hotel room around ten, and walked in. He took off his jacket, and I did the same.

I walked over to the door, and locked it, just to be safe. He was sitting on the bed, when I stood in front of him, and got in my knees. I untied his shoes, and took them off. I removed his socks slowly, and set them aside. I stood up, and took off his shirt, exposing his tight abs, and chest.


I then proceeded to push him back in bed, and lay him down. I undid his thin, black belt, and unbuttoned his khakis. I unzipped them and slid them off. He was lying on the bed, wearing only his boxers. They were blue plaid, the kind most guys wore.

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I went for the gold, and grabbed his waistband, and pulled them off his body. I looked at him, and he put his hands behind his head, showing me the patches of hair under his arms, which I loved. I looked him over, seeing his legs, with the light covering of hair, his big cock, with the blonde pubes with a beautiful happy trail leading to his belly button. I looked at his chest, seeing his small nipples, and I saw his armpits with the tick blonde hair that I loved very much.

I truly did think he was the hottest guy I knew. I looked back into his eyes, and straddled him, so that I could kiss him. He put his arms around me, and I felt his naked body touching me, making me so close to him.

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We broke the kiss again, and we looked at each other. We knew we wanted to do something fun together, but contemplated what exactly. I asked him if he wanted to try out the shower, he said all right, and we walked into the bathroom together. I turned on the water, to get it hot, when I stripped in front of him. We walked into the shower and closed the door behind us, he stood under the water as I grabbed the bottle of shampoo. I squirted some on my hands, and reached out for his hair, I ran my hands through his short, blonde hair, and rinsed it off.

I grabbed the shower gel, and shot some on my hands. I rubbed his neck, and shoulders, I washed down his arms to his hands, where I washed every square inch of him. I worked to the backside of his arms, washing his underarms, feeling his coarse hair as I moved across it.

I moved across his chest, and rubbed his nipples as I ran my hands over them.

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I moved down his chest, to his abs. I turned him around, and proceeded to wash his backside. I washed him all the way to his ankles, and went back up to his ass. I washed each cheek individually, and he spread his legs.

I told him to bend over a little, and he did. I shot more soap on my hand, and rubbed it in his crack, I pushed my finger on his hole, circling it softly.

I knew he liked that. I put some more soap on my hand, and on my finger, and put it on his asshole.

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I proceeded to push it into his body, and he sighed slightly, I spun my finder a bit, and fucked him softly, again, I knew he liked it, as he was moaning softly. I told him to turn around, and I soaped his abs, and moved down his thighs.

I moved over his shins, feeling his short hair under my hands. I moved up to his flaccid cock. I rubbed his pubes with my hand, and rubbed his cock as well. I used the other hand to need his balls. I pulled his foreskin over his head, and jacked him off. I took the showerhead, and rinsed him off.

We stepped out of the shower, and I dried him off. He walked into the bedroom, while I dried myself. When I walked in, he was laying on the bed, with his hands behind his head.


Did he know that was my favorite? I walked over to him, and kissed him passionately again. I moved to his ear, where I played with it with my tongue.


I moved down his neck, and to his nipple. I ran my tongue around it, and he shifted his body in pleasure. I moved down his chest to his abs, to his leg. I rubbed his legs again, feeling them as I moved across. I moved my lips down his leg to his ankle, and foot. Now I do not have a foot fetish, and do not find that sexy normally, but there was just something about him, I wanted to taste every inch of him. I kissed down the top of his foot to his toes, taking each in my mouth, and tasting his salty skin.

I moved over to his other foot, and reversed the process. I kissed his toes and foot, and moved up his leg. I moved to his inner thigh, and kissed my entire way up him, being careful not to touch his cock, even though I wanted to, I wanted to save that for later. I kissed up the other side of his abs, and to his other nipple, again, swirling my tongue around it. I kissed his other ear, and moved back over to his lips. We just lay there for a while, kissing. I moved back down his chest, and to his belly button, I went to his pubes, feeling them on my lips.

I moved to the head of his soft dick, I took it into my mouth, and swirled my tongue around him. He tasted so damn good. He loved the feeling, because he was starting to moan again, and he put his hand on my head as his erection grew.

I bobbed my head up and down on his huge cock, and deep throated him. His body shuddered in pleasure, and I knew he was close. I took my mouth off, and I felt his disappointment, but I made up for it by caressing his balls. I took each of his egg shape balls in my mouth, and sucked them hard.

I then licked up his huge shaft, and sucked on his big mushroom head. I ran my lips over his rock hard shaft again, and he replaced his hand atop my head as I bobbed on his cock.

All 8 inches of him was penetrating my head as he face fucked me. We got into a rhythm as he thrust his hips up into me. I deep throated him again and I felt his body convulse. "I am going to cum" he said. I just picked up speed, he thrust his hips hard, ramming his penis down my throat, and he shot his first shot of cum in my mouth.

The sticky thick ropes shot don my throat, which caused my to swallow, making him cum more. I absolutely loved how every aspect of his body tasted amazing, even his cum. He shot his final shot, after he blew his huge load in my mouth. I took my mouth off, moved up to his lips, and kissed him.

I pushed some of his cum into his mouth with my tongue, and he swallowed it down. We broke the kiss, and he said "That was amazing" out of breath "I have never, aver cum that hard before." I asked him "How do you like the taste of your own cum" He replied "You sure love it, and I do too now" "Well, that orgasm was great, but you are not done" I told him He looked at me puzzled, and I moved back down to his now flaccid cock, and took him in my mouth again, and he moaned in pleasure as my lips ran over his ultra sensitive cock head.

I brought him to full erection again, and I took my mouth off. I got up, and walked to the side of the bed, and took his hand, I got him up, and I pulled him out of bed, I then got on the bed, on my hands and knees. He kneeled on the edge, and put his hands on my hips. I felt him rub his cock head up and down my crack, spreading the lube around that he squirted out.

He pushed his cock past the ring of my ass, and I let out a screech. He stopped, and then proceeded to push himself into me. He slowly inched his giant cock into me, until I felt his balls hit me, he then pulled out, and rammed back in.

I let him fuck me as hard as he wanted, and he did. He pushed excruciatingly hard, and slapped his hips against my ass, and I loved it.

He continued to fuck me, and he kept pounding me harder, and harder, until he pushed all the way into me, and moaned. I knew he was close again. He pushed into me harder than ever, and I felt him cum again, he laid down on me with his cock still inside me, coming again.

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We laid together, and were so close, we could feel each others souls. He was completely soft again, and he pulled out of me, and laid on the bed, I lay on top of him, with my ark across his chest. He were panting heavily, we kissed each other, and fell asleep.