Me pressing milky boobs of wife thick nipple

Me pressing milky boobs of wife thick nipple
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Thanks everyone for the comments on the previous chapters. I strongly considered the comments concerning the pace of the story and how some are anxious for Tom to get to fucking Lisa and in the re reading of my story, the time line isn't really that long. So in an effort to bring a bit more satisfaction across the board, I will today publish the next 3 chapters and allow those who are in a bigger hurry to jump to chapter 8 where Lisa and Tom will have anal sex together.

I'll include a summary of events leading up to chapter 8. Vaginal will occur in chapter 9. For those who are still enjoying the build up, continue reading here. Lisa and Tom awoke about an hour later still with the odor of urine on their bodies. They took a dip in the pool to clean off a bit and then started to cook out some chicken for dinner, remaining nude as they did so. After dinner they cuddled up to watch TV for a bit and lightly touching each other.

Lisa continued to try and keep her legs open as much as possible and to call attention to her nakedness. "Look dad, I found a hair starting to come in." she says, leaning back, legs opened and pointing to a single strand of dark hair like the color of the hair on her head. She especially liked when Tom bent down close to see and as she kept her finger there pointing it out, she pull on the skin, opening up the lips a slight bit.

"Yes, well you're really starting to turn into a woman!" Tom tells her with a smile.

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As she sits there, pussy exposed to her dad and her dad now looking at it, she moves her finger over and starts to masturbate again as she looks at him with a small grin. She leans back just a bit more. "I want to cum again." She says softly as a finger seeks out her asshole again. "I wish my finger were bigger" she adds as it enters her.

Tom smiles and gets up. "Be right back!" he says and hurry's to the kitchen. Returning a few moments later, he has a carrot and a bottle of olive oil. "Maybe this will be better." He says as he sits back down. The carrot has been warmed slightly in the microwave and he liberally applies the oil to it and then some on his finger.


"Spread open your cheeks for me." He says. Complying with a smile, Lisa makes an almost show out of thrusting out her butt a bit more, throwing her legs high in the air and pull apart her ass cheeks. Tom begins to apply the oil to her asshole and inserting his oiled finger inside a bit. When she is lubed well, he places the carrot at the entrance to Lisa's ass and slowly pushes in the carrot.

Narrow at first, it thickens quickly and Lisa can slowly feel her asshole being stretched as she lets out a moan. "There, now you can fuck your ass good too!" Tom tells her as he moves slightly back away from her. Lisa releases her ass cheeks and takes the carrot in one hand as the other returns to her pussy. She watches her dad as she starts to fuck her asshole with the carrot, nice and slowly at first.

"MMM, yesss, it feels good." She moans softly. "I can feel it stretching it." She says as she keeps going deeper as her asshole relaxes.

Soon, Lisa is rubbing her pussy and slamming the carrot in and out of her ass while moaning, but her eyes never close. She watches her dad watching her fuck herself in the ass it makes her feel so nasty. She likes feeling nasty. Lisa cums quickly with the new sensation in her ass. Her hips thrust and lift off the couch as she twitches in orgasm, squirting her girl cum from her virgin pussy.

When her dad moves closer to try and catch her cum in his mouth, she spasms again in excitement. Finally, her orgasm subsides and she comes to rest on the couch, carrot still in her asshole. "Wow! I like this carrot." She finally says with a grin as she slowly withdraws it from her asshole and examines it closely.

She can see just a bit of her excrement on it mixed in with the thin layer of oil. "I think you'll have to keep lots of vegies around." She adds with a joke. "I'll get you some proper toys, sweetie. That was just something to try in a pinch." He tells her, reaching out and taking the carrot from her. "Do you want use the same carrot?" Lisa blurts out, the idea suddenly popping in her head. "Here, I'll put some oil down there." She says grabbing the bottle. Tom shrugs and leans back, assuming the earlier position of his daughter while she applies oil to his shaven asshole.

Her finger also enters his asshole to lubricate it completely. She then takes the carrot back and begins to insert it into her father's asshole. As it enters, Tom releases his ass cheeks and takes his cock in his hand and begins to stroke. Lisa watches as she pushes the carrot deep and then pulls it slowly back again.

She watches it as it disappears and reappears, thinking how it was just in her ass and now in her dads. She slowly fucks his ass with it while watching him stroke. He is watching her. As Tom's tempo increases, so does Lisa's. She fucks his ass in time with his masturbation. Tom reaches down and massages his balls too. His panting increases. "oh yea, fuck my ass, baby. Fuck my ass with your carrot." Tom begins to chant. "Fuck my ass with your dirty carrot.

Oh yea, you're gonna make daddy cum, baby." "Cum daddy, I want to see you squirt your cum, then I want to lick it all up." She says with a smile. Tom pants and thrusts against the carrot. "Oh god, yes baby, I'm going to cummmmmmmm" he cries out. Lisa watches his cock swell and pump as the jets of cum squirt out. She can also see his asshole contract as the thick, white, hot seed spurts out the tip of her father's hard cock and covers his chest and stomach.

When he finishes cumming and relaxes, Lisa pulls the carrot from his ass slowly and again examines it closely, even giving it a smell. Not a lot of smell, but some. She then sets it aside and leans down to begin licking the cum from her father's skin and softening cock.

Once done, she smiles at Tom, gives him a kiss like earlier in the pool, then sits back up. "I'm sleepy. I think I'll go to bed" she announces and gets up. Tom gets up as well and picks up the carrot. "yea I'm a bit tired myself. Go on up and I'll come up to tuck you in." he says heading for the kitchen to toss the carrot and put away the oil. Afterwards, he heads up, gets Lisa tucked in and heads off to bed himself. Going through their normal routine the next morning, Tom and Lisa take care of their chores and eat breakfast.

Tom then went into his office and made a few phone calls while Lisa did some relatively normal things for a girl her age. She played a little on the computer, straightened up her room and arranged the plethora of stuffed animals.

The only thing not quite normal was her full nudity. At lunch, they sat down to enjoy a hot sandwich together. During the meal among the normal idle chit chat, Tom made his announcement. "I think I've figured a way to help you with your desire to be exposed to others." He started softly. Lisa's head immediately flew up, eyes widened and mouth slightly open. "REALY? HOW?" she asks excitedly. "Well, we have to plan this out a bit.


It wouldn't be good to just bring men over and say 'watch my daughter masturbate', so we'll have to be a little bit sneaky about it. I have two friends coming over tonight for a couple of drinks and I'm pretty sure these guys are interested in young girls, so I was thinking we could have plan for them to 'accidentally catch' you naked and masturbating, but we have to figure out a way for us all to catch you at the same time." Tom starts to explain his not quite fully formed idea.

Thinking her interpretation through she looks up puzzled, "but dad, I want to be able to see them watching me and if I look at them, won't they know?" "Well, here's what I'm thinking. We arrange the room you'll be in with a way to hide your face, but with a mirror to allow you to watch them in that. They'll probably be so distracted by watching you, they won't notice you watching them." Lisa considers this for a moment, the smiles. "OK, that might work.

So this will be in my room?" "Well, no, I was thinking you'd be down in the basement, maybe on the couch in the home theater. Come on, let me show you." He says standing. Lisa quickly joins him as they go downstairs. The home theater is a large screen TV with some couches and chairs and a padded, flat bench type piece which has been moved into the middle of the room with a clear view from the entrance.

Tom takes a mirror from the next room and sets it in the corner of the room. "Sweetie, come lay on this with your feet towards the doorway." He says as he passes by with the mirror.

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Lisa lies on the padded bench. "Like this?" she asks out.

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Tom looks, give her some adjustments then asks her to tell him when she can see the doorway in the mirror. When in position, he comes over to her. "OK, so if you are here and masturbating, you can have your head turned to the side and maybe have your ear buds in pretending to listen to music.

I can bring them down here to 'show' them the new TV and we catch you spread out and playing with yourself. You can watch us in the mirror watching you.

Think that would work?" Lisa imagines it for a moment then quickly looks at her dad. "Go stand at the door, let's practice a bit and see if it works." Tom heads to the door and turns to stand. Lisa lies back, lifts her knees then spreads them far apart and turns her head towards the mirror. She reaches down and begins to rub her pussy, watching her nude father in the mirror, trying to imagine two other men standing there.

As she rubs herself, she tries to feel their eyes between her legs. 'This might work' she thinks to herself as she feels her urge to cum building. Her fingers fly faster and she sees her dads cock twitch and start to stiffen. Soon she is panting and hips are bucking. "oh yes, ooo, oooo" she begins to get vocal. "Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh" she suddenly cries out and a little bit of cum squirts from her pussy. It will be better when they are really standing there, she thinks to herself as she relaxes before sitting up.

"So? How was that?" Tom asks hopefully. "I think that will work" she smiles back. "They aren't going to be naked though are they?" she asks. "No most likely not." Pouting a bit, "I'd like to see other cocks too" she shrugs. Tom nods, "Well no promises, but maybe if they are excited enough, I can encourage them to take them out and jack off." He says only half joking.

"That would be awesome!" Lisa responds. The rest of the day goes by slowly. Lisa thinks often about this and finds she stays wet most of the day, but she resist masturbating any more until tonight. They worked out a few signals as to when Lisa would go down and how long they would wait.

Since Lisa would be dressed, albeit lightly, she would need to get undressed first. Finally, all was set and they only had to wait until Tom's friends arrived. Around 7:30 and after dinner, a knock came on the door. Tom and Lisa had dressed casually. Lisa chooses to wear a pair of tight fitting shorts that showed her camel toe and a tank top that was loose.

Although her breasts were still quite small, she didn't mind showing them off either and if she turned the right angle, they could be view either through the arm hole or down the front. The outfit was designed to 'prime the pump' so to speak of the men. Lisa jumped in anticipation at the knock.

Tom smiles knowingly as he gets up to answer. Jim and Dave have arrived together and she hears their voices from the foyer as they enter with greetings.

A moment later, Tom escorts the two men into the living room where Lisa sits anxiously. Both men are around 6 feet tall and look to be in decent physical shape. They both have full heads of hair, Jim's being dark brown like her dads and Dave being more of a dirty blond. They are handsome which adds to Lisa's excitement.

When they see her, they smile and give her a warm hello as Tom introduces them to her. Lisa chats with them a little bit, the men having immediately notices the outfit as Lisa made a bit of an effort to show it off. They eagerly talked to her about her school and hobbies while Tom made drinks in the kitchen.

Tom gave them some time to get to know each other before returning with the drinks. Lisa hung around awhile helping with snacks and more drink. She sipped on a coke herself. After a few drinks, the men were feeling quite relaxed. Tom didn't drink much or fast so that he could maintain his wits in case anyone got out of hand. Lisa would bend and move and twist so as to show her budding breasts to the men and Tom saw they both noticed.

She would sometimes stand and almost obviously pull her shorts up tighter, showing off more of her camel toe within a foot or so of the men and not too quickly either. Tom encouraged their glances a bit by commenting what a pretty young woman Lisa was turning into and Jim and Dave eagerly agreed. When one of the men said something like she has a cute behind, Tom commented they should see her in a bikini. Soon, Tom gave the agreed on signal by changing the subject to something a bit more serious.

"Jim, Dave. I wanted you to come over tonight and get your experience on a little project I'm considering." He begins. Lisa fake rolls her eyes and responds, "Oh now it's boring grownup talk uh?

I guess I'll get some more coke and go watch TV." Lisa goes to the kitchen to refill her glass when she notices the bunch of carrots on the bottom shelf. She remembered last night and quickly finds a nice one. Warming it briefly in the microwave as her dad did she also finds a small jar to put some oil in.

She hides these in her cloths as she passes back through the living room and heads downstairs, shaking with anticipation. As the men talk upstairs, Lisa quickly strips down naked, her pussy already seeping moisture. She first prepares the carrot, then her ass with oil, grabs the pre-positioned mp3 player and gets herself into position.

Then spreading her ass cheeks with one hand, she eases the carrot slowly into her anus and sighs with pleasure as it enters and she feels it stretching her tight opening. Making sure she can see everything in the mirror, Lisa begins to very slowly rub her pussy, getting her fingers nice and wet before going back to her clit. Her knees up and legs spread wide she tried to make herself as exposed as possible. As the tingling really begins, she hears the footsteps on the stairs and her tummy quivers with excitement as she rubs her clit and fucks her ass with the carrot a little faster.

She sees Jim and Dave round the corner into the room and stop suddenly, mouths falling open. Her dad appears just behind them, head between theirs.

Lisa feels their eyes on her naked form and she involuntarily rubs and pumps a bit faster. Here she is naked, exposed and masturbating to two almost strangers. Tom sees the carrot in her ass and is a bit surprised by that. This was something he didn't expect, but it makes her appear more lewd. More wanton. He glanced at the mirror and caught her eyes wide open and lustful. Then he hears her begin to get vocal as his friends watched his daughter in her passion, no one having moved yet.

"Oh god yes, fuck my ass" she started to say. "Yess, my pussy is so hot, so wet!" she continues. "Oh god yes, I love to rub myself. I love to make myself cum over and over." "I told you she was growing up." Tom whispers to the men and thus giving them permission to keep looking.

Only a quick, very brief glance of disbelief from them both then eye riveted back on the young girl pleasuring herself in their eyes. "Kind of makes you want to stroke off to her, doesn't it?" he whispers again and gets a very slow nod. A moment later, hears a zipper followed by a second one. Soon, two hard cocks poke out from the men's' trousers and hands stroke them quickly. Tom glances to the mirror and sees Lisa smile as her fingers and her hand pick up the pace.

"Oh yes, I want to cum so bad" she moans. "Oh yes watch me cum" she says softly. Her hips begin to thrust and her body quivers. "oh god yes, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum, yes I want to cum" she says as she thinks in her own mind 'I want to cum for you, watch me cum'.

Then with a loud moan, her hips lift off the furniture and the first of 3 strong streams of girls cum shoots from her virgin pussy. So strong it's almost like pee arching across the room, almost to the 3 men watching. Another thrust and the second, then the third. When the men see this, they both start to cum too.

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Streams of thick, hot, white cum shoot out in an effort to meet those of the young girls, mixing on the floor. Each shooting two or three strong jets with the last oozing out and dripping off the tip onto the floor below them.

They finally catch their breath and Tom urges them to slip out quietly and return upstairs. Lisa continues to lie there awhile as she recovers from the strongest orgasm of her young life. The carrot still in her ass, she eventually sits up and takes a deep breath.

'Wow that was so hot!' she thinks to herself. 'I definitely have to do that again.' Her thoughts continue. She sees her cloths and now she knows she wants to go up and talk to the men again, knowing what they saw.

She dresses, but has the idea to leave the carrot in her ass. As she starts to leave she can see the streak of wetness that shot from her and at its termination point, globs of the men's cum. She stops and kneels. She scoops one up and tastes it. Different from her dads, but still not bad. Then the one several inches to the side.

"Eww, not good at all." She says with a crinkled face.

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She scoops up some of the first and has another taste as she remembers their positions. Jim's was the one she hoped NOT to taste again, but Dave's was pretty good.

Lisa walks upstairs, face still a bit flushed, but very happy indeed. "So, you grownups finished talking boring stuff?" she says casually as she re-enters the room. They all look up at her, their faces flushed as well. She can feel their eyes go to her camel toe even more now. They chat a bit longer with Tom and Lisa, but the conversation is now a bit disjointed, so in short order, they excuse themselves to leave.

In the interval before Lisa joined them, Tom indicated there might be more opportunity to see that if they wanted, but he did so subtlety and they weren't quite sure what he was saying, but the seed was planted. After they left, Tom and Lisa began to undress in the living room again as they discussed the experience. Lisa told her dad how much she enjoyed that, but would like to try it more openly.

Tom explained what he had said and done in hopes to make that happen for her soon. "Dad, look!" Lisa says as she slides down her shorts and turns away from her dad, bends over and spreads her ass cheeks.

The end of the carrot is barely sticking out. "That was a surprise. I didn't expect to see you doing that. You really enjoy anal stimulation, don't you?" "It, uhm, makes me feel dirty.

Especially with Jim and Dave watching me. "I ordered you some toys today off the internet. They should come next week." "REALLY? What did you get me?" Lisa asks excitedly as she steps close to her dad and take his still throbbing cock in her hand. She had noted he did not masturbate earlier. "Well, I got you a couple of small vibrators for your clit and a butt plug kit with all different sizes and some that vibrate." He explains not revealing he actually got a bunch of things for her, but would only give them out a few at a time as he felt she was ready.

"Dad. I tasted both Jim and Dave's cum that they shot on the floor down there. Dave's was pretty good, but Jim's was awful. Why is that?" "Well sweetie, the taste of a man's cum depends a lot on what type of diet he has. Jim is not that big into fruits and veggies. Dave and I both eat a lot of fruit too." "OH" Lisa says as she digest the new information lightly stroking his cock and staring at it.

"Dad?" "Yes sweetie." "Can I taste you cum again?" she asks softly. "Sure hone anytime. You know that." With that, Lisa kneels down before her dad and puts the head of his cock in her mouth and starts to stroke him faster. She is almost giving him a blowjob, but to her mind she just holding her mouth there as she's done before when he masturbated.

Only this time she was stroking him. Tom looks down and observes his young daughter with her lips wrapped around the head of his cock and her young, smooth hand stroking him, trying to make him cum directly in her mouth.

Her smooth, soft skin, the angelic and innocent look coupled with this wanton behavior was a combination that excited him to no end. While her intent was just to hold him in her mouth, the movement of her hand moved the head of his cock in and out a bit and occasionally her tongue would flick the head. This very slight sensation was driving Tom wild as his breathing increased.

'She wanted his cum. He was going to cum in his daughter's mouth' he kept thinking to himself. While he had cum in her mouth before it was the act of masturbation and the unexpected decision by her to put her mouth on his cock just as he was going to cum, but now she was doing it ahead of time. He knew this time the end result was to shoot into her mouth and the more he allowed this thought to grow, the greater his excitement. "Oh god yes baby almost there" he began to pant.

His hips thrust gently and instinctively, Lisa reduced her hand stroking and even allow his trusting to rock the head in and out past her lips, subtly fucking her mouth. "Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhggggggggggggggggg" Tom cries out as he watches his cock pump his incestuous seed into her very young, willing mouth. She looks up into his eyes just as he cums. She holds him there until she is sure he's done, then milks out the last, slides her lips from him and swallows.

"Yours is still the best!" she says happily as she stands up and gives him a kiss on the lips. He can taste himself on her. Tom takes a deep breath as he recovers. "Thanks, sweetie. So what would you like to do now?" "I think I need a shower and then to bed. Will you come take a shower with me?" she asks sweetly. "I'd love to, honey." He says taking her hand and heading up the stairs. Tom leads her to his bathroom since the shower is larger in there.

He starts the water and regulates the temperature, then holds the door open for Lisa to enter and he follows.

They get wet and Tom takes the body wash and squirts some in his hand. He then begins by working the soap into a lather on Lisa's shoulders and neck. A combination of a wash and massage. Lisa relaxes as she lets her father wash her smooth skin. Tom works his way down Lisa's back, then around to her flat stomach. Slowly he works back up to her budding breasts. Still no bigger than half tangerines, he cups them in his large hands and gently massages them. Lisa's breath begins to quicken as her eyes close.

After several minutes, Tom adds more body wash to his palms and kneels down behind her. He begins at her feet soaping them and works slowly up her ankle, calves, knees and thighs first one leg then the other.

With that done, he begins on her ass, but his fingers bump the carrot still lodged in her rectum. He smiles to himself and takes the carrot in two fingers and gently pulls it out part way and then back in again. He gently and slowly fucks her ass again with the carrot. Lisa responds with a moan and bends forward just a bit.

Tom's other hand slides around her hip and soaps up her almost smooth mound, letting his fingers dip into the crevice that is his daughters pussy. He gently enters her passage with the tip of his finger while the base of the same finger rubs across her engorging clit. She can feel the slight penetration of his finger. A slight stretching, not too unlike the stretching she feels in her ass from the carrot. Her hips start to undulate as she rides her father's hand and pushes back into the carrot as Tom pushes it into her.

They find a nice rhythm that ever so slowly increases in speed as Lisa's breath quickens and her moans become louder. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes" she pants as her orgasm builds once more. "I'm going to cum, daddy." She cries softly.

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"Oh yes make me cum" she pants. Then suddenly her body stiffens and shakes as the release she craves over takes her. Tom practically has to hold her up as her legs weaken in the aftermath of her most recent orgasm. Tom gently removes the carrot. Once she is steady again, Tom guides her under the water to rinse off the soap and other liquids.


He mostly washes himself, but Lisa does help wash around his cock and ass and legs. He even feels her slip a soapy finger into his anus and pump a couple of times. Since he came just before coming up to shower, he's not quite ready for another one, but he teases Lisa a little. "Don't get anything more started, it's getting late." He says in mocks admonishment. Lisa giggles. "I just like the feel of my finger going in and out. It like grips my finger." She comments.

"Yea, I know. Your ass grips even tighter!" he jokes. "Well it did before you kept that carrot in all night!" Lisa notices the carrot laying across the shelf in the shower as she continues to over wash her father cock and balls and then glances between the two.

"Dad! On the thick end of this carrot is about the same as you cock when it's hard, isn't it?" she observes. Tom glances at it.

"Well not quite but close, I imagine. That one's much thicker than the one I used on you." He also observes. "Yea, it is. I could feel the difference when I got it most of the way in." Finally, he rinses off, they get out and dry each other. Tom can see Lisa has something on her mind, but as usual, he'll let her mull it over until she's ready to talk about it. Without even asking, they walk back into the bedroom and both head for Tom's bed.

Crawling in and shutting off the lights just before the cuddle together, there naked skin touching one another. Both tired from their recent orgasms, they quickly drift off the sleep.