Cum Tribute to Rosy Maggiulli

Cum Tribute to Rosy Maggiulli
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Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the actual Harry Potter series, its author, characters or book and movie franchises. This story has not been sold or created for profit. Story Codes: Mf, exhib, grope, hand, magic, unif Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 6 - Classes Begin Part 2 by Avatrek ([email protected]) As Ron, Ginny and Luna's day went relatively well, Hermione's had been nothing short of a disaster.

Her first class had been double potions and after being stuck sitting with both Malfoy and Snape, she got caught by Professor Slughorn wearing a skirt two inches longer then the regulation size. As a punishment for such a major infraction, Hermione was subjected to a pubic spanking from the perverted Potions Master and a further detention the following weekend. If that wasn't enough, she had to endure the entire class doing her best to not to knock Malfoy out for groping her.

The only good thing about Hermione's first day was that she was able to spot the first of four magical objects Dumbledore had sent her and her friends back in time to locate. The problem that she now faced as the first half of the first day came to a close and she and Harry met in the Great Hall for lunch, was that she now believed Malfoy had somehow already stolen the magical cauldron and had found some way to duplicate it and replace it without anyone knowing, including Slughorn.

"You're sure that duplicate you made me will pass any inspection?" Malfoy asked Snape as they sat down together at the Slytherin table. "Of course it will. As long as Slughorn doesn't use any of the potions he brews in the fake he'll never know." Snape replied, reassuring a weary Malfoy that the cauldron he had faked with a replicating spell would not be detected so easily. "And you're sure the alterations I made to the potion will work?" Malfoy asked him sceptically.

"Yes. The change will be subtle, but the effect you're going for will work. And just remember, you owe me, so you better make good on your promise to put in a good word with the Dark Lord." Snape told Malfoy as he got up to leave. "As long as you keep it safe under those enchantments you told me about, you'll be in his good books." Malfoy told him before slyly turning around to face an eavesdropping Harry and Hermione.

"And what the hell do you two want? He said standing up and pulling out his wand too quickly for either Harry or Hermione to react to. "Oh hi Professor!" Harry said out loud looking behind Malfoy to see Slughorn walking down the aisle towards them. Malfoy quickly put away his wand and left the two of them with a devilish little smirk.

"I wonder what he was grinning about? We now know that he plans to use that potion Slughorn brewed and that Snape's holding the cauldron for him." Hermione reasoned, downing the rest of her goblet of pumpkin juice in a single swig before standing up and making ready to go to her afternoon class with Harry.

Ron soon joined them and as they walked down the hallway to their Muggle Studies class, Hermione suddenly felt a wave dizziness hit her. "Are you alright Hermione?" Ron asked Hermione, as she stopped to regain her composure.


"Go ahead. I just need to use the bathroom really quick." Hermione told them as a tingling ran through her body. "Alright. but don't be late again. You don't need another detention." Harry told Hermione before he and Ron continued on their way while Hermione walked towards the nearest bathroom.

'FUCK FUCK FUCK!' Hermione thought to herself as she turned on the nearest faucet and splashed her face with the cold water hoping to snap out of the dizziness and numbness that had spread throughout her body. Although she hoped that she was just being paranoid, Hermione knew what was happening.

She had thought Malfoy had just pulled out his wand to curse her and Harry in the Great Hall, but in fact, had pulled it out to cast a non-verbal spell. Using his wand he had evidently used a switching spell to substitute her potion with the altered potion Slughorn had made. As the tingles ran through her body and a fuzzy warmth ran up her spine, Hermione's worries and suspicions quickly melted away.

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With a wet white dress shirt and a new look on life, Hermione made her way to her Muggle Studies class. As the transformation of the potion took its lasting effect on Hermione, Harry and Ron entered the Muggle Studies classroom to see a very interesting sight. "Holy fuck. Look at all these Muggle nudie pictures all over the walls," Ron said with awe as he looked around at all the pictures of attractive and very naked women.

"But what is Playboy?" Ron asked Harry with intrigue as he stared at a magazine pinned to one of the walls. "It's a nudie magazine from the Muggle world and if my guess is right, our professor is a big fan." Harry said with glee in his eyes, remembering the first time he stole one of his uncle's magazines and masturbated to all the pretty naked ladies.

"Is that.

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No it can't be. Harry, I think that's my Dad!" Ron said to Harry as Ron looked up at the thin, slightly balding redheaded man writing something on the blackboard. "Fuck me. I think it is. You never told me that your Dad taught at Hogwarts." Harry said bewildered. "I never knew.

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He never told me." Ron replied, hardly believing his eyes as his own father turned to greet them. "You must be Harry and Ron, our newest students at Hogwarts.

I am Professor Weasley and I'll be substituting for Professor Wilson while she takes her maternity leave." Mr. Weasley told Harry and Ron as the rest of the students filed into the room. "Just between you and me, she got a little too frisky with a few too many of her fifth year students last year and ended up with a bun in the oven." Mr. Weasley whispered to them, before he walked back up to the front of the room and greeted the rest of the class.

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"Welcome back sixth years, to NEWT level Muggle Studies. I am Professor Weasley and I will be taking over for Professor Wilson while she takes her maternity leave." Mr. Weasley told the entire class as Harry and Ron looked back to see both James and Sirius laughing. Harry quickly realized who the previous professor had been a little too familiar with last year and why both Sirius and James had taken Muggle Studies. On a second glance, Harry realized that that there wasn't a single girl in the entire class and as Mr.

Weasley started speaking again, Ron pointed out the same thing seconds later. "Hey James. Why aren't there any girls in this class?" Ron asked, as Mr. Weasley continued on without noticing. "Well it was because Professor Wilson didn't allow any girls in Muggle Studies, but now that she's on maternity leave, I thought there would be at least a few. Judging from the setup here, I don't think they'd find it anymore welcoming." James told Ron and Harry, looking around at all the photos of naked ladies.

"I think Hermione may have a problem with my Dad's obvious fixation with naked Muggle girls." Ron said to Harry as they opened their Muggle Studies textbooks and quickly found out that they'd be partaking in Muggle photography lessons for the first few weeks of the school term. "Ah. That's why there are Muggle photographs all over the place. It doesn't exactly explain why they're all naked though, does it?" Harry said to Ron as Mr.

Weasley asked for everyone's attention. "As you can see, we will be exploring the fascinating Muggle art of photography for the first month of the term.

I can't tell you how much I admire the Muggle photographers of Playboy for their truly inspiring work and that is why we will be focusing on the female form during our lessons." Mr Weasley said, to the obvious elation of the entire class. "Unfortunately however, we do not have any female students with us today, so my call for a volunteer will be pointless." He continued until abruptly interrupted by the entrance of the gorgeous and clearly flustered Hermione Granger.

"Uhhhh. Sorry Professor. I got held - wait. Mr. Weasley.?" Hermione said, astonished to see a far younger Mr.

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Weasley, while every boy in the class stared at her wet white dress shirt and her perky rosy nipples. "Yes. Hermione Stranger, is it? I believe we've found our first volunteer, class." Mr. Weasley replied looking elated, along with almost the entire class. "It's either that or detention Hermione.?" "Well I guess so." Hermione replied looking un-phased as she looked around the room, first at all the photos of naked Muggles and then at the fact that she was the only girl in the entire class.

"What would I have to do?" She went on, certain that the answer would be something perverted. "Oh, nothing much. Just stand up her on this podium and look pretty." Mr.

Weasley responded, pointing down at a small inclined podium which he wanted Hermione to come and stand on. Hermione looked over at Ron and Harry quickly for some indication of what was coming, but they either had no clue or they didn't want her to find out.


As she slowly walked to the front of the class sporting her ridiculously short skirt, Hermione was certain every boy in the class was staring at her tight little ass with every step she took.

As she passed the second last row of students, a tall blond Hufflepuff boy reached over and squeezed her ass quickly, causing Hermione to look over at the boy and give him a devilish smirk as the class cheered in approval. Normally Hermione would have turned around and hexed the pervert for squeezing her ass, but for some reason, the thought of being groped didn't seem that offensive to her anymore.

Before stepping on the podium, Hermione looked down the front row to see a laughing Draco Malfoy, clearly overjoyed at the fact that his plan had worked and Hermione had ingested the powerful love potion he had slipped her. As Hermione took the podium and got ready for her impending photo shoot, a twinge of horniness passed through her after seeing Malfoy.


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As I was saying, we will be studying the erotic art of photography over the next month and as Hermione here has so graciously volunteered her services for the first class of the term, we will all spend the rest of the class taking photos of her while she removes her clothing." Mr.

Weasley told the class as Hermione turned around to look at the horny redheaded man she had always greatly respected. "Did you just want to see me naked Professor?" Hermione smirked, quite certain that Mr. Weasley had always had a crush on her in her own time and even though he had never made a move on her, she knew his eyes were continually glued to her ass when no one was looking.

"Yes Hermione. That's the spirit; let's see that sexy little ass." Mr. Weasley replied with eagerness before standing right behind her and grabbing the waistband of her tiny skirt. Hermione stood there, frozen in shock as Mr.

Weasley slowly slid down her skirt and revealed to the class, her stunning, slightly red ass. "Now, since there are only enough cameras for half of the class, I will need you to pair up and begin taking photographs while Miss Stranger continues to disrobe." Mr.

Weasley said as he took off Hermione's skirt and ran his tongue down Hermione's thigh without anyone but Hermione knowing. As the class picked up their cameras and started snapping pictures of Hermione's slightly reddened ass, Ron and Harry were tempted to go up to Hermione and help her out of the situation she was in, but decided against it, knowing that their mission was too important to sacrifice over something so trivial and the fact that Hermione seemed to be enjoying herself.

Standing beside the enthusiastic duo of Sirius and James, Ron and Harry started snapping pictures too, getting close-ups of Hermione's fantastic ass. "Remember class, these photos will be graded, so make sure you focus the lens and take into account the lighting of the room." Mr. Weasley interjected as Harry and Ron looked through their Muggle Studies textbooks. Again, Dumbledore had scrawled a few helpful tips in the margins, and after Harry readjusted the lens, and took a few steps to the right, his and Ron's pictures were far clearer and better shaded than anyone else's.

In truth however, both Harry and Ron had a hard time focusing on what they were doing as Hermione slowly removed her tiny green and black thong even before being told to do so to leave her bottom half completely exposed.

Ron nearly dropped the camera as he ogled Hermione's perfect little ass and felt a small bulge begin to form in his pants. Ron wasn't the only one feeling tightness in their crotch area; almost every boy in the class, including the Professor, Mr. Weasley was suffering the same fate. "This slut is hot!" James said out loud to Sirius as Hermione was directed to unbutton her dress shirt and turn around to show everyone her tight trimmed teenage pussy, fit body, immaculate perky breasts, small rosy nipples and a reddening face.

"Very well done Hermione.

I think that will do unless you wish to get a few bonus marks for the lesson?" Mr. Weasley asked Hermione, taking a long hard look at her tight little ass and imagining what he would do to her if he had her all alone. Mr. Weasley may have been married, with three boys, including one that was only a few weeks old, but he couldn't deny the temptation that he felt as he took in the naked beauty in front of him. "Bonus marks?" Hermione asked interestedly, not caring in the slightest that several boys were now whistling at her and making some rude comments while she waited for a better explanation.

Hermione may have been under the influence of the powerful love potion Malfoy had given her, but she could not pass up the opportunity of getting some bonus marks.

Besides, as long as she was naked, she might as well score a few extra marks out of the entire ordeal. "We will need a male volunteer and your consent as well." Mr.

Weasley replied, looking over at the eager boys standing on their desks, jumping up and down, shouting out to volunteer for whatever he had in mind. "No one's fucking me!" Hermione shouted out at the extremely eager boys, before turning around to look back at Mr. Weasley for a full explanation. The love potion that was impairing her sexual inhibitions, was also opening her mind to a whole new realm of possibilities when it came to using her sex appeal to get what she wanted. Simply giving it up to a random boy for nothing but a few marks wouldn't be too smart, even though Hermione was already starting to fantasize about being stuffed from behind in front of everyone.

"Oh no, of course not. That kind of behaviour is against school regulations during class anyways. All I want is a little more variety in the photos Miss Stranger." Mr. Weasley said, clearly not telling Hermione everything he had planned for her.

"It sounds like fun to me, but why does it have to be one of them. Can't it be you?" Hermione suggested, really wanting those bonus marks and a chance to see Mr.

Weasley's cock. With almost every boy, including Malfoy with his hand in the air, basically bouncing on the spot, Mr. Weasley considered the proposition. "I guess I should lead by example." Mr. Weasley said with joy as all the boys collectively looked furious at the redheaded Muggle Studies Professor. Hermione looked down the first row at Malfoy and for a second had the urge to jump off the platform she was standing on and fuck his brains out, but before she could, Mr.

Weasley had joined her and was taking off all his clothes. Had Hermione not been under the influence of the love potion and surrounded by a group of horny teenage boys in the year 1976, she would have thought this almost too weird to be true, but after seeing Mr.

Weasley's semi-hard shaft, any thoughts of awkwardness or embarrassment instantly disappeared. Mr. Weasley proceeded to order the disappointed teenage boys to take their pictures or face detention and before long, the cameras were snapping away and Hermione was placed in a number of odd positions for the photo shoot.

One of which included her on her knees with one of her hands around her cock, not massaging it, only holding it. Mr. Weasley was fully hard now and was fantasizing about picking her up and slamming his shaft into her as hard as he could when he looked down at his watch and realized the class was just about over.

"Alright class. That will do it for today's class. I think we should all give Hermione here a big round of applause before departing." Mr. Weasley said as Hermione stood back up still holding onto his cock.

As the class applauded and proceeded to put away their cameras, Hermione leaned towards Mr. Weasley and whispered something in his ear with her fingers still wrapped around his shaft.

"If you ever need me to give me some private lessons, I wouldn't mind so much!" Hermione whispered seductively before letting him go and getting dressed. With the first day over and Hermione under the influence of a powerful love potion that would at least last the entire year, Malfoy's plan was coming to fruition and while Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Luna became distracted by the temptations around them, his diabolical plans were just beginning to unfold.