Gaystraight twink amateurs gaysex party

Gaystraight twink amateurs gaysex party
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In a hotel with curtains pulled tightly. Your laying in middle of the bed prob against the headboard naked n relaxed. I slowly crawl between your legs headed straight to your cock. My mouth already watering for the taste of your dick. I take your dick in my hands caressing you as I lean down n start to lick your nuts with extra wet tongue getting em all wet with my saliva. I take a deep breath inhaling your scent n I moan. My tongue makes it way up to your dick licking up n down on your vain swirling around your shaft making my way to your tip.

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Swirling my tongue on your pe hole tasting saltiness on my tongue n moan as I open my mouth to swallow you lowering my head slowly savoring feel n taste of your hard throbbing dick in my mouth.

Sucking hard as I bob up n down on your cock I hear you breathing faster. I place my hands on your thighs rubbing em slowly n squeezing your inner thighs a I keep sucking you. I slam my head down on your dick gagging myself on your dick.

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Your tip hitting back of my throat as I relax my jaw as spit dripping down my chin as lift my head n slam it down again n again gagging myself on your cock.

I hear you gasp in pleasure. I lift my head off of you.and start stroking you using my spit as luberation stroking you fast n hard n I lean down n start licking all over your balls pressing my face in your balls I moan as my hands stroke faster in twisting motion. You're moaning loudly n your hips coming off the bed.

I put your head in my mouth n suck your pre cum as keep sucking n stroking you. Oh fuck u yell as you explode in my mouth.


I swallow fast every drop of your cum n say mmm thank you mmm yummy. N you say you are welcome trying slow down your breathing. I kiss ur inner thighs tenderly. Kissing up to your stomach n up to your nipples I suck each softly as I kiss my way up to your neck.

Kisses n licks as you moan. Am straddling your chest as I lean down n kiss you passionately swirling our tongues together as we breath as one I feel your hands caressing my breast as we kiss I moan in your mouth as you twist my nipples hard.

I relax on top of you n I lay my head on chest n listen to you breath. And I hear you say you better rest baby after I catch my breath am going show you explosion n you laugh in my ear.

And I know you going pay me back for teasing you so much earlier.


I smile to myself thinking how much I love the way you make me take it.and how you always make squirt for you like no one has done.and I know its gonna hurt.just like how I like it. Open your legs I hear in my ear. N I open my wide for you. Then I feel your finger go in deep in a upward motion. I moan as you start to move it in n out rapidly. I gasp your finger fuck hard n harder.I lift my head from my shoulder DO NOT FUCKING MOVE you growling in my ear then other arm around me pinning me down on chest as you insert another finger inside me ramming two fingers index n middle deeply as you tighten your grip on me your fingers slamming in n out hard n harder.

I gasp pain n pleasure breathing faster as your fingers get faster n forceful n more rougher. I flinch from painful finger fucking you yell in my ear loudly DON'T MOVE TAKE IT BITCH as you insert another finger in my sore pussy.

Three fingers going in n out rapidly n more harder.


Your arm around me tightens pressing me down on chest. In n out over n over again am moaning loudly n breathing fast my pussy aching n getting drenched f the abuse of ur hand raping my pussy over n over again.

Pain grows n I screams aaaaAAAh! I tried to move but couldn't move from fingers ramming in me over ni over again. You pull em out n you say catch your breath my slutty baby we are just pausing for a minute.:, take a shakey breath as my legs tremble from cumming so much.I whisper okay.

Then I your fingers caressing my pussy lips slowly rubbing up n down. Mmm Are you ready am not gonna stop again for you. Understand you will take it until am done.

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You will cum you will take the pain and don't move. Do you understand me ask me I nod my head n say yes sir. You grin n I feel your fingers enter me again roughly ramming up in angle hard n deeply. In n out faster n faster. Ramming deeply over n over again. Another finger goes in me.

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Pain of four fingers ripping my pussy wider. I scream from the pain as I cum violently on your hand.

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You pull your hand out of me. And you say open your mouth you're going clean your mess you made open wide NOW. I open my as you shove your fingers in stretching my mouth out I suck my juices from your fingers. You start to move em in n out of my mouth I flattened out my tongue as you finger fuck my mouth I look up at you my eyes are watering as you gag me with your fingers.

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You look me in the eye n say MMM the things that I will make you take. You will never forget.

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All sudden you pull em out n you lean in n kiss me roughly n passionately. I kiss you back.

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You stop our kiss n say. You belong to now and I will never let you go. I moan n say I know.