I got fucked by my bf and his best friend

I got fucked by my bf and his best friend
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As Hinata strolled down an alleythinking shyly of the moment that had just passed - She had met Naruto on his usual trip to the ichiraku ramen shop - she wished it had lasted longer than just a quick "Hello" and a lot of blushing.Naruto still had'nt noticed her affection for himbut then again the only sign she showed was outright embarassment around him.She desperately wanted to impress himin any way possiblebut so far had failed.She knew she was cute with her long dark-blue hair and cute complexion.Her eyes were the white-grey of the hyuuga's but still had a special glow around Narutolike even her eyes wished for them to be together.It was a stupid thought but it was all she could think about.Loving someone was one thing.Telling them you loved them was another.

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Later that dayHinata was picking up food from the store when she ran into Naruto again.He was sweatingso he had obviously been training.Naruto spotted Hinata and waved before beckoning her over to the bench he was sitting on.She gingerly walked over to himblushing furiously already.Naruto gave his usual goofy smile and Hinata smiled back at him shyly.He asked if he could talk to her in a less crowded place and she said "Sure but where?" in a would-be casual voice if she was not blushing a darker shade of crimson than ever before.Naruto had not noticed her blushing and just said "How 'bout my place?".Hinata agreedthough her mind was spinning with thought's of him wanting to kiss her or maybe even have sex.Hinata had never had sex before and was sure Naruto had not either.She hoped she was right but it was highly doubtful.

Hinata and Naruto were sitting on Naruto's bedtalking about what Naruto had been doing.Hinata was righthe had been trainingbut not any normal traininghe was training to make a more powerful version of the fouth Hokage's Jutsu the Rasengan.He had not perfected it and from what Hinata made of itNaruto continued to turn into the Kyuubi from sheer over-use of Chakra and tremendous amounts of effort.Although Hinata was trying to listen to Narutoshe was mostly thinking about how to turn the conversation aroundso she could tell him she loved him in a natural way.She thought she should ask him who he loved firstthen tell him she loved him so she asked "Hey Narutodo u have someone u love?".At first he was silentprobably thinkingthen he answered very small voice so much so that she couldnt hear what he said.She asked if he would repeat thatthat she had'nt heard himwhen suddenly his arms were around her and his lips were pressed to hersgiving her the kiss she had wanted for so long.She kissed back enthusiastically but desperately wishing she wasnt so shy.She knew now that Naruto had loved her always but like herhad been to shy to admit it and this realization was what made her get over her shyness and move her hand down Naruto's chest to his pantstugging at the waist of his trousers.He opened his eyes and looked at Hinatashowing that he wanted this as much as she did.With that thought in mindshe slid his pants to the groundnoticing the large bulge in his boxer's.This made Hinata blush again as she reached out to stroke Naruto's erectionwho moaned softly at her touch.The sound of him moaning gave her even more enthusiasm and so she slid his cock out of his boxersguessing it to be about 7" or 8" long.Having never seen an erect cock before she just stared at it for a few secondsbut instinct kicked in and she moved down Naruto's body and wrapped her soft lips around his cock.At first she just swirled her tongue on the head of Naruto's cocklistening to the sounds that he made as she pleased him.After a few minutes of lickingHinata put his cock further into her mouthstroking his shaft and playing with his ballswhile she used her tongue to lick ever inch of his cock.Naruto decided that it was time to repay the favour before he came and so he layed Hinata down on his bed and undressed herrevealing her neatly rimmed pussy and her 36cc breasts.This brought him closer to cumming and so he licked his way down Hinata's bodybiting and squeezing her pinkerect nipples and fondling her large breastsbefore moving on down her stomach to her sweet little clit.Naruto had never done anything sexual before and so had very little experience but stillas his tongue roamed over Hinata's clit and then deep into her pussyhe made her moan louder and louder as she shuddered to her first orgasm.Naruto moved back up Hinata's body and asked if she was still a virgin.She said "Yes but i want to lose it to you".Needing no more encouragementnaruto slowly slid his cock into Hinata's soaked pussygetting about half way before meeting resistance.Naruto pushed in slowlytrying not to hurt her.After a few seconds of painHinata started to feel really good as Naruto's cock slid in and out of her pussy ,while she moaned "HarderPlease NarutoHarder!!".Naruto just smiled andusing his amazing staminafucked Hinata faster and harderchanging speed any time Hinata asked.After a few minutes of thisNaruto felt Hinata's pussy close tighter around his cockas she had her second orgasm.Naruto came deep inside Hinatain symmetry with Hinata's orgasm.Hinata did'nt mind.She would love to have Naruto's child.Latershe fell asleep in Naruto's armswhile he watched her sleepthinking of the night they had shared.

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The next morningwhen NaruHina woke upthey smiled at each other and both blushedbefore leaning in to kiss each other deeply.

"I love you Hinata Hyuuga" Naruto said.

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"I love you two Naruto" Hinata saidas she blushed at Naruto finally saying he loves her.She knew she'd be happy from now on.The end. Hope you liked my story.Comment please.

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