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A Good Man 5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next morning Tom awoke wondering what the hell was going on.

Looking around, his room was crowded with a mixture of brownies, pixies, sprites and half of the council. Huh?

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Most were asleep, that didn't bother him as much as the fact that they were in his house to start with. Stirring with a slight groan a mulitude rushed to his bed, "Ok just a question? Frilly why are all of these people here?" Tom asked.

Giggling Frilly told him, "they ALL heard that you were badly hurt and rushed to help you, it appears they owe you," this last was in hushed tones.

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Three beings stepped forward, the brownie from the day before, a pixie that looked alot like the one that had rushed forward when he healed the brownie, and the sprite that had brought his daughter.

All three bowed in front of Tom, "I want to introduce you to Futhra, the head of the brownies. Yong the leader of the sprites, this is Queen Adalar of the pixies," each bowed causing Tom to bow back to them bringing many gasps and smiles from the crowd in the room, "they are paying you back for what you have done so far." Tom looked surprised, "for what I've done?

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I haven't really done anything, well. not to me, I don't feel I've done anything that warrents this support at all." "Tom," Frilly started, "no one can heal the mind, you are the first that I have ever heard of, I am as you know 3500 years old." Tom just shook his head, to him all these things he'd done were simple things. "You act as if everything I did was hard or impossible, they were simple that's all." "Tom sir, you just have to accept that you are special, you've brought many of the races together.

Many are ready to follow you, something unheard of ever." Tom just looked at her in shock, he knew he was a better person than his wife had said but he never thought of his self as special. As if the bitch ever thought anything other than that about him.

Tom got up out of bed a slight throbbing in his side, slowly getting up, he held his side many in the room rushing to heal that part as quickly as possible. While he stood there another plan began to form in his mind. He'd need to discuss it with as many magical and mythical beings as he could, this plan he thought might bring him closer to getting Malamon.

Sighing there were many dangers, and he didn't want to put anyone in more danger than they were now, Malamon was still looking for energy and magic so they were at greater risk. Tom just hoped this plan might be the last he was starting to get tired of this megalomaniac Malamon, too many people have died. Motioning each forward, Tom whispered to each that he needed to talk to them alone after all the others had gone. Thanking the many that were there, they started leaving while tom gathered the three at his table.

Outlaying the plan the three listened most intensly till he finished. When he asked if the had questions, they were a little shocked that he was able to change the plan if they had concerns. "I am not unopen to your suggestions, if we are to stop Malamon then we must band together to stop him," Tom was surprised when at first, they didn't say anything prompting Tom to prod them to open up. "We remember 1500 years ago when he went against Malamon, the battle between them lasted for days.

Everyone had removed themselves and hidden when the battle started,' started Queen Adalar, "even so many had wanted to help him, they were no match for Malamon's power." "Yes, many of the strongest of the browines were destroyed that week, we are still to today recovering from that time." stated Futha.

"Though many died that day, almost as many have died over the centuries What you have done in just a few weeks has again shifted the balance back to where it should be," said Yong flaring brightly as it remembered those times.

All three leaned close whispering for a few minutes then Queen Adalar, spoke up, "we do have concerns, the last time Malamon was fought against, almost the whole magical world was devastated.

Many were destroyed, it was delegated to me by the council to bring this up. We are sorry that our mistrust of the mage council, has hardened us to the plight of the mages.

Many of the races want their concerns heard also. As these races don't have many magical users, they also must be included. The Gnomes, Dwarves, Ogres, Centaurs, Satyrs and Trolls though we try to keep them away from others, all have pledged to help. As for our cousins the Fairies and the Nymphs we haven't heard anything yet, except, that they aren't believeing you are who you say you are.

We.," about that time there was a comotion in the front room. Tom jumped up and ran from the room, in the front room he found a fairy holding another, though smaller version of her self. Defiant to a fault she glared at Tom, "I was told that you could heal my daughter, I don't believe you healed the others and I don't really believe that you can heal my Crista.

If you can then so be it, but if you can't then all will know you for the fraud I know you to be." The young fairy groaned and started to scream pushing away at her mother, soothing her, her mother glared up at Tom. Tom stared back at the mother waiting for her permission to start. Moments later she turned toward Tom even more angry, "I still think you have something to do with this but she asked me to let you help her in one of her very few moments of clarity.

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Go ahead, like I said, I think you are a fake and I'll be watching you very very closely, one wrong move and I'll have you killed I hope we understand each other." Tom just nodded before he moved to in front of the younger fairy. Starting to move in and out he could feel the mother's eyes like daggers staring at him.

Delving deep into her mind the younger fairy gasp then sighed and relaxed. The deeper he went the stranger this girl's mind was, he had finally found the bottom and was starting back up when the mind of the Crista approached him. <You have to stop mage Tom, I can not face my mother right now, I do not have the courage.

I went out against her orders and was attacked by Malamon, luckily I whisked away but my mind locked up with the pain and suffering. I can not face her knowing she will despise me for the rest of my life.> This was a strange turn of events and really not at the right time.

The way things were now. The mage council wasn't that trustred by any of the magical and mythical beings in the magical world. <Crista, she will not despise you, look and see the worry she has for you> with that Tom showed her what had transpired before he's started, a small gasp escaped her mind as she saw the love and worry there. The thing that she hadn't realised then was that Tom hadn't stopped healing her mind and was slowly approaching the surface.

<Alright mage Tom finish but I will need your help with her before I wake up explain to her> she asked. <Yes, but I will need your help with her if I can strengthen your courage> Tom replied, Crista agreed and Tom finished.

As her mind receded and he was able to plant the happy thought and strengthen her courage but not too much and began to pull out. Emerging, Tom pulled her Mother aside, "I recieved a request from her," he said "A request?

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What game are you playing mage? I want the truth and I WILL know if you lie!" The mother shouted at Tom. "As I said I had a request, Crista is afraid that you will now despise her, for the rest of her life, because she went against your orders." Tom said. "WHAT!?


despise her? That sounds so much like her, I could never despise her but any mind readier could know that." The mother sneered with a nasty look at Tom the kind that could melt almost anything.

Damn thought Tom this Fairy was extremely pissed off and in a major way too. Crista began to stir and looked at Tom a small smile formed on her lips, "you really do love me don't you mother," she said as she threw her arms around her mother's neck. Whispering in her mother's ear Tom decided to leave the room, the other three were standing there huge smiles on their faces and dried tears from their eyes.

"I suggest that we finish this meeting so we can get started on a plan to rid the world of Malamon." as he walked past the three and sat again at the table. The other three watched for a few more moments then moved to sit at the table again thanking him for helping like he was.

They had just started to discuss many of the concerns of the magical and non-magical beings a few minutes later when they heard a gasp at the door way. "I had heard that this was happening but I thought it was just a joke that Malamon was spreading," the fairy mother said standing in disbelief in the door way. Adalar stood and embraced her cousin they whispered for a moment before the seperated and the mother stepped forward, "I wish to know what payment you expect for healing my daughter." More than annoyed Tom, Tom stood and walked up to the mother trying to hold his temper.

"I expect nothing for doing what is right, and if you still wish to kill me you'll have most of the magical world to go through. Just love your daughter and leave, as I know you hate humans and mages alike." Turning his back on the shocked open mouthed fairy he sat still furious. Walking to Tom The Fairy mother stood and curtsied to Tom, "I apologise to you mage Tom you are different like another I knew long ago.

Crista is different, she actually talked to me something she's never done before, she's still a little shy but nothing like she was.

I feel you had a hand in this thank you, please be aware that if you make anymore plans without me they will fail." Tom still furious was trying to calm still, "we should start again tomarrow that way we can start fresh and bring uh.," damnit he was at a disadvantage again, indicating the mother.

"Iterne, Queen Iterne," she said, "you are the first to actually speak truthfully to me, with no fear, I like you more already." "Queen Iterne, up to what we are planning and the dangers that will be involved.

I suggest we meet here in 24 hours, I need to make sure Malamon stays weak," Tom replied as the four looked at him curious as to what he meant. Right after they left Tom found a message from Crista, Telling him how she'd convinced her mother and thanking him for the gift and of course for helping her remember only happy times. Tom was amazed from what he read how easily she had calmed her mother down, hmmm something to remember for later dealings with others.

Setting out he was soon taking out the tenth when another very strong cronie of Malamon appeared, then a second, they both cursed at him when 2 more appeared, then 2 more, all six unable to move he was turning off the powers 2 at a time something new. He'd just finished the second group when 6 more appeared, damn it looked like someone was a little desperate. freezing and releasing he had 8 to do now the first four just heaps of crying flesh on the ground.

He'd just finished 4 more when another 10 jumped in, Damnit! Freezing them all he tried to do 3 at a time but no dice, holding 14 was somewhat taxing especially at their strength levels.

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Working his way through them by 2's he was down to 8 when another 20 jumped in, trying to grab them all was almost impossible. Tom was straining now and his temper was starting to grow, With a shout Tom shot out an energy wave that knocked all but one out, quickly he worked to shut them all off trying to stay alert, after the first 32 Tom felt exhausted trying to do the 33rd, he felt others coming.

He felt them coming ok, what the fuck was going on, he'd never been able to do that before. Trying to go he managed to get to the other side of the field he'd been in. The energy he felt coming went to where he was. Another 20 and Malamon him self had appeared, finally but he was so weak he could hardly move. He watched as Malamon went up to each of the first 32 and ripped their soul free each man screaming in an agony that almost had Tom vomiting. Malamon's energy barely rose at all after the feeding he'd done on them, their aged and dried out bodies all that was left, then he turned on the last ten.

The screams coming from them made the first 32 like nothing. This time Tom did vomit as Malmon was laughing in glee taking everything from them power, lifeforce and soul, the last producing a piercing wail that would always stay with Tom. Realising he was still in danger Tom slipped again to his house, lying down he couldn't stop shaking in horror from what he's witnessed. Sleep claimed him quickly exhausted to the brink Tom fell into a gray mist, some what different this time.

Yes, he noticed the mists were different, this one was soft but when Malamon had been there it had been harsher. Myria was there in a moment, she had felt the pain from Tom when he'd entered but when she checked there was no damage to his body or mind. She felt the pain and she knew that it had been caused by malamon. Tom looked at her god! what a welcome sight she reached for him and almost touched him but quickly pulled back.

At that moment she smiled the largest and most beatiful one yet. The tinglings were far more intense and were quickly up to his neck, then the were at his ears his eyes everything was starting to make sence then it crawled up his forehead.

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It was if his eyes had been blind for years and now he could suddenly see. Everything was clear he could almost see what Malamon was doing, hiding, how he did almost everything. With a nod, a smile to her Tom finally knew what he had to do. Myria's eyes flew wide when she realized that Tom was healed and finally had the knowledge he needed, the knowledge given to her by the other the day before he died.

Withdrawing Tom awoke in his bed more rested and ready to start the day than ever before. Preparing his house for his guest, he could actually feel them coming, that last battle had pushed him to the brink and had definitely pushed his power up.


They all arrived within moments of each other, sitting them dowm they awaited the Queen Iterne, with a swoosh she arrived and was seated. "I have devised a plan," stated Tom, " I will need the help of all Magical and non-magical beings." They sat there for many hours discussing his plan revising it, then again, then a third time Tom could see that the Magical world was afraid.

He could see that there wasn't really strong enough to help him. Sighing he revised the plan a fourth time, seeing the satisfied look on thier faces, he knew he had a winner this time.

After they had all eaten, each surprised that Tom had each of their favorite dishes, they finally got down to discussing just how the plan was going to be implemented. Many hours later they all were departing the room Tom was surprised that his front room was crowded with a mixture of the four races, each talking like old friends to the others.

They all had started to depart and only the Fairy Queen and her guard were left. They were about to leave when one at the back fired flame bolts at the queen, grabbing her Tom flung them both to the floor the bolts missing her, grazing his arm and killing 5 of her guard.

Angered Tom froze the traitor, the fairy started shouting at Tom and the queen. Tom was so enraged he almost crushed the life from him. The queen had him chained and sent to her punishment pens. Tom was running on pure adrenaline calling the council though they were there faster than he thought they would be. The queen stood over him not allowing any near him till he stood.

Looking down at his arm Tom smiled at her and thought damn this was going to ruin my whole damn day.

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Taking a step as the pain started in after the adrenaline wore off, Tom thought he heard her scream. As the world started to go dark he swore he felt something wet and sticky covering his arm then nothing sliding to the floor beside the queen.

Tom awoke with a throbbing in his arm and his head, damn he didn't think it was that bad. Clawing his way to consciousness he tried to open his eyes but they weighed too damn much. He didn't remember them being that heavy, plus the fact he was so damn cold he couldn't stop shaking.

Malamon was going to pay for this, He'd tried something like this in his house, this wouldn't ever happen again. Tom felt a soft gentle touch to his head, damn that hand was hot, it was like standing in front of an open oven, Tom thought he was being roasted alive.

The next time he tried to awaken it wasn't as hard, barely able to open his eyes he saw Queen Iterne asleep in a chair next to him. Concentrating he tried to thought talk, <Queen Iterne, do you think I could have some water?> Stirring she was at his side in a flash with a glass of water. <How long have I been asleep?> he asked. <Almost 5 days, you developed a fever plus there aren't that many who can heal magical fire burns, fire balls but not fire.

It took a day to find them and 2 days of healing to remove most of it> she responded. <What of the traitor?> he inquired. <Thanks to your quick action, he was captured and tortured for information, we are a party to many of his plans now,> she said. <No, it was part of his plan but I didn't think he was this desperate yet, he has accelerated his plans he knows I am coming after him> the gasp out in pain.

<Rest now, we'll talk when you're better,> with that Tom let sleep claim him a worried Frilly hovering nearby. Tom didn't know yet but no mortal human or mage had ever risked their life, to help or save a fairy. It was as startling to the queen as it had been to Tom when he did it. The queen now had as many layers of protection around the house as she could summon. She had mind scanned all her guard and servants and found 4 more amongst those.

As traitors they also had been tortured right before she'd had them flogged and fed to the Venus fly traps. Their screams she hoped were a warning to others what would happen as a reward for betrayal. She watched over Tom the first in history that a fairy owed a life and in this cause, a more than well deserved life.