My asian japanese sex doll is hotter than my ex love doll

My asian japanese sex doll is hotter than my ex  love doll
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Here is my first offering. I was written for a lady friend who was absolutely phobic about flying. It is not as graphic as some of my other writings and I may rework it later. None the less, I hope you like it. OK so here we are Arriving at the airport you are already visibly nervous, I take your hand in mine and entwine our fingers. There can be no mistaking we are a couple now.

We left the drop off area with our bags packed for Spain. This was going to be our first trip together. "Will the kids be alright", you asked. "Even Kat is 10 now hun; they are gonna be fine", I replied.

"You look great". "Flirt", you retorted. "But that's why I love you"! You turned to me and kissed me softly.

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I had never felt such happiness. We checked our bags and boarded the plane. Your nerves seemed to be getting the better of you. My knuckles were getting whiter by the second. With my left hand I caressed your cheek and guided your lips to mine.

My kiss for you was intended for reassurance and relaxation. Your response was reassured but definitely did not relax me! As our lips met your tongue exploded into my mouth. It was the hottest kiss I ever received from you. Your tongue was everywhere, duelling and dancing with mine. I moaned and pulled away long enough to say something about everyone watching.

You seemed to be appeased with that for now. As we took off I held both your hands in mine and looked into your eyes. Amid the fear was a look of odd contentment. You released my hand and placed your hand in my lap; giving my crotch a little squeeze.

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Before long the in flight movie started. Oddly it was one of those 70's Handyman teenage romp films. I was surprised a bit but figured beggars can't be choosers.

The lights dimmed and for the 1st time I truly appreciated 1st class. I was so dark you couldn't see the person beside you if you didn't want to.

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I knew you were still nervous so I put my arm around you. Now in the darkness you whispered "I need you Drew; I am gonna lose it if I don't get outa here". "Calm yourself Jane", I soothed. "Kiss me and let your thoughts be consumed by that kiss". Our lips met tenderly in the dark. As though trying to find each other by touch.

I heard your soft moan as our kiss became bold. Tongues interplayed. Chasing each other like squirrels back & forth into the other's mouth. Barely audible around us I began to make out faint moans.

Others were taking advantage too! Without warning the plane shuddered as we encountered some turbulence.

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A few grunts and squeals filled the cabin. I myself had to stifle a yelp as you reached for, grabbed and squeezed hard on my crotch when the plane dipped. Your gasp told me you were nearly freaked out but the event. I pulled you to me and whispered you were ok. You apologized for hurting me and gently rubbed the crotch of my jeans, to find I was now Totally hard from the event! "What's this", you whispered with a malicious hiss.

"I think I hurt you and "he" likes it"? You didn't give me time to answer as you began stroking my erection thru the denim. Again I tried to stifle my moans. Not to be outdone I reached over the check your & rub your crotch.

I slid my hand up under your skirt to find a surprise on you not wearing knickers! Your free hand guided me right where you wanted attention. I no time your hips were rolling to my manual activities. You were dripping wet in no time and moves my fingers from stroking your clit to inserting 2 into your pussy. Through the whole episode not once did our kiss break. I felt you searching for my zipper in the dark and lowered my hips to give you best access.

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In seconds I we the one on guard as you reached in to take out what we were for the last while referring to as "your" cock.

"Hush", you purred as you continued to kiss me and began stroking my hard shaft. Your touch was like magic as I soon reached my full size. Your slow steady rhythm kept me up the entire movie but every time I would start to get close to release you would back off.


I took your cue and decided this game of Tease was our in flight entertainment. By the time the movie was over we had both been to the brink several times. We tidied up just before the lights came on and the plane began its descent.

Customs cleared us and we picked up our luggage and took a cab to our hotel. The sun was already beating down with mid afternoon heat. As soon as we were checked in and our room door was closed, all the pent up excitement came back and our clothes seemed to melt away in a blur of kissing and hands everywhere. "This guy deserves a medal", you said, striking a very rigid cock. "I came 4 times on the plane". With that you sank to your knees in front of me and took his full length into your mouth.

A long low moan escaped my lips and I began to move in time with your oral ministrations.

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In a flash I was groaning & panting as I neared release. Again you backed off and went over to our bed. Then leaned over; your sexy ass almost straight in the air. With near record speed we were coupled.

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Your cock filling you deeply. Growling with pleasure as I pounded into your hot pussy it was only seconds before I began screaming your name as I came harder than I ever had in my life!


We collapsed on the bed and spent the rest of the day naked. Pausing only to watch the sunset, kiss each other lovingly and drift off to sleep in each other's arms…

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