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Hard thard super girl super hit girl new model
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Jasmine's POV: I just watched Diamond knock Heath out with a vase of roses. I am freaking out seeing the man I love laying face down on the floor. Faye is already to him getting him on his back slowly. I see Diamond looking at Faye with a look of concern. " Faye let him sleep it off he will be alright." Diamond says with a grin I stand there not believing my ears as I make my way to Heath.

" Is he breathing Aunt Faye?" I ask in tears with great concern " Yes baby girl he is." Faye says starting to rub his temples " Why the big concern he is a strong guy?" Hannah asks getting Aunt Faye and my attention " BECAUSE HE HAS A HEART CONDITION!" I yell as both Diamond and Hannah show shock " What do you mean heart condition?

He is a young guy he shouldn't have any problems." Diamond asks as I place Heath head in my lap " He tried to OD on pills. He damaged his heart because of the dosage.it will never be the same as it was.

He can't get upset or have any kind of major stress. He goes into seizures or worse it could." My words hit them both as Diamond goes to her knees as Hannah sits on the couch with no words " He.he tried to kill himself before?

And I could of caused him to die?" Diamond asks with deep concern " Yes he did over a year ago. Jack and Adam where there after. Why do you think those two are so protective of Heath?" Faye says as I nod looking with tears at my man " I am so sorry Jasmine maybe Hannah and I should go." She says as I look up with stern eyes " You are not going any where. You are going to stay, because when he wakes up your going to apologize to my baby." I say as her eyes go wide " My baby girl is right Diamond.

You and Hannah want us intimately well Heath is part of the package." Faye says as both nod their heads Diamond looks over at Hannah who nods then back to me. I notice her look at Heath laying on the floor.

She has a few tears looking at this wonderful man who was hurt by our actions. It's about 10 minutes later that Heath starts to wake. " Baby you ok please be alright?" I ask as he looks up at me " Jasmine what happened?" He asks as I look over at Diamond who is now on the couch " Lay still son don't try to get up to quickly." Aunt Faye tells Heath getting a nod Diamond makes her way over to only get on her knees beside my man.

She places a hand on his covered chest looking in his eyes. Heath looks at her with a stern look before Diamond speaks. " Sorry about hitting you with the vase stud. I was tired of waiting for you to cool down." She states as Heath tries to sit up with Faye and Diamond helping I scoot up behind him only to help him stay there until he is able to stand. " Yeah well this wouldn't of happened if you all told me Saturday.

Did you even think I wouldn't be pissed about not knowing?" He asked as Diamond looked at him sadly " Heath I am sorry please forgive us." Diamond asks telling her apologizes Heath leans back on me placing his head on my right shoulder. I turn to see him looking at me with sad and hurt eyes. " Baby I am sorry and don't want to lose you over this mess." I say as he places his left hand up around my neck " Jasmine you wouldn't of lost me.

I would of cooled off by night fall, but I think you and Diamond need to either figure out how to fix this or I go somewhere for the night." He tells me as I feel my tears return " Heath son please don't leave.

If it will make things better why don't Hannah and I leave you three alone." Aunt Faye says as Heath lets out a chuckle " Um yeah more like go to your room to get your freak on." He says getting giggles " And what is wrong with that honey.

I am a woman with needs, and right now my needs consider Hannah." Aunt Faye says standing up Aunt Faye makes her way over to Hannah to help her up. They hug with a kiss before going to the hallway leaving Heath, Diamond, and I there to ourselves. Diamond looks at Heath and I with a nervous look. Heath looks at her with a curious look before asking for help up. We help him up only to be pulled to his body. Diamond and I look up in his eyes to see love.

Well I see love and hurt, but a man who needs to be cared for. I feel his hand going to my ass which I know he wants me. I place my arms around him with my head to his side. " So what now as I am confused?" Diamond asks as Heath chuckles " Well you wanted to have Jasmine and I tonight so why don't we go see how things go." He tells us as I start feeling myself get wet " So your seriously not mad now or is this a trick?" She asks as I shake my head " I am let's say disappointed, but I want to take my being mad out in a positive way.

So ladies I plan to take it out on your love spots looking in your eyes." He tells us leaning down to kiss me I feel his lips on mine as I return the kiss.

I feel myself melt in his arm as I moan. My body feels like it's on fire to this kiss. It's not long that he breaks the kiss. I look up into his eyes to see a little blue show. I smile knowing one day they will be bright again someday.

Heath leans in to kiss Diamond. I watch as she places her left hand on the right side of his face. I can't help but see their eyes closed. My body starts to react as I feel a tingle on my clit. I place my hand on his ass caressing what's mine. I her a moan come from Diamond knowing she is enjoying his kiss. I smile knowing this woman that will soon be our lover is finding Heath to be what I told her. I reach up with my right hand to cup my right breast. My nipple is hard, and wanting attention.

I know I should be feeling some kind of jealousy, but I don't as I feel a sense of anticipation. Heath breaks the kiss as I see a smile on Diamonds face. " Dammit baby you have my bikini bottoms wet. Jasmine your right he is a great kisser." She says as I giggle while Heath chuckles " I told you babe so you want to take this to the bedroom my love?" I state asking my man " Yeah as I don't want our brothers to see you naked or Diamond.

I do have to ask is this just tonight or what?" Heath answers only to ask " Well since you guys live north it's only this week I guess, but if we get along maybe Hannah and I can come up and spend time with you all.

It will be up to you both about being intimate." Diamond says as Heath and I nod " Ok so baby what do you feel right now, because I don't want to do this with regrets?" I ask as he looks at me " Jasmine I feel your love flowing through my heart. With Diamond I feel a start of something that I can't explain, but right now I am all for this so take those clothes off." He says as Diamond and I smile doing as he asks --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I stand here watching the two beautiful women in front of me stripping.

Both have nice breast with half dollar size aerolas. The nipples are hard as I feel myself getting hard. I look between Diamonds legs to see a trimmed mound. It looks very sexy as does Jasmine's. Once they are fully nude I take their hands leading them down the hall to only hear moans from Faye's room.

Both my girlfriend and new lover giggle as we enter the bedroom. Jasmine shuts the door as Diamond turns me around as I watch her start taking my shirt off.

Next I notice Jasmine get on her knees to take my jeans off. Diamond stands placing her hands on my chest as she starts kissing my chest working herself down. Jasmine starts pulling my jeans down only to take my shoes off after. Once my jeans are off Diamond starts on taking my boxers off. My manhood flops out shocking Diamond. " Holy shit Jasmine you weren't lying damn." Diamond says placing her hand around my dick " I told you babe so how are we going to do this?" My beauty asks our lover " Honey just do what you feel comes to you.

You and I can tag team this beautiful dick and balls. Damn my pussy is wet." Diamond says as Jasmine chuckles " I know mine to, but I want my man to lay down so he can get me wetter." Jasmine says as I chuckle " Ok ladies I am standing right here." I say as they look up at me with smiles " We know baby it's just I want to not be ignored during this moment." Jasmine says with some sadness " Beautiful you won't be believe me I can't ignore my heart.

So get on the bed and spread your legs." I say to her seeing a smile as she gets on the bed " What do you want me to do baby?" Diamond asks as I smirk " Give me a blow job as I take care of Jasmine." I say as I see Diamond smile She lets me go as I turn seeing Jasmine holding her legs up.

I crawl on the bed getting in position as I kiss my woman's clit getting a soft moan. Diamond gets herself comfortable with her head between my legs.

My dick sticking straight down for her mouth. I start licking the slit in front of me. Jasmine's labia is swollen from being aroused. I smile as I place kisses along each side. Her moans fill the room as I slide my tongue up and down each side before going down the center. Her sweet nectar touches my tongue making me harder.

I feel Diamond working my dick with her mouth taking inch by inch deep into her throat. I reach up with my right hand to fondle Jasmine's left breast feeling her nipple is beyond hard.

Jasmine is getting wetter by my touches. " Baby.is Diamond sucking your.beautiful cock?' My girl asks as I moan with her " Yes I can feel her throat." I respond placing my tongue inside Jasmine's love hole " Mmm.yessss." Jasmine says with a soft moan Moans fill the room as each of us are in a state of pleasure.

Diamond is getting me so close that I won't last. " Diamond I am getting close." I say before taking Jasmine's clit into my mouth " Oh yess.cum in.her throat.baby.give her a taste." Jasmine says moaning as she starts to buck against my mouth I feel myself thrusting in and out of Diamonds mouth as I feel her hands go to my ass.

She pulls me deep into her throat without gagging. It's at that moment I can't hold any more. " OH FUCK.DIAMONDDDD!" I yell moaning as I erupt Diamond holds me in place as rope after rope of my cum fills her throat.

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Jasmine is breathing heavy as I suck harder on her clit. It's not very long until Jasmine squirts into my mouth and my chin. " OH SHIT.BABYYYYYY.I'M CUMMMINGGGG!" Jasmine yells with a loud moan After a few minutes Jasmine places her legs down as I raise up to see a smile on Diamonds face. She shows me the cum she kept before I move for only see her move to Jasmine.

I watch Jasmine smile before Diamond and her share a deep open kiss. I smile at the sight feeling my dick jerk wanting more. Diamond is in a position showing me her sexy hairy but trimmed pussy. I crawl to get between her legs giving her clit a kiss. I her a gasp as I look to see them both kissing. I do as I done to Jasmine licking my way around this older woman's beautiful pussy. She moans just to break the kiss with her new lover. " Jasmine baby.get him hard.I need him please baby." Diamond says as my woman giggles " So do I darling we'll share, but I want his cum deep in me." Jasmine says moving down under me " We will.oh god his tongue.is in me.' Diamond says as I feel Jasmine stroking me " Feels good doesn't it.

Makes you want him more?" Jasmine says before licking the head of my cock " Oh fuck yes.fuck me with that tongue." Diamond says as I oblige her sweetly Again we are all in a state of pleasure as Jasmine works me back to hardness as I eat Diamond out. It's about 6 minutes later that Diamond moans loudly. " OH FUCKKKK.I'M CUMMINGGGG!" She says as I feel her squirt in my mouth also " Baby your rock hard who is first?' Jasmine tells me as I raise up after Jasmine moves I reach down with my right hand stroking my cock looking at the two of them cuddle.

I smile as a thought comes to me. I tell Jasmine to lay on top of Diamond face up. They both giggle as Jasmine does as I say. Diamond spreads her legs while placing her arms around Jasmine. I scoot up between both sets of legs lining up with Diamonds entrance. I slowly move into her as she moans. She is tight as I lean down to kiss Jasmine who places her hands on each side of my face.

I start thrusting in and out of Diamond who moans loudly. " OH SHIT.FUCK ME HEATH BABY.GIVE IT TO ME!" Diamond moans asking for more I do as she asks only to trade off moving to Jasmine.

This is something new for my love and I. We are both smiling at our new found joy. The minutes go by as I pleasure each one the same. Both are wet, as juices flow with cum. Both are filling the room with moans of pleasure, but yet of love. Jasmine's pussy clamps against me as Diamond's does when I move back and forth between them. " Baby.are you.close?' Jasmine asks looking up in my eyes as I make love to her " Yes.why darlin?' I ask pounding her as Diamond fondles Jasmine's breast " Because I want it.flood my womb.get me preggers." Jasmine tells me with moans of love " You sure?' I ask getting a nod " Yes.I want.your baby.I want our baby." Jasmine says as I place my hands on her hips " Cum in your love Heath baby.

I just can't believe I am here to witness this moment." Diamond says as I feel my climax coming forth " OH SHIT!" I say as I thrust one more time holding Jasmine's pussy against my cock " OH FUCK YESSSSSS!" Jasmine yells arching her back as Diamond holds Jasmine loosely After my balls were drained and collapsing on both of them. Diamond kissed Jasmine as my love held me. Jasmine broke the kiss then kissed my forehead. " Baby that was so wonderful." She tells me as I just nod against her breast " You got that right as it feels I still am full of his beautiful cock." Diamond says as Jasmine giggles " I know that why I love my baby also he leaves me satisfied wanting more the next day." Jasmine says as Diamond giggles It's not long that I am laying between them both.

Diamond on my right as Jasmine is on my left. Both are half on me with pussies against me. I hold them both as we enjoy the moment. " So baby was it all worth it now?" Jasmine asks as I chuckle with a nod " Yep it was sorry for the way I acted." I say to them both " No baby we're sorry also, but would you um want to do it again?" Jasmine asks as I feel Diamond feeling nervous " Yes I would as it was very nice as well as fulfilling." I state as they both raise up with smiles We cuddle a little more until my stomach growls.

They both giggle as making their way of the bed. I notice my cum not leaking out of Jasmine which makes me smile as I hope she does become pregnant. I chuckle seeing Diamonds labia is red, but before the night is over I plan to have her again.

I keep that thought in the back of my mind as I get up to get dressed back in my jeans. Jasmine gives Diamond a pair of shorts and top to wear for the time being. I smile as Diamond sees me watching her as I watch Jasmine. Once dressed I walk up to them both placing a arm each around them.

I give them a kiss each before I speak. " Jasmine would you get mad if maybe Diamond spends the rest of the week with us sharing our bed?" I ask my Latina queen seeing her eyes sparkle " Baby I think I would like that if she doesn't mind." My darlin answers as we look at Diamond " Jasmine, Heath your serious?" She asks getting nods before continuing " I would like that very much as long as you both make love to me later.

I miss being loved even if it's only a few days." I take in her words and feel something a miss, but I don't pry as this is a happy time. I place the question to ask in the back of my mind for later.

I kiss them again before taking their hands leading them out of the bedroom.


Once halfway down the hallway we find Faye and Hannah kissing as we smile at them. Diamond whistles as both Faye and Hannah blush breaking the kiss. They step up to us with smiles asking how everything felt. I look at Jasmine then at Diamond with a smile looking at Faye and Hannah telling them I would do it again, but with my heart full of love.

Diamond looks shocked asking what I meant when Jasmine steps to her. Jasmine tells her that I have a place for her even if it's just been a short time. Diamond asks me if i love her as I smile answering I could in time if she let me as a close friend or brother. Diamond shows tears as Hannah tells us that Diamonds brother disowned her because she became a bisexual.

I look at Jasmine who nods letting go of my hand. I pull Diamond to me holding her close to me. Her tears fall as Faye, Hannah, and Jasmine hug us both. " Heath please take me in your heart as a sister, but let me enjoy this week first with you and Jasmine. Please love me I want to be loved." Diamond says over and over as I look at Hannah " Heath, as you have had a hard life so has Diamond. It took me 3 years just to get her to accept being around people." Hannah explains as I nod holding Diamond " Diamond you don't know it yet, but you are part of this family.

We take care of our own so please don't cry." I say as she looks up at me with those tears " Ok just love me hun as I crave to feel wanted." She says as Jasmine steps to her " We will love you Diamond, now lets go before my baby eats one of us, and I don't mean in a good orgasmic way." Jasmine says getting giggles " Well sorry son, but I don't want you to see me in that way.

I love youbut not in that way." Faye says as I chuckle " It's ok momma Faye as I have these two to nibble on." I say getting purrs from Diamond and Jasmine " And can he ever." Diamond says getting a giggle from Jasmine " Ok guys if we keep on this subject I will take you both back to bed." I say as Faye pulls Hannah to her " I agree or Hannah will need to snack some more on me." Faye says as her lover purrs holding her " Anytime baby as you taste so sweet." Hannah says as I shake my head " Ok off to the kitchen." I say taking Jasmine and Diamonds hands getting giggles I lead them back in the living room to see Jack and Adam both eating pizza.

They both nod at us as I nod back. They say there is plenty of pizza as they came by earlier hearing the moans and thought we would be hungry. The ladies blush as I chuckle taking a seat in a chair as Jasmine, Diamond, Hannah, and Faye go to the kitchen.

The guys ask me how my day went. I filled them in being honest as the ladies come in with plates and drinks. Both my brothers give them looks of being upset until I get to the part after in which Jasmine as well as Faye explain.


Things are straightened out as Jasmine and Diamond sit on the floor in front of me eating after giving me my plate and beer. The night is full of talk and laughter. The more the conversation builds up the more I see my brothers liking Diamond and Hannah.

It's times like this that bring friends together as they become family. After all the pizza was ate Jasmine and Diamond found their way into my lap.

Both snuggled up to me as feeling at peace. I had to admit they both really knew how to make me want them. Around 10 that night Faye took Hannah back to her bedroom to spend time together. Adam and Jack smiled seeing the woman that was a mother to us happy.

They were also happy for Jasmine and I. Diamond asked them if they were alright with the way things happened. Both my brothers set her mind at ease saying they were. Jack explained they were picky on who they let get close to me because they never wanted me to be hurt like I was at one point in time. Diamond nodded understanding their point. That night around 12 midnight I took the two on my lap to bed only to make love to both as they returned the love to me.

The rest of Spring Break went by with my family getting to know two beautiful souls. Diamond was becoming close to Jasmine and I. She started calling Jasmine a sister as she did Hannah. She even called Faye mom and the two Jasmine and I call brothers. Hannah even started that Friday. Both my brothers took to Diamond and Hannah. Jasmine and I made sure Diamond felt love and wanted.

That Saturday we made love to Diamond five times as she returned it. We also took pictures together smiling at each others phones. Diamond and Jasmine exchanged their wet panties saying souviners. I chuckled at the scene between them. That night Jasmine had me cum in Diamond twice as my souviner to her. Diamond smiled feeling my essence fill her womb.

I was concerned about her getting pregnant in which Jasmine surprised me by saying if Diamond did we would be a uncle and Aunt as it would be a gift from us with love. I thought of Jasmine's words just shrugging it accepting the gesture. Diamond asked Jasmine if she was sure. Jasmine said family helps family so deal with it.

Diamond placed her hands on her naked belly with tears thanking us for the gift as it meant so much from two that she loved and loved her back. Faye and Hannah grew close together, but that night they held each like a mother holding her babe. Hannah cried knowing that Sunday was going to be the last time she would see the woman she was falling for well for a while until summer came. The day we packed up to head back home. Diamond gave Jasmine and I a very deep kiss then words that would mean so much.

She told us she loved us truly and would be up on my birthday. I looked at Jasmine who smiled as I shook my head with a smile. I guess she has loved me a very long time to know when I was born.

Hannah gave Faye a red rose saying ' I love you momma Faye' which made Faye cry with a smile has she adopted two more kids. Faye left promising to have her and Diamond added to her breast next time. Hannah smiled knowing she would be the one to add it.

Adam and Jack hugged their new sisters telling them to visit anytime they wanted as Jack would stock up on beer. That made us all laugh as we got in our vehicles. This time Faye rode with Jasmine and I just to be close to us.

The ride home was with happy hearts knowing we had added two loving hearts to our own. That night around 7 p.m. we unpacked and relaxed. I took Jasmine down to the beach to just watch the waves of the ocean.

I had her sit against my chest holding her close to me. I thought of the past months to find that my heart was slowly starting to brighten. Jasmine snuggled into me with a sigh that caught my attention. " You ok Jasmine darlin?" I ask as she turns her head up to look in my eyes " Yes baby just so in love with you.

I am just glad we talked things out because I couldn't imagine my life without you." She tells me answering as I agree nodding " I am glad also, but feel bad for leaving the two we took in as sisters there alone." I say as Jasmine agrees with me " We will see them again baby.

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Diamond is going to be here for sure on your birthday." Jasmine says as I chuckle " Yeah about that how did you know when my birthday was?" I ask getting a giggle " School records baby I sneaked a peek sorry are you mad at me?" She asks getting a no " Nope, just glad you know just makes it that much more meaningful." I Say smiling seeing the sparkle in her eyes before I continue " Jasmine I love you so much thank you for coming into my life." " Your very welcome Heath my love, and thank you for asking me to be in your life." She tells me with such beautiful love Jasmine leans in to kiss my lips as I return the sweet kiss.

I move my hands down to her sexy ass just to get a moan. We let the kiss linger until Faye yells for us that supper is ready. Jasmine stands up only to give me a hand to get up.

I place my right hand in her left entwining our fingers together. Walking up to the house were met by Faye who takes my left hand. I smile as my adoptive mother walks with us to our family home that a wonderful, loving lady gave me to start my own family.

Once in the house I laugh seeing tacos on the coffee table as my brothers have already started munching down. I take my chair reaching over as Jasmine sits next to Faye who sits by Adam.

We eat as a family discussing our Spring Break which all of us had enjoyed for one reason or another. Faye, Jasmine, and I find out Adam had to keep Jack out of a few fights in which I shake my head chuckling. Seems he tried to get with a few ladies that were already taken. After supper Faye turns in taking the rose with her that she put in a vase. We all hug her with a kiss on the cheek each. Faye smiles telling us she loves us all. Adam follows a bit later followed by Jack.

Jasmine and I stay up a bit longer only to head to bed around 11 that night. We didn't make love just held each other whispering of love and togetherness. My dreams that night are filled with those that around in my life.

My brothers, Jasmine, Faye the woman that is a mother to me, and now my sisters Diamond and Hannah. They all smile as we relax on the beach looking at the waves.

It was back to college for Adam, Jacman, Jasmine, and I. Faye returned to work going back home only to promise to change her work closer to the house once she finished the job she had. I checked my online business to see I had sold quite a bit increasing my bank account. I had big plans shaping in my head which would help with my family. My family and I started up working out every other day. I spotted Jasmine although I didn't know why as she was already toned, but she wanted to stay healthy.

I had come along way since my leave of the west coast. I started to feel better. I had those that truly loved me, and I had a woman who kept me grounded as did the others. My happiness was showing everyday in which Jasmine would remind me with every kiss. My classes were getting interesting in which I applied to my own online business. Those days were full either direction I went. We all talked about staying at the beach house for the next two years of college.

Adam and Jack thought about saying it would be nice. Jasmine made it clear that she was very excited about the idea as saying she needed to be close to me with tears.

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The days turned into weeks again as the next few months flew by. It was June meaning another summer which brought happy times. Adam and Jack were life guards for another summer as Jasmine and I worked on our online company. We grew stronger as a family with Faye coming out a few days a week. Diamond and Hannah planned to come up for a few weeks in July.


I smiled at the thought asking if they could afford it. Diamond said they could since they own half the shop. I told her ok before handing the phone to Jasmine. That month was full of fun, relaxation, and love. July was here and came with two events that only mattered for the month. The 4th of July and my birthday. This year I thought it was time to celebrate since I was starting to feel whole again. It was Friday the 3rd of July around 2 in the afternoon when I was sitting in the lounge on the beach watching the peaceful scenery when I felt hands cover my eyes.

" Guess who?" Says a voice that I loved to hear " Um woody woodpecker?" I say getting a giggle " No try again." Says the voice again " Wonder woman." I say guessing again " Not even close come on last try." She says as I smile " Hmm Diamond." I say getting a few giggles " Correct." She says as I turn to look up at a big smile " Hey sis Diamond." I say getting up as Diamond steps to me giving me a tight hug " Hey little bro miss me?" She says as I smile nodding " Yep, you miss me?" I ask getting a smile " Yes so what are we all doing the next few weeks?" She asks as Jasmine comes over placing her arms around me " Well the 4th is tomorrow so I suppose party.

The neighbors have a annual beach party so it should be fun." I answer as they both smile " Cool, so where are the guys at?" Diamond asks as I point down the beach Diamond turns looking down at the life guard stands to see Jack and Adam in the distance.

She waves hoping they see her only they don't. We walk down to see them as I hold Jasmine's hand. Once we get closer to our brothers both see all three of us and start running our way. They both give Diamond a hug with a smile. We talk for a bit before they both get back to work. Jasmine, Diamond, and I make our way back to the house to find Hannah and Faye talking of all they had done in the past months. Diamond goes with Jasmine into the kitchen to get some beers.

I take a seat in my chair to relax saying hello to Hannah who smiles saying hi back. Diamond and Jasmine come back into the living room giggling as Jasmine makes her way to me.

She hands me my beer before sitting in my lap. Diamond takes a seat on the couch next to Faye. That afternoon goes by as we all are spending time as a family. Jack and Adam come in around 6 that evening to find dinner already made. Steaks, potatoes, and mixed veggies all still warm for them. They are talkative with their days events. After dinner I helped Jasmine wash the dishes then clean the table. We joined the others in the living room to find them laughing and talking.

After I sat in my chair Jasmine joined me by placing her sexy ass in my lap. Thanks to Jack we had plenty of beer. The night was very enjoyable being a family. That night Jasmine and I went to bed early around 10 p.m. Diamond and Hannah slept in the guest room we gave them which was next to our room.

Jasmine placed a pair of her panties in her mouth to stifle the moans I was giving with every thrust.

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That night when we finally went to bed it was with smiles and the smell of sex in the room. The 4th was the next day being on a Saturday. The day was filled with us all enjoying the big beach party.

Momma Faye, Jasmine, Hannah, and Diamond were dressed in their bikinis. Us three guys wore shorts as it was a hot day. We had two coolers for the day camping out on the portion of the sand that was mine legally behind the house.

Jasmine, Diamond, Faye, and Hannah made sandwiches for us all because we didn't want to miss the sun upon our bodies. We locked the front door as to not have uninvited guests. I left the back door open so everyone in my family had access to the bathrooms. As the day went by with fun in the sun we played volleyball, swam, and laughed to Jack's corny jokes.

I loved the moments like this as they meant everything to me. Evening came as I looked down the beach to see Gina and her husband getting set up for the firework show. They went all out every year that I knew of which this would be my 3rd summer watching the beautiful flashes of lights in the night sky. The beach started to show more life as people found places to watch the Talbert's annual Fireworks on the Beach show as Gina called it.

My family began to get comfortable in the sand around 8:45 p.m. Faye, Hannah, and Diamond all three sat together. Faye behind Hannah with arms around her as Hannah held Diamond who was in front of her. I sat behind Jasmine holding her close to my body. Jasmine placed her head on my chest getting ready for a show she will never forget. In the distance we could hear Gina on a bullhorn giving a few words. " WELCOME ONE AND ALL TO THE BIG FIREWORKS SHOW. PLEASE ENJOY THE FIREWORKS AND TIME WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

NOW WITHOUT FURTHER ADO!" Gina says over the bullhorn as the crowd whistles and cheers as the first burst of light shines up in the clear sky Jack and Adam are the ones helping out with the show. Gina took to them both has nephews as did Ron her husband as they ran the life guard stations. Ron Talbert was with the coast guard for 20 years so he decided to make the beach behind his house and mine safe. He was a great guy to know. As the next 15 minutes went on Jasmine excused herself to use the bathroom.

I asked if she wanted me to go in with her. Jasmine told me no with a kiss saying she would be right back. I nodded to her as she walked away behind me after getting up. I watched the night sky as the fireworks made a impression among the stars and moon. I smiled looking over at three women that were members of my family seeing their eyes widen from all the booms and pops that filled the eardrums with eyes that sparkled.

After another 10 minutes I started to wonder where Jasmine was. I turned to look up at the house and their was no sign of her coming towards me. I turned back to the ocean for some odd reason I stood up only to turn towards my home. I ran in the sand making my way to the stairs that led up to the backyard.

I made my way to the back door only to see horror straight ahead in the living room past the double sliding doors. There on the couch was Jasmine being held down by a big African American man 6'4, 258 lbs, bald head.

He had his pants down as Jasmine was topless. He was sucking on her left breast. I felt my head rush as my body was boiling with anger. I then saw Chris and Tiffany pop in my head feeling a mixture of anger and sadness as I shook wildly rushing breaking the right sliding door startling the fucker who was on my woman.

He rose up with widen eyes as Jasmine turned to see me pissed shaking with no end. " HEATH BABY HELP ME PLEASE HELP!" Jasmine yells with fright and tears The asshole stands up pulling his pants up looking at me with anger. " Kid you need to get out of my house as this is my bitch." He says as I step toward them with no care in the world " First off motherfucker this is MY house, second she is MY girlfriend. You have 3 seconds to get out before you get thrown out." I say getting eye to eye to him He looks at my eyes as both my fist shake from my anger of the scene.

He steps back then looks at a scared Jasmine. " Stay right there bitch this won't take." He doesn't finish as I bring my fist up into his jaw before I grab his right wrist pulling him to me before performing a belly to belly suplex placing him through the coffee table " HEATH NOOO!" Jasmine says as I look down at the fucker " RUN JASMINE GET SOMEWHERE SAFE I LOVE YOU!" I yell not taking my eyes off this man that tried to take what is mine I hear footsteps run out as I look down as my mind sees Chris.

With eyes wide and anger flowing through me I start wailing into him. My fist are like hammers as each one makes it's mark on the fools face. He is struggling to get me off him. I get shoved back as he tries to get up.

I don't feel nothing as I get to my feet as he goes for the door only to get speared from behind as I plant him face down on the floor hitting the back of his head. He screams for help as no one comes to his rescue. I double my fist at that moment placing a good blow to the back of his head. I notice no movement except his breathing shallow. I feel my heart racing more as I slowly get up to hear footsteps coming from the hallway up the stairs.

I turn to see some big white guy about my height only I am a bit bigger looking down at the chaos of damage. He has Faye and Jasmine's jewelry in his hands. I raise my right eyebrow as he drops the jewelry to only look over at his friend. " Your dead you son of a bitch." He says running down the stairs as I stand there with dark eyes He comes at me with a haymaker that I dodge to only place my fist into his gut. He doubles over as I take his neck bringing him up then around into a reverse headlock bringing him down to the floor.

I sit there not hearing movement as I KO'ed his robbing ass. It's not long that I hear shoes on glass as foot steps make their way to me. I feel a hand on my right shoulder to only grab it. " BABY IT"S ME!" I hear Jasmine say as I let go She comes around in front of me looking into my eyes. " HOLY SHIT WHAT THE HELL!" I hear Jack say as the others come over to me " Heath hun are you alright?" I hear Diamond ask as I shake my head only to go back ward " NO HEATH!" They all say in unison as I look up at the ceiling " Faye call the cops while Adam and I make sure these two don't leave.

Jasmine, you, Diamond, and Hannah get Heath on the couch." Jack says as Jasmine is looking down at me before he continues " Jasmine." " Yes ok, please help me." I hear Jasmine say to Diamond and Hannah It's not long until I am helped to the couch mostly dragged.

I hear Faye on the phone telling the cops of a attempted rape. I mumble theft up stairs which Jasmine relays to her aunt. I feel a cold cloth on my forehead and a warm one on my hands. " Is our brother ok ladies?" I hear Adam ask as I see Jasmine with tears " Yes Abs although I think he is in shock as he is not talking." Hannah says looking down at me standing behind the couch " I think after what Jasmine told us he will be.

Jack and I have these assholes tied up." I hear Adam say as sirens are heard outside I looked up at Jasmine who was sitting right by me. Her tears were falling while cleaning my hands. " You ok beautiful?" I ask as she looks into my eyes " Yes baby I am as you saved me from being hurt worse or raped. He surprised me from behind." She tells me as I see a bruise mark on her beautiful face " I will always save you and my family." Jasmine smiles leaning down placing a kiss on my lips It's at that moment there is a knock at the door.

The voices that came from the door were of those I heard from over a year ago. Jasmine raised up turning as the faces were of the sheriff and deputy that came to tell me of May at one time. Jack and Adam were telling them of what happened walking in to the mess that was in the living room. The sheriff looked over at me making his way of after. " Well Heath it's been awhile." He says as I give him a nod " Yes it has sheriff sorry for the reason." I say as he shakes his head " Don't be that is why I am here for.

So you want to tell me your version to this." He says asking me as I look at Jasmine I start telling him of what all I saw before I entered. He looked at Jasmine seeing her bruise then at the first man I took out. He told his deputy to take Jasmine to the side to check her out for any evidence. Jasmine started to protest until Diamond spoke up saying she would go with them. Jasmine agreed as Faye took over for Jasmine keeping me calm. As they went to a different room the sheriff went over as another deputy came in.

Once they had the two handcuffed the sheriff noticed them both. " Well I'll be if it isn't the two we have been looking for." The sheriff says as the two get defensive " We haven't done anything Sheriff that you can prove." The first guy says " Well that bruise on Ms. Cantrell's face proves you wrong. Grant you are going away for awhile." The sheriff says as the second protests " Sheriff we didn't do anything. She invited us in I swear. She was a old friend." He says as I her a gasp " YOU LYING ASSHOLE AS I HAVE NEVER SEEN EITHER OF YOU BEFORE!" I hear Jasmine scream from the doorway of the kitchen " Why you bitch." The second says before being shoved by the sheriff " That's enough Jase as I have proof.

So shut your mouth and just get use to bars." The sheriff says as the two look at him with wide eyes " Sheriff I have saliva from her top and bottoms. He didn't penetrate which is good. I am sure we have Grant on attemptive rape." The female deputy says as Grants eyes grow larger " Well, well guess this is my lucky day.

Take them down to the station, and book them." The sheriff says as the male deputy nods taking the two out followed by Jack and Adam " So Heath how are you feeling?

Do you need to go see a doctor in ER?" The sheriff asks as I shake my head " No I am fine Sheriff just wore out." I say as Jasmine comes over in a robe " No baby your going at least to get checked out." She tells me with deep concern as the other ladies in the family nod " Son I think your family out voted you." He says with a grin " Ok, ok I'll go but not alone." I say as Jasmine takes off to our room The sheriff calls for a ambulance as to have the paramedics make sure I can actually be moved since I had enough adrenaline pumping to kill a dog.

Once they arrived I found out the sheriff's name was Jerry and his Deputy was Sherry. The paramedics checked my vitals they loaded me on a gurney to be moved. Jack and Adam came back in noticing the outcome. They both said they would stay home to make sure no one snuck in. Jack gave his car keys to Faye so her, Hannah, and Diamond could follow us. Jasmine was back dressed as I was being taken out the front door. I always never liked hospitals, but when your family insist you go well you have to go especially when you get out voted by four beautiful women that love you.

After that night of being checked out and a few test done I was instructed to stay calm no matter what. I just shrugged telling the doctor I would sacrifice my life for those I loved if i had to. He sighed then nodded knowing he had no argument. The days after that past turning into weeks until my birthday. Jasmine and I made love as usual staying as quiet as we could. The family was becoming closer as solid being there for the other.

I spent the days with Jasmine working on our online company. We made a hell of a profit in a weeks time. My bank account was more then I ever started with. The 500,000 dollars my father had left me you might say was 10 times that. I couldn't believe on how much I was making as I still had two more years of college plus my investments. I calculated how much I would have when I graduated college. My eyes widen seeing the amount of zeros.

I smiled knowing I would have the means to start a family off right as I could now if Jasmine was to become pregnant soon.

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Those days that led to my birthday day were uneventful as like the 4th of July. The day I dreaded at times came. My birthday started like any other with Jasmine giving me a slow and loving blow job before straddling my waist taking me all the way into her.

That was a wonderful way to start my day. After Jasmine's love making to me she made me breakfast as well as the others. I was given hugs and kisses on my cheeks.

My brothers gave me bear hugs making me laugh. It was starting to be a beautiful day as my family were showing me their love. As the morning started with Jasmine she is now feeding me getting laughs from around the table. I chuckle while Jasmine smiles sitting on my lap.

They all tell me of their plans for me which are mostly being on the beach most of the day then a big BBQ. I nod thinking this could be the best birthday ever. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ellie's POV: Greg's Grave I have come early to place flowers on a old friends grave. I always thought of Greg as my own brother. The chat's we had as well as the times he would tell me of his hopes for his family.

I have to say those hopes are not really showing up. Although one has as in a granddaughter his son, my god son never knew. Heath has not been found yet as it breaks my heart not knowing where he is.

I pray he is safe on this day and hopefully happy. I place the flowers in my hand on the gravestone for him to have. I hope he likes them as they were always his favorite. I step back as I look at the picture of Greg. " Greg I hope you can hear me.

I love you my brother and miss you so much. Please look over my god son as I miss him so very much. I wish he was here so I could hug him as I say Happy Birthday to him." I say feeling the sun warm my arms I lean over to kiss the gravestone before making my way to my SUV with a few tears. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maggie's POV: Same spot a few minutes later I am making my way to my deceased husbands grave.

I have his favorite flowers in hand. As I walk closer I see a old familiar face that I have not seen in a few long years. Ellie was and still feels like a sister to me. As she gets closer I give her a smile as she just gives me a look that shows disappointment. I get in front of her to give my old friend a hug just to be sidestepped. Ellie steps past me as I turn to speak to her only to notice her not stopping. It's at that moment I feel alone as to thinking what have I done to deserve this.

I thought I had always been a good person. I know I left, but when I did I told Michelle to leave our new address with the neighbor across the street. Although no one has wrote me besides Heath and his letter was him telling me he liked it where he was, and would see me one of these days.

But those days have been years with no more letters. As I continue my way to Greg's grave I have tears as he is and always will be the love of my life. Once at his grave I kneel down at the gravestone placing my hand on the front.

I look at his picture seeing the handsome man I held for so many years.

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I wish he was still alive as I would not feel so alone as Tyrone only sleeps with me for one thing then leaves to spend time with friends. Keisha left to live with some friends, Michelle and Travis still cling to me, but never speak of their brother. Trey spends time with his father and friends.

I want the family I remember back as well as my friends. I miss my son most of all as he was my best friend. " Greg my love please help me as I feel lost. Why is this all happening to me I want Heath back in my life, but it's like our two oldest doesn't. Please baby help me. And I pray you are still watching over our bright blue eyed baby boy. God he is 21 today I still remember that day he was born.

I guess I better go my love before Tyrone sees I am gone. I love you Greg and always will." I says as I stand up looking up at the clear sky before continuing " Heath my loving soon please know momma loves you and Happy Birthday my baby." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My birthday went by nicely as my family threw me a party.

It was filled with great food, music, and wonderful company. I was given some nice gifts in a pendant that Diamond and Jasmine gave me a locket of us three together. I smiled as it was of us at Spring Break. Jack gave me a gold chain with the words brothers for life. Adam and Faye got me a new coffee table that had MAY'S FAMILY engraved on the surface. I had tears in my eyes thanking them very deeply.

Hannah gave me a few muscle shirts that Jasmine and Diamond whistled seeing them before saying sexy. I smiled at them all thanking them for this wonderful day.

As the evening turned to night Jasmine and Diamond who were dressed in bikinis grabbed my hands leading me out the back door.

Diamond had a cover in one hand as we made our way to the beach. The only light we had was from the moon. Once we were in a quiet spot Diamond let go of my hand spreading out the blanket. The both helped me down upon it. I watched as they had me stretch my legs out as they kneeled on either side of me. Diamond on my right as Jasmine on my left. I gave them a confused look. " Baby our other gift to you is making love under the stars." Jasmine tells me as Diamond smiles " Um ok, but what about people being around?" I ask as they look around " No one is around sexy so lay back, and let the two that love you show their hearts to you." Diamond says as Jasmine smiles nodding I do as they suggest to find the thought having it's affect on me.

I watch as Jasmine straddles my waist lowering down. I watch as Diamond lowers my shorts down a bit pulling my hard cock out with a smile. Jasmine moves the crotch of her bikini bottoms to the side only to have Diamond place the head to Jasmine's entrance.

My girlfriend looks down with a smile before she speaks. " Happy Birthday baby I love you so very much." Jasmine says as lowering onto my dick We both let out a moan as I see Diamond lay on my right side only to pull her bikini top to the sides uncovering her breast. " While Jasmine rides that beautiful cock. Suck on what are yours baby." Diamond says with a smile moving close to my mouth I take in her right nipple with my mouth. She lets out a moan of her own as I lick the hard nipple in my mouth.

I get a idea then move my right hand to her covered pussy sliding my fingers under the material to find shes wet. I feel her jerk before enjoying my touch. " Oh yes Heath baby.play with your pussy.make me wet more.for that cock of ours." Diamond says moaning as I rub her hard clit " Oh this.feels.so right." Jasmine says as she slowly rides me " Yes it does.oh god yesss." Diamond says as I suck her nipple and rub her gently As our moonlit love making was being shown to the ocean both these women were filling the air with moans.

I was loving the attention they were giving as I was giving them. After 10 minutes of Jasmine riding me and Diamond riding my fingers each had two orgasms each. It was at this moment I couldn't hold back. " Jasmine I.I can't." I started to say until she got off me as Diamond got off my fingers " Hurry Diamond baby get on his cock." Jasmine says while stroking me slowly Diamond did just that after taking her bottoms off.

I felt her wet, tight, pussy slide down as we both moaned. Jasmine moved up on my left side half on me. She watched as Diamond rode me fast and hard placing her hands on my chest while looking down in my eyes. " Ride that sexy cock that belongs to our man." Jasmine says catching me off guard " Oh I am.oh god he is.hitting my spot." Diamond says as I place my hands on her hips I feel my balls tighten as I thrust deep up in her and let it go pushing her hips against mine.

" DIAMONDDDDD!" I yell as I cum deep into her womb " OH YESSSS BABY.CUM INTO YOUR WOMAN!" Diamond says as she bare down on my cock with her pussy walls I feel rope after rope leave me as each finds their mark.

She milks me for every drop. We both shiver to the feeling of our orgasms taking over. Once she empties me Diamond collapses on top of me to only get kissed by Jasmine and I. We exchange kisses between the three of us. We cuddle like that as I place a arm around Jasmine then Diamond. I give them both a kiss on the forehead's before looking up at the stars.

I think of how my birthday started only to turn out almost the same except better. I close my eyes only to hope this feeling never dies except just get stronger. To Be Continued.