She Uses An Arse Plug For The First Time

She Uses An Arse Plug For The First Time
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Showing my body, sorry Master Daddy, showing your sluts body to everyone and hoping you are proud of me. I love it." We leave and head to the motel I explain to her that it is Steve's Motel called "After Hours Rendezvous" and that it was an adult motel. As we pulled in I stopped and got out and got the key to our room.

We drive back to it and we get out and go in. The room is big with a big bed and mirrors on the walls and ceiling some rings are mounded to the walls and above the bed there also some in the floor on both sides of the bed and a 50 inch flat screen mounted on the wall. Turning it on I show Kali channel after channel of sex movies from gay and lesbian to inter racial and gang bags to cum shots and even animal sex along with pissing and toys.

Everything one needs to see in a sex room. I tell her to strip and shower and get on the bed when she is finished.

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She leaves the room after responding Yes Master in about 15 minutes she is back and gets up on the bed I tell her to get on her belly and I tie her hands to the rings on the wall after placing the wrist restraints an then ankle restraints.

Then I get some larger ones and put around her thighs just above her knees and some to her upper thighs up almost to her cunt them I take the ones to the knees and tight them, pulling her knees under her and spreading her open then the upper thighs.

I pull them tight pulling her open more. "Now my lil' cunt your are going to get ass fucked my cock is going to be buried all the way in your ass and make it available for fucking as well.

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Then you will be a three hole fuck slut. And just so you know you are going to start learning to deep throat so you can swallow dicks". With that I started rubbing lubricant into her ass and squirting it up inside her, I started in her ass with a fairly small dildo to get the lubricant in then a little larger and again more lubricant and a larger one then finally I move in behind her and place my cock against her ass hole and push.

My cock pops in her ass and she lets out a scream so I pull out and Smack her ass hard twice. "I am sorry Master Daddy it hurt so much it will not happen again your whore will take you massive cock in her ass and like it. Please ass fuck your cock craving slut Master Daddy". I slipped back in her and started to fuck her deep and hard burying my cock deeper with each stroke until my balls was slapping against her cunt. Then I reach around and start on her clit with a vibrator, working her clit and ass into a frenzy.

Fucking her harder and harder deeper and deeper, all I was hearing was gasp and moans as I planted my cock all the way in. "You may cum slut when you feel it coming I want to hear your filthy mouth", I told her.


"Yes Master Daddy your slut daughter is about to cum for her Master Daddy and I desire to feel His cum in my fucking ass. My only desire is to please you and become the cock sucking cum swallow fuck slut you desire me to be.

please ass fuck your whore Master Daddy cum up my ass"! With that I started shooting deep in her ass and she started trembling and started an explosive orgasm herself. Her juices where flowing out of her and her cum was running out on the bed as I pulled from her. Without a word I moved around her and slid under her placing my cock at her mouth. "Now suck me clean slut suck your ass off my cock you filthy fucking cunt suck it clean". Which she did. When she was finished I moved away from her and got a 6 inch butt plug and stuck it against her ass and pushed it in watching as she closed around it then I got the giant dildo and pushed it into her until it hit her cervix.

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I pumped it a few times and then with one hard push her cervix opened and it entered in and she closed around it. Now whore you will ware them until time to leave tonight so I stated removing her restraints and let her flop on the bed.


It was 5 pm when I woke her and told her to take a shower when she returned I had the outfit laying out for her to wear. Also telling her that the butt plug and the dildo was staying in her. When she stood there about 3 inches of the giant dildo, balls and base where hanging out. The outfit was a black wet look strappy halter dress.

When she stood the dildo was hidden however when she sat down you could see the dildo sticking out. Then her thigh high hose and her 6 inch stiletto heels topped her off.

"My your slut as where we are going Master Daddy" "We are going out for dinner bitch your first real public display of your slutty self cunt".

With that I opened the door and we walked out. We get in the car and leave with get to the BD Restaurant we park I get her leash and she slides out of the car and I place her leash on and walk her to the front door. I turn and look at her and she is nervous I can tell when we walk in though she sees that all is there is Masters Mistress' and slaves.

We are taken to our seat and she was given a mat to kneel on. Then she understood the dildo if she knelt straight it was fine however if she relaxed it pushed against her cervix and caused her pain. I ordered and we where brought our dinner she was served in a stainless steel dish set on the floor in front of her. I told her she could not use her hands and had to eat it like a female bitch dog in heat.

So as she bent over to eat the dildo and butt plug was in plain site for everyone to see as she ate her dinner. We finished I paid and we left back to the motel there I removed the butt plug and dildo. I explained to her that she would now ask through the glory hole what their pleasure would be, her mouth, her cunt or her ass and she would service them with the hole of their choice.

She would not remove any of the cum that ended up on her. I then place a nipple to clit tweezer clamp to her and a stunning red patent garter g-string and hose with 6 inch stilettos and top her off with a new patent leather red cupless corset.

"Now we are ready for the evening of fucking and sucking to introduce you to what lays in store for you. We get to the book store and the lot is full of cars we enter and she is the attention getter as we go into the store.

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I see 4 other couples there and the mens eyes are glued on Kali and I lead her up and down each isle letting them all have a look at her on display then I move toward the peep shows and our room. Before she can get to her knees a cock is through the hole.

She asks." what would they like her mouth to fuck or her to suck, or her cunt and/or ass." A voice came through loud and clear that he wanted to fuck her mouth so she opened her mouth and placed her lips against the wall and he pushed his dick in and her head moved away. So I placed my hand on the back of her head and push her against the wall and he started to pump her mouth and she was gagging and choking however she took it all.

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