Two sluts wish to play with hard penis

Two sluts wish to play with hard penis
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Bill's head was splitting as his eyes parted. His hand immediately moved over his eyes to block the sunlight coming through the window. He felt like he had been hit by a train. He rolled over and placed his feet on the floor and stood from the bed. His legs were like rubber. He used the headboard to assist with his balance. Once he had gathered himself, he lifted his arms over his head and stretched.

It was then he realized he was naked. He had not remembered taking his clothes off, but there was a lot of last night that he didn't remember. He turned, and his legs went weak again. Laying in the bed, beside the spot he was just laying, was his daughter Rebecca and beside her was her best friend Natalie.

Both were covered and sound asleep. Bill bent and lifted the sheet and dropped it quickly. Both girls were naked. He quickly grabbed his shorts and went into the bathroom. He felt sick. He barely made it to the bathroom. He hit his knees and began to pray to the porcelain god. He hugged the bowl tight as he heaved. There was nothing there to come out, but the heaving continued.

He lay on the cold tile, when he opened his eyes, Rebecca and Natalie were standing at the door, still naked. He felt sick again. As he hugged the toilet, he felt hands rub his back and neck. From both sides, the girls were consoling his illness. As they continued to caress his neck and back, he felt another feeling in his stomach. Although his head was filled with confusion and guilt of the unknown, his cock did not feel the same, as it began to grow from the attention given by the two young beauties.

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"Becca look, he is getting hard again," Natalie giggled. Bill watched as her small perky tits jiggled as she laughed. "After last night, I didn't think it would get hard again for weeks," joked Rebecca.

Bill could not bring himself to look at his naked daughter. He just closed his eyes and lay on the floor. "Come on Dad, let's get you back to bed, I will get you some coffee and toast." He felt the girls hands on his arms pulling him up.

With his eyes still closed, he allowed them to lead him to the bed. He fell flat on his face into the pillow top mattress. One of the girls picked up his legs and pushed them onto the bed. Then he felt the bed sink as one climbed in bed. "I will be right back, Dad." He heard Rebecca leave, so it was Natalie on the bed. He raised his head and looked at her. He had always thought she was cute. She was leggy and skinny, but cute. She had small tits and her ass was flat.

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He had always picked at her about needing to eat. She was sitting crossed legged in the middle of the bed filing her nails. "Natalie, ah, what happened last night? Did I fuck Rebecca?" He asked quietly. Natalie frowned, then smiled. "You don't remember?" "No I dont, I dont remember anything." Natalie moved closer and hovered over him on her hands and knees. Her tiny nipples were hard and his cock was aching. He tried to keep his eyes from wandering from hers, but it was impossible.

"No, you didnt fuck her, but you wore my puddy cat out." A nauseated feeling washed over his body again. He felt terrible about taking advantage of his daughters friend, but felt worse about not remembering it.

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"I am so sorry Natalie, I should not have done that. I was drunk, but that is no excuse." Natalie began laughing, "You don't remember shit about last night do you?" He nodded.

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"We got you drunk. We wanted you to fuck us." About that time Rebecca returned with coffee. She had slipped one of her Dad's tee shirts on. She had the deer in the headlights look on her face when her dad looked at her. She handed him the coffee and lowered her head. The nauseated feeling left immediately.

The skinny blonde had let the cat out of the bag. He felt rage building inside him. Although both girls were eighteen, he still felt ashamed. "What do you mean? How did you get me drunk?" "Do you remember the vodka shots?" Rebecca asked Bill nodded.

"You promised to take two shots to our one, well we were drinking water." Rebecca climbed onto the bed. Her tee shirt rose up, baring the trim patch of hair above her labia. Bill's eyes were glued between her legs as she crossed her legs and placed her elbows on her knees. "We started planning it when I found out mom was going to be away for the weekend. I was tired of being a virgin and I could think of no one better to lose it to than the one man who loves me the most." "The plan was to get you shi- I mean drunk to the point you would not realize you were having sex with me.

Natalie was to start and then we were going to swap places once you were drunk enough not to realize it." "Things were going good. You were drunk, Natalie was sucking your, your know, and you was into it.

While she was sucking you, I undressed and laid on the floor. However, what we didn't plan was how turned on you would really get." "You were so turned on that you were ramming your cock down her throat while calling her a slut.

You picked her up and bent her over the couch and started having sex with her. You were so rough, but she was loving every minute of it." "I hoped that once you came, that you would calm down, then I would have my turn, but that didn't happen. You fucked her until she came twice, then your shot your load on her face. Then your picked her up and put your cock in her ass and fucked her some more. You were so rough that it scared me and I chickened out." "Once you were done with her, you went to bed and passed out on the bed.We followed you.

Once you were out, Natalie washed you and taught me how to suck your cock. I sucked you until my jaws were sore, but you never came." "You sucked my cock?" Bill said with emphasis on cock. "Oh yeah, she did Mr. B. She did an amazing job too. She is a quick learner, and you were the best fuck I have ever had." Natalie quietened when Bill shot a stern stare at her.

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"Daddy, dont be mad. I know it was wrong, but I knew you wouldn't go through with it if you were sober and conscious to what was going on. It was my plan, not Natalie's. She is just a big enough slut to have agreed to be an accomplice." Bill could not believe what her was hearing. He was so shocked that he had forgotten that he was almost naked. His cock was rock hard and aching. When he finally realized it he pulled the sheet over it. "Are you mad, Daddy?" Rebecca asked in the sweetest voice, and batted her big brown eyes.

"Yes I am mad. I am mad and I am embarrassed and ashamed not of you but myself." Rebecca slowly began to pull her tee shirt up her stomach. Bill could not help but watch. The hem of the shirt rose past her belly button, over her chubby but sexy stomach. She continued to raise it over her big perky breasts.

Her hard nipples protruded from her dark areolas. She tossed the shirt to the floor and sat there naked. Rebecca was built just like her mother, short and thick. She was not fat, but she had a few extra pounds that looked good on her.

Her hips were thick, her thighs were thick and she had her mothers big breasts. She was a 36 D while her mom was a 38DD.

Bill knew he should not have been looking at his naked daughter, but he couldn't stop. Rebecca slowly moved her hand over her father's leg. Bill knew he should stop her but his body would not cooperate. Her hand slid up the sheet and took a hold of the hem. She slowly peeled the thin sheet back and revealed her father's throbbing thick cock. Her big brown eyes stared into his.

"I can make you feel better daddy. Just lay back and let us take care of you." Bill could feel Natalie's hands on his shoulders pulling him back. His brain tried to fight back the urges, but his body was not listening. He slowly drifted down to his back. He felt his daughter's fingers grip his raging member as her best friend straddled his face. The sweet and tangy taste of Natalie's pussy touched his tongue and he slipped it between her tender fold and slithered it between her velvety walls.

He gripped her bony ass pulling her closer as his lust built. His teeth roughly raked over her clit as she ran her thin fingers through his hair. He felt the most amazing sensation as his daughter parted her full lips and engulfed his thick cock. His legs widen as he sucked harder on Natalie's pussy. He could feel his toes begin to curl as his daughter moved her lips over his cock with a purpose.

She released his cock only long enough to remove his shorts. He fought back the urge to shove his cock down her throat. His little girl was not a slut like Natalie. He in turn took his lustful rage out on Natalie's cunt. He bit and sucked on her clit to the point she was screaming. He didn't know if it was from pain or pleasure, but he really didn't care. Natalie came three times from his assault on her clit and pussy.


The whole time his daughter slurped and sucked is throbbing cock. Natalie fell forward. For the first time, Bill saw his cock inside his daughters mouth.

The sight was almost too much. Rebecca's eyes shifted and she saw that her father was watching her. She lifted off his cock and ran her tongue over the head, then smiled. She licked her lips as her fingers tightened around his shaft. "I am so wet daddy. I want you inside me." Rebecca lifted her body up and slid her wet pussy over his thigh as she moved into position. He noticed her thighs were soaked as she straddled his standing member.

She reached down and held him in position as she lowered. Natalie turned and watched with her head laying on his chest. Her finger circled his nipple as Rebecca lowered more. Natalie turned her head. Her lips were against his ear. "Don't worry about hurting her, I took her cherry months ago with my strap on." Then her tongue licked around his ear lobe.

When his head slipped into his little girl, he gritted his teeth and gripped the sheets. The sensation was like nothing he had felt before. He watched as his cock disappeared inch by inch into her. Her tight pussy gripped him. Her ass slowly pressed against his thighs.

He looked up and she was looking down at him. She had the biggest smile on her face. She twisted her hips and her eyes rolled back into her head as she moaned. Natalie moved between his legs as Rebecca leaned forward and place the palms of her hands on his chest. She closed her eyes and slowly moved her hips. He felt a rush of lust wash over him. He wanted to plunge into her wonderful pussy hard and fast, but he let her set the pace.

He just laid there and let his only daughter use his cock. Natalie ran her finger nail up his scrotum. He felt the goosebumps form over his body.

She cupped his heavy balls and her finger grazed his ass. He reached up and placed his hands on his daughters heavy breasts. He used his thumbs to rub over her hard nipples. The sensation of her nipples being stimulated sent Rebecca over the edge.

"Oh Daddy I am cumming. You are making your little girl cum, oh fuck me Daddy!" Her body began to tremble. He gripped her hips and thrust upward.

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Lust overcame him as he plunged in and out of his daughter. Her upper body tossed back and forth like a rag doll as he fucked her for all he was worth.

Natalie slipped her finger into her best friends father' ass. When her finger hit his prostate, Bill could not hold back. His cock erupted inside his daughter. His warm semen coated her velvety walls.

Rebecca collapsed on her father's chest. Both were breathing uncontrollably. His cock slipped from the confines of his daughters worn pussy. Natalie immediately grabbed his deflated cock and closed her lips around it. She masterfully worked her slutty mouth up and down his cock until it regained life. Rebecca rolled over onto her back. She was smiling from ear to ear.

Her pussy leaked her daddy's seed. Her hands covered her breasts and she pinched her hard nipples. Natalie moved between Rebecca's opened legs. She buried her head into her best friends lap and began lapping the incestrial mixture flowing from Rebecca. Bill was hard again, so he moved behind Natalie and slipped his cock into her steaming cunt. He grabbed her thin hips and released his rageful lust. His pelvis slapped against her scrawny ass as she lapped his cum from his daughter.

Rebecca and Natalie came almost at the same time, but Bill didn't let up. He continued to pound his daughters slutty friend until he felt his balls tighten.

Rebecca noticed the look on his face and knew he was about to cum. She moved beside him and laid on her back looking up at him. "Cum on my face daddy, make me your cum slut." Bill quickly pulled out of Natalie and aimed his cock at his daughters pink lips.

His calloused hand stroked his cock hard and fast until his balls released. His second load was not as big as the first, but there was enough cum to coat his pretty daughters face. His first shot landed directly on her lips, the next landed on her chin. He leaned closer and allowed her to clean the head of his cock with her sweet tongue. Natalie turned and wrapped her arms around Bill's neck. "Don't she look beautiful with your cum on her face daddy?" Bill laid down.


He was exhausted from pleasuring two teenage nymphomaniacs. He opened his arms and Natalie laid on his left side and Rebecca his right.

He pulled both girls against his chest. Rebecca's left breast laid on his chest as Natalie's pressed against his side.

"Next time, Daddy, I want you to take my ass. I want you to cum in my mouth too. You own me Daddy. I am your little slut." The three lovers drifted off to sleep.