Persia Pele Black Cock Is Better

Persia Pele Black Cock Is Better
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I don't know what day it was, or week, month, definitely not time and there is absolutely no way I would be able to tell you the how. The how being, me ending most of my days surfing the internet for ads asking for young, mid 20ish men curious to have their cocks sucked by other curious guys.

I guess that wasn't too far a stretch for me though, having grown up beating the fuck out of my dick while I wore mum's underwear, as well as my sisters, cousins and more recently my soon to be sister-in-law's.

Speaking of which, in one of my testosterone fuelled, full blown aggressive wank sessions, in one of her g strings, while I had my girlfriends pocket vibe buried in my ass, I was going through my sister-in-laws drawers and cupboards looking for her cunt toys I knew she must have, when I found what I was looking for her rabbit. Just for background, I'm 26, black, and have been blessed with a good height at around 6'5 with an athlete's body.

Muscular chest and shoulders, big arms and good abs. I guess it's the years of sport and copious fucking I've done in my time. Anyway, there is was in my hands, light blue with a soft rubber feel, raised dimples and ridges lining the shaft in rows spiraling to the engorged head.

The cock itself was smaller than my own in both girth and length, but that was not what interested me. Coating the entire length of it was a creamy white layer, dried and hard, concentrated in mass at the tip of the cock and on the vibrating tendrils where her clit had been getting a thorough smashing against.

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At this stage I was fucking lost, there was a shit heap of precum damaging her soft black underwear, although I don't think she would have minded, her's were already slightly stained and my precum tasted good as always. I was all but fisting my asshole trying to fuck myself that hard with my girlfriends comparatively pathetic little dick toy, but that's not what tipped me over, this did. I was salivating like an eager slut, gently lubing up my lips like a good little bitch while I sniffed along the firm bumps of her dried cunt juices.

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At first it was a lick on the side with the tip of my tongue, then a real slurp, as if the dildo was an ice cream. After that it was no holds barred. I was on her bed, on all fours like a submissive sissy bitch, ass in the air, the vibe was gone now, it was nothing more than a vibrating mass inside me, it was 3 fingers bashing my hole at pace while on the other end I was deep throating the fuck out of the recently used cunt impaler.

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I cleaned it with detail, everywhere her tight pink hole had been violated by this thing was now familiar in taste to me, the end of the fat head was tapping my throat which I loved, while I mashed her clit stimulators into my nose so I could take her in, as if her dripping snatch was right there in the flesh for me to bury myself in.

when I blew my load it was ecstasy.

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My asshole clenching and pushing against my fingers, shitting out the vibrator with a loud slurp, stream after stream of thick cum spraying the bed sheets and best of all, I gagged like a pathetic twink and brought up some thick spit which I rubbed into my chest. Fuck she tasted good but my cum was warm and tasted better. I guess I got up as I was scared to get caught, but maybe I wanted to be found like that, I don't know, I really don't care.

I hopped up on wobbly legs and stashed her dildo where I found it and left. Fuck the filthy whore, she can deal with my cum. I guess after that I needed more, I could now suck that little prick without much effort, and id tasted so much of her that I might as well have been fucking her conventionally.

She wasn't that good anyway, short, around 5'4 or 5'5, brunette shoulder length, had a round bubble ass on her and some pretty perky tits. She got her fair share of stares, but I didn't see it. Useless cunt. Anyway, that's when I went online, it took a while for me to face facts so I stopped searching for couples, having a chick was just a buffer for what I really wanted.


I was a bitch, I literally dreamed of sucking cock, well, cocks, so male for male it was for me. My first one was amazing. He could host, late night Friday. The girlfriend was out with her friends, so all clear there, hopped in my car and pulled up at his hotel. He was there for the weekend doing some media work or some such shit, not important, what was important was the picture of the 5 inch, upward curved, lightly tanned dick he had sent me.

Cut, which was new to me, not very thick either. A modest start. He had said no face pics, he was married with kids and his wife had no idea that he was copping it up his ass more than a few times a week and taking loads down his throat more often that she took his. He was shortish, 5'6 or 5'7, decent looks, short cropped hair but with a bit of a gut on him. That didn't really phase me, what really got my black cock twitching was the hairless nature of his swollen dick and soft, smooth looking balls.

I literally threw him onto the bed like a rag doll and went to work on my first cock. I just did what I knew I liked. Wet lips and tongue, spit in my hand, lube up the whole length using my clenched fist, up, down, up down a few times, enough to get him spreading his knees wide, thrusting his hips up slightly and breathing hard. This faggot wanted my mouth. Pathetic little cock, I loved this shit. I licked from his asshole, salty and smooth up and along his balls, split them through the middle and worked my way around them in a figure 8.

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I kept pumping his cock, sucking on his balls and listening to him whimper. I gave in, I was so hard and tuned in that when I finally took his pulsing head into my mouth it felt almost as if my cock was being worked. I t was fucking amazing, warm and hard in general, but soft to the feel, squeezable but rigid. I soon found myself throating the fuck outta that beautiful little dick.

Sloppy mouth, tougue and lips closely replicating the movement of my pumping hand. It was fever pitched, fast and hard, and hen he shot that cum into my mouth and onto my face I knew this was just the start.

I swallowed it all, bland but decent enough, I made him scoop what I had missed and feed it to me, I guess I am a bit of a sub at heart. Fuck it was amazing. I have no idea how he knew, but he ripped my shirt off and took my nipple into his mouth and gave a sharp little suck. Putty. This cunt had me, I was on my back and he was feeling me through my jeans, I was like a rock and I was so sensitive at that stage that I might have cum as soon as there was flesh on flesh contact.

I think he might have knew, he slowed his groping a bit and straddled my face. He spoke a few words and I did as I was told. I took his limp dick in my mouth and cleaned it of whatever remaining cum he had, I worked his balls again and I felt him harden up. This was too easy, how to bitches fuck this shit up. Dumb cunts. He was undoing my jeans, pulling them down, I was redoing his cock, pulling his little sissy hips forward, I don't think he expected me to shift his hips back and shove my tongue in his pretty pink asshole.

Fuck this was hot, I felt him grab hold for balance while I thrust my pointed tongue just past his entrance, I fucked him for a while with it before swapping for a finger and giving myself time to steady.

I was ready now. I guess I shouldn't have laughed when he said he was embarrassed now that he could see my cock. I was used to it, I never really thought it was special, but now I know better. Long and extremely thick, I also curve upward slightly, I guess a low body fat helps too, in the dark it was reflecting the light of the T.V, nice and vascular, this poor chump felt like he was about to cum again just looking at me.

I know a lot of you out there will know what its like to have your cock sucked by a man, some won't, for the latter, its probably better.


Men know what feels right. He jerked me faster and harder and perfectly. The right grip, perfect judgement of how far to pull back until he felt resistance against my uncut skin, never dry, tongue flicking the entire length of what his pathetic bitch mouth could take, his best move was flicking his tongue against the base of my cock head, on the underside, where the delicate skin connects.

He played it with his tongue as if he were strumming a guitar. No word of a lie, my first shot hit me on my face, it ran over my lips and onto my cheek. I was fukn tasty as always. The second, third and fourth descended in length down my chest and over his hand. The good boy ate it all, swirling it with his tongue and sucking it off. Ive gott say when he spat a little of it on my nipple and sucked it for a few seconds, pulled on it with his thumb and index then fed me his fingers, I was close to burying my tongue in his mouth.

How the fuck did this cunt know I love my nipples licked and played with like that. Afterward it wasn't awkward, it was what it was, two guys wanting cock and getting it. I played with his while we laid there watching some shit on T.V. He got hard again, I sucked him again, tasting some more remnants of his previous spurt or maybe it was precum by this stage, I finished him by holding our cocks together and jerking ourselves at the same time.

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Gotta tell ya, using someone else's cum as lube to fist your cock is highly recommended. He jumped me, sucked me hard, and returned the surprise by pinning my knees to my chest and rimming my unexpectant black asshole. His slight stubble was amazing around my hole, I could sense everything. His tongue was manic in its exploration and flicking of my asshole, his fingers were welcome and I begged him for more. I was the bitch now, I felt good about it, I had a stranger hanging onto my cock, pumping it hard and fast, while he had 2 fingers inside me, curved upward exactly the same way I finger my girlfriend.

I was his girlfriend right now, his bitch, his sissy. I came for him, like he asked, his fingers felt better and better as I clenched down, his mouth was heaven as he swallowed me. There was no question, I needed more cock after this.

I wanted it, and I was going to get it soon.