Vigorous cock riding from playgirl

Vigorous cock riding from playgirl
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Prison Girl I went to one of our states many Correctional Facilities to visit my son in that state prison. I visit him about once a month on the first Saturday of the month. This time however when my son arrived in the visiting room he said hi to the inmate at the table next to me first then gave the girl sitting with him a light kiss on the cheek and said hello to the lady with them.

After all of that he finally gave me a big hug and sat down. He then introduced me to the other inmate Juan, his sister Juanita, and their mother.

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Juan was my son's cellmate. Juan reached right over to shake my hand. He was very polite. His sister was probably the most beautiful girl that I had ever met. Juanita was Puerto Rican, nineteen years old, and she had beautiful black curly hair to her waist. She had a fantastic body, nice size breasts, and when she leaned over the table slightly I could see about eight inches of bare lower back above her blue jeans.

Her white top was stretchy and clung to her great body showing off her B-cup breasts to perfection. She was an exotic beauty compared to the other women in the visiting room.

My son knew just about everything about this girl. Juan must talk about her a lot. Juan's mother lived in town, which was about an hour away from the Correctional Facility. Juanita however was away at college. She just happened to be going to a University about two and a half hours away from the Facility. I live in that very town. I learned that Juan's mother had driven all the way to my town before their visit that day just to get Juanita and then drive all the way back to the Prison to visit her son there.

Juan's mother turned her normally one-hour trip into a five-hour trip…one way. Then she did it all over again to take Juanita back to school afterwards. My son suggested that I take Juanita home after the visit was over and save Juan's mother a lot of gas and time. I sure didn't mind. Just the thought of spending two and a half hours in a car alone with this beauty started to perk my cock up.

Staring at her body as she got up and walked to the vending machines did the rest. Then of course my son just had to ask for a soda and something to eat. I sure wished that he was allowed to go to the vending machines himself but he could only move from his assigned seat to go the bathroom and nothing else. They also discourage cross talk between tables but they didn't seem to mind that day. It all depends in the Correction's Officer on duty, I guess. So I adjusted my cock as best I could before standing up and walking toward Juanita.

By this time Juanita had gotten what she had gone after and looked right at my crotch then smiled at me.

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After that I saw her looking over her table and under my table at my crotch quite often. I checked out her crotch a few times myself but not enough to get hard again. I was also glad that I didn't see any hard nipples through her bra and top. That makes me hard too. I had a very nice visit with my son and was pleased when Juanita asked, "Would you be so kind as to take me back to my dorm and save my mother the trip?" I replied, "Certainly!

Any time! Perhaps I can bring you when I visit my son again next month!" Juanita said, "I would like that!" Juan's mother thought that it would be a great idea too.

She even suggested that she and I could alternate our visits so that her son could get more visits that way. Fine!

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I stayed with my first Saturday every month and Juan's mother decided to take the third Saturday every month. As we got to the Prison exit Juan's mother and I both asked the Correction's Officer at the desk if it would be possible to visit two prisoners at the same visit.

We explained about Juanita and I traveling in together from quite a distance. He looked up both of the boys prison records and found that neither one had been in trouble since arriving there so he placed a phone call to the Shift Supervisor and then told us that it would be okay unless they got into some serious trouble. Then he marked their records to allow for the dual visits. We thanked him and left. Out in the parking lot Juanita got a bag out of her mother's car, kissed her goodbye, and walked with me to my car.

I headed north to get to the main highway. We had hardly gotten out of the small community that the Prison was located in when Juanita said that she was going to change her clothes.

I asked if I should find a restroom for her and she said no that it wasn't necessary. Then Juanita remover her white top and sat there, in her very sexy little white bra. I was totally impressed with her lack of modesty.

I glanced at her a couple of times but I really had to watch the road since I was the driver. Juanita said, "You can look if you want too! It's alright!" I replied, "Thank you but I do have to drive!" Juanita then said, "So find a place to pull over then!" I asked, "Do you really mean that?" Juanita answered, "Sure! I think your kind of nice and I know you like me!" I said, "But I'm old enough to be your father!" Juanita said, "I know!

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That's what I like about you most!" Then she said, "You had better hurry!" Juanita then unfastened her blue jeans and pushed them to her ankles before taking them off too. I looked over to see this gorgeous Hispanic girl sitting in my front seat in her sexy bra and her equally sexy matching panties.

Her dark complexion made the white material look even whiter. She brushed her hair back over her shoulder to enhance my view of her breasts. Oh my God she was absolutely beautiful. I damn near went off the road but I finally pulled into what looked like a very long driveway or a farm trail back into their woods. I drove in and went into the tree line before I stopped my car. Juanita turned in the seat lifting one foot up onto the seat as she did. Now she sat facing me with one knee up and her panties twisted at her crotch exposing one of her pussy lips in the process.

Her pubic hair was trimmed short. The outer edge had been shaved and the inner edge along her slit had been shaved too. It left just the right amount of black curly hairs to outline her womanly treasure. She was a gift from God! She was an angle! She was sitting in my car in just her sexy underwear!

Juanita just sat there for maybe two full minutes then she lifted her fanny up and removed her panties for me. Juanita then hung her sexy white panties on my rear view mirror. Next she unhooked her bra and removed that too. Now fully nude in my front seat Juanita just smiled at me. After a couple more minutes of ogling her she said, "You can touch me if you want too!


I won't break! I won't bite you either! I promise!" So I tentatively reached out my hand, ran a finger along her slit, and slipped one into her opening all the way to the second knuckle. I wiggled my index finger around inside her as I stared at Juanita's hard nipples. They were calling to me to come closer and to kiss, suck, and worship them properly.

I left my finger right where it was. I leaned over and sucked one of her hard little nipples into my mouth. My tongue danced circles around her nipple, my teeth teasingly scraped them to stiffen them even more, and then my lips sucked them lovingly into my mouth further.

I was finger fucking her pussy, thumbing her clit, and sucking on her nipples when her first orgasm hit. It was a big one too.


Juanita squeezed my hand and my head tightly until her orgasm subsided. About once a minute or so after that she repeated that maneuver for each of her orgasms. After her fifth orgasm she relaxed completely. My hand was free to slip a second and a third finger into her pussy.

My lips went from one nipple to the other then up to her waiting lips. Juanita kissed me with a passion that no other woman has in my lifetime. Juanita begged me, "Please fuck me! Please! I need your cock in me so badly!" As much as I wanted this beauty at that moment I just had to ask, "Why are you doing this?

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You could have anybody that you want! Why me?" Juanita smiled and said, "Because I want you! I want you with all my heart, my body, my soul, and my mind! You are what I have been looking for since puberty!" Juanita looked into my eyes and ran her hands seductively over her nude body. She rubbed her legs, her pussy, and her tummy. She rubbed her hips, her ribs, and across her breasts.

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She rubbed her nipples, her cleavage, and her neck. She blew me a kiss then plunged her hands into her pussy. Juanita said, "Oh I get it! You are wondering why I am throwing myself at you so shamelessly! I'll have you know that this the first time that I have ever let a man see me this open and exposed!

I had a boyfriend in high school and I gave him my virginity after the Junior Prom but more as payment for being so loyal to me for a year before that!

I also gave him sex a few times after that too but he never touched my heart or my mind like you did at the very moment I laid eyes on you today!

I almost died when your son suggested that you take me back to my dorm room! The thought of spending three hours alone in a car with you was more than I could stand!

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I went into the lady's bathroom four times to masturbate. I just wanted to ease my sexual tension but it didn't work! I even got a tampon out of the dispenser and fucked myself with it!

It didn't help either I only wanted the real thing! My mother even followed me in the last time to see if everything was okay! Hell I was sitting on the other side of that stall door with my soaking wet panties between my knees and two fingers up my cunt while I leaned back and fingered my clit! She just wouldn't go away! I was so frustrated that I almost jumped your bones right in the middle of all those sex-starved inmates! It was far worse than you could ever imagine!" I never said a word I just turned in my seat, opened my fly, and slipped my cock into her moist pussy.

I was never more pleased that I took the bench seat instead of those fancy bucket seats the auto dealer had suggested. That bastard would have put a standard transmission stick shift in my way too if I had let him.

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Automatic transmissions rule! So I systematically fucked her just as hard as I could and then made sweet passionate love to her. I was so fucking horny with lust for this beauty that I was fucking her like a whore and loving her like a new bride at the same time. I knew that she was no virgin but I tried to treat her like one when I wasn't trying to rape her just to satisfy my animal lust.

There is no way this woman could possibly want an old man like me. The entire University football team would kill one another just to lick her pussy clean after she peed. Juanita is the girl that they are talking about when they say; "I'd eat a mile of her shit just to see where it came from!" I had no idea how long we were there. Neither one of us spoke. We were both lost in some dream world where dreams do come true.

I had fallen in love or at least lust with Juanita the moment I had laid eyes on her. Apparently she had felt the same way about me. I hadn't told her yet but I too had gone into the men's bathroom twice to jerk off. I couldn't figure out how to keep the damn thing from poking out of my pants and letting everyone in the visiting room know just how much I was lusting after this gorgeous young woman.

Juanita was a cross between a beauty queen, a fashion model, and a Greek Goddess. Her picture could be in the dictionary with the words 'Out of this fucking world gorgeous.' Finally I found myself limp and lying on Juanita's breasts. I got off from her and sat back on the seat behind the steering wheel. Juanita looked like she was in a daze. I let her recover as I started at her sweat covered body, her heaving breasts, and her open pussy oozing my cum down onto my seat.

I would cherish that stain on the seat for as long as I owned that car. The drive home took forever, literally. We stopped at every rest area that there was and made love in a far corner before continuing on with our journey. I was spent when I dropped Juanita off at her college dorm.


When I got home the phone was ringing. It was Juanita. She was begging me to come back and get her. She wanted to spend the night in my bed with me, in my arms, and wake up in bed in the morning. I wanted that too. When I got to her dorm there was Juanita waiting out front.

She had a suitcase with her. She jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist, and kissed me passionately. During the short ride to my house she was glued to my body. We went directly to bed. She cuddled her naked body into mine. I confessed that I was drained and had nothing left to give her. She just smiled, closed her eyes, and fell asleep in my arms. It was a good thing that the next day was Sunday because I didn't have to work and she didn't have any classes.

We only left the comforts of my bed to shower, eat, and use the toilet. We felt like a honeymoon couple. Juanita made up her mind to move in with me but that would have to wait until Monday after I got out of work. Today we were only going to be together, enjoy each other, and plan our wedding.

We decided that Wednesday would be a good day! The End Prison Girl 88