Karen puta pujando porque entre dos le meten las vergas

Karen puta pujando porque entre dos le meten las vergas
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My sister Kimmy had it coming. She was a complete bitch to me and my parents for so long now everyone new she needed to learn a lesson. When she misbehaved, my parents would try and punish her, but she never seemed to care and she would just continue to screw up.

My parents weren't that strict, they wanted to raise a proper Christian girl, which is admittedly hard to do in today's day and age especially since we live in California where so many girls are just straight up sluts. My dad freaked when he saw Kimmy wearing the short skirt she bought from the mall last Friday, he would not have his 13 year old daughter parading herself around town like that.

When he grounded her, she had snuck out the next night and of course my parents didn't catch her until she came stumbling in at 2 in the morning smelling like pot and booze. I was watching from the top of the stairs expecting my parents to lose it like never before, but instead they were too quiet for me to even hear what they said, and it was over in mere seconds. My parents made their way for the stairs and I darted for bed as my sister stood with a glazed look on her face in the living room.

Let me pause for a second to describe my family. There's just my Mom, Dad, Kimmy and me.

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I'm in grade 11, 16 years old, and 6 foot 1 I hit puberty early and am almost done growing already but I'm hoping I grow a little more facial and body hair over the next few years, I'm still pretty smooth. My cock is about 9 inches when solid and I've only slept with one girl, she's an ex now we only fucked a couple times back when I was 14. My sister, Kimmy, is 13 like I already said, she's in grade 8 and she's tall for her age too, I'd say around 5 foot 7 (she stands up to my shoulders so it's just a guess).


I'm pretty sure she's already started her period but she does a good job hiding that stuff from me but based on how much she's grown and those gravity defying 36B cup boobs that are forming I'm guessing she's been a real woman for a while now.

I hacked into her computer a while back to see just how bad she'd been and turns out she's still a virgin thankfully but she's probably given at least 10 different guys blowjobs some on the first date. She's still at that tall, awkward stage, so it's not hard to see why guys love it when she wears heels she can barely walk in and a skirt that belongs more on a 30 year old hooker with aids than a 13 year old Christian virgin.

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My parents have tried for the past 2 years at least to get her to dress more appropriately but it seems the harder they try the more slutty her outfits get.

My mom, Brenda, is 35, and she doesn't look a day older than 25. She hasn't had to work a day since she met dad and she spends all of her free time doing yoga, and working out to stay in shape. She's probably the one we get our height from too, at about 5 foot 11 I only outgrew her last year. I know I shouldn't say this, but she also has the most amazing tits I've ever seen, I got one of her bras to check and it said 38G so believe me their huge.

My dad, Rick, is 37 and looks pretty good for his age. He doesn't work out much but he bikes to work when he can and naturally has good genes. He's about 5 foot 9 so he's not where we get our height but He's got a pretty good build to him and his cock is about the same size as mine.

Back to the story.I got to my room in time to crawl under my sheets just before my parents entered my room. I had not expected them to follow me but I was glad I had gotten into bed so they wouldn't know I had been spying on them. It wouldn't have mattered anyways though because my parents began to tell me everything my sister had done and explained to me that she needed to learn a lesson - if she was going to dress and act like a slut then that's what she would be treated like.

They continued to lay out a very intricate plan they had in place. Nothing was to happen until the Monday two weeks from now, which coincidentally enough would be the same week as Kimmy's birthday (it was on the Friday). My parents wanted to make sure Kimmy thought there would be no punishment for her actions, in fact they were going out of their way to support her in whatever she wanted to do.

They would spend the next two weeks buying her the clothes she always wanted, and letting her go to all the parties they wouldn't before but it would be up to me to convince all her friends to help us so that when the time came Kimmy would learn her lesson properly.

I couldn't believe how fiendish my parents were being but it was hard not to agree with them, Kimmy needed to be set straight and I would do whatever it took to help my little sister.

So, for the next two weeks, Kimmy enjoyed the good life. At first, she couldn't figure out why her parents and her brother were all being so nice to her, normally they seemed to go out of their way to tell her how slutty she looked or that she was wearing too much makeup.

But now, her parents were actually buying her the bright red lipstick she was never allowed to wear before and her brother kept telling her how good she looked when she wore skirts and heels. Eventually, she stopped questioning and was now really enjoying all the attention her family was giving her, she was even going to get to go to her best friends party on Monday and her Mom and bought her a special plaid skirt for the night.

Danica, Kimmy's best friend, had told her that Tommy, the cute boy 14 year old in grade 9 at her school, was going to the party so she had to look her best. Kimmy begged her mom all of Friday to buy her a new pair of heels but her mother kept saying she didn't have the money.

All a part of the plan, I offered to buy my sister a pair of heels, but she had to let me pick them out for her, and she had to agree to wear them to the party before she would know what they were.

With no other options, and not wanting to wear a pair of shoes Tommy might have already seen, she agreed, hoping I would choose a pair of shoes similar to the ones I always said I liked. Kimmy and I took the bus downtown to a store she had never been to before. It was in a rougher part of town and looked more like a costume store to her than a shoe store.

Once we got inside Kimmy realized why I had chosen this store, it was a costume store, but the costumes were all of the slutty Halloween style. There were all the standards, schoolgirl, devil, angel and ever some stranger ones like a sexy clown in the corner and a slutty zombie but none of these were why we were here. There was one costume in particular that I had seen a couple months back and the only part of it that interested me were the shoes, it was an extra slutty candy stripper costume that came with a special set of heels.

They were completely clear, probably made of some cheap plastic, and had to be at least 4 inches off the ground plus an extra 2 inches or so on the heel, I figured Kimmy would be at least a couple inches taller than me in them and she would definitely have a hard time walking.

Plus, I already knew she was planning on wearing the plaid skirt mom and bought her so it would be a beautiful combination. The shoes were $150 but I told Kimmy that since she was my sister and I loved her I would buy them for her but she had to promise me one more favor, since she was going to be dressing so slutty for the party I told her she might as well not wear any underwear or a bra.

She reluctantly agreed and we left. Monday night finally arrived and as excited as Kimmy was for her party I knew my parents and I were way more excited. She came running down the stairs in, a tight white top, and pink stockings with a lacey top that cut off at the top of her thigh just below the hem of her extra short plaid skirt.

Her beautiful blonde hair had been tied into braided pigtails by her mother and her lips were a bright red. She smiled at the looks her parents and her brother gave her as she made her way for the door. As she stepped her right foot into her first shoe she nearly tipped over, I had asked her not to try on the shoes beforehand so she would be as awkward as possible.

My father quickly came to her side, and in the most gentlemanly way possibly helped his daughter step into the most slutty pair of shoes he had ever seen. Once Kimmy had both feet in her new shoes she bent over to do up the straps on her right shoe giving me a clear view up her skirt.

She was wearing underwear! Without saying a word I snuck up behind her and as she leaned down to do up the straps on her other shoe I yanked them down to her ankles.

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She gave an astonished gasp and looked to our parents for what they would do. Instead, I assured them that Kimmy had given me her word than in return for the shoes she would not wear any underwear and our parents agreed telling her to lift her feet and allow me to remove them completely.

Now completely ready for her party Kimmy stood by the door and waited for what seemed like an eternity with every little breeze making itself known on her private parts. She would have to be careful not to bend over too much at this party she didn't want people getting a free show. Eventually there was the sound of a car horn honking outside and Kimmy said her goodbyes, not knowing she would be seeing her family sooner rather than later. She ran outside to meet Danica and her dad in their SUV and they quickly sped off to the party.

Once at the party, Kimmy realized there weren't many girls there. Actually, the only girl other than herself was Danica all the others were boys and most of them were ones Kimmy didn't even know.

The only boys Kimmy knew were Jason and Peter from her class and of course Tommy the boy she had a crush on. But the rest of the boys looked older, even older than Tommy, maybe in grade 11 like me she wasn't sure. They were, of course, friends of mine who were more than willing to help me set my sister straight but she had never really noticed who my friends were being so wrapped up in her own world. The music at the party was pretty loud and Kimmy also noticed it was almost all rap with a lot of swearing and talk about hoes and bitches stuff she never really liked to listen to.

A few minutes after she'd gotten settled, Danica came by and offered Kimmy a glass of punch, she accepted not realizing that her friend had for some reason chosen to drink water and not the punch.

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She didn't notice any funny taste but after her second cup, Tommy asked her to dance and Kimmy definitely began to feel the effects then. The punch had been laced with a potent mixture of MDMA and a new version of Viagra for women than focuses on the production of female juices plus there's a bit of wine cooler in there to make it taste good for a young girl.

Dancing with Tommy felt like nothing she'd ever experienced before in her life. She had been excited before while sucking guys dicks and of course she'd masturbated a bunch but she'd never been wet like this. It almost felt like she'd peed herself, she kept telling herself that's why she was sticking her hand up the front of her skirt, she had to check and make sure she actually wasn't peeing.

Tommy, almost seemed not to notice the slutty behavior of the young girl dancing in front of him and as Kimmy began to lose more and more control on the dance floor it got to the point where she was openly fingering herself in the middle of Danica's basement before Tommy finally intervened.

Grabbing Kimmy's wrist, her eyes opened as she realized what she was doing. She began to try and explain but Tommy started to move her wrist back and forth causing her fingers to do the same inside her and she again closed her eyes. Tommy asked if she had anything to say as he continued to force her to finger herself but all she could do was moan as her juices continues to poor down her legs.

She hadn't noticed but the music had quieted and the rest of the party guests had begun to circle around and enjoy the show. Tommy again stopped the motion and again Kimmy's eyes opened still only focused on Tommy not realizing she had become the center of attention.

Tommy then guided Kimmy's wrist and fingers up to her mouth and instinctively Kimmy took her fingers into her mouth and began to taste her own juices. This was something she had never done before but for some reason it suddenly seemed like such a natural and beautiful thing to do, and the taste was amazing, she wanted desperately to shove her fingers back in only to scoop more of her juices into her mouth but Tommy's grip was firm and she knew he wanted to her to continue sucking her fingers and she realized at that moment her only concern was pleasing him.

With her eyes barely open still sucking her juices from her fingers Tommy took Kimmy by the hair and forced her to turn her head to the audience that had now formed behind and around her.

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At first her eyes widened in fear, but it didn't take long for her to come to terms with her situation. She found great pleasure in knowing that all of these men had their eyes on her but only Tommy would touch her, or so she thought. Once she had calmed down again, he turned her face back to his and locked eyes with her in a way no man had ever done before.

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She was mesmerized by his stare, knowing she would do whatever he commanded next, waiting to be told what to do she could feel a new torrent of juices again running down her legs. It's time for you to learn, he told her as he gave her a tight embrace holding her head on his shoulders as though trying to protect her, what happens to sluts like you. As Kimmy returned Tommy's embraced they held each other tight while he began to shuffle away slowly she continued to hold on tight slowly bending at the hips as he backed up.

He gently cooed into her ear and playfully tugged on her pigtails with both of his hands behind her back trying to get her as relaxed as possible. The MDMA was hitting her hard and the hold he had on her felt as good as anything she's ever experienced in her life, she felt so safe, warm, and happy all at the same time she knew he could never hurt her.

With her surroundings completely dulled out by the pleasure she was feeling she had no idea her family had arrived and was standing directly behind her. I watched as Tommy held my little sister bent over in her drugged up state and I knew exactly what I had to do. My parents were happy to see me drop my pants, this was the moment they had planned for it was time for Kimmy to learn her lesson.

There would be no need for lube since my sister was already gushing thanks to the drugs and I didn't need a condom either since what I was planning couldn't produce any children and I knew we were both clean.

Standing completely naked behind my unknowing sister my cock was at full mast I probably even had an extra inch or so just cause of how excited I was.

I tried to be as sneaky as possibly but I still wanted to moisten the tip of my cock up a bit before I tried to enter her so I slowly ran the tip of my cock up her thigh aiming for the most obvious stream of wetness. I think on some level she noticed it because she shivered and let out a deep breath but she didn't move or open her eyes, nothing would break her from her embrace. With the tip of my cock glistening with her juices I lined myself with her asshole.


I took a second to look at Tommy and with a motion I signaled him to help spread my sisters legs. He ran his hands down her back making sure never to lighten up his hug and once he had both hands on her skirt he pulled it up over her waist. Kimmy again did nothing barely noticing at this point that her skirt was even up and when Tommy had both hands on the cheeks of her ass naturally she spread her legs to allow his fingers easier access.

She still had no idea that it wasn't Tommy's fingers that were going to be probing her but once she had her legs spread I was ready to make her learn. I didn't want to waste my time trying to enter her slowly, the point of this was a surprise attack and besides I wanted this to hurt her as much as possible. I knew with how wet my cock was with her juices I would slide in easily but I still wanted to put as much force into my thrust as possible to make sure I got it all in at once so I made sure to line my cock up with her hole as best I could and even took a couple practice thrusts like a golfer or a lumberjack.

It was a lot easier than I had expected actually, and the force with which my hips hit the back of her actually hurt me a little so I can only imagine what it did to her. I tried not to bounce back too much and grabbed hold of her legs with my cock fully inside of my sisters tight ass.

I was amazed at first because there was no sound escaping from her mouth but once I had gotten comfortable and I saw her face I realized why. She was frozen with her mouth open and I could see tears forming and beginning to run down her cheeks. I didn't want to pull out at all because where I was felt soo amazing but slowly I began to rock my hips trying to make sure I didn't get completely stuck by the firm grip my sisters ass had on my cock.

All the while, Tommy and Kimmy and not broken their embrace and as I began to lengthen the strides of my cock in and out of her ass I noticed Tommy again leaning down and whispering into her ear telling her this was the slut she wanted to be. Slowly I managed to pull more and more of my cock in and out of her ass and eventually I was able to slide the entire length of my cock to the back of her ass.

I played with the head of my cock at the entrance to her asshole, opening and closing the door to her pain as I could see a steady stream of tear still pouring down her face to match the flow of juices on her leg.


As I pull the head out of her ass one more time I sit and wait with the tip of my cock pressed against her asshole as my parents come up on either side of her and take her hands. Again she is told that this is what girls get when they choose to dress a certain way, and if this is what she wants it's what she's going to get.

Kimmy begins to open her mouth in explanation but Brenda places a finger over her lips silencing her as I push my cock into her ass again as deep as it will go.

Tommy now begins to let go of Kimmy as she tries desperately to hold on to her last refuge of safe feelings he backs away and Kimmy notices her father now stepping in front of her undoing his pants. Brenda again quiets Kimmy telling her she must do as she's told because that's what sluts like her do and as her mother guides her father's cock into her mouth Kimmy is again overcome with the power of the MDMA and female viagra, she knows she shouldn't be turned on by this but even with her eyes closed all she can see his her father cock pumping in and out of her mouth as her brother does the same to her asshole.

The fact that Kimmy has sucked so many guys already is definitely coming in handy now, she was always good at deep throating but with the drugs she was on it was like she had no gag reflex at all.

Her father's slid easily down the back of her throat and for some reason she loved the feeling of having her hair cut off by her daddy. She wanted to scream in pleasure from the feelings she was getting in her asshole too, it was unlike anything she had experienced during masturbation. The pleasure seemed to be filling her up from the inside and taking over her whole body.

She felt the juices pouring from her pussy and when her father and brother seemed to unload at the same time she nearly passed out from the orgasm.

It felt as those two powerful streams of pleasure were crushing her body from above and below and she was convulsing on either cock until they had been removed. Once their grip had loosened, Kimmy's knees buckled almost instantly and she fell to the floor with cum leaking from her ass and her mouth.

She was told to get back up because the other ten guys at the party were next but she wasn't sure she could make it to her feet.