Gay fuck The two do some insatiable kissing as Sergio resumes to

Gay fuck The two do some insatiable kissing as Sergio resumes to
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As I drove the dark lonely road home from a business trip, I decided to call my wife to let her know I'd be arriving home by 1 AM, in two hours or so.

My wife and I are in our forties, with a great marriage and four kids. We are both in good physical shape- my wife, Patricia is a gorgeous brunette with green eyes, lovely face and nice size 35D breasts, perfect ass and thighs!

She picked up the phone on the second ring and thanked me for the call. "The kids are staying with friends tonight, so it'll be just you and me tonight!" Patricia offered.

"That's great! I've been missing you, my love!" I replied. "What are you doing?" " I'm just lying here on our bed, naked, thinking about you," she expained. "Really? Tell me about your body," I asked excitedly.


"Well, I've got my makeup and lipstick on, and I look pretty hot. My tits are nice and round and firm, and I've been playing with my nipples. They're getting hard like diamonds, just as you like them, Baby! I put a little lotion on them so they're nice and soft, ready for you to suck them." "Wow!

You're making me hard, Woman! How is your pussy? Is it soft and warm and moist?" " Should I check it for you?" Patricia inquired. " Absolutely, Baby!

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Touch your thighs and softly stroke my secret garden of delights." "Ooo, my pussy is really wet. I want you so badly. Mmmm, that fells nice. Are you getting hard out there, Stu?

Unzip your pants and take out your penis." she commanded. I gladly complied, as I was certainly hard just picturing her naked on our bed, enjoying her body. I decided to encourage her further. " How does that luscious pussy of yours feel, my lover? Stick your finger in deeper." " Ohhh, it's so wet and hot for you, Baby! I've got two fingers inside of me right now. Mmmm, that's so good, in and out and around. Yeah, baby!" " You go, girl! Come for me on the phone! Do yourself, Baby!

Come on, come on!" "Ohh, here I come, Baby! Just like when you're inside! Ohh, ohh, I'm cominggg! Ahhhh!" Patricia exclaimed as she climaxed. " How was it baby?

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Was it good? I wish I could have been there to watch you! You are so hot!" " I want you right now, Baby! Hurry home! I'm going to rest up for you, lover," she invited." Call me when you're 15 minutes from the house." " I love you, Beautiful!" I replied, barely able to focus on the road, but anticipating the pleasures ahead.

The remaining miles passed quickly, and in another hour I was 15 minutes out. I called again. This time, she picked up the phone on the first ring. " Hello? Is that you, lover? I'll meet you out front of the house. I've got a new outfit to show you." She enticed me.

" I'm looking forward to seeing you!" I stated. " Just hurry, will you? I'll be waiting" She sounded eager and impatient. I hung up and finished the last few turns.

I could see her in the headlights as I pulled up. I could scarcely believe my eyes as I drank in her beautiful form there on the sidewalk- in front of our house and in front of the entire neighborhood! She stood, her arms held out to me, clothed only in a sheer, see-through wrap!

I rushed out to embrace her, and there we kissed passionately. She held me close as I enjoyed her mouth while my hands caressed her nearly naked body. She stepped back, inviting me to enjoy the view of my gorgeous bride.

I gently unwrapped my present, my beautiful naked wife. I pulled her close and kissed her deeply, my hands enjoying her excited tits and ass. We were both wondering if any of our neighbors were enjoying this free show of passionate love, and giggled at the thought of some couple jealously watching.

Patricia then took my hand and led me inside to our bedroom. She had arranged several candles around our bed, softly lighting her lovely form. I then noticed that she had completely shaved her pussy.

She lay on the bed, her legs slightly spread for me. " What do you think? Do you like it? I shaved it off for you in the shower. It made me feel hot and sexy.

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Feel it." She invited me to enjoy her naked loins. " Baby, you are so hot! I love your naked pussy!" She helped me strip off my clothes, and me held each other, kissing and caressing. Her lips were so moist and warm, her mouth and tongue so sexy!!

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I stroked her nice soft ass, and she rolled onto her side, offering me better access to explore. Her delicate skin was soft and fragrant from the lotion she had applied, so my hand slid easily over each cheek and along her groove.

She gently rotated her hips to heighten the sensation, and pressed her anus against my index finger. It went slowly inside her, and she purred with delight. We continued our love-play for a good half hour, then paused, caressing each other.

By this time, I was really aroused and hard! " Do you want my naked pussy? It's waitng for you! Fuck me with your tongue! Do me, Baby!" She commanded. I gladly obeyed, and she rolled over onto her back, her legs spread wide, offering me total enjoyment of her moist, fragrant pussy.

I brushed my cheek along her thigh, and she gasped in anticipation of the pleasure I wouldgive her. I ran my wet tongue along the delicate freshly-shaved lips of my "garden of delights".

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" Ooo, Baby! Don't tease me! Come on, Lover! Fuck me with your hot tongue! Stick it deep in me!" She sounded urgent, so I eagerly obliged her! Her pussy was so wet and hot, and she tasted delicious. Her nectar is my favorite taste in the world! " Mmm, Baby, I'm enjoying this! Your pussy is delicious!" I complimented. " Take it, Lover! It's all for you! Deeper, deeper! Ohh, Baby! Yeah, that's it! That's it!" She was grinding her hips, pressing my tongue further inside her pussy, and Patricia was panting with excitement.

" Let me have your cock, Baby! I want to suck you!" She demanded, and pulled my leg over her head as she grabbed my long and hard cock and caressed it with her wet lips and tongue. She placed her hands on the backs of my thighs and began fucking my cock with her mouth while I continued to do her with my tongue.

I was nearing the brink of orgasm when we finally rolled over. Patricia climbed on top and began riding my aroused and throbbing penis. I began kissing her hot bouncing tits as she rode me.

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" Yeah, Baby! I'm fucking your hard long dick! Shall we put on a show for the neighbors?" She asked. " Yeah, Baby! Let's show them what a good fuck looks like!!" I agreed.

With a naughty smile, my gorgeous Patricia reached up and lifted the blinds and curtains that cover the large window at the head of our bed. It faces 4-5 houses to the rear of our yard. Patricia then grabbed the antique brass headboard of our bed and began riding my huge hard cock.

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We passionately fucked each other, my wife, with her tits bouncing for all our neighbors to see. " Yeah, Baby! Deeper, deeper! Come on, Lover! Give it to me! Shoot your sweet creamy cum into my pussy!!" She cried out. " Okay, Baby! I'm almost there! I'm ready to explode!" I shouted. " Let's come together1 Go!

Go! Go! Fuck me harder, Baby! Do me! Ohhhh! Yeah!!!

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I'm coming!!! Ahhh!!" She exclaimed as pulses of orgasm rocked her body. This made me go over the edge to join her in ecstacy.

" Ohhh, yeah!! Baby I'm exploding!!!


We both tumbled to the bed, spent from the throes of passion. I truly feel sorry for the guys who feel they have to cheat and "play the field". A hot faithful loving wife is where it's at!