Gay sex photo of thai male stars Conner Bradley and Preston Andrews

Gay sex photo of thai male stars Conner Bradley and Preston Andrews
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Poop She was petite, so so beautifully petite. Her blonde hair ever so blonde, was like a glistening golden rose standing out amongst a field. Her name was charlotte, but I had never talked to her, she smelled like candy, but I had never smelled her, with hair so soft, yet always out of my grasp.

I knew everything about this girl, my love, my life. And still she didn't even recognize me, didn't see my hard work. The amount of time I spent watching, learning, memorizing, her every move didn't mean a damn thing to her.

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I loved her and she has to know this. Today she will know today she will experience, today is the day I show her that I am not just some guy she sees at the mall, no I'm much more than that, I'm in love, today she will know It was a Saturday afternoon, the evening wind was blowing from the east with a mild chill that seemed to help with the nerves, and as every week there was Charlotte, in the same clothes store at the same time I had to make my move, I walked into the store.

Made my way through the isle until I saw her the closest I've ever been to her, wow! I was so nervous.


I walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder, she turns around brushing her decadent smell across my whole body. I stutter the words out " I see you here every week, and your super cute and can I have your phone number, please" her face changed from a polite smile to a some what surprised look, and said "I'm sorry your a cute guy and I've seen you around her too, but my cell phone I broke right now I can't give it to you." Those words echoed in his head, " I can't give it to you" " give it to you" " to you" "you", I was the problem, she hates me, after all the time and effort and all my bravery she hates me, how dare her she will pay for this, she has to pay for this " but Charlotte." She interrupts " how do you know my name?" He simply walks away, knowing the error of his mistake.

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When he finally arrived home he couldn't stop thinking about it, what did I do wrong he thought to himself, surely she knew he watched her she must have enjoyed it, what if I'm not the only one, that slut! That fucking whore! There are probably a hundred guys that are exactly like me, I have to claim her first, I can't let anyone take her away from me, she's mine and mine alone and nobody can change that, not even her.


I watched her everyday after that even more so than the past few years, I learned everything. Her work schedule, sleeping schedule and what affected each and every task she completed everyday of the week. I don't know how long that period was, after she rejected me, a week. A month, a year, non the less the day came like a gun shot, quick loud and powerful, when I knew that the time to confess my love to her was upon my.

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There was something magic about this day that made it different from every other day of my life, something changed in me, a quite calmness, unlike anything I'd ever experience, a sort of joy, yet sorrow for the change I was going to invoke on my own being. I was anxious to say the least. I saw her at the mall in the clothing store, as always was her routine, however her friends did not accompany her this time, maybe it was a sign, maybe it was God helping me with me one goal in life, for Charlotte to love me and to be with her for the rest of our lives.


I waited like a panther or more like a scared cat attacking a peacock for her. As she exited the clothing store her next stop would be ice cream, a few doors down, today was a hot Saturday afternoon and it seemed like everyone had the same idea as her, I would r perfect she got in the enormous line that I could see her waiting about 30 min, before giving up on ice cream.

I knew it was time, I walked underground where the cars are parked, I rarely drove to this mall it was hardly a walk from my house, but so very long for her, 23 min no traffic, unless she was late she could make it in 19. But she didn't like to drive too fast, she did have a hide a key box underneath her driver side fearing which she kept in case of an emergency.

As I reached under the car it was gone, it just wasn't there, I was frustrated, and angry with Charlotte, I took a step back. Oh! Her license plate is 5hdr897, this wasn't even her car. 20 min had past looking for the key and car, I now had 10 would I make it, I ran to the other side where I could clearly read her plates, I need to pull it together, those kinda mistakes are gonna get me caught.

I made it grabbed the key opened the trunk threw the key back in the box and closed my self in the trunk space, she never put her bags in the trunk but I side to the very back just in case today was different.

I waited what seemed an eternity for her, but eventually I heard the car unlock and as was her usual routine throw the bags in the back turn the music all the way up. Now as for most cars I don't know if the trunk is comfortable, but this one was, maybe it was that I was finally living my dream, I knew that the trunk had I back seat access, I had done my research as we stopped, 23 and a half minuets of riding in that car I knew we were there.

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I heard her car door open and she grabbed the bags out I opened the back seat and the passenger side door and synchronized the door closing with her.

I followed her up to the door. Stealthily I made my way inside the house not through the door, but in the most perverse and disgusting way possible.

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To be continued