First time fuck latino boy gay Corbin amp_ PJ Underwear Night After

First time fuck latino boy gay Corbin amp_ PJ Underwear Night After
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The Brother and Sister Next Door (2) The next morning, just as mom and dads cars left for work, Brad was waiting naked for Lisa and when she burst opened his bedroom door, he grabbed her. Lisa screamed and laughed. He tossed her on the bed with only her night gown on and jumped in with her, pulling the covers over them. They snuggled together, kissing and feeling their body's. He said, "Let's go check your bedroom window!" They jumped up and checked.

Nothing going on, but they began to relive him standing behind her, feeling her ass on his boner and feeling her sweet tits . Lisa asked: "What did you think when I leaned back on you yesterday?" Brad smiled, and said: "Well, I was watching Jen and Rob next door, and It made me hot, and then, there you were, hot, right in front of me. The taboo of messing with your sister left me, feeling your hot body on me." Lisa said: "I hoped it would, I wanted to feel your arms around me for a long time now.

I thought he will either push me away or just go for it." "LOOK!" whispered Lisa. "Rob is working on the back yard! Maybe we'll get another 'show'!" Brad went and got a bar stool from the den, and they watched as Lisa lifted up her night gown (no panties) and sat on his naked lap with her naked little butt.

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Lisa could feel Brads boner under her, and wiggled on it. Brad whispered: "Knock it off sis, you'll break it." They both chuckled. Brad slowly worked his hands around her to feel her tits. She squirmed and reached between her legs and felt the boner, big and the tip wet from pre-cum.

She stroked it as he rolled her nipples between his fingers. Rob next door, was 5'5", medium build, with blond-ish hair with about a 6" dick, big around. Jen was 5'2" blond, long in a pony tail, nice 34c tits, and a super nice ass, and hot legs.

Rob next door was digging something, in just his boxers. Then they see Jen creep up on him from behind in just her night gown. She leaped on his back, putting her arms around his neck.

He started spinning them around as they laughed quietly. Lisa's heart started beating faster as they watched. Brad's boner was sticking out between her legs.

She opened her legs wide and stroked him. She pulled his dick up against her pussy and whispered: "look, I have a dick!" "It's cold Lisa, it needs a nice warm place to hide." "I know just the place!" she said.

Brad leaned back and she put his dick in her from behind. "Oooooo they both said. They both felt so daring sitting with Brads dick in Lisa while watching Jen and Rob play 'feel up' with each other.

Lisa said: “they don't even know were watching them, and your dick is in me…tee hee." Brad started pumping Lisa, then leaned her over to get his dick in deeper. She leaned forward and lost her balance and crashed one hand into the blinds. She took her hand away and peeked out. Jen and Rob were both staring right at Lisa's window.

They took off and went in the house. Brad and her chucked and Brad said: "Nice going Lisa!", they'll never be back outside again!". Lisa could care less as she felt Brad's dick in her all the way. He lifted her up and over to her bed, his dick still in her. They hadn't done it doggy style and this felt good.

Lisa stuck her little butt up as Brad started slowly fucking her. She grabbed her pillow and laid on it under neck.

Brad held her tits as he speeded up. Lisa moaned and pushed back on him. She gasp for breath, as he took long strokes in her pussy. Lisa reached under her to feel her clit and his wet dick sliding in her out.

"Oh Brad, oh honey, I'm gonna &hellip.gonna…oh, oh, Oh. Brad pushed his dick in her and moaned loud&hellip.Lisa…oh god Lisa baby…with joint moans they each climaxed hard and fast…oooo god.Oh baby Oh honey Eeeeeeeeeee YES!, as Brad pumped and pumped his load deep in Lisa's pussy. She climaxed and bucked and shivered as she pushed back on him.

They continued to moan softer&hellip.oh baby&hellip.oh&hellip.your so beautiful…they lay there, twitching and feeling each others body's. It was quiet and still as they just enjoyed themselves. A twitch, here and there, but peacefulness set in. The door bell rang. They froze, then Brad jumped up and grabbed his robe.

He ran to his window and looked out. Rob was at the front door. Brad opened the window, and shouted down, "Hey Rob, what's happening?" Rob looked up and said: "Can you help me get our fuck'in lawnmower started?, I've tried everything." "Be right down Rob." Lisa was standing right behind Brad, rubbing his back.

They giggled and went Whew&hellip. Brad went over and in no time started the mower. Rob shut it off, and said: "Who's room is upstairs in the back of your house?" Brad said: "My sister Lisa's.

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why?" "I saw her blinds move and thought someone had hurt themselves." "No, that was just Lisa and I fucking around and she lost her balance, and fell into the blinds." "Oh…I&hellip. "You see I had my dick in her from behind." …(long pause) "You What!!!!" "Yes, we've been watching you and Jen playing fuck, fuck in your back yard for two days now." Rob just stood there with his mouth open as Brad began to smile. Rob's face got red and he started to laugh.

"Well"&hellip.Rob said: "When are you two gonna play in your back yard so Jen and I can watch?" They both laughed. Now they both knew that they both were fucking their sisters. Rob said: "Shhhhh, we all could get in big trouble for doing 'it.' " "Doing what?

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I didn't see anything, did you?" "Oh no, except yesterday we heard you guys moaning, but come to think of it, we heard nothing!" "I think we all understand each other don't we." Brad said.

"We don't see or hear anything, and neither do you guys, deal.?" "Deal." Rob said. They continued talking about the dangers and how to deal with them. "You and Jen will have to come over sometime. Your sister is a hot little fox." "Great idea, Brad, you know I've watched your sister Lisa, she sure has a nice body." Now they had to sell it to the girls.

Now they didn't have to worry about at least one neighbor saying anything about anything. Rob and Jen decided to give Brad and Lisa a real show, in their back yard. Rob called and said: "Go check your upstairs window." Brad and Lisa ran up stairs to look. There was Rob and Jen fully dressed kissing and feeling each other.


Then they started a strip show, slowly taking off their clothes, as Brad and Lisa smiled. Rob undressed Jen and she undressed him.


They held up each article and dangled it for Brad and Lisa to see. When they were both naked, she took off running around the yard, with Rob right behind her try to feel her ass. He stopped and waved his weenie at her. She stopped and now she chased him. Brad and Lisa were cracking up watching.

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They finally stopped and kissed and felt their body's. They laid in the grass and started in fucking. They waved their arms and kicked their feet, to put on a show for Brad and Lisa.

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When they stopped fucking, and just lay there kissing a caressing. Finally they stood up, took a bow, and ran in the house.

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Brad and Lisa were now very turned on now, and Lisa said: "Your to slow to ever catch me, Brad." and took off running out of her bedroom door. The chase was on. (continued)