Fervent schoolgirl is teased and banged by older instructor

Fervent schoolgirl is teased and banged by older instructor
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Starr's Anniversary Surprise May 15 is their 6-month anniversary. . Von wants to do something special for Starr. . It will make her day! Starr, wanting to please Von, has promised to do something special for him.

"Just make the plans and I will be there," she tells him. "Anything for you!" Von's mind starts to turn with ideas, all of his fantasies. At least one will be fulfilled! As he starts to make phone calls, he gets very aroused at the thought of her being so willing!

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Not wanting her to know what he is up to, he quickly gets up and goes to the bathroom to please himself as best as he can, since there will be NO sex until 'THE NIGHT!' After a few more phone calls, Von tells Starr that on May 15 at 6:00pm promptly, she will be dressed in the clothes that will be bought for her and lying on the bed when she returns from work that day. Von also tells Starr that he will not be home until that night, and that she is not to please herself in ANY way, that he will be watching, and if she even so much as touches her own pussy that it all will be called off!

With that, Von is gone. Starr thinks to herself, how am I gonna go this long with no sex, and not being able to touch myself. As the time grows nearer, she becomes more and more excited. She so badly wants to touch herself, as she lies in bed alone at night. Not knowing if Von has put a camera somewhere, she cannot chance losing what she has been waiting so long for, although she has no idea what it is she is waiting for! When the morning of the 15 finally arrives, Starr wakes up with her pussy wet.

. She gets dressed fast and leaves the house. . she knows as long as she keeps busy she will be OK until tonight! Knowing that she has to be ready at 6:00pm, she is home by 5:15pm. She walks into the room and finds on her bed a leather teddy, with a black garter belt and black thigh highs. Beside these items is also a long black leather trench coat, with a black silk scarf and a note saying "YOU WILL PUT THIS TEDDY ON, THEN THE GARTER AND THIGH HIGHS.


It excites her SO much. As she takes off her suit jacket and her blouse, she begins to rub her bra-covered tits, then quickly remembers the instructions. She removes her bra, and starts to unzip her skirt. She hears a small gasp; it sounds as if it is coming from the closet.

She thinks for a moment of going over there and seeing who it is that is watching her, but decides that not knowing who it is excites her even more. She takes off her pantyhose and panties, now standing there completely naked, she picks up the leather teddy and looks at it, and as she starts to step into it she gasps at the feel.

She has never felt leather against her bare skin. She works the teddy up her body, loving the feeling of this. As she gets the teddy all the way up, she thinks to herself, "How ever am I gonna not cum now. . ." The way the teddy rubs on her clit is amazing. She knows she will cum if she takes another step. So she puts the garter on and then the thigh highs.

Starr turns to look at herself in the mirror. . Ahhh what a site. . She likes how she looks like a slut in these clothes. With that thought still lingering in her head she puts the coat on and sits on the bed, spreading her legs as wide as she can, which makes the teddy rub her clit even more. Then she puts the scarf over her eyes and ties it so she can see nothing.

Starr sits there for what seemed an eternity before hearing any noise. She finally hears the closet door open slowly. She was right; someone has been watching her. Starr turns her head in the direction where she hears the person moving, and is very quickly told to not move at all. The voice is loud and deep, a voice she has heard before.

But where? Maybe she has heard it in a crowed room. Not knowing makes her wet with anticipation. She feels the man walk right in front of her and just stand there.

"Ah what a pretty site, a little slut in a leather outfit. . You like to look like a slut, don't you Starr?" She answeres with a very quiet, "Yes," and is quickly interrupted and told with a very loud stern voice that she will speak up and end every sentence with, 'sir,' until she is to meet the Master, at which time she will be told what is acceptable.

"YES, SIR," Starr spoke loudly. "Ahhh much better there little girl." Starr is told to extend her arms and hold them very still. She then feels the mystery man start to put something around her right wrist. It got tighter, and tighter, and then she is told to drop her arm to her side.


Her left wrist is next. . Again something is out on it and it also gets very tight. Starr is then told to drop her left arm to her side. The man next put something around her neck. "What a good slut girl you will make!" "A slut girl. . ?" Starr thinks to herself. She is then pushed back on to the bed and told to hold her legs straight out. Starr raises her legs, being sure to hold very still, again something is put around each ankle and both are very tight. The man then runs his hands up the insides of Starr's thighs, and right to her now aching pussy.

He takes a moment and unsnaps the crotch of her teddy. She wants to cum so bad. He begins to touch her pussy, sticking a finger deep inside her, making her quiver. Before the man removes his hand, he teases her asshole by rubbing all her juices he collected on his fingers all over it.

She begins to moan, and that is when he withdraws his hand from between her legs and snaps her teddy back up. Starr lets out a sigh, and tries to squirm her hips around to make the teddy rub against her clit; maybe this will make her cum.

Getting lost in the feeling she is hoping to feel real soon, she never even hears him tell her to stand. The next thing Starr knows she feeld a very quick painful swat on her thigh and is told to, "STAND NOW!" Jumping to her feet, Starr hears something that sounds like a chain. She feels him working at her feet again, then she is told to extend her arms and to put her wrists together.

She again feels him working on her wrists. .

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. Then up to her neck. Starr begins to think about all of what is happening. He has her tied up like some kind of, SLUT? Thinking to herself. . "Is he really going to take me in to public like this?" With that, he pulls on the chains, which makes the coat fly completely open. He leads her out of her bedroom and into the front room where he tells her to sit in the chair so he can put shoes on her feet.

The shoes were a little tight. . Dress shoes. As Starr is pulled to her feet, she realizes that these shoes are very high, higher than any she has ever walked in.

She it told to not even as much as wobble on these shoes or she will be in trouble - more trouble than she could ever imagine. She hears the front door open, and is pulled out of the safety of her own house.

She is lead down the sidewalk, with her coat falling off her shoulders. Starr does not care who could see her, because the way the teddy is rubbing her clit, she is about to cum. The man suddenly stops and tells her to get in the car. She sits in the front seat, and is told to spread her legs as much as she can. "This is the position I want you to sit in while you are with me. I want everyone to see how much of a slut you are.

. Do you understand, girl?" "YES, SIR." The car starts to drive away, and she can feel that her window is down. Stopped at what Starr thinks is a stoplight, she hears someone outside say "Look at the woman!

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Ah, what a slut." This statement makes her even more excited. Starr has no idea why the thought of being a slut excites her, but it does. The car stops and is put into 'park.' Starr hears the car door open, then she feels him step out of the car. . She is in for her public embarrassment again.

As her door opens he reaches between her legs, wherethe chains have gathered. He grabs them and leads her out of the car. Walking up what seems to be a rocky road, she hears nothing, not even cars on the road. Finally Starr hears him speak to her.

"This is where I will prepare you for tonight's activities." Starr is then told to take two steps back. She does as she is told, as she does not want to get in to trouble!

This is when the man removes her coat. Fear rushes through her. "Can people see me here?" Starr asks. As soon as she speaks she knows she has just disobeyed the man who is in complete control of her. Scared and waiting for her punishment that she just knows she is going to have to endure. Never does the man say anything about her behavior. Starr hears chains once again. Starr thinks to hersel, "Here I stand in very slutty attire for everyone to see, and now I am gonna be chained up out here.

What shall people think of me?" Still waiting for her punishment, she jumps at the feeling of his hands against her skin. He takes his time to chain her to what feels like a lamppost. "Am I on a main street?" Starr thinks to herself.

Again Starr speaks without permission, but she has to know. "Am I where my friends. . " Starr is unable to finish because something is shoved in her mouth. "I told you NOT to speak without permission. As your punishment you will stand here all chained up with a rubber cock in your mouth for anyone who passes by to see." With tears welling up in her eyes, Starr tries to hold them back. "Oh, I see we have a cry-baby on our hands, huh? Well suck it up, little slut. You'd better have a dry face by the time the Master sees you or you will have hell to pay." With That Starr hears the man say, "You come here and watch our little slut while I tend to some business." Never does Starr hear a noise from the person she assumes is watching her.

Standing there all chained up, looking like a cheep whore, Starr starts to imagine what will be next. She can envision being taken in to a room and being left alone once again, but for a very short time. As a man walks up to her, she can not see him nor touch him because she is still blindfolded and chained up.

The man starts to touch her, kiss her, and caress all the right spots. The man then lies her down and makes sweet passionate love to her before ever taking off her blindfold or removing the chains. Once the blindfold is removed she sees it is Von, and that they just shared the most amazing anniversary present they ever could have. Then the blindfold is put back in place, and Starr snaps back to the reality that she is chained up, looking like the whore she is at the moment.

She hears the man return. Von tells the person who had been watching her to assist him in getting 'Slut Starr' ready to go inside. The two pairs of hands start to unchain her, when she hears the man snicker. "I see and smell that our little slutty girl enjoys being chained up outside." He then runs his hand between her legs where her juices had begun to wet the inside of her thighs.

He shoves his hand in front of her face and orders her to smell it. As Starr inhales deeply, the man says, "You like the smell of your juices, don't you?" "Yes Sir, I do." "Well you DAMNED well better please the Master as well as you seem to be pleased." "I will sir, I WILL!" A door is opened and she hears voices, a lot of voices, talking all at once.

As Starr and the mystery man walk in, it turns quiet, very quiet. He leads her to what feels to be in the middle of a room full of people. The man then announces that this is Slave Starr, and she is here to please 'THE MASTER!' Starr is then walked through a crowd of people, all touching her as she passes, and then made to stand next to a wall.

As she feels three people working around her she realizes that they have chained her to the wall, and she cannot move. .

Her arms are out to the sides of her and her legs are spread a little more than shoulder width apart. There are people all around her touching her leather covered tits, her leather covered pussy, her arms, her face, her legs - people are touching every inch of her body.

Starr hears a thunderous crack, and every one in the room goes silent instantly. She then hears the voice of the person who she is assuming is 'THE MASTER.' Starr can hear people moving as she hears the footsteps of the person who just entered the room.

She starts to wonder, "Is Von in the room with me?" Just then Starr feels a big strong hand on her face that raises her chin. The man says, "You will never let your chin fall again, you will keep your head held high, do you understand me?" YES, SIR," Starr responds.

With another thunderous crack he yells, "I am NOT 'sir,' I am 'Master,' and that is what you will call me!

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Do you understand that?" "YES, MASTER!" In a quieter voice, yet stern, he responds with, "That is much better. . Now I hear that you are a little slut, is this true?" "No Master, I am not a slut, I have only slept with one man and that man is Von, Master." "Ah, so you are not a slut? Well, I guess I will have to fix that, now won't I?

I would hate to call you something that you are not!" With a snap of his fingers, Starr hears people run over to her and start to unchain her from the wall. After she is unchained, she is again led to the middle of the room. Starr can feel all eyes on her. She then hears him speak again, but this time it is not to her, it is to every one else.

He tells them to all assume their positions and to be prepared. Starr then feels two large hands on her arms and then on her tits, and they quickly move down to her pussy. "Ahhh, such a hot sweet pussy. Now strip, you little slut." With absolutely no hesitation, Starr starts to kick her shoes off, and hears the voice say, "Would you like some help?" "Yes, Master, that would be very nice, I cannot see a thing." With that, she feels two pairs of hands on her body, one working on the front and one on the back of her body, unsnapping the thigh highs and rolling them down her legs.

Then back up to the teddy, her arms are raised above her head, as the zipper along the side is slowly unzipped, exposing her body to all of the strangers that are sitting around her.

Now she stands there with only the things left holding her wrists, ankles and around her neck. Again Starr hears people walking around in a hurried manner, than all becomes silent. Starr could feel someone behind her as the blind fold came off. Starr almost falls over when she sees at least 25 men sitting there naked, except for masks over their faces.

Each man holds something different. Some of them hold dildos bigger than Starr ever imagined, and some that were just right in size. Others hold feathers, whips, chains, butt-plugs, string of beads ranging in sizes, lit candles and a few just hold their own cocks. She sees men of all different sizes. She is smacked on her bare ass. Starr jumps and turns around to see who has just hit her, when she feels a pair of hands grabbing her shoulders and turning her back to the position she was in.

"YOU WILL NOT MOVE AGAIN, and do not stare, it is not nice. Do you understand that, you little slut?" "Yes, Master, I do!" This is when Starr notices the things on her wrists are leather straps with metal rings on them, almost like a collar.

Wondering if this is what was on her ankles and neck, she thinks about looking, then remembers the words 'DO NOT MOVE.' With that, Starr feels the big strong hands reach around her body and grab her tits. She lets out a loud gasp, because she was not expecting to be touched. HE whispers in her ear to be quiet, and that she is getting ready to have the fucking time of her life!

He then puts his leg in between hers and kicks her feet apart. Now standing there with his hands on her tits, squeezing now and then, he tells her to raise her arms out to the side and stand still. "Now tell me, Slut Starr, how many men have you been with?" "There has been only one, Master." "OK, now tell me, have you ever had a cock up your ass?" "No master, I have not." Hmmm, OK.

. How about in your mouth?" "Yes, master, I have had one in my mouth." With a crack on her ass again, Master says, "A simple 'yes' would have done. . Do you understand me?" "Yes, master!" "Now be sure not to move, be a good slut!" With a snap of his fingers half of the men stand and walk over to Starr. . They all take turns caressing her tits with feathers, smacking her ass with the whips, occasionally one would lean in and give her nipple a quick nibble.

Then one guy ran his chains all over her naked body. Then the next would tease her pussy and ass with his string of beads. As those men siit down, Starr is told to put her arms down, but she is to spread her legs more. Now with her legs spread as much as she can without loosing her balance, the other men stand and walk over to her. One by one they stand in front of her, and kneel down. Some placing one hand right on her pussy and slipping one finger in and playing with her clit for just a second.

While others slipped the smaller dildos inside her, or teasing, but never entering her asshole with the buttplugs, before they would lean in give her mound a kiss and then get up and find their seat again.

After about 12 guys played with Starr's clit, and she is about to cum. Knowing this, the master tells her to put her legs together and extend her arms out in front of her, with her wrists together. A large man approaches her and takes a chain from his hands and clips it to every strap that is on her body.

This man looks up and says, "Now follow me, Starr, Slut Starr." That voice, very familiar to Starr. It was the man who took her from her house. Such a big man, a great chest, a nice ass too. . Starr is getting even hotter watching this man lead her down a hall. Before entering a room he turns to her, places the blind fold back on, kisses her deeply and shoves his hand between her legs and says "Be ready, you are going to be fucked every way possible, now." He leads her into a room that is quite chilly.

He takes her to a table and tells her to lie down and spread her legs just like a slut would. Starr quickly spreads her legs as far as she can.

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Her legs are then strapped down and then her arms are pulled above her head and also strapped down. Knowing that she is about to be fucked, her pussy is dripping wet.

Starr notices that she can feel a hot breath on her face. Wanting to grab the person and fuck his brains out, but not being able to do a thing makes her want to scream!

Not a word is said as Starr feels a hand on her thigh moving up towards her aching pussy. The hand stops right before it gets to her hot box. Starting to grind her hips, wanting something in her pussy, wanting to cum.

She feels someone climb up onto the table. A tongue is licking up and down the inside of her thigh, skipping over her pussy. Starr wants it so badly that she starts to grind her hips as much as she can. The tongue finds her mound and starts to lick up and down her pussy lips, now quivering. Starr wants this more than she has ever wanted anything!

All of a sudden the person sticks his tongue all the way into her hole. . as deep as it could go. Starr thinks she is just going to explode right then and there. Fucking her pussy deep with his tongue and starting to play with her clit, Starr explodes, cumming harder than she can ever recall.

Screaming out in ecstasy, her body finally goes limp as the man climbs off of the table. "Did you like that, little slut?" "Yes, master, I did." "Now lets see if you like this." As Starr feels someone touch her thighs once again, she feels a hand around her pussy, teasing her lips by running a finger up and down the length of her slit, never once breaking the barrier that her pussy lips made.

Teasing her pussy hair with his hand, the mystery man shoves a finger into her hole. Starr moans again with pleasure. With one finger in her hole, the man starts to play with her clit. Starr is moaning out in desperation, wanting a cock deep in her pussy.

The man is working her cunt over good with his fingers, shoving three fingers deep into her slutty steaming hole; he leans down and starts to suck on her nipples, taking the right one in his mouth.

Rolling his tongue over it, he nibbles on it a little bit, then lets it slip out and goes on to her other tit. He teases it to hardness with his tongue and then nibbles on it. This brings Starr almost to another climax, but he withdraws his fingers and leaves the table. Starr starts to beg for a cock in her cunt. "BEFORE you are pleased any more, you will please me!

Do you understand that Slut?" "Yes, Master, I do," Starr quickly responds to the deep voice. With that, she feels someone taking off the restraints on her wrists and ankles.

She is told to sit up. Starr does as told and then she is lead off the table and a few steps away, and told to kneel. To her surprise there is a very soft pillow type of thing for her to kneel on. Her hands are taken behind her and again restrained, as were her ankles. Starr quickly feels someone standing in front of her. She opens her mouth without being told to.

"Ahhh, what a greedy little slut you are," she heard, as a cock was shoved deep into her mouth. Starr started to suck, as the man moved his dick in and out of her mouth. Not being able to use her hands, she moved her head to be able to use her tongue on all sides.

In and out, she would suck hard, then softly, moving her head faster and faster, then slowly again. The man is now standing still, letting her do all the work.

Wanting to please this man as much as she can, she slips his cock out of her mouth and licks all the way down it, playing with his balls with her tongue. Licking each one, teasing it before sucking them one at a time in her mouth. Sucking each ball, and letting it fall gently from her mouth, she works her way back up to the tip of his cock, which was wet from his pre cum.

She licks it clean before sliding it back down her throat. Working it slowly, and then picking up the pace a little at a time, the man does not last very much longer. With a great big moan from him, he blows his load deep into her mouth. Swallowing every last drop, Starr feels the man lean down and kiss her lips gently and say, "Thank you, now it is your turn to cum again!" Now her hands and feet are unrestrained and she is laid back, expecting to lie on soft pillows as she had kneeled on.

That was too good to be true, as Starr was now being laid on a very cold rough cement floor. Each one of her feet is lifted off the floor and is being held up and apart in the air.

Starr feels a man crawl up between her legs and starts to tease her wet pussy with the tip of his cock. Wanting it, she shoves her cunt up against his hard prick. A forceful slap is given to her thigh and she is told, "Don't be so impatient.

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. . You will get it soon enough." The man then thrusts his cock as deep as it will go into her cunt. She lets out a scream, this being a bigger cock than Von's. For a few minutes, the man lay there motionless, until her tight cunt got used to his thick cock. He slowly starts to thrust in and out just a little.

Then, moving a little faster, and moving more of his cock in and out of her pussy, he pulls it almost all the way out, and then shoves it all the way back in. Starr lets out a small gasp every time he would thrust in. Then he stops and withdraws his cock. He rolls her over and lifts her waist up, so her ass is pointing out.

He spreads her legs, and shoves his cock into her waiting cunt.


Starting to fuck her from behind, he reaches around and starts to play with her clit, making her moan, and grind her hips against his cock. He grabs the back of her hair and tells her to suck the cock that is now in front of her face. Opening her mouth, she starts to suck the cock slowly.

This man, not wanting to wait for anything, shoves his cock deep in her throat, making her gag a little. This was by far the longest cock she had ever sucked. She feels the man who was fucking her cunt start to play with her tight asshole. Lubing it up a little he pokes his finger in to Starr's ass.

Letting her get used to the feeling, he then starts to wiggle it in a little more. This is more that Starr ever imagined. Her pussy is filled with a cock, her clit is being played with, a cock was filling her mouth, and now a finger is in her ass. The man shoves his finger deep into her ass without any warning.

She tries to let out a scream, but the cock in her mouth would not let it be heard. Starr feels the man who was fucking her pussy start to slam his cock deep into her as fast as he can, bringing Starr to orgasm. The man slows his thrusts until Starr is no longer quivering.

Then withdrawing his cock slowly, she is told to let the cock out of her mouth and to stand. Starr does as she is told. She feels a pair of hands start to fondle her tits. " Another man," Starr thinks to herself. "How many are in the room with me?" The hands go down to her thighs and spread her legs as far as she could spread them. Starr feels someone down by her ankles again, figuring they were shackling her again.

Instead she is told to kneel straight down. She is surprised to feel someone under her. He finds her hole and shoves his cock into her cunt.

Now kneeling above this man with his cock in her pussy, she is told to start to suck the prick in front of her mouth again. She knows what is coming next. She soon feels a hand on her ass, rubbing her cheeks and then slapping them over and over again, giving small quick little slaps, making her ass nice and red.

"Ahhh there we go, I want to fuck a nice red virgin ass," a deep voice bellowed out. As he spread her ass cheeks, she feels his tongue, licking all around her tight hole. And then he sticks his finger deep in her ass. She lets out a scream that is heard this time, as he shoves another finger deep in her ass.

Now fucking her asshole with two fingers, Starr thinks she was going to burst with pleasure. She then feels a feeling that she is unsure of. It almost feels as if he is shoving marbles into her puckered hole, getting bigger as they go in.

Starr soon could feel that her ass is very full. As quickly as she gets used to the feeling, she feels them pop out one at a time, almost sending her over the edge.

Soon Starr feels the tip of his cock pressing against her puckered hole. With one great big thrust his cock is buried deep in her asshole. Letting the cock slip out of her mouth, she screames out, and the man sits very still.

Starr becomes very hot again, taking the prick in her mouth again as she realizes that this is the first time all her holes are filled at once. "I really am a slut!" As she sucks the guy to orgasm, the guy fucking her cunt is nibbling and sucking on her tits, and the man fucking her ass is now moving faster, in and out.

With the feeling of the two cocks working opposite of each other, Starr knows that she will not last much longer. As both guys thrust in and out of her slut body, Starr begins to climax, her pussy quivering, as she fucks the guys' cock as fast and as hard as she can. With the man still fucking her ass, she cums over and over again. The man fucking her cunt came deep inside her as her pussy squeezed his cock. The man fucking her ass starts to reach climax, he grabs her hair and tells her how much of a slut she is, and with his words and his fucking, Starr again cums with the man as he fills her no longer virgin ass.

Exhausted, Starr falls to the floor, limp and tired. A voice tells her to roll over. As she again does as she was told, her hands and feet are again tied together, and she is pulled to a standing position. She is lead out of the room she has just been fucked in, and into another room. She is told to sit in a chair. After sitting down in this chair, her hands are bound to the back of the chair and her legs are bound to the sides.

Her blindfold is then taken off. Again she sees many men in front of her, but not as many as before. She hears a voice behind her that says, "You will sit here like a good slut and let all of these guys cum on you.

. Do you understand?" "Yes, Master I do!" With that, every man stands and walks toward her. Everyone has their cock in their hands, stroking them up and down. Starr can hear moans coming from all around her. As the first one blows his load right in her face, Starr does not even flinch; instead she sticks out her tongue, licking cum that lands on her chin. The next load was very soon, landing on her tits, and stomach. The next thing Starr knows sheis getting cummed on from all different directions.

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She is covered in cum, her hair, her pussy, her tits, and her face. Now she really looked like a slut. After each guy cums on her, they all leave the room. Starr iss left in the room all alone.

She hears a door open, but she does not dare look to see who it is. She feels a pair of hands on her tits, squeezing them softly, and pressing his body up to hers, she can tell that this man was also very excited. "Why did you not leave your cum on me?" Starr asked. "Oh, no I did not, and I am not going to leave it on you.

I will leave it in you. " OH, Starr knew that voice - it was Von. "You are such a good little slut. You sure know how to please your MASTER. Look at you, all full of cum, you are beautiful." As he let her arms and legs go free, he tells her that she will now fuck him as good as she did his servants. He stands her up and bends her over the chair, and shoves his cock deep in her still cum-dripping asshole.

She moans and shoves her hips back towards him. Begging him to let her ride him, he withdraws his cock, and turns her around and kisses her deeply, as she shoves him to the floor. She sits on his cock, and begins to ride him like she had never done before. Screaming out in pleasure, as she fucks his cock, he plays with her clit, as she again reaches climax, along with him.

Starr falls on top of Von, exhausted, and tells him that she loves him, and that she is glad to please him. Von tells her how much seeing her fuck other men pleased him. Starr looks deep into Von's eyes and asks how many guys fucked her.


"You had three different guys, in you and on you." "One more question, Von, were you The Master? Was it you who I obeyed and pleased all day long?" "Yes, Starr, it was, and you are a mighty fine Slut! What is it that you would like me to do for you Starr?" Starr looked him right in the eyes and said, "And all I was expecting from you was a nice candle lit dinner and then a massage.

. Just wait till you get your gift from me, Little SLAVE BOY!"