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Fat girl cumshot compilation my first creampie
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This is simply a fictional story. Any similarities between real people and the characters are purely coincidental. Also, if you haven't read them, refer back to chapters 1 through 3 of this story on my profile.

Enjoy! _________________________________________________________________________ 5 AM. Once again, the day had a crappy start.

Edward was tired, very tired. His muscles were sore, he felt hungry and angry and overall horrible. Still, he forced himself out of bed, changed into his exercise gear which consisted of a tee, his gray hoodie, track pants and running shoes with high socks, to keep his calves warm.

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He sneaked his way downstairs and outside, going on a run in an empty fuel tank. He started making his way to Kelly's home again, but turned back sooner than the previous day because of his muscles' state, re-entering the house at 05:30AM. He took a shower, changed into the tee-jeans-boots with jacket combo, put his hair up on the usual ponytail do and left the house at exactly 6AM, walking the whole way to school. He was in an extremely bad mood, and used the time it took him to get to school from home to cool down enough to not explode on an innocent person.

He got to school at 7AM, finding very few people on campus. They mostly didn't look at him twice, and he peacefully made his way to his locker. He sorted his things and got the things he needed for his next class ready, went to his classroom, occupied his usual desk and rushed his homework from the previous day until the bell rung. He managed to finish his homework in time, handing it out to the first period teacher, his Geology teacher, Ms.

Margaret. His classmates noticed his bad mood, so they didn't even bother him during the duration of class, and as soon as the bell rung Edward made his way to the cafeteria, got his lunch and left the cafeteria, forsaking his usual hideout which was the football field and heading to the gym, looking over the basketball court from the bleachers. He ate his lunch in peace for what seemed like the first time in ages, then walked around campus during the break, still trying to lighten up his mood until he accidentally bumped into a very familiar Latina.

"Que carajo?" Esmeralda sounded out as she stumbled forwards, fighting to regain her balance "Sorry, I wasn't looking and ended up walking into you" Edward apologized quickly before trying to slip away, but the woman apparently didn't want to let him go so easily "What the fuck is wrong with you?

You walk around like you don't have eyes, and then you act like a bitch. Do you have no balls at all?" Edward was already in a bad mood, but this pushed him over the threshold as he slammed each of his hands on the wall behind Esmeralda on either side of her head "You want to know what the fuck is wrong with me?

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What's wrong with me is that life fucked me over several times with a cactus dildo. First, it cheated me out of my mother. Then, out of my father and into abusive relatives.

Then, I had to leave my little sister with those fuckholes we call uncles and come here to try and get my life in gear but some other FUCKHOLES DECIDED THAT PLAYING LET'S FUCK OVER EDWARD WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO! And now, a fucking stuck-up girl who decided to screw with me by sometimes giving me 'fuck me' eyes, and other times looking at me like I was covered in horse shit calls me a fucking spineless wimp with no balls.

If you want to know if I have balls so much, I might just fucking show them to you!" Edward was mad, fuming mad. Mad at himself for being unable to help his sister, for letting one little taunt make him explode and mad at everything and everyone simply for existing. But all of this suddenly washed over when he felt Esmeralda's lips aggressively meeting his, her hands frantically exploring his back as her tongue invaded his mouth.

He answered in kind, kissing back and setting his hands on her waist, which cause the Latina bombshell to break the kiss and gasp out "I'm making out with a man, not a boy, so act like it!" Edward responded to this by gripping her ass, lifting her off the ground and taking his lips to her neck to kiss, lick and bite into, while she wrapped her legs around him. Then he pressed her against the wall for stability as he took one of his hands off of her ass and pushed it into her shirt, feeling one of her large C-cup breasts over her bra, then circling the hand around to her back, unhooking her bra with it in one move and letting it fall to the ground.

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By then Esmeralda was burning hot. She only had eyes for men, of which the school had very few of.

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Most of the guys at school were spineless wimps who couldn't take some heat before backing off like a beaten dog, others hid in numbers to not need to actually deal with their own shit. But Edward, he was different. She saw him handle Bosh in the cafeteria on his first day, then the following day talking to Evan without fear. She thought she found a man, a guy that got shit done, who acted when he needed to. But then when they met in the hall with her cousin Arturo, she saw none of that in him.

That left her in doubt. But when she saw him handle the football guy at the meet the previous night, she knew he was the real deal. She just needed to know how to bring him out for real.

Edward's hand moved from unhooking her bra to undoing her jeans, to which Esmeralda responded by digging her nails into his back and dragging them along it, streaking his skin as his fingers dove into her panties to find her wetness, before two digits invaded it which elicited a minor moan from her. He fingered her for a while, getting her and himself ready for it. Yes, he already was as hard as advanced calculus at the 4th year of college, but he wanted to properly widen her to make things faster.

After all, they still had classes to attend to afterwards, and not much time left in the recess.


He took his fingers away from her wet hole and pulled her panties and jeans down hard, baring her tanned skin to the cold air before he unbuttoned his own jeans and did the same, showing his hard tool.

Esmeralda was witness to how good Edward was with his hands, and if he was half as good as that with his cock… Just the thought made her shudder.

She felt the fat head rubbing up and down her wet gash, collecting her juices to make penetration easier before Edward pushed his hips lightly forward, teasing her hole with the crown. "Fuck. Me. Hard." Esmeralda said in a husky voice between heavy breaths, to which Edward responded by thrusting deeply, getting 6 inches of his tool inside at once which cause her to bite down on her bottom lip.

Edward pulled a couple of inches back before thrusting hard again, bottoming out inside of her. Just this pace felt amazing already, but Edward repeated the motion, pulling back before thrusting hard, increasing his speed gradually until he was jackhammering into her, the sounds of their flesh slapping and the juices flowing filling the airwaves around them.

Esmeralda did her best to not sound out too loud to avoid attracting attention, digging her nails harder into her partner and biting her lip hard, managing to reduce her noise to small moans and whimpers, but for Edward that won't do.

She wanted a man who can fuck her good, he would give her a man who could fuck her amazingly. He pressed his thumb onto her clit, rubbing circles on it as he changed his stance, angling his cock upwards for penetration, his cockhead rubbing at her shallow inner ridge.

This sent her over the edge, causing her to clench around Edward and her arms and legs to tense up for a few moments as she wailed out loudly in orgasmic bliss, throwing all caution to the wind, her eyes tearing up as her dictionary reverted to her original language "oh dios mio, que Bueno!" Seeing this also had an effect on Edward. He was close, her lewd sounds and the fact that she clenched around him made sure of that "I'm about to cum" "Not inside" she said almost breathless "unless you want to be on teen mom with me".

Edward wasn't intent on being the father of her child, at least not yet, but he damn well isn't coming outside. He decided to pull out of her pussy, and, with the last of his stamina, popped his cockhead into her ass, blasting it full of his seed. Apparently Esmeralda's ass was sensitive, as she came again almost instantly after.

Edward was still holding Esmeralda in the air as she came down from her high, and pulled herself off of his tool with a pop. She cleaned herself with her panties before throwing them away, pulling her jeans on just like that. Edward did the same, cleaning himself up with his underwear before placing his tool inside his jeans commando. They took some time to get themselves back into a proper state, before Esmeralda turned to Edward "Hey, your life sounds fucked up. You didn't run away from it though, it takes balls.

I like men with balls. You should give me a ring later." She said before walking off to her destination. Edward also walked off to his next class as the bell rung, getting in just before his next teacher. Somehow his bad mood had subsided and he had actually managed to have lunch, so that's two problems down, but he still didn't know what to do about his argument with James.

After another boring class which Edward had mastery of, came around second break. This time, Edward made his way to his locker to put his things in before walking off to the cafeteria, bumping into Arturo, who once again was walking with Esmeralda "Hey Arturo, hey Esmeralda" "Wassup Edward" "Nothing much Arturo, just showing a bit of myself around" Edward answered while opening his locker, but Esmeralda instead of answering just walked past Arturo, gave Edward a piece of paper with her phone number and '4PM at the football field' written on it without Arturo noticing.

After that they said their goodbyes as Edward made his way to the cafeteria, not even getting anything before plopping down on Caddies' group table. "Hey Caddie, Kelly, Cameron, Debra" What came next was unexpected to Edward "Edward you ass, what is wrong with you? You spend the entire day out yesterday without saying shit and then leave before we even get off bed?" Caddie spat out in a rapid-fire torrent.

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"Look, I shot both Lisa and James a text each beforehand, so that part's good. As for why I left early, I just wanted to walk to school. Weather's been really nice lately. Speaking of which, Kelly, Me, you, football field, now, please?" Edward didn't wait for an answer, standing up and walking off to the football field, Kelly following after him. "So, you came here on your own. What's up with that?" she asked as she sat down on one of the bleachers with Edward "That's exactly what I wanted to talk to you about.

I got into an argument yesterday with Caddie's dad, and I thought that things could get awkward between us" "What was the argument about?" "Let's just say an old wound was poked, feathers were rustled and I acted like an ass. I didn't want him to pry into my personal life, but I shouldn't have snapped like that.

What do you think I should do?" "You already made an ass out of yourself, right?

Then eat a slice of humble pie and apologize, then tell him the same way as you told me that you need your privacy. Boom, corrected!" Edward nodded as he thought it through 'Couldn't hurt'. But heavy steps from behind cut his thoughts short as he quickly turned around expecting someone from Tyler's brigade. Instead, there was Avery. "Hey Edward, how's it going?" "Hey Avery, life's getting on track. On your side?" "On my side shit hasn't changed much. I'm avoiding Jennifer for now, but…" Avery was interrupted by Kelly clearing her throat.

Edward looked at Kelly, then noticed what she meant "Oh by the way, Avery, this is Kelly. Kelly, Avery" Avery just lightly waved her hello as she awkwardly waved back "So her name was Jennifer" Edward mused lightly "She tried to play us nice yesterday. Had she picked another target it would have worked" "Tell me about it" was Avery's answer.


"Wait" Kelly piped up "Play you? Is there a story I'm missing here?" Avery sat down as Edward told Kelly everything that had happened the previous day. "Huh, I guess she really tried to set you up. Took some mad luck for her to spot you entering though, right Edward?" Edward nodded lightly right before something in his brain clicked "It wasn't luck. I was set up, but it wasn't just by Jennifer. Oh no, Naomi had a hand in there too." "Naomi?" "you know that promise I told you about yesterday?

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It was with this girl from my class called Naomi. She invited me to go with her to 'the meet', but it really didn't make sense.

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She said she thought my music tastes good, but that would normally not make you instantly invite someone out on a date. And even if you did, why would you choose to take them to some place that had nothing to do with the subject we agreed about, and instead take me to an underground party spot and then leave me on my own?

Plus, how could she have the money ready for me to join the circle, and even if she had the money, why would she just put the money down on he table when she didn't even know if I would win?" "Holy shit that makes sense" Avery said before looking down at the football field "We know the goal was to get you to get beaten up by me, but why would she just turn on you like that?

There has to be a reason." "Oh there is" Edward said "And I will damn well find out." Oh, things get real in here! Why would Naomi set someone up that she had just met? Also, sorry for taking so long to upload another chapter. How long has it been? How many months? Well, I attribute this lateness to a combination of a busy schedule, hectic lifestyle, drastic changes in routine and massive amounts of procrastination (plus, I was kind of running low on creative juices).

So, I guess this becomes the point where I do my best to frequently put up as many chapters as possible within the boundaries of my inspiration so they don't come out rushed and low quality.

Anyhow, see you next chapter.