Super Heiße Arabische Twerks

Super Heiße Arabische Twerks
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"Damn she is hot as hell." "Who are you talking about" "Number six, check that shit out, she's in my intro to programming class." Me and my friend Chris were sitting out in the field house at our school waiting for our rides and decided to check out the volleyball game.

"Whoa wait a minute." Chris almost shouted. "That's Kerri, my ex-girlfriend." My jaw almost hit the floor. Chris is not the best looking guy I've ever met.

Granted I'm not gay but he's probably closer to ugly. I looked from him to Kerri and couldn't believe that a girl like that would even be affiliated with him. Perhaps I should explain what Kerri looks like eh? Well she was short, very short. She had shoulder length sandy blond hair that looked softer than mink. She had braces which I had always thought was a turn off but with her it didn't seem to matter.

She had gorgeous, full, soft lips that I often fantasied about being wrapped around my cock. "No shit well do you think you could like hook me up or something?" "Umm sure I guess I could try." "Yeah thanks a lot man cause I just can't go up and talk to her in class I try to but I never have the balls." "Well I'm not even sure if she had a boyfriend or not so, shit I'll try alright." Chris looked a bit uncertain but I knew he would give it a shot.

"Hey what time is it?" "Time for you to get a watch." "Shut up what time is it." I glanced down at my watch. "It's, oh shit 6:15 I gotta go." "Alright see ya latter man." "Peace." The next day in class Kerri wore a pink aeropostal shirt that clung to what estimated at a mid C breasts and a pair of jeans that clung to every curve on her shapely legs up to her remarkably perfect ass.

Once again I could do nothing but gawk as she walked past me. Then she glanced back at me and did she. yes she did she gave me a small smile as she walked up to her computer. I started thinking that maybe Chris had came through for me. After class on my way to gym Kerri came up along side me. "Hey ummmm Clayton right?" "Yea, and your Kerri right." I could hardly believe that she had just started talking to me. "Oh god yea act like you didn't know my name." "What is that supposed to mean." "Well Chris told me that you were practically in love with me." My palms started to sweat and I knew I was starting to blush.

" Well.

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no I never said that I just said that I liked you." " I think it was Hot as hell were the words you used." she remarked with a grin. I could tell she thought this was funny. " Yeah that's probably what I said, and don't try and tell me your not." she laughed and tossed her hair back and I noticed how good she smelled. "Well I got to go to lunch cya." "Later." Hmmm that wasn't so bad. But I gotta find out what Chris told her about me. On my way to English I saw Chris in the hallway.

"Hey Chris, what's up man." "Hey Clayton, did she talk to you." "Yeah. what did you tell her, she had this idea I was in love with her or something." "Well yesterday you were like drooling on the floor." "Eh fuck you I just said she was hot, what's wrong with that." "Nothing and she talked to you didn't she." "Yeah." "So shut the fuck up." "Yeah I guess I should be thanking you." "Your welcome, and I gotta go." "Cya." On my way to the bus I saw Kerri talking with some friends and decided that I should go talk to her.

"Hey Kerri." "Oh hey Clayton." "Why aren't you at volleyball practice?" "Well we don't have it on Wednesdays." "Oh ok well can I have your AIM name?" "Sure." After she told me I wrote it down and said goodbye. Hey I thought not bad, two for two. When I got home I went online and checked to see if she was on. "Damn." although I hadn't really expected her to be on I was still pissed. I went and took a piss and stopped in front of the mirror and surveyed what I saw.

I'm about 5'6 128 pounds (I'm a wrestler so I know exactly how much) I flexed my arm and liked what I saw. I had started working out recently and it was really helping. Although I was in good shape and could run a six minute mile I still had a little bit of a stomach even though my body mass percentage was only twelve. I started wondering what Kerri looked like naked.

I wondered if she was totally bare down there or if she just trimmed it.

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I wondered if here ass was really as perfect as it looked in a pair of clingy jeans. I let the image of here linger as I did my homework wondering if her pussy was as tight as my ex's. After I finished I decided to check the computer again. To my delight she was online so I Imed her.

"Hey kerri." "Who's this?" I was confused at first then I remembered that I hadn't given her my aim. "It's Clayton." "Oh hey what's up?" "Nothing just bored as hell." "Well that's soooo interesting how about we do this, you ask me a question and I answer it then I get to ask you and you answer.

And don't lie or I might get naughty!" I couldn't believe how forward she was(not that I minded) so I decided to start easy. "Alright what are you wearing. There was maybe a three second pause." "A big t-shirt and my panties." Wow that was a visual that I liked! " My turn.

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What is it about me that turns you on the most." I got worried because I thought If I told the truth she might think me a perv or something but she was being pretty friendly so I told her the truth. "Your butt, your hair, your lips and your butt." I hoped she would find it funny.

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"Hmmm really? I think my butts too big." "Oh hell no your butt is perfect." "Really, well it's your turn." "Ok ummmmm what do you like the most about yourself."again there was virtually no pause in between her answer.

"My pussy, it's so soft and it turns me on just to look at it." I couldn't believe my eyes. She had actually said that. " My turn, do you want me?" I was shocked by this. I mean she was being forward but that was just so out of the blue. So I figured honesty was the best policy. "Yes, I'm always thinking about you." "You do, alright I want to hear your voice." she gave me her number and I wondered if I should call her.

I had no idea what she wanted to talk about and before I could ask she signed off. I decided "fuck it" and I called her. It barely rang one time when she answered breathlessly.

" Hey Clayton" the sound of her voice, soft, sweet, and sexy without even meaning to be.

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"Hey what's up." "Nothing." she responded "Then why did you want to talk on the phone." "Because like I said, I wanted to hear your voice, it makes me horney." I was speechless, I had talked to her for the first time this morning and she was sounding like she wanted to fuck me (I had hoped anyway)." What!" I blurted out.

"Mmmmhmmm, in fact I'm touching myself." a smile spread across my face. Phone sex ehh That's what she was up to. I thought about my next move as she moaned on the other line. "So tell how it feels." "Oh baby it feels soooo good." "Are you nipples hard?" "Oh yeah soooo hard, ohh god I want you." she was moaning every time she said so and I was starting to get a hard on. "Oh Clayton are you hard.

I need to know how big is it. oh god I want it in me ohhh." I wondered if she was going to climax on the phone and after that line a was completely wooded. "Yeah baby it's hard and it needs your pussy around it!" "Ohhh but I have to go." "Huh?" "Yeah I do." she said it softly, teasingly.

"But.but." but it was to late she was gone. I couldn't sleep at all and all I could think about was her and how I was going to see her first period. I just wanted to kiss her and hold her I just wanted to touch her. After a few hours I finally fell asleep and when I woke up a sprung up and got ready for school.


When I walked into programming with two minutes left in passing period she was already there. She wore a white tank top and warmups that showcased her ass.

"Clayton come on." she half led half pulled me by my dick to the bathroom. "Why did you have to leave last night?" she put a finger across my lips to shush me and placed my hand on her breast. "Take me Clayton, right here." I pulled off her shirt to exposing another even smaller tank top underneath. She kissed me hard on the lips as she rubbed the significant bulge in my pants.

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" Oh Clayton. your so big!" she let out a cry of delight as she pulled it out. I pulled her other shirt off which led to the most beautiful rack I had ever seen. Her breasts were not big but not small, just beyond a handful.

Her nipples were the perfect size. About the size of nickels and standing at attention as I massaged them. She moaned loudly and I worried we would get caught. And I looked at her to see if she too looked worried and notice she was now down on her knees. All my worries melted away as she took my cock into her soft warm mouth. I was in submerged in pleasure as she took my dick all the way to the balls and withdraw only to go all the way back down, slowly and wonderfully.

I groaned as she massaged my balls expertly and darted her tongue along my shaft. I was worried I was going to come when she stopped and started unbuttoning her pants. I helped her pull them down and almost coughed at the smell of her juices. I pulled down her tiny g-string and put my mouth over her pussy.


She was right when she said it was soft. Completely bald and a perfect shade of pink. She moaned as I wove my way through her pussy massaging her clit with my tongue and felt her clit start to swell.

I swallowed her juices and reached around and grabbed her ass. She moaned even louder still when I pushed with my hands and went even deeper into her.

"Fuck me." she whispered.


I got up and lifted her against the wall. I took her nipple into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it and felt it become erect under my stimulation. She reached down and gently guided my dick into her dripping pussy. She was so horney that she could already get two thirds of my dick in and she grimaced and I slowly started pumping.

She came almost instantly and never slowed. Soon she was able to take it all the way to the balls and the very nearly screamed when she came a second time. I fucked her slowly speeding up and slowing down at intervals to keep from cumming.

I couldn't help myself and I was soon pumping as hard and fast as I could. I felt her come a third time and here pussy spazing erratically around my cock set me off. I groaned loudly as she screamed into my ear as I came violently into her.

I let her down and she collapsed into my arms. "Thank you. that was incredible."