Sister and brother big boob xstory

Sister and brother big boob xstory
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Fbailey story number 689 The Duct Tape Body Cast I spotted a very attractive woman walking down the street so I followed her.

She looked like a million dollars. Her long red hair was flowing down her back almost to her waist, her white blouse let my see her red bra underneath, and her black leather skirt was quite short. She was wearing red shoes with heels so tall that it looked like she was walking on her tiptoes. I became memorized as I watched her ass twitch. She placed one foot directly in front of the other as she walked. That gave her hips a certain rhythm, thereby twitching her ass nicely.

I followed her about a block and a half when she turned. As I got to the alley I saw two men holding onto her and trying to stuff her into a van. I ran to help her but that only got me thrown into the van too. Duct tape was placed over our mouths and it also bound our hands and feet. A thousand and one uses for duct tape. The ride was long.

Even though we were both on the floor of a utility van with no back windows I knew we were headed out of town. We were tossed from side to side as they turned corners and heard that familiar sound of the triple railroad tracks at the edge of town. A few more turns and I heard the gravel road. Then we came to a stop and the two men got out. It seemed like an hour before the two men came back and carried her away.

I think it was to intimidate her but they shoved a long pole between her legs and slipped it up between her hands. Then just like you see in those old African movies about cannibals, they carried her away on their shoulders. It felt like another hour before they came to get me. I just got the fireman's carry over some fat guy's shoulder.

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He really needed a shower. I was stood up in the middle of a room. Before me was that very attractive woman. She was totally naked and her ass was red as if she had been spanked. My feet were released and then my hands were. I was told to undress, which I did. Then the man in charge said, "Suck it bitch." The very attractive woman knelt down and started sucking on my cock until it was good and hard and pretty wet too.

Then she bent over and I was ordered to put my cock in her ass. I was so scared that I went soft. She had to suck me hard a second time and then help me get it into her asshole. I never thought that would be my first contact with a girl, a real woman at that.

With my cock embedded in her rectum we were mummified with two rolls of duct tape. Several strips were forced between our legs from her belly to my ass.

I figured that was to keep us from coming apart. Essentially we were bound from our feet to our shoulders and lying on the floor.

Just before the men left one ripped the duct tape off from our mouths. Jokingly he said, "Scream all you want. Nobody can hear you anyway." Then he was gone. The very attractive woman on the end of my cock said, "Hello, my name is Margo.

Is that your cock in my ass or you just glad to see me?" I asked, "What's going on?" Margo said, "It's a long story." I laughed and said, "I've got the time. I'm not going anywhere, unless you are that is." So she told me in great detail about her gambling addiction. Her father is rich but he shut her off two years ago and got her into rehab.

She joined Gambler's Anonymous but it didn't help. Some how she managed to get two hundred thousand dollars in the hole with the local mobsters.

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I didn't even know that we had mobsters in town. She continued to tell me about them harassing her for the money and her not paying them. Even her father wouldn't help her out. They threatened to put her in a whorehouse until her debt was paid. Then they decided to kidnap her and ransom her back to her father for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

When I came along to help her they decided to punish her. That was how my cock wound up in her ass. I found out that Margo was thirty-seven years old. I told her that I was fifteen. She laughed and said that she lost her virginity when she was fifteen. I told her that I just had. She laughed and said that it didn't count unless I put it in her pussy. Then she said, "When we get out of this mess I'll let you fuck me properly. I thanked her. We made small talk until it got dark.


I was covered in sweat and so was she. I fell asleep. In the middle of the night Margo said, "I've got to pee. I hope you don't mind but I can't hold it any longer." I said, "I've got to go too but…" Margo laughed and said, "Just do it. Don't worry about it, just do it." I felt her warm piss start to heat up my hip and upper leg.

So I let go and gave Margo a piss enema. She said, "Oh, I like that.

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I've never had anyone pee in me before. After this I'd like you to pee in my pussy." We slept for a few hours but woke up hungry. No one came when we called. The day went by slowly but we learned a lot about one another. Night fell and it became day again before anyone returned.

Margo's father opened the door to the cabin and called out. Margo answered him and he came over to us. He said, "Well, well, well, I finally have you where I want you." Then he put a piece of duct tape over her mouth. He sat on a chair and told me all about his daughter, the little rich bitch. She had been given everything that she had ever wanted or desired. He told me about her problems in high school and in college.

Then he told me all about her gambling problem. She had gone from bad to worse to ridiculous. She never won, she just always lost. Then to get her back it had cost him a half a million dollars. Then he said that he only paid them the ransom because of me. He felt sorry for my parents. They had called in a missing person report on me and he was the only one that knew why. The bad guys told him where to find us and told him to look in a big box on the porch.

In it he found our clothes, a pair of scissors, and a bottle of baby oil. There was soap, wash clothes, bottled water, and towels too. Then he started to cut me free as carefully as he could.

He would pull at the duct tape stuck to my skin and then use the baby oil to help loosen it some more. After an hour and using up all of the baby oil he told me that he was going to get more baby oil.

When he came back he just placed three big bottles of baby oil on a table and said, "You can finish yourself and then take care of Margo.


Then you two need to clean up, you really smell bad. Just walk to the end of this road and turn right to head for town. You shouldn't have any trouble getting help." He said, "Just remember, you can't tell anyone the truth.

If I were you too, I'd say that two big guys with thick beards, and thick accents kidnapped you, abused Margo, and left you tied up in a duct tape body cast. Oh, you better say that they left one of your hands free but it took a long time to get the rest of your body free." I got us free, we washed up, and we were about to get dressed when Margo asked, "Would you like to loose your virginity before we go back?

Maybe you can pee in my pussy too.

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Is that everything that I promised you?" I replied, "I would like to make love to you but could we wait a week and then do it?" Margo smiled and said, "Okay! Whatever you want." As we walked toward town we discussed the future. It seems that Margo had put my life in danger and that really bothered her. She promised to stop gambling and she promised to spend sometime with me.

She even asked, "How would you like an older girlfriend? I could go to your school dances and we could have sex, all of the time. What do you think your parents would think?" I then informed her that my parents would probably understand, that my father is forty years old and that my mother just retired at sixty-five.

Someone stopped us on the highway and called the police. They arrived and sent us to the hospital. From there I was taken home by my parents. A few days later we were invited to Margo's for dinner. It was her parent's house and their staff prepared a great dinner for us all. After dinner Margo told my parents the truth about what had happened to us, including my cock in her ass.

She told them about her promise to let me loose my virginity and about wanting to become my girlfriend. As I expected, they understood the age difference and gave us their permission. Margo took me up her bedroom.

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We got naked and looked at how well the others body had recovered from the duct tape. My hands had cupped her breasts for the entire time so they looked magnificent.

I liked looking at her breasts. Her pussy was completely shaved and she explained that it was best after the tape had been removed. The hair on her head had not been harmed. My cock entered her and we just moved in slow short strokes just like I had in her ass that first day. I had cum in her rectum three times. I used short slow strokes so that she wouldn't notice.

She had known of course. She had just decided that it didn't matter, however my extreme gentleness had helped to cause her to fall in love with me. We made love for a while and then I came in her.

It felt good to me and she seemed to enjoy it too. When we went downstairs my mother asked me if I was okay. Yes, I was more than okay. Her father asked her if she was done gambling. Margo replied, "Not yet! We are getting married after he graduates from high school. Now I'm gambling as to weather I'm pregnant at our wedding or if we have our own built in flower girl or ring bearer." My mother giggled and said, "She's not on the pill anymore. This could be interesting." Her father asked me, "What odds are you giving?" I smiled and said, "I bet she gets pregnant every year.

We can have a flower girl, a ring bearer, and she can be pregnant." My father said, "A trifecta! Now that's gambling." The End The Duct Tape Body Cast 689