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Passion hd milf krissy lynn in the sinful stepmother
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Emily Helps Little Brother It was the custom in Baker family for as long as Emily could remember. The whole family from her Mom's side would gather at one of the sibling's homes for Christmas. It would usually last about a week. This year, it fell to Emily's family to host the event. The week before all the family was to gather, there was an unusual storm that passed through and dropped about 10 inches of rain.

This was unusual for December, but it could have been worse. It could have been snow. But all that rain caused some flooding in the area and their effects were felt at the Baker house when the basement flooded. It couldn't have happened at a more inconvenient time.

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Nine extra people were piling into the Baker house in just a few days. Usually the basement was set up for the kids to sleep in leaving Emily's, her brother Matt's and her little sister Joy's room plus a guest open for all the adults in the family.

Without the basement available things were going to be a little difficult. Emily knew this reality but it did not keep her from protesting the fact that she would have to share a bed with her little brother Matt.

Her sister was going to stay with her best friend who lived next door. The arrangement was only for a couple of days until the basement dried out and they were able to get it cleaned up and deodorized. "Mom, why do I have to share my bed with Matt? Why can't he sleep in sleeping bag on the floor somewhere else?" ask Emily with an annoyed tone. "Emily, think about what it feels like when you step out of bed every morning? How cold is that floor when your feet hit it?" Emily thought about it and she knew her Mom was right.

She hated that first walk in the morning from her room to the bathroom especially during the winter months. For some reason the floor in her room seemed to be the coldest in the house. "Well, I guess you are right.

It is pretty cold," Emily relented, "But if that little burger messes up my bed I'm going to kill me." "Now Emily," her Mother replied, "As brothers go, Matt is a pretty good kid. I have never seen him get in your hair and bother you much." Emily again thought about her 12 year old brother and she had to admit that as brothers go, he was not that bad.

He was kind of a nerd that could offer up facts to just about any subject, but he mostly kept to himself. She never had to worry about him being in her way or in her stuff. Her 10 year sister was another matter altogether. "I guess he is ok," Emily reluctantly admitted. Emily had just turned 15 and was in her sophomore year of high school. She was much younger than most of the students in her class at the time, but she was also pretty mature for her age.

She was also kind of a nerd herself, but not the social nerd type, just the smart student type. About 6 PM that evening the extended family started to arrive.

Her grandparents came first, then her mother's sister Ann and her husband with a brand new 8 month old baby. Ann and her husband had been trying to have a baby for years and finally after several tries at a fertility clinic, she got pregnant and had a baby girl.

Ann and the baby would be staying in the guest room. The grandparents where going to stay in Joy's room that had a nice double bed (the bedroom suite had actually come from those grandparents when they moved to a smaller place).

Next, Emily's mom's brother John and his wife and two kids came through the door. John and his wife Carol had two girls that were 6 and 8 respectively. All Emily could remember was that they were a handful. The girls were going to take up Matt's room and the John and Carol were going to sleep in the Den until the basement dried up and then move into Emily's room.

As she contemplated the sleeping arrangements she had to breathe a sign of relief that her mom had not put her with those two rug rats. All in all, Matt was the better choice.

Plus it was only for a couple of nights and then they would move down to the spacious basement. The house was full of activity as everyone caught up on life around the dinner table and later in the family room.

Ann and her husband Ed, put the baby down about 9 PM and stayed up for a hour or so before heading to bed, claiming that the baby would be up a couple of times through the night and they would need their sleep. John and Carol also sent the girls to bed and not long after they would follow. Joy had gone next door to her friend's house right after supper. Soon just Emily and Matt were left in the family room watching a holiday movie. When it was finished Emily headed to her room and changed into her night clothes which was a long sleeve night shirt that came down to just under her knees.

At 15, Emily was almost at adult size. The likelihood was that she would not grow any more in stature but would fill out a little more in other places. She stood at 5'4" tall and weighed about 110 pounds. Her frame was thin but not lanky. She had dirty blonde hair about shoulder length and deep blue eyes.

She was about "B" cup but she expected to fill out some more in that department. Her mother was a good "C" if not close to a "D" so there was still hope in Emily's eyes that she could grow into a larger cup size.

As she stepped into the bathroom in the hallway across from her room, she noticed that Matt was in there brushing his teeth.

When he saw her he quickly rinsed his mouth and left the bathroom for her. Emily went through her nightly ritual of taking off makeup and putting face cream on. She also put cream on her legs and thighs. Once she was done she headed back to her room. As she walked in she noticed that Matt was standing by her bed fully dressed minus his shoes just staring at the door and now looking at her.

"What are you doing goof ball? Do you need an invitation to get into bed?" Emily chided. "I forgot to get my PJs from my room and I don't want to go in wake Uncle John and Aunt Carol up," replied Matt sheepishly. "Oh, for Pete's sake," replied Emily in exasperation. She pulled out an old T-shirt and handed it him and said, "Here you can wear this for tonight." Matt took the shirt and headed back to the bathroom and changed into the t-shirt.

When he came back he had the t-shirt on and his jeans and was about to crawl into bed when Emily saw him. "What are you doing you nerd?" Emily fussed, "Take off those ratty jeans before you climb in my bed." "But, I don't have pajama pants to wear," replied Matt.

"Well, sleep in your underwear for all I care, just don't wear those dirty jeans in my clean bed." Matt surveyed the situation for just a moment looking at his pants and then looking at his sister. Emily with a big sigh announced her annoyance and turned her back to him to face the opposite direction. Matt quickly took his pants off and jumped into his sister's bed.

"I'm sorry Emily, I know you don't like this. I'll try to stay on my side of the bed," said Matt apologetically. "You better!" chided Emily feeling a little guilty almost as soon as she said. After all, it really wasn't his fault. She was going to say something nice to him but just couldn't bring herself to swallow her pride and do it. Soon all she heard was Matt's deep breathing as he slept next to her.

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She had a twin bed which made it kind of tight but Matt moved as close to the edge as he possibly could. Sometime in the middle of the night Emily awoke to a strange sensation in her lower back.

She looked over her shoulder to see Matt facing her sound asleep. She reached down between them to see what it was that was poking her in the back. No sooner had she found it that she gasped and realized it his penis.

She turned and gave him a shove. "Hey weirdo, turn over and keep that pecker to yourself," said Emily in loud whisper. Matt grunted something as he turned over to face the other direction. He was still sound asleep and so it didn't register what she said to him. Emily awoke first and as she turned over to face her brother she noticed that he was now sleeping on his back.

He was still sound asleep. She watched him sleep as his chest moved up and down in rhythmic breathing. He had kicked the blanket off and she could see one of his legs exposed to the cold. She reached over to cover it and accidently bumped his once again hard boner. "Oh, for heaven sake!" she fumed audibly, "What is up with this little perv!" At that Matt, roused and looked up at his sister.

"What's the matter? Did I kick you?" asked Matt still trying to adjust to the light coming through the bedroom window.

"No you perv! But it seems that have had a boner all night long! What the heck are you dreaming about anyway!" replied Emily. "Nothing, I was not even dreaming or at least I don't think I was.

What's a boner?" Emily rolled her eyes and plopped back into her bed and simply pointed to the small tent forming in his mid-section. Matt raised the sheets to look closer and you could see a small tent in his white briefs sticking up about 4 inches. "I sorry Em, I wake up like that almost every morning. I don't know why and it won't go down until I take shower. Do think there is something wrong with me? I was going to tell Mom about it but I was kind embarrassed to say something," said Matt with genuine concern on his face.

"No, you goof ball, that is natural I guess for boys your age," replied Emily in more civil tone. "Then why are you so mad at me if it is a natural thing?" asked Matt. "Because, I just wasn't expecting to be poked by it in the middle of night or wake up to it first thing in the morning, that's why!" replied Emily.

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"I poked you with it?" asked Matt. "Yes, you woke me up in the middle of the night poking that little pecker in my back," said Emily.

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"I'm sorry Em," replied Matt visually disturbed and embarrassed. "I'll to keep my back to you from now on." Emily now felt bad after all he couldn't really help it and he wasn't doing it on purpose. "Don't you know how to take care of it?" asked Emily.

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"Take care of what?" replied Matt. "Global warming you goofball. Your pecker, don't you know how to take care of that boner?" asked Emily with a mixture of annoyance and humor.

"Ah, no, I don't think so. I just take a shower and it goes down eventually. It is taking a lot longer the past few weeks," said Matt. "Ah, that's why the extra long showers here lately," replied Emily. "Well, you need to learn to take care of it and then it will not be sticking out so much," said Emily.

"How do I do that?" asked Matt. "What, you don't have the answer or some kind trivia for that?" said Emily sarcastically. "No," replied Matt, "I guess I haven't come across that information." All this time, Matt had the sheets up looking at his boner sticking up tenting his briefs. "Oh for Christ sake Matt, you stroke it," said Emily while making the jack-off gesture with her hand. "Don't tell me you have never jacked off?" Matt just looked at his sister with a puzzled look and shook his head, "I don't even know what that is," replied Matt.

"You have never heard the boys in your class talk about it?" asked Emily. "I guess not," replied Matt, "Like I said, I don't know what that is but I will Google it later to see what it is because to tell you the truth after a while it starts to really hurt." "Don't let Mom or Dad find that on your computer or they will kill you," said Emily.

She felt sorry for Matt as she looked at him still holding the sheet up and looking at his tented briefs. There was a long pause and then Matt turned to Emily and asked, "Would you… could you show me how?" His voice tailed off almost regretting that he asked. Emily looked at him and the pained look on his face. He was so naïve and innocent. "Oh, I know I shouldn't be doing this," said Emily, "Listen, I will show you how but only this once and you can't breathe a word of this to anyone or I will cut your pecker off, understand?" Matt shook nodded in agreement, "I promise," he said with his voice quivering.

She reached by her nightstand and got a handful of tissue, "Ok, pull your shirt up, and pull your underwear down," instructed Emily. "You mean you are going to look at my penis?" asked Matt. "Do you want me to help you or not?" asked Emily.

Matt nodded, "Then you are going to have to do what I tell you ok?" Matt once again nodded and slowly pulled up his t-shirt so that his belly and lower chest were exposed. Then he slowing pulled down his briefs and his little peck popped out standing straight up. Emily looked at it and she estimated that it was about 5 inches long and twice the width of pencil.

"Ok, I'm going to stroke it for you to show how to do it and then you will do it. It will come naturally once you get the hang of it," said Emily in more gentle tone.


She reached over and wrapped her hands around his small cock and gave it a couple of small, short stokes while tracing the tip of her finger at the opening on the head.

Matt gasped and instinctively raised his hips to the strokes. "Oh, wow, that feels so good," said Matt as he raised his body to meet Emily's stroke.

About the time that Emily was going to bring Matt's hand to his penis, Matt grunted and came shooting semen up in the air and landing on his chest, stomach, thighs and Emily's hand. "Oh crap!" said Emily, "That was not supposed to happen!" She reached for the tissue and started to wipe her hands.

"What was that? What happened?" asked Matt still humping his bottom in the air. "You came before I could show how to do it, you dummy," replied Emily. "I'm sorry," said Matt. "Was that supposed to happen?" "Yes and no," replied Emily, "Yes, that's what is supposed to happen when you jack-off, and no it was not supposed to happen with my hand on your pecker.

I can't believe I just gave my brother a hand-job!" "Sorry Sis," said Matt, "But it really felt awesome, thank you." As Emily passed the tissues to Matt so he could clean himself up, she noticed that his penis was still hard and standing at attention. "Good grief Matt, does that thing never go down!" exclaimed Emily. "I don't know, is it supposed to, you know, after it comes out?" asked Matt.

"Well, usually it does at least for most guys," replied Emily, "Once they ejaculate, the pecker shrinks back to normal and it takes some time to get it back up depending on the guy and the stimulation." "So does this mean I'm weird or something?" asked Matt.

"No, in fact, that would make most girls pretty happy especially if you are going to shoot your first load in the first 5 seconds," answered Emily. "So, is this the first time you have ever seen your sperm?" "I've seen it my underwear in the morning sometimes before I take a shower," replied Matt, "I never knew what it was before but now I know what it is." "That's called having a wet dream," explained Emily, "Boys your age who start to discover they sexuality often have releases at night which is nature's way of helping them relieve some of the pressure.

Eventually, it relaxes especially after you start having sex on a regular basis, or in your case, after you start jacking off." "Oh, I see, could you show me again since it didn't go down. I'll try to not ejaculate in your hand this time," asked Matt shyly.

Emily thought about it for moment weighing the moral implications of what she was doing. At the same time, she was trying to grapple with the fact that she was getting a little turned on herself from all the talk and activity. "Oh, I don't know," signed Emily, "We have already crossed more lines than I care to even mention." "Please Em, just this once?

I promise not to bug you about it again," Matt pleaded. "Ok, but try to see if you can control the release.

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You should feel it building up. I will get you to that point but you need to finish so you can learn how to do this on your own, Ok?" "Ok, thanks Em!" said Matt excitedly. Emily reached down and wrapped her hands around Matt's cock once again started to stoke it gently. Matt groaned but this time he didn't move his hips. He wanted to see if he could feel the buildup this time. Emily stoked him with long, deep strokes and was met with a boyish groan on every stroke.

"Wow, that feels so good, it's amazing!" said Matt. He could now feel the buildup in his balls and recognized the feeling. Emily would then shift her stroking and it would bring him down a little. This time Matt was hanging on a little longer.

"Ok, Em, I think it's coming again," said Matt breathing hard through his mouth. Emily for some reason didn't make the attempt to make Matt finish himself. Matt was too far gone to remind her.

Emily kept stroking him with long strokes and twisting his little cock rotating it a half turn in her hand on the down stroke. Matt raised his butt off the bed and began to whine in high pitch moans.

Once again he came with Emily stroking his little penis. This time she kept stroking it until every ounce of sperm spilled out of his pre-teen cock.

Matt's body relaxed back on the bed, his breathing still heavy. "Wow, that was awesome!" he said, "That felt so good. Thanks Em!" Emily placed her head on Matt's shoulder and continued to slowly caress her brother's cock as his cum oozed down her fingers. It was if she was in a trance forgetting where she was and with whom she was with.

As Matt's breathing normalized he looked down at his cock in his sister's hand. He didn't know if he should say something or not.


Ultimately, he thought it better to just let her be the one who breaks off the moment. What Emily had done for him was indescribable.

Now, he knew what to do when the problem surfaced again. Matt felt so relieved and happy and at the same time he was feeling a strange tingle in his growing area. He watched as Emily continued to gently work his penis through her fingers. His penis had finally started to shrink but it still felt good.

Emily's fingers were still wet with Matt's cum. Matt looked up at her and it was if she was transfixed on a vision far away. Matt just let her keep playing. It felt so good. He felt his cock starting to harden again. It was a little sore but it still felt nice. Emily started to stoke Matt again and this time she gripped him a little firmer. After a few minutes his cock was at full length once again.

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He started to moan as Emily worked his cock in her hand. After about 5 minutes, Matt came again for the third time. He groaned as his cock once again twitched and a small amount of semen poured out of the head. Emily kept stroking still in a trance.

"Em, I think that is enough. It is starting to hurt now," complained Matt. Emily woke up from her trance and released Matt's cock. Without saying a word she wiped her hands with the tissue and handed some to Matt. She got up and went to the bathroom. By now the rest of the house was waking up. To be continued…