Teen WHORED out by her BROTHER

Teen WHORED out by her BROTHER
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LESSONS FROM MOM (bisexual/incest/m/f) I was just beginning to learn about sex, discovering my cock and learning to masturbate, when my good friend Jerry told me about a fantastic weekend he had enjoyed with a friend of his mom's who had stayed with him while she was out of town. The man had shown Jerry his cock and they had done all kinds of neat things together. I had to laugh when he told me this because I had enjoyed a similar experience.

I told him it was with an adult male also, but I was fibbing, as you will see in a moment. I was excited about his experience and got him to let me go home with him. We tried some of the things he had done with his mother's friend. We sucked each other off, put our fingers in each other's asses, and learned that I could shoot my wad while Jerry just had an internal cum since he wasn't developed enough yet to ejaculate.

I couldn't wait to get home and tell my mother everything that had happened between Jerry and me. It had been a long time since we had been intimate since Mother thought I was getting too old for sex games or "learning opportunities," as she called them.

I felt a little bit bad that I had lied to Jerry about how I first came to have a sexual experience. I told him that it was like his with his neighbor Charles, and that mine was with a man as well. The part about having a sexual experience with an adult was true, but it was with a woman, and the woman was my mom. I wanted to be able to tell Jerry that, but wished to make sure it was OK with Mom first. She and I live alone. My father moved out when I was very young. I didn't lie to Jerry about the fact that the person who initiated me to my sexual life didn't want do it with me any more.

Mom said it had been just a lesson, such as Charles and Jerry had experienced, and that it wasn't going to happen again. I burst into the apartment and told her about the amazing thing that had happened to me that day. She stopped what she was doing and pulled me down on the sofa and sat close beside me. She gave me a tender kiss and put her arm around me so that I could cuddle. I told her all about my experience with Jerry, and how he had learned from an adult, just like I had, about the pleasures associated with loving and pleasuring each other.

I wanted very much for her to spend time with Jerry and me as she used to do with me. "It can be a lesson for Jerry," I said. "Just like it was a lesson for me, only we all could enjoy it." I had been just seven years old when it had begun.

I think my dad had just left us, and she was probably feeling very lonely, and maybe very horny. I walked into her bedroom one night when I couldn't get to sleep.

She was completely naked, and masturbating. I asked innocently what she was doing and why was she moaning. I was worried that she was sick or hurt. "No honey," she said.


"I'm fine, I was just trying to make myself feel good. When you get older you will understand how certain things you do can make you physically feel good." "Like what Mom?


I want to know now!" I demanded just like a spoiled seven year old would, not having any consideration for the privacy of an adult. Well, one thing led to another and she showed me how two people could pleasure each other and how one person could pleasure his or herself.

We had continued our occasional "sex lessons" from time to time, whenever Mom felt horny or I could get her to look at the way my little cock was growing. It never failed to get her going when I would parade around naked, rushing up to her and burying my face in her crotch or pushing my face between her breasts.

But when I told her about Jerry and me, and how I wanted her to join in with us, she responded, "I'm sorry honey, I don't think it would be a very good idea for you and Jerry and me to be physical together. There is way too much at stake; it's way too risky to bring someone else into our secret. That was just between you and me, between a mother and her precious, precocious son." Even as she said it though, I had a feeling she didn't believe it entirely, or that her desire to be intimate with me was overshadowing her idea of what was right and wrong.

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The hand of the arm that was around be pulled me in close to her, which resulted in my head resting on her breast. Then her hand began to caress my leg, moved up my waist, and then to my chest.

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She leaned down and kissed the top of my head. I instinctively turned my mouth toward hers and we began a sloppy, opened-mouth, tongue-exploring kiss that lasted several minutes and immediately made my little cock hard. "Oh, Mom," I said in mostly a moan as my breath quickened. "Please let me do something to make you happy!" There were no more words after that. She stood us up and we walked into her bedroom.

We both undressed. First our T-shirts came off. Then our jeans, and then, after she had pulled my jockey shorts down, she pulled her own panties down and kicked them off. We embraced in the center of the room with another sloppy kiss and our hands exploring each others' bodies. My mom's pussy hair was a reddish blond bush, it and I rose up on my toes so that I could push my cock into her mound.

She groaned in delight and pulled us onto the bed.

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She pulled me up on top of her and I straddled her face. She immediately put her mouth on my cock and began to lick, and then to take it into her mouth.

With a free hand she was masturbating herself. As soon as I could bring myself to break the connection, I turned my hips around so that we could both be sucking on each other at the same time.

My mother's cunt was soaking wet by the time I put my mouth there and her smell was so pungent, just like I remember it being when I was little and we did this. I was so happy to be like this with my mom again. We stayed in that position, licking and sucking, and slurping at each others' genitals until we each had an orgasm. When it seemed like we had exhausted ourselves, I turned myself around again and lay on top of my mother.

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It was fantastic putting my face onto her mature breasts and letting them rub against my cheeks. I put my mouth up to hers and we held a kiss for the longest time.


Finally spent, I rolled off of her and we went to sleep. Mom must have awakened before I did.

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When I finally did, it was very late, but still dark. She had pulled the covers off me and was exploring my cock and balls with the fingers of one hand while she pushed a finger into my anus with the other. At first I pretended to still be asleep, but after awhile I was so aroused that I couldn't contain it any more.

She had the fingers of her right hand on my cock and balls, her middle finger in my back hole at the same time, and was thrusting her finger in and out in a rhythmic fashion. I became so aroused that when I finally came I had reached the highest point I have ever experienced.

When I had caught my breath, I asked her what she would like me to do to please her. She said she would really like it if I were to fuck her like a man. I asked her how I would be able to do that since my penis was not as big as a man's. She replied that it wasn't the size of a man's penis that mattered, but the way he used it; and she would show me how to use mine the right way to give any woman pleasure.

Mom lay on her back, spreading her legs apart in front of me, allowing me to gaze up at her lovely cunt, surrounded by her hairy bush and showing the wet labia seeming to open in invitation.

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I climbed up between her legs, and she took my hard little penis and guided it into her vagina, grabbing my butt with both hands to help me thrust into her with the right rhythm for her to get off. It only took a few thrusts for her to cum. I was just about to cum myself when she twisted me around so that my cock was over her face. She took my member into her mouth and began to suck feverishly on my throbbing little pecker.

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At the same time she ran a finger down through her sopping, cum-filled cunt, and reached up to lubricate my anus with it. Just as I felt the swelling of my cock into it's joyous orgasm, her finger plunged into my ass as far as it could go, and I came in my mother's mouth with a surge.