Gay XXX Everyone is fellating everyone in this warm shower

Gay XXX Everyone is fellating everyone in this warm shower
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"Late again Brianna?!". "Im sooooo sorry, I had to pick my lil brother up from school and take him to daycare for 3:30pm.and my math teacher Mrs.Wright wouldn't let me." "Shh!. I dont want to hear anymore. Your already 10 minutes late, just head on back, get changed into work attire and get to work!". " Yeah yeah." I mutterd to myself. Well as you should know by now, my name's Brianna.Brianna Harrison (to be exact), and Im a currenlty in my last year of high school.

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I live at home with my Mother, Grandma Dee, little brother Troy,and bossy older sister, Aleena. We live in a pretty decent neighbourhood in Southside L.A (no, not south central.but close enough). Im 17 years old.turning 18 in a week and I enjoy spicy food and shopping, (ike most girls right) Anyhow (a little off topic). Im currently working at a fast food mexican resteraunt called, Sazona Mundo, which everyone just calls Spice World, (if you directly translate it in spanish), or, The Spot, which has become a local vernacular.

That's why I love working here, cuz of the tasty, deleicious spicy latino food I get to make and even get discounts on because I'm an employee.but the only thing I cant stand is, well you guessed it, my Boss/Store Manager - Rodrigo Alvarez!!. His whole name is actually like Rodrigo Franciso Salazar Diego Carlos Alvarez (hahahahaa), I remember because that's what he told all of the new employees on oreientation night 2 years back when I first started working here.

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But anyhow, I CAN.NOT.STAND HIM!!. He's Bossy! (well, I know he's "the boss" but just a little on the exetreme line), he's nosey (always poking his head into everyones business when working telling us we're not doing this right and you've been working here for this long, "How could you not know that!?".especially me, why?? - I don't know) and he's always got this whiteish stain on his black work pants everytime I leave work.well at least everytime I see him when Im about to leave.

Or myabe it's just me?? He always seemed to have something against me, like he didn't like me or something. Maybe he thingks Im too young and immature? maybe it's something against black people, a lil racist? (but that cant be and no need to pull out the race card, cuz there's other blacks that work here aswell) or maybe black women?

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But that can't be because there's 3 others and he's always nicer to them than me.that's what I just sense (could be wrong). "Hi, can I get combo number 4, Large Coke,no Ice". "Sure, is that it sir?" "Yep" "So that'll be $7.65". Just as my first customer was pulling out his wallet to get his change to pay, you guessed it, blanco pantalones (looool, aka "white pants") comes strolling along with a pile of trays and towel he's been wiping down, sets them right beside me and continues to stand right there, puropsely watching me do my work.

Now Im in a more ancy mood and taken up with all the other customers lined up behind me. The workers in the back are fixxing up the food and I get his Large coke and place it on the counter, and befor you know it "Brianna.change first, then get the drink!".

I knew he was going to say something, something to criticize me about, I mean look I've been working here for almost 2 years and he's never been (well at least) this cruel before, but now all of a sudden he's like an eagle or a lion strategizing how to capture his prey.

So with all the customers behind telling him, me and the others on cash to hurry up, along with "the prick" standing by, I accidentally drop the drink and all the soda splashes on me!!.now the situation has ecaslated, people behind are leabing spitting out " I dont have time for this!", "Oh come ooooon, I gotta be somehwre for 6pm", or plainly "HURRY UP!!".

Being Black in that moment came in handy, because I was red as a strawberry!!. So being the professional I was I quickly got the customer a new coke, co-workers wiped down the spill, and got on with the show.

Rodrigo on the other hand had to make another comment and said he wanted to "speak to me" after work. So after that incident was gone and 4 hoursquickly flew by, my 6- hour shift almost came quickly to a close as it was almost 10pm (9:45pm to be exact).

I had did my counts, cleaned around the front and back areas,made sure everything was in place and right for tommorow and headed back to the staff/locker rooms to get ready to change out of uniform and go.

.and then I remebered Rodrigo wanted to speak with me!!

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(Ugggh!). It was now about 5 to ten (9:55pm) all the other employees were gone and Rodrigo came downstairs to the staff/locker room to get me to come talk to him.about what? I don't know.


I could here the walking of big black, size 12 mens work shoes coming down the stairs "Uggh!" I said to myself. Why couldn't he just forget about it, I thought he'd forget, as he forgets a lot of things. Just about to take y coke-drenched work top off, then hurridly putting it back on, because he was jsut aboutto walk in, then. "Ms.Harrison, we need to have a talk". "Talk about what?" "Come with me".

He pointed with his finger in a rather, luring way with bedroom eyes as I followe him up to his office. we were now in his office and he closed the door real hard behind me and sat down on his desk.

I could feel the immenece of what he was going to say, so I jumped in and tryed to defend myself. "Look Rodrigo, I've been working here for almost 2 whole years, I don't think it would make sense for you to let me go!" as I kept rambling which Im good at, he just kindly listened, not a stern bone or gesture in his body or face, and he bowed his head down and began to shake his head with a small smirk on his face, he then interrupted as i kept going.

"I just forgot one minor rule today, big." "Shh" he said gently as he got up from the desk and walked closer and stood right infront of me. He said "Brianna your not in trouble and Im not letting you go". He was about 5'10, had rather nice typical Latino Bronze skin, he was half Cuban, Half Puerto Rican, had a curly dark jet black hair in a cholo (latino L.A thug) kinda way in a ponytail and began to bite his lower lip.

It felt like a giant standing over me as I was 5'3 around there, medium to light -brown choclate skin, a fairly round behind, meduim-sized breast and straightend hair (NO WEAVE!!) with hazel contact in as I like to look (Flyyyyy ya'll). I could feel this presence or this vibe off him like he wanted something. The he said, walking behind me first, putting his hands on my shoulders, massaging them and then leaning into my left ear, whispering "Brianna.Brianna, always ready to defend yourself, just take it easy".

I asked in a rather nervousness as I gulped. " back is.ahh. fine", with questioning eyes. He continued to do it, with more pressure and as much as I tried to get out his grip, pretending not to enjoy it, it actually felt really good and relaxing. He said.

" Why so tense" in a delicate and rather "horny" voice with his head now over my shoulder, with both of us looking downwards. To breach his silence. . "You know I need a new shirt, I can't wear this tomorrow". I could then feel his hands slowly move up my shirt as he was attempting to take off my soda stained white uniform, now massaging my love handles. He whispered " I'll get you another one tomorow". I could hear him hissingin beteween each one, the sound made when licking your lips, then letting out minor sighs.

Still being the Brianna I was, now trying to pretend his intentions, I innocently asked " Rodrigo what.what are you doing?" He then turned me around, walked me over to the closest wall, and pushed me against it.

stating. "So you a birthday girl next week huh?" A little suprised at his random statement, I simply answered, "Yea, I'll be." and at the same time "18", we said in unison. A little baffled as to why he was going there. He stated" Brianna, I know I've been a little hard on you then I normally am, and even from the other employees, but that's because I can't help the way I feel about you". In my head I was a little suprised. "So why are you so mean to me then?, why cant you just be nice?" "If I acted the way I really feel about you when everyone was around, I'd be a walking flagpole", referencing how he'd always have a boner when around me.

And then I could feel it, his dick was practically petruding through his black pants, as he began to slowly kiss me on the neck, making every indication of pleasure sound a man could make. "That's why your always hard on me?" In between kisses " well.yea, but Imma go hard on you right now!". I noticed al the store cameras were off, windows covered,etc, seemed like he was planning this for a pretty long time.Then he paused and kindly asked me, realzing his actions "Im sorry, I just couldnt help it" then he looked at me in a very risque way, and continued " you mind".

I looked down, and was a little hesitiant, ashamed, even feeling a little ditry, then I told him "You know Im a virgin right?" then he said "I know, so lemme make this the best 18th birthday present you'll vever recieve", while squinting his eyes staring into mine and biting his lips. Without fully saying yes, I let my eyes agree and then once again he pushed me up against the wall, and began to slowly drive his hands up my dirty shirt, tossing it to the side.

He began kissing my neck heavily, and taking of his shirt uniform. "This your first time with an Ese?" "I guess" "Well its gonna get muy caliente up in this bitch!" I laughed girlishly. Before I knew it I was taking off his pants, unloosining his belt (which the sound turned me on), unzipping his pants and seeing his dick on like a perpidicular/90 degre angle". "Wow!!" I gasped. " think your men are the only ones who got it like that.

If you forgot I wear size 12 shoes baby girl" he said jokingly. He then proceded to pull off my pants and pulling off my purple panties with his teeth til he reached my toes.

With his dick now bare we both stopped and looked at each other in a daring way, thinking what Im thinking kinda way, then he said "You wanna?" "Its not like I havent done it before". I said, as he smirked with suprise and excitement.


So I then grabbed his throbbing, burrito long cock and put it deep in my mouth. "OOooOooOooohhhh" he moaned with pleasure. Turning fire red.

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"Ssss.ahh.Brianna, shit girl!". The sound of his moans had really made me wet down there as I began to finger myself. Once he reached orgasm and in plentiful cummed on my face. He picked me up, placed me on his deskput on a trojan which he had plenty of in his cabinet and then he entered me. "Ahhhh.RodrigoOoooOo". I yelled out, bending my head back, with my hands around his torso, clenching his deltoid muscles with my manicured nails.

He was really into it, fucking me harder and harder in in-and-out rapid motions "Uhh, uhh, uhh-uhh" he excalimed everytime time he would do so in a manly voice.

We then enganed in a very passionate french kiss, which he called "The CubaRican kiss". He continued to move down further towards my neck kissing me there and proceeding lower and lower, while in the moment turning me around in a ssupine postion, gettig on top of me then spreading my thick thighs apart, then "Uhhhhh SHITTT!!" I exclaimed. I mean I've had minor orgasms before, but nothing like this, his toungue was pointy and drooly, licking up and down as if my clit was an ice cream cone, Hmmm-ing with every sigh of pleasure I made.

" know I like my choclate Ice cream". The friction we caused engulfed into deep sweats, both of us dripping like icicles melting on rooftops. "Ahhhh" I exclaimed in orgasm as my body quivered from the intesity and eyes rolled back in my head moaning. A long line of sweat was trinkiling down to my pussy area, before he quickly caught it by licking it up from my pubic hair up to my breast.

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He then began to nibble on my chestnut-dark cocoa nipples and areolas surronding, then place me up in a sitting position. We then took a quick pause, both breathing heavily "Uggh, ohh.yeaaa.ah-shit, fuck.ohhh" in unison.

With my high pitches and his deep-low manly sighs. He then grabbed my face and we beagn to kiss again. Then after gaining energy he placed his dick deep inside of me, so deep that I thought it was going to come out my ass (lol). "Rodrigoooo" I moaned at first, then as deeper and deeper as he got. "RodrigOooOoo.gooooo DEEPER!!" I exclaimed.


I could feel his big latino hands grab my ass with such force as in, yea girl Imma hit dat G-Spot. Both of us eyes rolled back,sweat dripping, lips moist, rapid chest palpitations, and then, what I think I had, multiple orgasms.

Then I finally let out "Uhhhh". We were no done, and I was no longer a virgin. We broke into small conversation while still in our naked stances in each other. "So how was it?" he asked while licking my face, nibbling on my ear.

"extrano". I said. " catching up on that spanish huh?" he said while chuckling minorly. We both got up from his now watery, sweaty desk and began to change into our home clothes. It was now 10 after 11 (11:10pm) and we had been going at it for about an hour. As he opened his office door, walked me downstairs to the bustop to get the bus which (thankfully was there), now chewing mint fresh gum, and just as I was about to get on, he slapped my ass saying "Make sure your not late again tommorow" licking his lips, then winking.

"Buenos Noche".