Ara Ara Intensifies by NoduSFM Fire Emblem Blender Porn]

Ara Ara Intensifies by NoduSFM Fire Emblem Blender Porn]
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Hi all. This is my first attempt at writing so it may be a little short and lacking in polish. Any constructive criticism or suggested themes are greatly appreciated. It was one of those chance meetings that happen every now and again. You run into someone you've not seen for a while, usually in the last place you'd expect to find the.

I worked with Louise but she had been missing the last 6 months. She and her husband had been blessed with their second child so she had taken her full maternity leave and had not been back to work that whole time due to the fact she lived quite a ways away. Louise and I always had a little spark between us. When he found ourselves alone in the office, talk would inevitably get flirty or even a little racy, and she'd get this glint in her eye where you knew that she enjoyed the mischief.

The fact that both she and I were married meant that our secret little chats never went beyond that, no matter how much we enjoyed them. She was a girl who looked after herself very well, so that even after her first child she still looked amazing. A slim, skinny, graceful build had been improved by a little weight on her ass giving her curves she had slightly lacked before.


She let her blonde hair get longer from the nap of her neck to past her shoulders. In short, motherhood really suited her. Because of her health concious habits, I was extremely surprised to run into her in a fast food joint of all places. I was there with my own family, my wife and two kids, grabbing something to eat after a family outing to the cinema. I was in the queue trying to decide which option would be the least disappointing when a hand rested on my shoulder.

I spun around and there she was. Six months since I'd seen her last and she looked amazing. She wore leggings which clung to her highlighting her curves, and a tight button down shirt that no doubt made feeding easier, but which struggled to fully contain her swollen breasts. We started chatting in the queue and soon enough she had that glint in her eye and it was as if the 6 months had never happened.

"So why are you slumming it in a place like this?" I asked "surely your fitness program forbids it." She laughed "No I don't really want anything but my husband and daughter ganged up on me so we're having dinner here I guess".

She pointed to a table in the corner where I saw her husband doing his best to entertain her two daughters. She made her order and we chatted a bit more catching up. Once her food arrived she said "I'd better go rescue him" gesturing to her husband.


She smiled and headed off. I watched her walk away, admiring how her ass moved under those tight leggings, until they cashier brought me back to earth with a cough. I brought my order back to my family and we ate together, but my mind was back with Louise. She had looked so good.


Having two kids seemed to have made her even more alluring. Those hips. that ass just begging to be squeezed. those heavy looking breasts that I wanted to get my mouth on.

I was getting so worked up I decided I should head to the toilets to have a piss and clear my head. In this particular place, the toilets were up stairs in a quieter part so you had to move out of sight of the main eating area to get there. I went in to the toilet and did what I had to, washed my hands and left. I paused for a moment as I left the door way, which turned out to be what the whole encounter turned on.

While I stood there, someone came out of the ladies, evidently not paying attention, trying to find something in her bag, and walked straight into me at full speed.

"Oh my god I'm so sorry!!" she spluttered and stopped when she looked up at me. It was Louise. I turned to her and smiled and was about to say not to worry, when i noticed she had that glint in her eye.

There was a split second pause and she grabbed the front of my jacket and pulled me back into the women's toilets. I barely had time to realise what had happened when I found myself in a cubicle. I turned, locked the door behind us and moved to face her. Just like that we were all over each other. Her mouth was crushed against mine, tongue frantically searching for mine. My hands went straight to her ass. I dug my fingers in hard and squeezed, lifting her up and pinning her against the wall.

her leg parted eagerly and she gripped me with her thighs, grinding her body against me. We frantically pawed at each others bodies, trying to find skin under all those clothes.

After minutes that seemed like hours, she pushed me back slightly. Her breathing was heavy, her motherly tits rising and falling in the most enticing way. She managed to say "We don't have much time." I took a hand full of her hair and pulled her close to me, kissing her hard on the mouth.

Then, using her hair to move her, I pulled her back and twisted her to turn her around so she faced the wall and I faced her luscious ass. She placed her hands on the cold walls and waited as I grabbed the waist band of her leggings and panties and in once rough movement dragged them down her body and around her ankles. Looking at her bent over the toilet, back arched, ass sticking out, pussy begging to be fucked, I was harder then I had ever been in my whole life.

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I stuck two fingers in her pussy and began finger fucking her hard rough and fast. I leaned over and whispered into her ear "I don't have any condoms with me you know". She gasped between stifled moans "I. mmmm. ugh don't ooooh fucking care aaaahhhh.

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just ooooh godddddd fuck me." The smell of her hair was intoxicating. It was time to give her the fucking she was begging for. I gripped a fit full of her hair and forced her head down, lining my cock up with her pussy. The head nestled gently against her lips and I could feel her trying to wriggle back onto it.

A whimpering begging sound spilled from her mouth. "Hold Still" I grunted, releasing her hair and taking hold of her by the hips, digging my fingers into her flesh. In one brutal thrust I buried myself deep inside her body. Louise tried her best not to make noise but the feeling of being impaled in one sharp motion made her cry out loud.

Both her hands shot to her mouth to cover it as I pulled back and drove inside her again. She did a better job this time as I increased my speed, pounding my cock inside her as hard and fast as I could. I have to say my view was amazing. Her athletic back had dimples in the perfect place for me to place my thumbs as I pulled her back to meet my incoming cock.

Her curvy plump ass rippled with each impact, filling the toilets with the sound of slapping flesh. I wondered if anyone would come in and hear the sounds of our slapping flesh and found myself getting even more turned on by the idea.

I imagined my wife and her husband maybe chatting downstairs, maybe our kids playing, both completely unaware of primal animal fucking that was happening mere feet above their heads. I knew fucking her at this pace meant I wouldn't last long, but I wanted Louise to get off as well. I slipped a hand under her shirt and managed to pull one of her swinging tits free from her bra.

She'd mentioned once on our chats that having her nipples squeezed was a major weakness for her. So, while I fucked her brutally from behind in the fast food joint toilet, I started to work her right nipple between my fingers, kneading and pinching it in a way that couldn't be called gentle.

The effect was almost immediate. She started to shiver and shake, hands no longer able to contain her grunts and groans. Her knees started to buckle and she struggled steady herself under the combined assault of my pounding and her body's reaction to it.

She threw her head back and let out an animalistic fuuu. fuuuuuuu.fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkk as her orgasm ripped through her body.

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Watching her shiver and spasm, listening to her lose control, it was more than I could take. I buried myself balls deep inside her and let go. My cock throbbed and swelled and shot spurt after spurt of cum deep inside Louise's fertile body. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her back against my chest, holding her against me as we came down from our explosive orgasms.

The post coital glow didn't last long, as we both suddenly remembered our families downstairs. We had to get dressed quickly, but even then I couldn't keep my hands to myself. I squeezed her tits as she tried to fix her shirt and grabbed her ass as she tried to fix her panties and leggings.

Giggling like a couple of guilty kids, we shared one lingering deep kiss in the cubicle before we slinked out. "Well took your time" my wife smiled as I got back. "Yeah, sorry Love" I said, "there was a guy cleaning, I had to wait". We had all finished, so with no reason to hang around we gathered our things and began the trip home. As we walked to our car, my phone buzzed in my pocket.

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It was a text from Louise. "I'm back in work in two weeks, see you then oxox"

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