Want to watch me fuck my pussy mavenhouse

Want to watch me fuck my pussy mavenhouse
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"Damn" I thought to myself "just what I don't need in this job. Something to actually happen." I had taken a second job as a security guard to earn some extra money. When my ex-girlfriend and I broke up a few months ago, she had moved out immediately, leaving my name on the lease of our rented house.

I was trying to keep things going until the lease ran out at the end of the year. I had been doing this job a little over a month, usually 3 or 4 nights a week of the overnight shift-11 P.M. until 7 A.M. After finishing my shift I would go to my real job except if I worked Saturday night as I would always be off Sunday. This particular Saturday I was making my rounds in the company car around the perimeter of the property.

It was a plant which had recently closed when they shipped the jobs overseas to China. The company was trying to sell the property, but due to the real estate crash wasn't having much luck. Therefore they had to maintain security on the property.

It was an easy job usually. Once an hour you would drive around to make sure the gates and doors were locked and that nothing suspicious was taking place. Since all the buildings were locked with external padlocks it was as easy to check them by just flashing a beam of light on them. When not patrolling you would be inside the guard building that dated from the early days of the plant. It had a small, cramped office, a tiny bathroom and a tiny locker room.

It was situated just past the main gate which was locked. It was around 12:30 A.M. and I was making my second patrol of the shift, when I saw a hole cut into the fence. When I had passed by earlier the hole hadn't been there. I stopped the car and got out to investigate. Someone must have used bolt cutters to cut a section open.

Before calling my supervisor or the law I decided to check around first. I had my cellphone in my jacket pocket and my flashlight in my hand. It was one of those big 4 D battery maglight types, so I knew I could use it like a club if needed. I also had a few of those pull ties that could be used to restrain someone, although I doubted I would need them. I'm not a cop and capturing people isn't my job.

I started to quietly walk the property, staying very alert. I heard them before I could see them. The sounds were coming from around a corner of a building ahead of me. I cautiously peered around the corner and was surprised at what I saw. It was a couple, in their teens probably. The boy was slight, with dark hair and baggy clothing that was the style today. His pants were open and the girl was on her knees before him sucking him.

From what I could see of her, she was petite with short brown hair and she was wearing a short skirt and a tank top with spaghetti straps. I also noticed that the wall behind them had fresh graffiti spray painted on it.

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Realizing that was why they broke in, I figured they probably weren't dangerous. I took my phone out of my pocket and put it on camera mode. They were perfectly illuminated due to a light that was mounted on the wall near them. I quickly took a couple of photos, then started to approach them. They didn't notice me as they were too busy - him being on the receiving end, her concentrating on her task at hand.

"Come on Hailey, suck my dick right" I heard the boy say. The boy had a hand on the girl's head and as I watched he slapped her in the face with his free hand a couple of times. The girl didn't stop, but kept working his knob. "You know you love it, you cock sucking slut" he said as he roughly pushed her head down.

The girl seemed to be enjoying what she was doing and I felt a stirring in my cock from watching. But that isn't what I'm paid to do, so I ignored my cock and continued forward. When I was within ten feet of them I turned on my flashlight and shone the beam on them while yelling "Security - stop what you're doing." I know that sounds lame, but it's all I could think of.

The reaction though was almost instantaneous. The boy turned his head to look behind him, saw me and my flashlight almost on top of him and panicked. He must have pulled his dick out first, then took off running in the opposite direction from me.

However in his haste he collided with the girl, who a moment ago had been sucking him, sending her sprawling to the ground from her knees. He managed to stay on his feet and kept going. I lifted my phone and took a picture of his fleeing back. I closed the distance between myself and the girl, who was still on the ground.

I then noticed that there was a knapsack on the ground beside her.

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The boy was too fast for me to catch even if I wanted to try. But she was trapped like a kitten up a tree. "Don't move" I said, towering over her. She looked up at me and she seemed a bit stunned, as if the wind was knocked out of her. "Are you ok? Can you get up?" I asked her. She nodded and started to scramble to her feet. I pocketed my phone and helped her stand. I kept my hand on her arm, preventing her from trying to escape. I slipped my flashlight into its holder and removed a plastic restraint from my pocket.

I spun her around so her back was to me, grabbed both her arms and brought her hands together. I then secured the tie around her wrists and pulled tight. She made a small whimper as the plastic cut into her flesh. I looked around and observed that as well as the knapsack there was a small purse on the ground.

Without touching the straps with my hand I slipped my arm through the strap and picked it up. I also picked up the purse, though with my hand. I grabbed her arm with my free hand.

"Let's go" I barked at her and started walking the way I came from. We turned the corner of the building and approached the car. I unlocked the passenger door and had her sit, even guarding her head like they do on tv so she didn't hit it.

I then put the backpack in the trunk and also removed a bungee cord from there. I used that to somewhat secure the hole in the fence. I then called 911 on my phone and reported the break in. For some reason I didn't report that I had detained one of the intruders or even that there were two of them. While talking to the operator, I went through her purse. In there as well as ordinary girl things like lipstick, I found an I.D.

It identified her as Hailey Richards, an eighteen year old freshman at the local community college.

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When I finished the call, I got in the car and drove to the guardhouse to wait for the police. While driving I began to talk to the girl. "You know that breaking and entering, trespassing, and painting graffiti are crimes. I see you're eighteen, so they will arrest you and since it's Saturday night you will probably be held until Monday morning at the least." I could see right away that she was getting scared at the thought of going to jail.

She was making faces and her eyes began to tear up. I added "That's some boyfriend you have, not only did he abandon you to take the fall, he actually knocked you down so you didn't have a chance." She was really crying now, but in between sobs she said "That fucking jerk. Never again. Fuck him, the bastard." I was smiling to myselfas I certainly had an ulterior motive to what I was saying.

We arrived at the guardhouse and I shut off the engine and popped the trunk. I got out and looked in the backpack. As well as cans of spray paint there was some magic markers, a book that showed the young artist at work, tagging buildings and pictures of his "art". I laughed knowing this was enough evidence to get him.

Also in the backpack was a bag of weed which I slipped into my pocket.


I closed the trunk and removed my "prisoner" from the car and brought her into the guardhouse. She was still crying and nervous. "Sit down" I told her, pulling up a chair. She quickly sat down.

I slipped the weed and her purse into a desk drawer and sat on the desk in front of her. Now that I was sitting and in the light I was able to really check her out. She did have short brown hair, but with some pink highlight streaks. Her eyes were big and brown and she had a little snub nose. She was definitely tiny, as she only came up to the middle of my chest when standing.

As I'm 6'2", that meant she was around 5'. Her complexion was fair and seemed flawless. I didn't see any blemishes on her face. She was wearing a short black skirt that showed plenty of her gorgeous legs.


Her top was light blue with the A & F logo. She had on pink and white sneakers with little socks to round out her outfit. Her breasts were tiny, barely a bump on her chest, but her nipples seemed to be hardening rapidly from the AC in the room. All in all a true tasty looking treat, one I would love to eat. "You know" I said "with your partner getting away, management will probably want to throw the book at you and press charges." This was actually true, even if they both were caught, management would try to make an example.

"Isn't there something you could do, to tell them I was just along and not really doing anything so they like might not be too hard on me, you know" Hailey said teary eyed.

"Believe me, I'd love to help but I have no control over management. Maybe&hellip." I paused as if thinking. I already had a plan but Hailey didn't need to know that. "What is it you were starting to say, do you have any ideas?" Hailey said, desperation clearly in her voice. "If my father finds out about this he might throw me out if I don't end up in jail." "Well I thought of something that might work, but then that could cost me my job.

It's not worth it for me" I answered her. Just as I planned, the ray of hope I offered her turned up the pressure. I wanted her to suggest a solution.

"Please I'll do anything to make things right if you can help me with this" Hailey pleaded, looking me in the face with her big brown eyes. I got up and stood in front of her, maybe with two feet separating us. I knew that my crotch was at her eye level, which caused the blood to begin flowing to my cock. "Hailey, I hope you don't mind me using your name, but when you say anything what exactly do you mean?" I said while bringing my hand to the front of my pants and rubbing the growing bulge.

Her eyes widened and she took a big gulp of air. But in a steady voice she said "You saw I was giving that guy a blowjob. If you like I could do that for you. I'm really good at it I'm told." She did her best sexy look while saying this, even batting her eyes at me.

"Hailey, Hailey what am I going to do with you? I know I'm over 30, but I haven't lost all my looks yet. I really don't have trouble getting my cock sucked. If that's all your offering me I have to decline" I said. "Wait what more do you want?

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Do you want to fuck me as well? I guess I can do that " she answered. "Hailey you are a very sexy girl. I would want to do anything I want with you, no restrictions.

And more than once. Once wouldn't be enough with your body, especially with what you get in return" I said. I could see she was thinking it over, calculating what she might have to do versus what she knew would happen if she didn't. Just at that moment we heard the sound of approaching sirens. "Well it looks like their here. Come on it's time to go" I said sternly, reaching for her arm. "No wait, I agree. You can do anything with me, I won't say no to what you want. I promise.

Please." she cried. "Ok" I said "wait in here and I'll tell you when the coast is clear." I opened the door to the locker room and guided her in, closing the door after her. I went outside and unlocked the front gate and the police drove in. It didn't take that long to deal with them. I told them what happened, conveniently forgetting about Hailey. I gave them the knapsack and we had a laugh about the dumb kid leaving his calling card behind.

Then they did a quick patrol of the property to make sure he wasn't still lurking about. While they did that I called my supervisor and filled her in.

She was happy about how I handled things and how it would look good for the security company to be on top of things. What she was most happy about was since I took care of things she didn't have to drive to the site at 1:00 A.M.

I suggested that maybe I should get a raise and she agreed to recommend that. After I hung up the cops came back saying all was clear and they left.

Then I locked up and headed back into the guardhouse. I opened the door to the locker room. Hailey was standing there, still looking nervous. "Ok Hailey you can come out now. The police are gone and I didn't tell them about you, so you should be in the clear." Hailey walked out of the room and immediately said "Oh thank you. You're the best, I really mean it. Thank you." I reached out and grabbed her shoulder and spun her around so her back was to me.

I then used my pocket tool to cut off the restraint on her wrists and turned her back to face me. I stepped back so that she was at an arms distance and really studied her. Her face was very pretty, even beautiful. I stepped close to her, put a hand on her lower back and pulled her body to mine. As I gazed into her brown eyes I saw a mix of fear and excitement. Remembering how the boy slapped her I realized Hailey had a big submissive streak. I leaned down and kissed her hard. When I did I felt an instantaneous jolt go through me.

Her pink lips were soft and sweet as candy. I continued kissing her and she began to respond, kissing me back. I slipped my tongue between her parted lips and her tongue eagerly met mine. Our tongues entwined and separated again and again as if dancing. My hand pulled her even tighter to me and my cock was growing rapidly as it pushed into her belly.

I felt her arms encircle me and she pushed her mound against my leg. I broke the kiss while I still had some control left. My lips nuzzled her cheek and hair and I whispered in her ear "Wow Hailey that kiss was incredible." "Oh God yes" she responded "I think that was the best kiss I've ever had." Realizing I might be crazy, I broke our embrace and stepped back.

Hailey, mistaking my intentions, began to sink to her knees. I stopped her with my hand and pulled her back to her feet. "Hailey, some people might think I'm crazy for saying this but I'm not going to hold you to our agreement." She looked at me in confusion.

"You mean you don't want to sleep with me?" she asked. I laughed. "No that's not what I'm saying. I'm sure you felt how much I'd like to do that." Hailey turned red, but she stared down at the large bulge in my pants, which to tell the truth was starting to be painful, trapped as it was. "Then why don't you want to?" she asked with a puzzled expression. "I guess because I'm a good guy. I've never forced a woman against her will and I don't want to start now.

I know we made a deal but I'd be a scumbag if I took advantage of you. But most people aren't so nice, so stay out of trouble and stay away from guys like that kid" I said.

I was rolling the dice one more time, but whether I would hit the jackpot or roll craps I didn't know. Hailey looked me in the eye, like she was trying to figure out if I was telling the truth or messing with her. She then gave a little shrug and smiled. "Ok if the deal is off then I can go, right" she said. I did my best to hide my disappointment and answered "Of course you can go.

Let me get your purse from the drawer and be careful going home." "Well since I came with the jerk, I don't have anyway to get home so I have an idea. I can wait here with you, until you get off. Then you can give me a ride and while we wait we can do those things that we both want to do with each other" Hailey said, showing herself to be pretty perceptive as well as horny.

"Hailey did anyone ever tell you that not only are you beautiful and hot, but really clever as well." Her face flushed but she did smile from the compliment. She replied "People talk about my looks, but no one ever says anything about my mind." "Well Hailey" I answered "they're fools for not noticing. Besides the brain can make sex better than the body alone.

But enough talk for now." I pulled her close and started to kiss her again. The softness of her pink lips was incredible and I feasted on her mouth. This time I felt her tongue slip into my mouth and begin to explore. I eagerly began to suck hard on her tongue which she liked. After a couple of minutes of kissing I began to work my mouth down her slender neck, and when I bit the nape she moaned loudly. My hands reached to the bottom of her top and began to lift it up. Hailey raised her arms so I could pull it over her head.

I tossed the shirt on the desk. Her breasts were very small, no more than a mouthful, a true A-cup cutie. Her nipples and areolas were a pale pink. The areolas were the size of half-dollars and her nipples were erect and protruding.

I couldn't resist them, so I bent down and flicked one nipple with my tongue, then the other. I felt Hailey shudder as my tongue teased her nips. I then opened my mouth and took her right breast in, suckling it with my lips and gently tweaking it with my teeth. My hand reached up and started to play with her left breast and nipple, caressing and squeezing.

Hailey obviously was very sensitive as she let out a low moan and grabbed my hair and encouraged my mouth "Oh yes don't stop. Keep sucking, oh please don't stop, that feels so good, yesss. " I then switched my mouth to her left breast and a hand to her right and continued my attention. She continued moaning and playing with my hair. I continued kissing and nuzzling her chest and I noticed the skin between her breasts was very sensitive so I began really sucking the skin hard there.

This had such an effect on her that she pulled my head off her. "Oh stop, I can't take it any more" Hailey said. I reached up with both hands and tweaked both nipples. She grabbed my hands and pulled them away. "Stop" she said "you're being bad." I laughed and put my arms around her waist and lifted her into the air so that her chest was at my mouth level and began to work her nipple over again. She squealed and kicked her feet back and forth, but I held on tight. "If you don't stop then how can I suck your dick?" Hailey asked.

The girl made a good point, so after one more nipple nip I put her down. She smiled and sank to her knees. "Now it's my turn" she said "so get those pants down and let me suck you." I didn't need to be asked twice as I'd been wanting this since I first saw her. I unbuckled my belt and pulled down my zipper before pushing my pants and underwear down freeing my cock. It sprang up after it's long captivity, already dripping pre-cum.

Now my cock is just under 8" in length and average thickness, around 5 ½ " in circumference.


Hailey let out a squeal when she saw my cock. "Wow your dick is long, wait I don't know your name" she said "and if I'm going to suck your dick I should." "My name is Joe.

Now you know my name so start sucking Hailey" I said, as I took my cock in hand. When Hailey leant forward I slapped her cheek with my cock. I gripped her head with my other hand, then proceeded to slap her face all over.

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"Open your mouth" I ordered her "and stick out your tongue." Hailey instantly complied, opening her mouth wide and sticking out her pink, pointed tongue. I pushed my cock into her wet mouth and she immediately went to work. Hailey wrapped her lips tightly around my shaft and began sliding her mouth down it. I removed my hand from the base of my cock, but kept my other hand on her head, entwined in her hair. She took me to the back of her mouth then slid her mouth back until only the head was in her.

She repeated this a number of times driving me crazy. Hailey then changed tactics, taking her mouth off my cock and instead swirling her warm tongue all around my cockhead before licking down my shaft until reaching my balls. Hailey opened her mouth and sucked a ball into her mouth where her tongue continued licking. She took her mouth off my ball and started working her tongue up the length of me.

Again Hailey opened her mouth and took my rock hard cock inside. She began to bob her head up and down, taking in my head and the few inches below it. Her head was moving fast and at a steady rhythm and I didn't no how much longer I could last, when I heard Hailey making little moaning sounds around my cock. I looked down and saw her hand between her legs, rubbing herself. I pulled Hailey's mouth off my cock and heard a pop as my head slipped from her lips.

She looked up at me confused. "Hailey did I give you permission to play with yourself?" I asked her sternly. "No" she answered "but I didn't think you would mind." "Well I feel if you are giving me a blowjob you should concentrate on that 100% and not on your little pussy at the same time.

Believe me, I will take good care of it in a little while" I said. Hailey smiled at me and said "Sorry I thought you would, it's just I'm getting so hot sucking your big dick." She then swallowed me again taking me to the back of her mouth.

Hailey took her hand and gripped the base of my cock. She then tilted her head and swallowed further, taking my cock into her throat. I gasped from the feeling of my cock sliding down her throat. She continued inching further down until the only part outside her was covered by her hand.

Hailey then adjusted her head so she was gazing into my eyes. She then removed her hand and swallowed me to the root, her lips bumping into my pubic hair. It felt incredible, as most women didn't deep throat me. Hailey moved her head back then deep throated me again. It was too much for me and I felt the cum boiling up from my balls. "Oh God Hailey, I can't hold back anymore.

I'm going to cum" I exclaimed. Hailey pulled back but kept the head of my cock in her mouth and ran her tongue over it.

My cock exploded in her mouth with more force than I ever remembered but Hailey kept sucking away as my cock shot cum deep into her mouth. My orgasm seemed to go on forever but finally the cum ran out. As I pulled my cock from her sweet lips a dribble of cum escaped as well, but Hailey stuck out her tongue and licked it up. "Wow Joe, you came a lot and it tasted real good as well" she said. "When you said you were good at this you sold yourself short little girl.

Great is more like it" I answered. I reached my hand down and helped Hailey to her feet. My hands then snaked around to the lower back of Hailey and I began to unzip her skirt. When I finished Hailey shook her hips and the skirt slid down to the floor.

She stood before me wearing only a blue thong and sneakers, and there was a growing wet spot on her panties. I sank down to my knees and I could smell her sex perfume. I leaned in and kissed her mound through the thin material. My fingers slipped under her waist band and I pulled her thong down to her ankles. Her pussy was right before me and was so beautiful it took my breath away. Hailey obviously waxed, as her pussy was bald with just a tiny landing strip a few inches long. Her pussy was a shade of pink, with her lips glistening from her juices.

Her lips didn't protrude, but were flush with her body. Her clitoris was erect and peaking out from it's hood.


I took my finger and began to slide it up and down between her lips, making sure to graze her clit with each pass. I could feel her juice oozing out her peach as I did.

Hailey began to push her mound forward as I played with her, letting out little mewing sounds. She must have been in a high state of arousal because after only a couple of minutes she grabbed my shoulder, digging her fingernails in hard.

Hailey started to tremble and gasped out " I'm cumming." I had to have a taste of her nectar, so I removed my finger from her slit and put my mouth on her lips and started sucking her love juice. This pushed Hailey into a bigger orgasm and her whole body shuddered. I began to use my tongue to lap up any escaping juice. Hailey's taste was sweeter than April wine and I couldn't get enough.

I started to stick my tongue into her hole as far as I could lapping up all her nectar from her pussy walls. My thumb crept up and began gently rubbing her clit as my tongue made circular motions inside her.

It wasn't long before Hailey started having another orgasm from my efforts. This time she grabbed my hair with both hands, pulling on it hard while letting out a long moan. I felt her pussy muscles actually contract on my tongue as she came. When her orgasm subsided I removed my tongue and stood. I grasped the back of Hailey's head and leaned in and kissed her passionately. When I broke the kiss I said to her "Hailey did you taste yourself on my mouth?

Because you really taste good. If there was a way to market that you could be a millionaire." She laughed and just said "That's silly." I hadn't nearly had my fill of this hot teen, so I picked her up like a rag doll and put her on top of the desk.

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I placed Hailey on her back, with her feet flat on the desk and her knees in the air. I positioned a chair and sat so I was between her legs. With one hand I spread her wet lips and I inserted a finger from my other hand into her hot box.

Though she was tight, she was so wet I had no problem as I began to finger her. After a couple of minutes I slipped a second finger into her which caused Hailey to begin moaning.

I leaned my head in and began teasing her engorged clit with my tongue as I continued to finger her. My tongue made circular motions on her clit, with an occasional direct stab of my tongue. As I increased the speed of my fingers in her pussy her moaning became louder. I then sucked her clit and the surrounding flesh into my mouth bringing Hailey another orgasm.

I stood up while Hailey recovered from her orgasm. I took a number of plastic restraints and adjusted Hailey's body into position so that her head was at the edge of the desk. I took Hailey's hands and brought them above her head. I fastened a restraint to a drawer handle, then secured her wrists with another and a third to join the two together, imprisoning Hailey.

I then restrained each of her legs separately so that she was held immobile with her legs spread. Noticing the time, I approached Hailey's face and bent down and kissed her while also tweaking a nipple. I then picked up Hailey's thong and stuffed it in her mouth.

I pulled up my pants, although my semi-erect cock resisted being confined again. "Hailey I have to go make my rounds again. But don't worry, I'll be back to fuck you. Now don't go anywhere." I headed for the door.