Chinese old men Her Wet Dream

Chinese old men Her Wet Dream
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"37.98" said the tall blond working the cash register at the liquor store. There was a long line. It was Friday night. He was glad Terry was in New Mexico visiting her crabby old mother. He'd had a hard, shit week and he was looking forward to imminently getting fucked up and perusing his favorite TGP web sites. Dean reached for his cash. When he opened his wallet, a stupid expression came over his face and he pulled out a twenty and thought maybe the other one was stuck behind it.

He looked all around him on the floor thinking maybe he had dropped a twenty. He could feel a flush of heat flare up his neck and face. "Sir?" she asked. "I guess I don't have enough. I thought I had more. I don't know what." The more that dribbled out of his mouth, the stupider he sounded.

What the fuck? Did he spend it? He couldn't remember. "I'll have to put the whiskey back and just get the case, I guess." She looked disinterestedly at him for a moment working on a wad of gum. "Can I get a manager to register 4?" He heard an exasperated sigh behind him and the line got longer.

He was frantically going through his week in his mind. Nothing was coming to him. A pudgy, baldy, beard-o manager fuck came over and whispered with the cashier.

Dean piped up, "On second thought, I'll take the pint. No beer." The pretty blond took his money. He shoved the change in his pocket, grabbed the bottle and quickly left as he heard the cashier ask if he wanted his receipt.

He got in his van and slammed the door. He was positive he had forty bucks. He'd had it all week. He hadn't spent any of it. Had he? No, there was nothing.

Then it dawned on him. It must have been Mandy. Sure as fuck. She stole twenty dollars out of his wallet. *** Mandy was in her room sitting in front of her mirror.


She had make-up strewn all across her vanity and clothes all over the floor. She leaned in close to examine the eyeliner she applied around her hazel eyes in a thick, smudgy, black line. She smoothed her hands over her newly dyed, jet-black hair, flicked her fingers through her bangs and decided on red lips.

She stood up and stepped back to get the full effect of her appearance. She wore a blue and white stripped crop top with capped sleeves that sat off her shoulders and little white jean shorts.

She slipped on her favorite white booty sandals and buckled the straps. She turned around and looked back at herself over her shoulder and was surprised at how sexy she looked. Her mom never gave her too much shit about anything but, she thought that now, even mom might throw a sideways glance at her in this outfit. But, shit, she was eighteen. Even though she still lived at home, technically she could do whatever the hell she wanted.

Mostly, people from work were going to be at the party and they were used to seeing her in that lame uniform. They were going to drop dead when they saw her like this! A little thrill of excitement bubbled up inside her and she couldn't stop a smile from popping out.

She looked a lot like her mother did when she was younger. She had the same heart shaped face and cute lips. She had a curvy little shape but she was tiny.

All of five feet and tipping the scale at 105. Even her mother was never as tiny as she was. Mom had always called her a little doll. Mandy used to wish that she had big boobs like her best friend, Lisa. But now she was ok with her body. Besides, she had a great little butt and she knew it. And these shorts were just short enough, that if she bent over at all, the swell of her cheeks was accentuated. She bent over, ever so slightly, to test how far she could go before she was too exposed. This is a very daring outfit, she thought.

Which is why she wanted to hurry up and get out before Dean got home. He was always doing some kind of messed up shit. Just the other day, Dean came out of the bathroom, dripping wet and wrapped in a towel. Mandy came up the stairs and stopped short when she saw him. She noticed his muscular arms and the black ink tattoo on his chest.

Water was dripping down his neck and tanned upper body. She remembered thinking, 'He's naked under there.' He smirked and gave his arm a little flex for her. She quickly went into her room and shut the door. She could handle all of his glances and admittedly even toyed with him a little. But she didn't want him thinking that she dressed up like this just for him. It was better to leave before he got home and avoid that whole situation.

Then she heard his van pull up. Shit! She peeked out the curtain. Damn it! She decided to hang out in her room until he disappeared into his mom's room and then sneak down the stairs and quietly slip out the front door. *** He pulled up to the house and saw that Mandy's light was on upstairs.

He turned off the engine and the lights and gulped down another swig of whiskey. Mandy's mother Terry was an attractive woman, for sure, but she was 10 years older than he was. They had met at a country bar, he went home with her, and she was hot to trot over him ever since. Eventually, he needed a place to stay and announced that he was moving in. The only problem was that Terry had packed on a good 25 pounds in the last year. She wasn't unattractive yet, he still boned her a few times a week, but where was it going to end?

She also had an eighteen year old daughter who was a mouthy little tease. Dean wasn't wild about having to deal with some other dudes offspring. She was cute and sexy as hell in a way that only a self absorbed, smart assed, brat could be. But, she was in need of a major attitude adjustment. She was constantly dismissing him, ridiculing him; trying to piss him off.

Fucking with the fact that she was aware of his noticing her. Like this morning: He was in the kitchen standing at the toaster with his coffee and a cigarette, waiting for the toast to pop up.

Mandy came padding her ass past him in those god damned slippers she never lifts high enough. She's got on some kind of tight boy boxers and a big baggy white T-shirt.

She's at the kitchen table in front of him, bent over on her elbows, talking on her phone about getting an apartment with her friend. Her top is flopped open though and he can see her pink, little tits as plain as day.

He just stands there kind of transfixed by it with his cigarette hanging out of his mouth. His prick starts perking up for the second time that morning.

Fuck, he just rubbed one out in the shower but, *POP*, the toast popped up and she turned her face up towards him. He didn't notice.

He was too busy thinking about making those little tits shake and jiggle. What if he just turned her around and.he looked up and caught her staring at him with her big eyes all smeared with makeup from the night before. She ended her call and stood there looking at him. Then she rolled her eyes, slowly stood up, adjusted her shirt up a bit and shuffled past him to go to her room. He grabbed her arm roughly and held it tight.

"Don't you fucking roll your eyes at me." "Fine! Sorry!" she snapped back a little too sarcastically. He pushed her a little when he let go of her arm, but kept her eyes locked. *** Sitting in the driveway, he looked up and saw her peek out of her window. That's right, little tease. I'm home. Mandy heard the the door shut. Did he slam it? She heard him throw his keys down and then climb up the stairs.

She waited for her mom's bedroom door to shut when suddenly he banged on her door. "Mandy!" She jumped. He immediately turned the knob and tried opening the door. She instinctively responded by pushing the door closed. He leaned into the door and it came crashing open. She stepped back. "What the hell, Dean?" "What the hell, Mandy?" He stepped into her room.

He stood there looking at her and cracked a smile. "What in the holy hell are you wearing?" She instantly regretted her wardrobe decision and a sting of humiliation stabbed at her. "I'm going to a party. What do you want?" "Dressed like that? You look like a whore. Jesus Christ, Mandy. Have some decency." Who the fuck are you to talk about decency, she thought, but said nothing. "I gotta go. I'm late." She grabbed her purse and tried to push past him, but he held up his arm against the door jamb.

"Hold on there, Missy. I need to talk to you." She looked up at him with a pouty face and held his stare. "Have a seat." he snapped back, spitting out the 't.' He gestured to her unmade bed. She pursed her lips at him. "Go on." She turned and sat on the edge of her bed. She saw a pair of underwear, crotch side up and discreetly shoved them under the sheet. "Don't worry, I already know you're a slob." he said as he tucked his bottle of whiskey under his arm and took out a cigarette and a lighter.

"Don't smoke in here." "Don't fucking tell me what to do." He took a long drag on his cigarette. "Guess where I was just now." "At the bar?" she said judgmentally. "Close. At the liquor store. To get beer and whiskey. But look. All I got was the whiskey." She could see that half of it was already gone. "Why is that, you think?" He twisted off the cap and took another gulp and gave an over exaggerated grimace and a loud, "Ah!" She was feeling uneasy.

She had seen him get mean on occasion with her mom and then there was this morning in the kitchen. But, she had this under control. She smiled and pretended to be amused by him. She let out a big sigh and shook her head dramatically. "You got me, Dean. Why did you only get whiskey?

He took another drag and then pointed at her with his cigarette with a half cocked smile on his face as he exhaled.

"Because a thieving, little, whore stole twenty dollars out of my wallet." Fuck. Her stomach did a flip flop and her pretty red mouth hung open for a moment. Her heart was suddenly racing more than it should have been. He walked over to her bed and crouched down in front of her. "Did you?" "Did I what?" was all she could come up with.

She kept her eyes glued to the floor. "Look at me. LOOK AT ME." She cast her eyes up to meet his. He got his face right in hers and caressed her arm with the hand holding the cigarette. "I'm going to ask you this one more time. It's a simple yes or no. Did you steal twenty dollars out of my wallet?" She doesn't speak. She can't think. Suddenly, he grabbed her shoulders and squeezed them up together. She squeaked in surprise. "Don't FUCKING lie to me!" "Yes!" she blurted.

He let her go and waited. She looked up and saw a pleased look on his face.

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He looks her dead in the eye and sees that she's scared. "Yeah, you'd better be scared." Her mouth went dry. He asks, "When?" "This morning, while you were in the shower. I'm really sorry. I didn't.I just needed it because.I." "Because why?" "I just." Her mouth is open but no words come out.

"I'll tell you what you just did. You just bought yourself a ticket out of that little party." "Jesus Dean! I can give it back!" "Not the point. Better get to calling that Lisa chick or whoever she is. Tell her you stole money from me and your in a shit ton of trouble." She peers at him with an incredulous stare.

"Think I'm playing? Get your phone." She looks down at the floor, trying to buy time until her brain could think of a way out of this. Nothing. "DO IT!." She's seen him pissed before, but never like this.


Her hands are shaky as she fumbles through her purse for her phone. She presses the number and waits as it rings. "Hi Lisa, I can't come over. I know, it's just.I'm sorry, but." "Thats good enough." He takes the phone, ends the call and throws it to the side.

She gasps and looks at him with disbelief. He squints at her, daring her to protest. She doesn't look away. "We've got ourselves a little problem, Mandy." "Dean! It's not like I." "Shut up! Move!" He points to the stairs. "Go down and sit on the couch." She walks past him and half way expects him to shove her or something.

He stays right behind her. She shuffles down the stairs, both hands on the railing and sits on the edge of the couch cushion.

All she could do is look at her hands balled up in a fist in her lap. Her mind is reeling. She doesn't feel so much in control anymore. He walks past her, closes the curtains, crushes out his cigarette and locks the front door. He walks over and stands in front of her. He holds up his wallet. "Does this belong to you?" He clips her under the chin with it, forcing her to tilt her face up to him.

"I need an answer." He starts to lightly tap the wallet in a circle on her face as he speaks, making her flinch with each tap. "Does - this - belong - to you!?" "No" she whispers. She swallows hard. He smooths his hand over the top of her head and then grabs a handful of hair.

He shocks her with a slap across the face with the wallet. She instinctively brings her hands up to protect her face. "THEN DON"T YOU FUCKING TOUCH IT!!" He lets go of her hair with a little push and tucks the wallet into his back pocket. "Please, Dean! Jesus, I just want to go to my room!" she says with her face in her hands, holding back tears. "You're not going anywhere. You're going to tell me why you stole from me." She tries desperately to somehow diffuse the situation.

Being cute and flirty had always been her go to tactic. She pouts her lips; all cupids bow. "C'mon, Dean. Just calm down. I can give it back. Geez." She does her best to look put out, lets out a little scoff and a half smile as she tosses her hair a little. "Are you fucking LAUGHING!?" He pounces at her, grabs a fistful of hair again and pulls her to her feet. Her hands fly up to his and she yells, "Ow! You're hurting me!" He steps in closer and bends his face to hers and gives her head a little shake.

"Feel like laughing some more?" "NO!" She can't stop the tears. She is humiliated. Staring darkly into her eyes he growls, "I didn't think so." He holds her for another long second and then releases her.

She wipes her eyes and tries to get a grip on the situation. This is crazy. He is crazy. She makes a futile wish that her mother would come home early. He leers at her. "Don't you look cute." He steps around behind her and runs his finger down her bare arm. A chill runs up her spine. "Ain't you smooth." "Dean, can't I go to back to my room?" she pleads. "You know you're always prancing around here with your ass hanging out." He lets the back of his hand fall and brush across her butt.

She tries not to move. He slides around to face her. He pulls the elastic of her crop top and peeks under her top. He lets the elastic snap back. "Or your tits." Now she is really scared. No one is on their way over. She can't call anyone. Mom is not here to take her side against him. She can smell alcohol, cigarettes, and anger on his breath.

He points a finger up in her face. "You do that shit on purpose." Her heart drops down and makes a little spasm spread between her legs. Fear. *** He squints and lowers his voice.

"Take my fucking money?" He doesn't take his eyes off hers. He starts to undo the buckle of his belt. "Please, Dean. Please." He watches her and enjoys the fear he sees, as he takes off his belt. He folds the thick black strip of leather in half and snaps it loudly.

She jumps when it pops. He reaches behind her and pulls a thick cushion off the couch and drops it on the floor in front of her. She feels like she might pee her pants. He drops another cushion on top and snaps the belt in her face again.

"Kneel down!" Helpless, she drops to her knees. He pushes her over the cushions so she is leaning over them with her ass up, nicely displayed. "Put your arms up." "Dean, I." He pops the belt loudly. "DO IT!" She whimpers and slowly puts her arms up. "Aw, are you scared?" "Yes!" "Good." Her leg muscles contract, bracing for a hit. He brings the belt down hard and it smacks her squarely on the ass.

The sting shocks her and she lets out a painful yelp when the leather bites into her flesh. "Fuck! I'm sorry!" "Too late." He hits her again.*WHACK* Panic. "Ow! Dean! That really fucking hurts. You gotta stop!

I'm fucking serious!" "Shut up!" Another * SMACK* and she lets out a shriek into the cushions, tears of pain leaking into the cloth. He crouches down on the side of the cushions and starts rubbing her ass through her tight white shorts. "This cant be happening" she thinks. "This cant be real". She hears the buckle of the belt jingle as he tosses it aside. "Sh, don't you make any fucking noise. Or I'll make that seem like a Christmas morning.

You get me?" She got him. He kneels over her on one knee. He reaches in his jeans and adjusts himself. He pulls her shorts way up so her little round ass is really exposed. He hooks his hand under the back of her shorts and yanks her hips up. He lightly smacks her ass with his free hand. He watches her ass jiggle and feels his dick twinge. He hits her again, a little harder this time. He stands up and straddles his legs on either side of her.

She doesn't dare move. He reaches down underneath her and unbuttons her shorts and yanks them to her thighs. He lets out an audible grunt when he sees her red, satin panties. Oh my God, she thinks, her mind racing. He returns to kneeling beside her, slowly tugs up on her underwear and watches it disappear into the crack of her ass. He greedily grabs at the little plumpness that is emphasized like a silky, little pin cushion. "You're a little cunt for taking my money." And then her really lets her have it, unleashing his righteous anger as he delivers his punishment.

He spanks her hard and shouts with every word. "Little fucking - bitch! Your - fucking - mom never taught you how to - respect - nothing! "Don't - you - ever - steal - from me - again." She can't keep from squealing in pain as his rough hand lights up her ass. "Understand me?" " Ow! Yes! I understand! I'm sorry Dean. I'm so sorry!" She is mortified and genuinely remorseful. "Jesus, just let me go up to my room now." "Shut up, don't move" he says quietly.

She can hear him breathing hard and fumbling with his zipper and then unbelievably, taking off his pants and shirt. He throws his clothes against the wall. Suddenly he's on her. She feels his hard dick pushing against her ass.

Oh shit. She's in trouble now. *** "Oh, you're ass is all red." He leans over her and puts his face next to hers and whispers, "That makes me want to fuck you." Everything seems to slow down; her heart races. The adrenaline heightens her senses. She is breathing heavily and she feels his warm dick rubbing all over her butt cheeks. Her ass is on fire with bright red pulsing hand prints. He strokes her hair.

"You got your ass whipped, didn't you?" He is on his knees behind her. He grabs her hips and lifts her up. He makes her pull her knees under her so she's kneeling over the cushions. "Arch your back and stick your ass up, before I beat it again." She doesn't dare argue.

He reaches his thumbs under her tight panties and pulls them down. He pulls her shorts completely off but leaves the underwear on one thigh. He puts one big hand on one side of her ass and holds his dick in the other. Slowly he pushes the tip of his dick into the slit between her legs and spreads her soft, bare lips apart and reveals a tiny, wet, pink opening.

He slides his tip down all the way to her clit, making her jump up a little. "Don't do that," he says gruffly. He rubs his hands all up her back and pushes her top up to her shoulders.

He wraps his hands around her little waist and they almost go completely around. He reaches under to her small breasts and pulls at them. His voice is low and gritty. "You've got a great little body." Somewhere in her brain she takes the compliment. He rubs his dick up and down her clit, slowly over and over. "Oh, you're wet little girl." She is so embarrassed.

He is rock hard. Suddenly he is in front of her. He pulls her up and forces her to sit on the edge of the couch. He grabs her small hand. "Put your hands on my dick. Grab it." She puts her hands reluctantly around his excited penis and is amazed at the thickness of it. Her thumb and fingers don't even meet. Holy shit would that even fit into her? He grabs a fistful of hair at the back of her head and shoves the greedy shaft against her face.

She instinctively clamps her lips and eyes tightly shut as he smashes against her, smearing her lipstick around. "Open your mouth! Do it right!" He slaps her, *SMACK*. He crouches down right into her face. "We can do this the hard way or we can do it the easy way and I really don't mind the hard way, to be honest." "Ok! Ok! No, please! Christ don't hit me again." Her face shiny with tears, she tries one last time to be excused.

"Dean, Can I please go to my room?" She looks up at him with big serious eyes, hoping he'll take pity on her. He puts his hand on the side of her face and she flinches. "Dean?" He rubs his thumb over her lips, squishing them around. "You're going to call me, Sir. Stick out your tongue." All hope slips away.

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She does what he says and sticks out her tongue and thinks that she must look ridiculous. "Lick me." He starts rubbing his dick over her wet cheeks. "Say it." She knows there is no other way but to do as he says. "Yes, Sir." She bends down and starts licking him. She is embarrassed by all the noise she is making trying to reach the whole of his dick with her tongue, but he seems to like it. She holds him firmly with both hands trying to keep him from pushing into her mouth.

The friction makes him moan with pleasure and to her mortification, she feels a little proud of that. "Open up." he growls. Not really quite believing this is real, she timidly opens her mouth into a small "O".

He shoves his hungry dick at the tiny opening and manages to push in a bit before her instincts involuntarily make her twist her head away again. He feels her trying to escape and roughly seizes her face with his hands and clamps her face in place. He forcefully pushes his cock into her lips until the pressure pushes her jaws apart and he can finally take possession of her pretty mouth. He pushes roughly in several times, each deeper and deeper into her throat.

He is grunting with each thrust and he doesn't retreat. Slowly he forces it farther and farther. She stretches her mouth open as far as it can go but he still tries to push in further. Tears of effort and a runny nose from crying conspire to obstruct her breathing.

Bright panic sets in. She garbles some urgent guttural sound, unable to get any air in past his large dick. Saliva goes down her restricted airway and she starts choking for real.She urgently needs to breath but all he does is smack her smartly on the side of her face while leering down at her.

"I ain't coming out until you quit resisting me. Got it?" She looks up at him desperately trying to nod her head, feverishly trying to get some air past the large dick embedded in her throat.

Tears are spilling freely down her cheeks. All the sassy bravado gone out of her now, she looks like what she is; a scared, helpless girl in way over her head. He pulls out enough for her to wheeze in a breath. He stays back just far enough for her to finally gasp in some desperately needed air. She still bubbles and slurps, but slowly makes her way back from the edge of sheer panic.

He pushes her hair back from her upturned face almost gently. Looking up with her eyeliner running down her small face, his dick still firmly between her lips, she surrenders her will. "Pleathe Dean" she whispers wetly.

"I'll tho it. I'll tho it good." A drunken satisfied smile crosses his face. He pulls the obstructing member slowly out of her mouth, strings of saliva dripping down, and says "Breath, just breath for a second." She wipes her trembling lips on her arm, slowly getting herself under control.

The inevitability that there is no way out of this is sinking, finally, into her awareness. She was in some serious trouble here and she knew it. As one of the pretty popular girls in school, she had of course given "head" before. Always with her in control of the event. She rather enjoyed toying with the boys, letting them moan and squirm until they finally lost control after 4 or 5 minutes.

This was different in every, frightening way. She had never had a full grown, engorged man shove his cock unapologetically down her throat without a care for any consequence. *** He pulls her to the cushions again and kneels her over them and gets in front of her. He pushes her down on her hands and knees. "Ok" he says quietly.

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We're going to try this again. He holds his dick up to her face again. "Now suck it good this time or you're gonna get the belt again." She positions herself to take as much dick in her mouth as she can.

She tries to relax her jaw and opens wider with his every push.


He hold two fists full of hair and pulls her face into his dick. "Oh Shit, that's it." He pulls her head into him forcing her to take him in and then he starts pumping his dick in a steady rhythm and full on fucks her tiny face. He's groaning with lust. She manages to suck in a ragged breath with every thrust or two. "Oh yeah! Suck my big cock, you little thieving cunt.

Stick your cute ass up!" As difficult as that is to do, she manages to arch her back a little bit more. Suddenly he pulls his dick out of her mouth and vaults behind her. In a daze, she wipes her mouth as he shoves her over the cushions. In her bewildered brain she registers that she feels incredibly exposed. She can't believe he is seeing her naked like this, nothing to guard her against his greedy gaze.

He grabs his thick dick and gives a good push into her soft unwilling pussy. She cries out in surprise and tries to get up to escape the invasion.

He pushes her face down into the pillows, leans over her and grabs her by the waist with both rough hands, and fucks her harder and deeper with every wiggle and protest. "Let me fuck that little pussy." he says from behind, hot breath into her ear. He leans back so he can watch his dick plunge tightly into her. His dick is as large in diameter as her delicate wrist is. She is flabbergasted by the intensity of the pressure between her legs.

She squirms and cries out and tries to crawl away from it. It feels as though she going to completely rip apart. He is relentless though. He keeps it up going deeper and harder. She vanishes into her mind somewhere and with every violent thrust manages to take it.

Finally, he slows his pace a fraction. A new light of terror ignites inside her when he starts to push his calloused thumb into the tight ring of her ass. She sucks in a hard ragged breath and jolts up. The pressure is unbearable.

He starts plunging his thumb up her ass forcefully. "Tell me you like it." he growls. "Say, 'fuck my ass, Sir!'." She is panting. She can't speak. "SAY IT!" "Fuck my ass!" she screamed. "SIR! Try it again." She pants, "Fuck my ass, Sir!" "You mean that? You want me to fuck your ass?" Dean, Please!. NO! Jesus, PLEASE! After a torturous pause, he mercifully retracts his thumb and concentrates on pumping his hard penis into her swollen pussy.

He leans his heavy weight on her back and fucks her harder. He gropes to her sensitive breasts and pinches her nipples roughly making her cry out in shock. "You like that? You Goddamed little Cunt? You're getting FUCKED now!" He is desperately close to coming and he has to stop before he tips deliciously over the edge. He is not quite ready for this surprising situation to be over. He flips her over onto her back and throws a cushion to the side.

He pushes her back onto the other one, positioning it under her ass. "Sh, calm down," he says stroking her thighs with the back of his fingertips. Unexpectedly gentle, he spreads her quivering legs apart and pushes her knees up. She has shaved herself in preparation for her now unattended party, and he is delighted at her naked hairless pussy. Her pretty, white, strappy sandals have stayed tied onto her dainty feet the whole time, and the sight of her spread, young legs with the sexy footwear, impossibly harden his throbbing log even more.

"I'm gonna make you come, little girl." he gruffly whispers. He smacks her pussy sharply one more time, and then starts gently, gently massaging her clitoris.

Rubbing gently, but forcefully, with his thumb and fingers he squeezes and plays with her wetness. Despite the protests happening in her mind, her body betrays her and starts to respond. Little waves of pleasure begin to wash over her.

Her breathing quickens. Her body starts to move to the excruciatingly slow cadence of his thumbs. His hands wander up to play with her breasts and nipples. The size of his working mans hands completely cover her perky, perfect tits.

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"That's it little girl, Just relax and enjoy the ride. This ain't gonna be over until I make you come." "Dean, I don't want to." She says softly, but she is grateful for the momentary breather.

"Sure you do" he says without any doubt. "You want me to fuck you.

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I know you do. I can feel it right now. I see you looking at me; I know you've noticed me checking you out!" The veil of truth causes her to feel ashamed, but somewhere in her mind she reluctantly decides that she does wants this, as fucked up as it is. She couldn't deny what her body was responding to. He pulls up and pushes the tip of his dick in her. She braces, but he is gentle. Little by little, he pushes all the way up, deep inside her and grinds into her between her legs.

Then he pulls out a little and does it again. To her surprise, it feels warm and sweet and she is amazed, and slightly impressed with herself, that she can take him going all the way in. She could barely handle it a minute ago. He starts in at her a little more aggressively making her legs and sandals dance rhythmically in the air. Pushing in and staying in, grinding down, then he easing up again.

"Come on Mandy, get into it!" Obediently, she holds onto his shoulders and starts to pull herself up, tightening herself around him. She reaches for it with her deepest muscles. She makes a low 'mmm' sound and she savors the sumptuous tide of pleasure rising in her body. She can't help it. A warmth starts to kindle between her legs and she moans with luscious surrender. She starts to move her hips to meet his thrusts and she gives herself permission to revel in the sensations.

She's made herself come before, but only with her fingers. This was like nothing she had ever experienced with anyone. This is what it's like to climax with an bona fide man. She closes her eyes and concentrates on the feeling of him sliding into her. She is impaled by him, pinned to the floor like a butterfly. His large hands dig into her ass cheeks, pulling her hips up to meet his penis thrusting into her wet, tightly stretched opening. She grabs at him with greedy, pulling contractions.

He starts fucking her hard now, drilling her down into the pillow. Hot waves of electric ecstasy are washing over and over her. Finally, it's too much. It's like a tidal wave cascading over a cliff. Her hands clench, her toes curl. Her voice goes up several octaves and she cries out in ecstasy, gasping and digging her nails into his shoulders. He lets out a triumphant chortle. " I got you, Cindy Lou!" he quotes unexpectedly.

She shudders, taken. She is rasping and her head is spinning. She sees spots like she might pass out. Her legs are all trembly and she can hardly move them without wincing and moaning.

She is spent and can barely move. She is disoriented and her hair is a sexy mess. He slowly slides his still horny dick out of her, eyes glinting at the sight of her with unfinished desire.

"My turn now", he says in a low gruff voice. Before she knows what's happening, he hoists her roughly up and flips her around, bending her over the couch. He shoves a couple of the pillows under her crotch forcing her ass up. He pushes her head down into the sofa again, her back arched, and he's on her like a wild stallion.

He plunges into her with brutal force. After the warm luxury of her endless orgasm, this bright pain of forced penetration is laser sharp. "STOP Dean! You're hurting me! Holy shit! OW!" "Quiet," he threatens, putting his hand over her mouth to muffle her cries. "I was nice to you, and now I'm getting what I want." He begins to fuck her with pile driving speed and force, relentlessly shoving and grunting. "You're mine, now little Mandy." he growls into her ear.

"PLEASE, DEAN! I cant take it! STOP!" There is no stopping him now, though. He is lost in the terrifying desire to devour her. All she can do is try to hold herself up against his onslaught. She hears her own desperate voice crying out from far away for him to stop, but the only effect that has on him is to drive his intensity to the next level. He likes hearing her cries. He is unyielding, unmoved by her pleas, cock buried in her softness.

His body slamming into her ass makes a clapping noise, as if he's applauding his own domination. His large dick is ramming uncomfortably into her uterus. He mercilessly fucks her little body. She feels his erection begin to throb harder as he speeds up to the point of insanity. He hesitates and then pumps one massive quivering final thrust and explodes inside her. She cries out as he pulses deep into her pussy, his hot sperm shooting inside. She hears him gasping and moaning, sucking in gulps of air.

His considerably larger weight collapses on top of her and she is being crushed into the couch. She can hardly breathe under the weight of him and begs him to get off of her. He shifts a little so she can breath, but he is incapable of movement for several minutes. He finally pulls out and falls heavily back onto the floor, spent like a victorious olympic athlete. She is finally free, but cannot quite trust her shaky legs. She remains bent over the sofa, his warm semen dripping down her twitching thighs.

"Holy fuck!, Holy fuck, Holy FUCK!" he mumbles. "That was fucking AMAZING! I can't believe I just did that! Christ, you are so hot!" She was swirling in a strange brew of emotions, and oddly enough, felt both incredibly violated and validated at the same time; but mostly violated.

For a long while she knelt there, until the ringing in her ears subsided and the air started to feel cool on her sweaty skin. Shakily, she stood up and pulled her underwear back on over the sticky wetness trickling out of her.

She picked up the tiny white shorts, more than a little bewildered that only a short time ago, she had been admiring them in her mirror. They seemed too tight to put on over her sore, delicate area now. She was utterly confused about what she was feeling. Unbelievably, she had lost herself in a genuine orgasm, but as she thought about what had just taken place, anger began to build. That mother fucker. Her lips puckered into an angry pout, and she bitterly asked him, "Can I go up to my room now, you bastard?" "You can get me my Goddamned twenty dollars." He said with a big sarcastic smile.

Suddenly she flared up, her eyes blazing resentfully. She reached into the back pocket of her shorts and pulled out and crumpled up a twenty dollar bill. "It's not even your money, you douche bag!", she shouted furiously. "I know you mooched it off my poor mom before she left." Her bottom lip quivered and she threw the bill into his surprised face.

It bounced off his forehead and he awkwardly tried to catch it, drunkenly juggled it around, and then dropped it, looking like a complete, comical, ass wipe. " FUCK YOU DEAN!" She screamed indignantly into his stupefied face, "You FUCKY FUCKER!" She ran up the stairs, her pretty ass jiggling angrily in those red panties.

He started laughing heartily; partly for the epically failed catch, partly at her cute ass, and partly for the righteously pissed off "fucky fucker!" She turned at the top of the stairs and yelled sarcastically back down, "Fuck - you - SIR!

FUCK YOU!" She ran into her room, slamming the door violently behind her.

*** He sat on the floor for a while listening to her sobbing upstairs. Christ, he hadn't planned on doing that.

He only wanted to scare her. It wasn't like he hadn't fantasized about that exact scenario; would have been impossible not to when she was such a little cock tease, but he truly hadn't thought it through in reality.

It started to dawn on him that he had a pretty big dilemma on his hands now. Terry would fucking shit a brick if she ever found out he had fucked her precious baby doll; probably kick his ass out of the house. "A hard dick has no conscience," his old man used to say back in his drinking days. "Or even the good goddam sense the Lord gave to a tiny gnat!" All he could think of though was, "Holy fuck." That had been some of the most exciting fucking he had ever enjoyed.

There truly was nothing better than a firm, tiny, 18-year old body, bucking around underneath you! Lord, she was tight! His mind couldn't quite get past the delicious thought that maybe after Mandy had gotten past her anger a little bit, she might at some point, remember the great orgasm she had experienced and come begging him up for round two!!

*** He was back at the Liquor EconoMartwaiting in line again. The tall blond was still checking sales and working on her depleted wad of gum. How long had it been? It seemed like a whole lifetime had passed since he was here earlier. He stood in line, elated and buzzing with excitement, the least of which was his ability to now purchase the case of cheap beer he had missed out on earlier.

If worse came to worse, he would just claim that she had came onto him first. Shit, it's not like she didn't enjoy fucking with him whenever she saw the chance. She was freaking 18, for christ sake.

"As far as I can see, it was totally consensual, Occifer." He smiled at his own joke. He double checked to see that he still had the twenty, momentarily fearful of another humiliation. He reached the front of the line and smiling brightly at the pretty cashier.

He purchased his 24 cans of ice cold, American barley pop.brewed with pure Rocky Mountain tap water, he chuckled under his breath, pleased by his own cleverness. 'Let's keep this party rolling!' he thought happily as he pulled the rattling van out of the parking lot, sputtering and backfiring loudly. He pointed his trusty steed more or less down the road and headed towards home.