Gay amateur teen Trace wakes up a sleeping William when he needs his

Gay amateur teen Trace wakes up a sleeping William when he needs his
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Intro: Joshua and Jacob have been best friends since 3rd grade. Being in 7th grade now, neither have really had any gay feelings for each other, but one day they decide to go hiking, and they find themselves in a rather unexpected position "Dude, I'm so bored, you don't have any fun games! We should do something else, or I'm going to die of boredom." Jacob said in a tired voice.

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Joshua shut off the Xbox360 on which the two boys had been playing joylessly for the last couple of hours. "What do you want to do then? Joshua asked. "We could look for arrowheads at the river. Or maybe go squirrel hunting.

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Anything but sitting inside." "It's too hot to be on the river today, and if the went squirrel hunting, the rifle would be too heavy.

We could go hiking on the mountain again, maybe make it to the top." Joshua suggested. Jacob agreed that it was a good idea and within ten minutes the two boys were leaving Joshua's house. It was a 10 minute walk to the base of the trail, and a 3 ½ hour walk to the top. The boys mainly walked and talked, about video games, school, and girls.

About 2 hours in Joshua spotted a herd of deer in an opening down a steep hill. "I'm going to go get closer and check it out!" Joshua said.


"I think I am going to stay here, I'm quite exhausted" Jacob declared. After Joshua was a good distance down the hill and Jacob was certain he wasn't turning his back for a while he sat on the gravel and slowly pulled his pants half down.

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He wasn't really exhausted, the real reason he stayed was that all of the talk about girls and such had gotten him very horny, and he had a uncontrollable urge to masturbate. He started masturbating, slowly at first, but then he started speeding up, remembering that Joshua would be back up the hill soon.

When Joshua reached the bottom of the hill he examined the deer, but then stepped on a branch, snapping it and scaring the deer away.

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He stared back up the hill, at a half job. He knew Jacob didn't like to be kept waiting. Once he was close to the top of the hill Joshua got an idea to sneak up on Jacob and scare him. He stared to move more slowly, watching his footsteps until he reached the top of the hill. He started walking toward Jacob, but then he realized something odd about his posture. His arm was pulsating as if he was---Joshua realized Jacob was masturbating.

"Oh, come on dude!" Joshua exclaimed. Jacob turned incredibly fast, trying to pull up his pants and look casual at the same time.

Joshua knew that it would be very awkward if he said anything about it, so when Jacob tried to cover it up Joshua just said not to talk about it. They walked mainly in silence, both worried that anything one said would be awkward in some way.


Joshua mainly thought. He was having thoughts that, if he had another chance that maybe he wouldn't say anything. Maybe he would stand there and watch him work his penis until he came. Joshua didn't know where the thoughts were coming from. He had never had gay thoughts (yet he had experimented with anal masturbation). He was determined that if he had the chance again, that's what he would do.

When the boys reached the top of the mountain they stopped for lunch. They both sat on a log and ate sandwiches. Joshua could see that Jacob was also thinking hard. Contemplating over something, he assumed. After Jacob was finished eating he told Joshua that he had to go to the bathroom and went a little ways into the trees. Joshua guessed that Jacob wasn't really going to the bathroom since both boys had had a small break to pee, shortly before eating.

Joshua knew he must be masturbating and he remembered what he told himself he was to do earlier. He snuck through the trees and saw Jacob sitting against a tree, completely naked other than his shirt. He was really going at it, violently jerking his foreskin up in down, with a steady pace. Joshua started sneaking around trees getting closer. He snuck up much closer to Jacob and sat there.

He knew that this might be his only chance to seduce Jacob, with both boys being very horny. Then Joshua brought himself to say, "You know it feels a lot better when someone else is doing it." Jacob slightly flinched, but then settled down. Then he realized what Joshua was saying. He faced Joshua and nodded slightly.

Joshua sat down directly beside Jacob. He took his penis gently is his right hand and started slowly stroking it. That instant Joshua knew that seducing him was the right choice. He knew that he had the ability to make Jacob come, and he knew that was what he wanted to do since he caught him earlier. He never wanted to just watch, this is what he wanted. He started jerking him off faster.

He could hear Jacobs groans of pleasure. Joshua stopped and stripped off his shirt and his pants, but kept his boxers on. He moved infront of Jacob and put out his legs so they both intersected with an very acute X. By now both boys had the hardest boner they had ever had. Joshua took Jacob's penis in both hands and started jerking him off again. It reminded him of churning butter.

Jacob leaned back and closed his eyes. Joshua took one hand away leaned him head closer to him penis. Slowly, while still jacking him off, Joshua started sucking the head of Jacob's penis. This slightly startled Jacob, but all he did was moan and ask for more. Joshua stopped jacking him off and took more of his penis into him mouth, sucking him until he came in his mouth.

The bit of semen Joshua didn't collect he sucked off the tip of his penis. He did like the taste, salty though. Jacob moaned long after Joshua was finished. The two boys just sat there. "That was great.


I could get used to this." Jacob said. "Yeah, but the only pleasure I get from it is knowing that I bring you pleasure. That bit is enough for me, but I think I deserve a little extra." Joshua slipped off his boxers. "Your turn." ;) This was my first erotic story written. It is based on real characters, but not real events (but how I wish they were real). It did take me a while to write, choosing how the story would go. I would enjoy a lot of feedback.

I will have part 2 done very soon (Tonight-Tomorrow early morn)

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