A blonde and a brown haired cutie what a great combo

A blonde and a brown haired cutie what a great combo
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It is Wednesday night and I am attending a business meeting - more of a cocktail party than a business meeting in LA, it is being held at the most beautiful reception hall in the area. I arrive alone and reach for a drink. It is then that I notice Heather.

I smile and tip my glass. She is instantly distracted, then I approach. After introductions we engage in small chit-chat with big smiles and coy eyes as we walk to the adjoining room.

I stand by the door. Hesitant, she walks in. Heather walks through the room as I remain watching.


Her arms crossed, her hand covering her mouth as I smile and watch. As she slowly walks along the room, I watch the red dress she is wearing swish across her ass as she walks, I can't help it. Heather walks behind the couch and runs her hand gently across the pillows, her fingers caressing the fringe as she goes. I want those fingers running down my arms, over my chest, through my hair. I offer to get her another glass of wine.

She accepts and when I return, she is sitting crossed leg on the couch. Her dress clings to her chest, flows freely over her thighs. I hand her the drink. She smiles and takes a sip and she is aware that I'm drinking her in. I take her hand and lead her to the balcony overlooking the city. It's dark with a cool breeze and surprisingly quiet.


Everyone has remained inside. The breeze pushes the sheer fabric of her dress tightly to the contours of her body. I smell her deliciousness. I back her into the wall and kiss her softly but hard on the mouth, her tongue searching mine, while my fingers gently trace her body from her waist to her breast. I slightly touch her nipples, which are hard pressing against her dress.

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My tongue reaches hard into her mouth, letting her know how much I want more. I slip my hands up under her dress, her bare legs smooth and toned, I smooth my strong hands from the outside behind her, ever so lightly tracing the lower lines of her ass, along her panties, then finally tracing around to the front between her legs, where I can feel the wetness outside of her panties.

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I very lightly run one finger barely touching the center of her covered pussy, feeling her clit bulging and wanting me to take more. I whisper " I want you." I slip my finger under her panties and touch her warm wet pussy, as I force my finger deep inside of her.

Heather's hands grope hard between my legs, grabbing my bulging cock. She leans into me, pressing her body against me. She tries to be still so as not to attract attention, but she finds her hips swaying ever so slightly from left to right as she presses her pussy softly against my wet palm. This is not the place she tells herself.

The heat of the moment is almost unbearable. Her mind races, her body aches for me to enter her. We don't speak, except with our eyes.

We both know this is not the place. She places her hand on my arm, Heather moans ever so softly before she whispers to meet her in the main entrance.

Heather smooths her dress and slows her breathing. I stand there smiling, knowing where this will lead, but not sure about the logistics. I lead her to a room beside the elevators. It is the employee's lounge, but it is late and there are no employees. We duck inside and she locks the deadbolt. Before she can turn around, I'm close behind her. My hands circling her waist, my lips on her neck, I take her earring into my mouth and she can feel my breath gently in her ear.

She runs her hands up her body and cups her breasts.

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Heather feels my cock throbbing through the fabric. She puts her hands around my neck and moans as I kiss the nape of her neck. She feels my wet tongue licking the contours of her neck, kissing her shoulders, the crook of her elbow. She is insanely wet and she wants me inside her more with every breath.

Heather turns around and I place my hands on the small of her back and press her hard against me. We kiss a slow, sensual, knowing kiss. Her hands go to my face as she caresses my cheeks.

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Her fingers run through my hair, down my neck and around to my mouth. I take her index finger in my mouth and bite gently. I unzip her dress and as it falls to the floor I extend my arms pushing her away to take in every curve.

Her nipples are hard against her creamy white skin. Her breasts slowly move up and down with her breathing, her stomach flat, and her belly button beckoning my hands to touch it.

I guide her to the couch and before laying her down; grab a sheet from the shelf to cover it. She pulls my belt off and unzips my pants. She gently runs her hand inside and feels the hot hard monster bulge that will be hers. As she rubs against the fabric, along the vein, I moan in her ear. " aaaah.aaaah." My breath is hot but not heavy. Our actions are calculated, but not hurried. She cradles my hairy balls and gently squeezes, rolling them in her palm.

I'm so big and ready, she is forced to undo my pants. Heather must slide them off because they are stopped on my monster cock. As she slides one side down, she kiss me hard, our tongues intertwining in passion.

As my pants drop, I pull her closer, kissing her breasts, suckling her nipples, she is moaning in pure delight. " ooooh. ooooh.mmmmmmmm." I lay her down on the couch and move her panties to the side to feel her hot pussy that is begging for attention. Her hips gyrate with every breath. My hands are soft and strong as I enter her. Her clit is bulging as I slide my wrist against it with every deep thrust of my hand. The warmth of her hips as they lay next to me make my cock throb, it is now unbearable for both of us.

I position myself above her and slowly, gently part her legs. She bites her lip as she looks into my eyes as I enter her with a smooth, soft thrust and with each thrust harder and deeper. She can't contain it any longer. Her clit is pulsing; her pussy is hot and wet.

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Her mind is spinning. She moans as I thrust one last time, deep, slow, and hard. I stay deep in her as I cum. Heather feels my spent cock throbbing in her pussy as it reaches the spot and I moan in ecstasy.

" uuuuh.uuuuh.aaaah.aaaah." We lay there, glistening, our breath almost panting, our chests heaving. As she looks at me, I smile. My dark sultry eyes dancing with ecstasy. Heather knows this will end, she is not ready. She loves the sheer thought of me. As I pull out of her my cock is still hard.

Heather looks at me and smiles while she asks me to please hurry. I look around the room and seeing a chair I want to continue this in, I sit in the chair then pull her towards me, pulling her down on my lap, her legs straddling me.

With my hand behind her neck I pull her lips to mine. My tongue enters her mouth searching for the wetness and passion that her tongue offers me. Her nipples pushing hard against my chest, her pussy grinds deep into my crotch as it demands that my cock push against it, my hands grab her ass and pull her tighter to me, her pussy grinding harder and deeper at my cock.

" Pleeease, fuck me, John." Heather stands up then I stand up turning her around to face me. She steps closer to me then she presses her body aganist me. Her arms circle my neck and her fingers run through my hair. I bury my face in her tits. My tongue licking and then sucking her nipples. Her hips gyrating against my crouth as her clit continues to swell with the pressure. I turn her around and push her into the chair her legs spread open.

Placing my hands on her knees I lean in and kiss her long and hard. Our tongues searching every inch of our mouths. Heather moves to the edge of the chair, my hands spread her legs further apart. Her hands move from my face down my neck and find my mouth. I take her middle fingers into my mouth and roll them around my tongue. I slides her hands down her chest, around her hard nipples, and across her belly as I watch.

She continues down and slides her fingers into her pussy, She tells me " This is what I want you to do with your cock, John." Heather continues to slide her fingers in and out of her pussy and back up to her clit slowly.

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With each stroke she applys more pressure and her fingers slide deeper. She begs me now, " Please, please, please, John.

Do you wanna fuck me again? Do you wanna slide your cock in and out of me like this." My cock is so hard watching her and I continue watching her enjoy herself, wanting to continue hearing her beg for me, my cock is now begging for her pussy to surround it again. I grab my cock stroking it while she slides her fingers in and out. Her legs spread far apart and her ass on the edge of the chair, it is easy for me to place the tip of my cock just inside her pussy.

Her fingers still in her pussy, Heather massages the tip of my cock.

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We are both enjoying this slow exchange, with every second getting hotter and wetter. I slowly begin rocking into her pussy, there is soon no room for it and her fingers. With her hand wet with her juices, she slides her hand under my balls and massage them as my cock takes over and I thrust deep and slowly into her pussy.

Her hips gyrate with my thrusts as she presses her clit against the flesh just above my cock and press my balls against her ass. My hands reach up to squeeze her nipples and I continue thrusting deep inside of her. I hear her breath quickening, I hear her moans " aaaah.aaaah.aaaah .mmmmmmmmmm " and I know she is getting close to orgasm. I'm aware that she likes this and is careful not to break my rhythm although it is taking all my will power.

I feel her hands bearing down against my shoulders, I feel her pussy contracting, tightening around my cock deep inside of her, her moans are getting louder and I know it is safe to allow myself satisfaction along with her. My thrusts are faster, I hold my breathe and clench my teeth.

Her legs wrap around me as she holds my cock tightly inside of her as I moan " uuuuh.uuuuh.uuuuh.aaaah.aaaah.aaaah " and release the pleasure storm that has been brewing inside me with every stroke. I hold my cock deep inside her, she feels my cock throbbing and jerking wildly as load after load of cum fills her. Enjoying those last convulsions that are so pleasurable and almost painful, she lets go of her hold around me as I sink back to my knees on the floor.

My hands on her thighs, I look up at her.

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I tell Heather get dressed lets go to my place.