Kinky Babe teamed triple in der Sex Kerker

Kinky Babe teamed triple in der Sex Kerker
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Harry Potter Shag's Privet Dr. Disclaimer: I don't own or make any money form this story DO NOT LIKE GRAMMER MISTAKES TO BAD NO ONES PERFECT I REALLY ENJOY CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISEM BUT DAMN GIVE A MAN A BREAK Harry James Potter sat in his tiny bedroom at # 4 Privet Dr. counting the days until he could go back to Hogwarts school of Witch craft and Wizardry he marked another day down and sat contemplating as to why Lord Voldemort has not moved out into the open.

Rolling over Harry fell into an uneasy sleep. BOY WAKE UP MRS.WENSON NEEDS YOUR HELP MOVING HER FRIDGE GET OVER THEIR AT ONCE. Harry dutifully rolled out of bed and made his way to # 6 and knocked. Kimberly Wenson a middle aged knockout opened the door in her bath robe. Hello Harry, she said with a sultry smile, I need you to handle something for me untiring her robe and raveling her nude form underneath Harry's eyes bulged out in surprise.

The blonde giggled at the tent in his paints and pulled him inside. An hour later Harry left with a goofy grin and a limp. Mrs. Gamble from # 5 watched to whole show from her second story window rubbing herself off as the young boy pleased her neighbor thinking I have go to get me some of that, Arriving home his uncle grunted out did you handle it boy?

Oh yea uncle I did. Well here is the chores I want done before I get off work. Harry had his shirt off just finishing the last coat of stain when he heard Dudley walk up boasting to some girl. I tell you Beth I beat up a seventeen-year old in boxing I did, mimicking a punch. I am sure you did now leave me alone. But don't you want to date me? Hell no. Beth noticed Harry. Who is that? She asked, pointing at Harry. Oh that is my freak cousin. That's Harry? Yes look at him so thin and puny.

Yes of course muttered the girl. Dudley walked into the house to eat while Beth walked up to Harry. Hello Harry long time no see. Harry looked up and noticed an old school mate Beth Conway. Hello Beth how are you? Just fine why have I not seen you at school? I know you don't attend the school you aunt and uncle say you do cause I have a cousin that attends their an I have never seen you their on visitation Sundays.

Yea I got into my parents old prep school in Scotland. Oh dear me so far away for everyone you know. It's not so bad I actually have friends now that Dudley cant chase them away. Yea Dudley said the teen looking Harry up and down. Say this is the longest conversation we have had without you insulting me. Yea sorry about that but Dudley threatened me to not be nice to you. Say could you come over and help me lift a few boxes into the attic I am such a klutz and don't want to accidentally break something.

Four hours latter after getting caught by Beth's mum which joined the duo, Harry limped home again ate his meager meal. Vernon walked up to him and said Mrs Gamble need you to help her tomorrow she sprained her ankle and needs someone around to fetch things for her and maybe move some stuff. Harry nodded then showered before falling into his bed and sleeping without nightmares for a long time. The next day the young hero woke changed into his day clothes and made his way to # 5 Harry entered the yard and Mr.

Gamble passed him on the way to his car not before stopping and telling Harry not to scuff up the floor moving the table and couch Harry nodded and went inside. Mrs. Gamble was descending the stairs wearing tight fitting workout clothes ,no sprained ankle, she made her way in front of the tv and started her workout tape.

Harry enjoyed watching her modest sized tits bounce as she danced around Harry felt his cock rises. He continued moving the requested items around until Mrs. Gamble noticed his problem.

Harry tried to hide it but the buxom lady grabbed his crotch Harry latched onto her giant d cup breast until she dragged the poor lad upstairs and had her way with him. Harry left her house six hours later after eating a big meal and drinking power-aid. Mrs. G as he now called her had a smile on her face and a ice pack on her rear thinking wow a bum shagging is great, maybe I can get Gerald to try it.

Returning home Harry was sent to the kitchen to fix lunch which he got to eat a decent portion of. After eating His aunt said Mrs. Pollkiss wants your help lifting something or another so get to it. Shagging Peirs mum was like taking sweat revenge on the wanker that helped make his life Hell. But shagging his sister and Girlfriend was the icing on his revenge cake.

Harry desperately in need of some sleep crashed as soon as his face hit his worn out pillow. The Boy is going to wear himself out if he keeps it up said a grinning Tonks. Sirius bust out laughing at the situation his Godson was in. You thinking about hitting it Nymphy, Sirius yelped when a stinging hex impacted on his crotch.

Grinning from ear to ear she said maybe but call me that again and feel my true wrath. Harry woke did his three s's ,(shit shower shave,)and cooked breakfast. His uncle grunted handed him a list and said do these chores before going to help the lezzy bints Ms. Taylor and Ms. Cooper over on Wilkins walk. Harry nodded and said yes uncle. Harry could only imagine what the two of them wanted him to do.

After weeding the garden and planting the new rosebushes Harry finished his last chore on the list. He joyfully made his way to # 14 Wilkins walk to help out the beautiful twenty year olds.Harry stuffed his cock in Kelly and started roughly banging the young woman's twat as she munched on her lovers quim. After bring the woman to orgasm Harry grunted and forced himself past her cervix spilling his seed into a very fertile womb. Harry still hard quickly drove his dick into Alex's snatch and went at it as the woman squealed in pleasure grinding on her first real cock she kissed her lover mentally congratulating her on the plan to get them the children the couple wanted, seeing the gay couple could not adopt a child of their own her girlfriend came up with this plan after hearing that Potter had a nice sized cock and was very vigorous in the sack.

Harry left the house after another round leaving two satisfied and pregnant women even if he nor they did not know it yet. Harry arrived at # 4 to see Vernon waiting at the door step. Boy Mrs. Smith need her garden worked on get down their and get to it.

After spending over two hours "gardening" Harry wolfed down the sandwich's Mrs. Smith made for him on the way to # 4. When Harry got their he ate the meager portion of supper the Dursley's had he ran upstairs showered and slept. Felling a little conniving Sirius sent a letter to Hermione the only one who had not agreed to Dumble's plan to keep Harry in the dark Sirius had helped her along by giving her a book, via Tonks, on Occulmency and knowing the teen she would have already read it twice.

He watched the owl fly away with a smirk. Now time for me to tease a naughty witch by the name of Hestia. Hermione was sitting in her bed rubbing one off thinking about her best friend and best girlfriend.

Hermione discovered that she was bi-sexual the year before when she and Luna Lovegood, a Ravenclaw in Ginny's year, were using the loo the strange blonde crawled under the stall and planted her mouth on her twat sucking licking and stabbing her tongue into her womanhood.

After shrieking in orgasm Hermione felt obliged to return the favor. A peak at her window interrupted her trek into bliss. Groaning Hermione opened the window and read the letter she quickly got dressed and grabbed the post it's she had engraved with several runes onto and her book bag then ran to the road to summon the Knight Bus. Hermione arrived at Harry's home lat about midnight the lights were on still so Hermione knocked on the door What do you want was yelled into her face. She waved the rune engraved post it's in the walrus's face.

He got a blank look and walked off leaving the door open. She rushed up the stairs to the room she knew had to be Harry's because of the cat flap and locks. Harry was in bed sleeping soundly. Hermione slapped a muggle repelling rune on the outside of the door along with a silencing rune.

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On the inside she slapped a time compression rune to make time move more quickly (1m o=1hour I). She decided to sleep some before starting Harry's training in Occulmency. The teen striped then laid in bed with he friend and snuggled he bum up to his crotch put his arm around her body then fell into a peaceful sleep.

Harry was having a wonderful dream. He was shagging the chasers from his quidditch team they then turned in to Hermione who was trusting back on his cock asking what took you so long when he came awake and saw that he actually was shagging his best friend. Hermione what the. she slapped her hand over his mouth and keep thrusting back. Harry got into his and started thrusting harder into her she squealed and shrieked in orgasm twice before Harry creamed in her twat.

Hermione turned and full on snogged him until he had to break away for air already hard again Harry looked into her eyes as he re-entered her pussy he keep on thrusting never breaking eye contact with his friend turned lover until she creamed all over his balls Harry kissed her lips and pulled her closer and rolled onto his back Hermione started ridding him trying to milk his cock for all she was worth until they both climaxed together.

Harry gently kissed her again as she got off his cock. I've been dreaming about for years now she whispered. Really I thought you fancied Ron. Pfft please I would rather date Dobby before Ron. Harry smirked at this and asked will you be my girlfriend.

Hermione bit her lip and said yes under one condition, Harry I am Bi-sexual and I have another lover. Harry shocked and asked who is she? Luna Lovegood, she is a little strange but she can lick a mean pussy and I lover her. Harry nodded ans said will I don't see a reason we could not compromise because over the past three days I have been shagging the neighborhood Hermione face went blank and she said as long as I can join you I don't care.

Over the next few hours room time Harry and Hermione studied training Harry's mind until the sun rose and Harry had to make breakfast for his relatives. He and Hermione walked over to # 2 to help Mrs.

Harris. Shocked to see another teen with the boy who shag's the neighborhood invited to duo inside where she got more than she bargained for. Walking home Harry spotted Alexis and Alexandria Rose the only girls in school that were nice to him they had moved into the neighborhood about two years before he left for Hogwarts.

Hermione squealed in excitement and ran at them, Hermione they yelled in unison and ran to at his Girlfriend who they obviously knew. The trio meet in a tangle of arms Hermione giving one of her famous hugs.

What are you doing here girl.

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Seeing Harry was his friend reply Harry watched as Alexis squeezed Hermione's bum his girlfriend stiffened but returned the favor. And the Duo found themselves in Alexis and Lexie's bedroom shagging like rabbit's.

Ride my boyfriend cock Hermione bellowed as Alexis licked her twat. Harry filled Lexie's pussy with baby making batter as she orgasmed. Lexie rolled off of his still hard prick so Harry lined it up with Alexis cunt and drove it home she shrieked in pain having her maidenhood taken but soon got over it thrusting back wanting more cock in her.

Lexie appeared wearing a strap on dildo she asked who is up for some dp. After all the girls were dped Harry and Hermione left the house and limped their way back to #4.

Tonks followed behind the couple after watching the duo tag the twins had her turned on but watching Hermione bugger Harry with the strap on had her about ready to cream in her knickers. She followed them up the stairs to Harry's bedroom she threw the cloak off and was meet with a set of wands.

Hermione recognized her as the woman that had dropped off Sirius's book to her. Hermione lowered her wand and Harry took it as a sign to trust the woman and lowered his wand also. Ok now that that's over can I borrow a pair a knickers mine are soaked from watching you two and the wonder twins. Harry and Hermione blushed crimson Tonks just giggled. The witch bent over hiked up her skirt and pulled down her knickers. Harry saw a bald cunt with a slightly enlarged clit, the teen quickly got hard even thou he had orgasmed three times in the past two hours Hermione noticed this and smiled oh what fun this is going to be thought the young witch.

Harry and Hermione were laying in bed as Tonks dressed and with a goofy grin apperated to Grimauld place. Seeing his cousin appear with that look on her face he yelled way to go Harry your dad would be proud. Sirius bugged Tonks for details until the witch relented and feed his curiosity. Telling him about the twins and the train they pulled with Hermione as the caboose and the wild sex they trio had when they returned to Harry's home.

Sirius Smiled and cheered again. Fred and George were diligently working no their prank items using the gold Harry had given them when they herd Sirius cheering. The dastardly duo made their way downstairs pulled out their newest invention extendable ears and started listing in on their resident prankster and metamorphmagus. Overhearing Harry's exploits was something of a shock Harry always seemed shy and quite but if he was getting tail good for him.

Fred felling a little devious Fred sent off a letter to his sister maybe she will get laid too, and stop being such a bint. Ginny was practicing Quidditch on Georges broom when Pig landed on the broom tip Ginny quickly garbed the letter from the excitable twit.

After reading the letter she flew to the Burrow and flooed to Harry's neighbor's house (Mrs. Figg) She quickly made her way to his house following the sings on the corner's. Ginny entered the empty house and made her way upstairs to Harry's room mentally thinking Fred and George for telling her witch one. Ginny bust in the open door to find Harry sitting on his bed nude. Ginny slowly sat down beside him her heart beating a mile a minute she grabed his cock and started stroking.

Moaning Harry looked and seen someone he never thought would be their. Seeing Ginny wearing the tight outfit almost made him burst. He quickly turned the tables and all but ripped the clothing of the teen. Harry was munching on her pussy when Hermione walked into the room. After getting over the shock of seeing Ginny the kinky brunette sauntered over to the redhead and locked lips with her Ginny surprised to he Hermione here and even more surprised to find her nude and in a lip lock with another girl.

Getting over her surprise Ginny melted under Harry and Hermione's ministrations. Harry ran his cock-head up and down Ginny's dripping slit before forcing it in. Hermione quickly closed the door and engaged the runes when Ginny screamed as Harry made her a woman. Waking up a few hours room time Ginny sullenly got dressed made her way to Mrs. Figgs house and flooed home. Harry continued to make leeps and bounds in Occulmency He also continued shagging.

Over the next three weeks Harry had shagged almost every female in a five block radius and Tonks even stopped by for more. Ginny keep coming around for a quicky when she could get away from her overbearing mother. Mrs. Plokiss keep getting him to come over for a shag hell she even shaged him while her husband was in the other room in front of the tube.

Mrs. G had called him over several times. Harry had also shagged one of his teachers form his old school several times. Hermione would join them if the woman would allow but a few would not hear of it.The twins keep coming back for more and their mother even joined the fray a time or two all in all Harry was having the time of his life. Professor McGonagall and her life long friend were discussing Harry. At least Miss Granger and Weasley are still under the contraceptive potion you give out but all the other women could get pregnant.

I hope Sirius told him about this. Minariva flooed to Grimauld Black did you teach Harry the contraceptive charm? "." Sandra Gamble now you have done it muttered the woman looking at the pregnancy test, Beth looked at the strip and tears came to her eyes pregnant at sixteen mum's going to kill me thought the teen until she looked in the trash and found.

another positive test The twins and mother sat watching their respective sticks all groaned when the turned up positive damn boy is potentate muttered their mother. Alex and Kelly were jumping for joy when the results came back both positive, we will have to invite the boy over for another round muttered Alex. Alania Pollkiss watched her test turn pink she moaned thinking mummy going to murder me until she saw her mother emerging from the half bath near her room pale with a positive test in her own hand.Piers was pissed he was not getting any from his girl and his mother kept bring that freak Potter over but at least she did not bug him the day's he was over she just sat their with a smile on her face staring at something unseeing.

Emma sat nervously watching the strip she had just broken up with Peirs and was hoping she was not pregnant the test turned up. negative she felt empty inside for some reason then it hit her deep down she wanted a child growing inside her she resolved to find Potter and shag him senseless until her filled her with his batter and impregnated her. Four hours latter Emma stumbled out of the Dursley home seamen dripping from her snatch as she walked home hopefully with a baby growing inside her.

I am telling you Kim the boy is a machine he shagged most of the females in a five block radius form his house Tonks boasted to her friend unknowingly letting Fleur know who was listing in when she heard Harry's name. Tonks apperated Kim to #4 Fleur following. That night Harry had four sexy witches to himself and filled them all at least once until Tonks pulled out the potions the group all downed them and went at it again somehow forgetting the contraceptive potion altogether.

Harry was walking the group to the ally were he had first seen Sirius when the night became cold Harry realizing what was coming pulled out his wand just in time to see a dementor grab Tonks to pull her in for the Kiss EXPECTO PATRONUM Harry bellowed Prongs spring out his antlers destroying the demon before it trampled the other dementor holding Hermione the dementor burst freeing all the souls it had taken.

Seeing Hermione's he reached out with his love and magic and forced her soul back into her still living body. Tonks watched open mouthed at the magic Harry just done no one in the last three hundred years destroyed a dementor no one in fact could pull a soul about to depart and force it back into the body and Harry just accomplished just that. Several pop's signaled the DMLE arrival Dawlish strutted up to a weak Harry and threw him to the ground but before he could snap the wand the had taken Tonks stunned the arrogant prick and sent a Patroni message to Madame Bones and another to Albus.

Another Fudge toadie tried to attack Tonks when her back was turned but Kim took care of him the other wisely waited until Madame Bones arrived with several trust worthy Aurors. The formidable woman started barking out questions Tons went into report mode as did Kim Amelia's molecule fell off when she heard about Potter destroying the dementors Tonks wisely did not say wnything about putting Hermione's Soul back into her body both would end up in the department of mystery's the rest of their lives.

Amelia revived Dwalish and questioned him. She revoked his badge and fired when she heard how he attacked the head of a Ancient and noble Family and tried to snap his wand without due cause. A letter arrived telling Harry he was expelled but another arrived a few minutes latter saying he would have a trial soon Albus Dumbledore was furious he knew the dementors were not outside the ministry's control yet Severus would know.

So that leaves Fudge our one of his cabinet members. The only other one with control of the Dementors was the Senior Undersecretary and the head of the department for control of magical creachers and Amos was a friend so that left Umbridge. Albus sent a letter to of his suspicions to Amelia. Amelia stayed with Harry and Hermione that night talking to them about the trial and what Fudge my try.

"Your best bet Mr. Potter would be to go to Gringotts and clam your family vaults. To hear that he had more vaults was a shock to the teen but to hear that he was a heir apparent of a Ancient and Noble house was astounding Amelia told him of his family and his family's solicitor Harry asked could you go with us to Gringotts tomorrow. Amelia nodded and transfigured the bed into something bigger for the teens then did the same to the desk.

A few hours later Amelia awoke to strange noises, what she saw shocked her Harry had Hermione on all fours rutting with her like a dog. Amelia felt her knickers get wet and striped naked the thirty-nine year old was still a knockout her breasts barely had any sag and her teat was still tight because her husband Edger was killed before she could get pageant. Harry creamed in Hermione then noticed Amelia he smirked pulled out and walked over to the older beauty.

Harry softly kissed her and Amelia responded in kind then got forceful. Slowly making his way down her body Harry kissed and licked all the appropriate places until he was licking her quim. Hermione was vigorously fingering herself watching Harry eat the older woman's twat until she pulled out the dildo she had borrowed and shoved it into her own cunt. Harry slowly feed his throbbing cock into Amelia's pussy getting excited moans and squeaks from her.

Amelia delirious from pleasure rolled on top and started ridding Harry for all she was worth, loving the feel of a nice cock in her quim thinking it has been to long since the last. Harry fell in love with her tight twat it was as tight if not tighter than Hermione's love box. He meet her thrusts with his own until Amelia came with a shrie taking her young lover with her. After dressing Harry decided to make breakfast he heaped the table with food for his relatives who would be back from Marge's any minute.

Harry carried three loaded plates up to his room. The three of them ate dressed then Amelia apperated them one at a time to Diagon Alley. Harry made his way to Gringotts.

Entering the bank the Trio made their way to a free teller. Amelia and the others waited patiently while the goblin finished counting rubies.

Morning Master Teller could we set up a meeting with the Potter amount manager. The goblin looked shocked then asked did you get the letter Lord Potter?

Looking bewildered Harry asked what letter. The Goblin pressed a button and escorted the Trio into a conference room. An older Goblin entered Amelia stood up and bowed Harry and Hermione copied her. The Goblin bowed back the sat down When Amelia sat so did Harry and the others. The aged Goblin looked at Amelia and said congratulations to you Amelia I see you are going to finally be a mother Shocked Amelia looked to Harry and grabed her stomach oh her face then lit up in a radiant smile and said thank you Lord Ripclaw but were is the Potter Account Manager?

The Goblin pulled a severed head out of a bag and said the thief was dealt with. The and several of his partners has embezzled over fifty million Galleons from the Potter account we have just discovered this when his vault came up in the random accounting I personally do which brings me to another problem his clan is shamed and his daughter given to Lord Potter as a slave or as a concubine Hermione looked outraged but Amelia whisper to pick the second option it would win him the respect of the goblins.

Harry of course followed Amelia's advice while she talked Hermione about the third option which was beheading the daughter also. The furious teen stood quite not liking the bass akwards world. The female goblin was brought in she looked little different than a normal person except with pointed ears and copper skin. Figa (feega) swore to be one of Harry's wives and bring honor to him and his clan Harry accepted her oath it was sealed in joining their blood.

She then sat by Harry side while Ripclaw and Harry talked over his finances they unsealed the Potter will and read over the stipulations and who got what. Harry received everything except two houses a cottage and a million galleons It turned out the Flamels had just passed and left him the heir status because he stopped Voldemort from using the stone to return.


He added several houses and billions in unprocessed gold to his vault along with the multi-millions of galleons the couple had stored away. The sum of money he received made up for his losses and then a shit load more. What really took the cake was that Lucius Malfoy and Cornelius Fudge were the ones to corrupt his account manager and still his gold. To say the least he and Amelia were furious she asked and received certified copy's of the transactions were the money was placed She now had the two of them by the balls and they were going to rot in Azkaban real soon.

After going through the six marriage contracts one being the niece of the witch he had knocked up, another for Daphne Greengrass,Katie Bell, Pavarti and Padma Patil, Ginavera Weasley, and lastly Hermione Jean Granger.

How is it that I have a marriage contract, I know my parents would not sign one. Ripclaw smirked. Well Miss Granger do you owe Lord Potter a life debt?

The Troll Hermione gasped out. Tom breathed Ginny. Harry grabed both of their hands and squeezed. Ok now here is the Potter head of house ring and the Flamel head of house ring. Now we will set up a date for an inheritance test for the lot of you say a week before Hogwarts resumes. Harry nodded his head One more thing since you have accepted your Lordship your emancipated that means the contracts kick in and you have to start marring you have a year and a day to fill said contracts.

Harry nodded again thank the Goblin for his time. The group left the bank after Harry got a bottomless money bag and a debit card to pay for his transactions.

Harry stopped at Madame Malkins to be fitted for robes and other day were. The middle aged witch was training her niece the tricks of the trade and left the couple to attend another couple. Her niece named Tasha quickly dropped to her knees fished out his cock and blew him in the fitting room. Her aunt re-entered the room and smiled at the sight of her teenaged niece giving head. She joined them for a quickie. Harry thrust into the slender teen and brought her to an orgasm pulling out shagging her aunt spilling his seed deep into her womb.

Harry bought several of everything he needed and left a big tip for the duo they just smiled and told him to Cum back again giggling. Harry finished his shopping trip picking up a custom wand from Jags wand in Knockturn alley Yew and redwood thirteen inches long core of Nundu heartstring twined with a unicorn tail hair horntail heartstring around a Phoenix feather soaked in Phoenix tears and a liquid core of Basilisk venom.

To say the least the wand was expensive over a forty-five thousand galleons Harry also bought Hermione and Amelia a custom wand. Hermione's Vine and oak seven¾ inches with Griffin feather and powered Acromantula eyes and venom of a Peruvian Vipertooth. Amelia picked Willow ans Ash woods with cores of Cerberus tailhair twined with thestrial hair with a liquid core of Felix Felixes.

Amelia checked her watch and led the two to fireplace pulled out floo powder and sent the two of them to her home. Arriving home Amelia called for her niece to come to say Susan was surprised to see two of her school mates she was stupefied to see the glow around her aging aunt.

Felling something was up she questioned her guardian. Stunned,elated,honored,horrified,and sick were the thing Susan was feeling when her aunt finished the story.

She was going to Marry Harry freaking Potter the boy-who-lived the man who was so much more than that. The group stayed up late hammering out wedding plans since Susan's contract was first. That night Harry and Figa shagged for the first time the two of them found erotic in having sex with a different species. Harry creamed in her womb several times and Figa used a special brand of goblin magic to make sure she got pregnant.

After setting the date and sending out invites Harry and Amelia flooed to his solicitor's office Harry and he bantered back and forth with Richard with the questions and Harry the answers.

After getting every nugget of truth out of Harry he asked now what about the Prophet Slandering you Lord Potter? Harry hoped he would ask that. Well I say we sue them for all we can. The man smirked the said ok Lord Potter we shall, I recommend you demand a million for every offense I my assistance have been keeping tabs so far over four hundred and fifty offenses have been found and that's his past two years alone.

Harry smirked then said well cheers to us owning a paper then. The twelfth of August dawned a chilled day.


Amelia fearing a ploy by Fudge awoke the teens early. Harry dressed in his business robes as did Hermione they met up with Richard in the ministry atrium. After having their Ollivander wands weighed them trio picked up Auror's Tonks and Swanson.

Amelia received a notice of the hearing's time-change from one pm to eight thirty am seeing as they had little more than thirty minutes Amelia ran to courtroom ten wondering what the fool Cornelius thought up now. Harry, Richard,and Hermione made their way down to the courtroom. Arriving at the entrance Dumbledore was waiting until he noticed the Potter signet ring and Harry's defense solitaire. Richard how good to see you again it has been to long. You to Albus I see your in excellent health as always.

How is Abe doing? Very well thank you now if I am not mistaken you have a minister to embrace good luck. Harry sat in the chair and it bound him, Objection why is my client being treated like a common Death Eater? Fudge huffed and the chains fell away. Fudge slung questions at Harry not letting him fully answer until.

Enough Minister you are violating my clients rights, let Lord Potter answer the questions fully. After the questioning of Harry Hermione, Kim and Tonks were questioned all told exactually the same story as Harry but Hermione told them how she was almost kissed.

All said that they would willingly take Vertisurm to testify again. Fudge scoffed and said" That is a highly expensive potion and we will not waist it on a trial for underaged magic. Harry pulled out his money sack and pulled out a roll of Galleons Madame Bones will this be enough to cover the costs of the potion?

Amelia nodded and said Yes Lord Potter and then sum. Harry nodded passed to gold to her. Weasley bring Vertisurm. He returned with a phial which Amelia tested. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS WEASLEY. TAINTED TRUTH SURM. Aurors arrest him.

Percy shock written on his face did not even put up a fight. After Tonks ran to fetch an untainted phial. Arriving back Tonks handed the serum to Amelia and tested it.

Harry willingly took three drops of the potion and felt the effect take hold. Is your name Harry James Potter? Yes Did you break the statue of Secrecy on August first? Yes Did you do it because Dementors attacked your group? Yes Have you broken the statue previously? Yes One on July 29th? Yes Again on July 31st? No But you received a official notice who preformed the charm? A house-elf named Dobby. Did you murder Cedric Diggory? Asked a toad-like woman. No Who did? Asked Amos.

Peter Petagrew many mutters broke out at this. But Petagrew is dead is he not? Asked Amelia No framed Sirius Black cut off finger blew up street with wand behind his back. Black betrayed your parents did he not? Asked Danial Greengrass. No switched secret keepers to Petagrew to throw Voldemort off trail. The serum wore off and Harry's eye returned to normal.

Ok should we waist more truth serum or go ahead with the voting. Harry won by a land slide the only ones to vote against him were Fudge and Umbridge. Leaving the court room Fudge greeted Lucius Malfoy and started to walk upstairs when Kingsley Sackbolt and several aurors Cornelius Fudge Lucius Malfoy you are hereby arrested for fraud and theft from the Ancient and Noble house of Potter surrender your wands now.

Harry pulled out his wand waiting for Malfoy's move when it came Harry cast a severing charm the rendered the death eater armless. Fudge gaped at his friend bleeding on the floor and threw down his wand. An Auror circularized the wound and they were hauled back into the courtroom for a emergency trail.

After a hour of deliberation Umbridge was too arrested and charged with attempted murder. Malfoy's arm was bared showing the dark mark He was force feed Vertiserum he admitted to being a death eater raping murdering. It was he that murders Edgar Bones while his sister and brother in law were raped and murdered right in front of him.

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He also helped Kill Gideon and Fabian Prewitt Molly's brothers. And many horrendous crimes Amelia got the truth about Voldemorts's return from him and were a base was.

He also confessed to taking Harry's money and having several Muggle and muggle-borne in his hidden room beneath his drawing-room floor. Fudge confessed to taking bribes and illegally imprisoning Sirius. He knew Crouch feed Sirius Vertiserum then oblivating him afterward. Malfoy was sentenced to the Demetors kiss Harry would receive all his money taken plus interest.

The rest would be given out to the families he harmed as compensation. Fudge got twenty years in Azkaban in a cell with Dolores as well as his money confiscated and given back to Harry who took just what was owed to him and the rest went to the fund the Aurors. Amos Diggery was voted in a Minister Arthur Weasley was promoted to senior Under-secretary to the Minister. Percy was released because his did not know the truth serum was tainted.

All in all things were starting to look up. CRUCIO Bellowed Voldemort striking Yaxley. The man convulsed on the floor. Thar I know how you love little squirmy bitches well there you one said his Lord pointing at the fallen man.

I smile walking up to him loosing my trousers freeing his twelve incher,his arse is tight as he bellow for mercy Thar knows his master get off on watching his and grins as the man passes out in pain. Harry wakes up early on the day of his wedding to Susan he dresses then prepares to take the plunge Ginny had arrived the day before wanting to see her betrothed she jumped his bones in the living room were he happened to be reading up on charms.

Amelia joined when she saw them. Ginny rolled out of bed and looked at Harry. She smiled and said I cant wait for our wedding but Hermione and I are thinking of a joint ceremony.

Harry nodded and asked do you resent that you have to Marry this young Ginny? The red head looked at him. No I am marring the man of my dreams even if I have to share him.

Harry smiled and kissed her. Waiting at the alter Harry watched as Damien Abbott walked Susan down the aisle. And hour later the couple were dancing their first dance three hours later Harry was working her dress off the buxom woman. Harry slowly introduced her into the joy's of sex she bellowed in orgasm as Harry licked her twat ferociously. After creaming twice he slowly feed her his cock until he reached her maidenhead.

Her forcefully broke passed that and waited for her pain to ease. After the pleasure took over Harry found that she was a gusher cum squirted out of her pussy like a torrential downpour at first she was embarrassed until Harry ensured her he liked it. The two made love several time during the night until the we hours of the morning. A two days later Harry was weighlaied by Fleur the two of them had tea at her apartment and it progressed into some fun.

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Fleur forcefully kissed him and rode his cock rotten several time's for some reason she could not stop. When she finally tired out Harry decide to punish her some more and he robe her twice more. The witch soaked in a bath while Harry dressed the beautiful Veela thanked him then sent him on his way.

Six days after His and Su's and his wedding Harry and Daphne were on their honeymoon shagging like their was no tomorrow.

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The couple stayed in Paris a week and even ran into Gabrielle who now for some reason looked closer to Ginny's age. She drug them to her home and had her grandmum explain what was happening. In a nut shell Harry was told that Gabrielle owed him a life-debt and her magic was forcing her to become of a marital age so Harry chalked another wedding on his calender for the winter solicitous.

The couple made wedding planes for when and were their marriage would take place. Returning to England Harry and Katie married she too wanted it over with. During this time the ministry got a complete overhaul several people were fired and many for were hired on.

Apparently Amos did not mind having muggle-born's working of his Ministry. Sitting in Gringotts Harry looked over his inheritance test Harry James Potter Head of House Potter Head of House Flamel Heir apparent House Black Heir apparent House Gryffindor Heir apparent House Le Fay Harry received his headship ring for all except Black. Seeing as Sirius's paperwork for his pardon was being completed. Hermione Jean Granger Heiress apparent House Dogworth-Granger Heiress apparent House Puckle Heiress apparent House Ravenclaw Ginavera Molly Weasley Heiress apparent House Dewitt Heiress apparent House Prewitt Heiress apparent House Emrys Katie Anna Potter Heiress apparent House White Daphne Ann Potter nee Greengrass Heiress Greengrass Heiress Slytherin Susan Amelia Bones Heiress apparent House Crouch Heiress apparent House Hufflepuff Pavarti and Padma Patil Heiress apparent House Patil.

Needless to say everyone was surprised about Harry and Ginny's test's. Everyone received their ring if they did not already have them. Ok Ripclaw could you look into buying about fifty acres of land just outside of Surry and building a large manor their and make it so Muggle electronics works in the house. It should have a ballroom a extra-large library.

The goblin nodded and asked wards? Best you have got. Several pregnant females were sad to see their stud leave but he had a romp with each one before leaving. He gave each of them a credit card that let them spend two thousand a month for expenses each vowed to only use it if they had to.

Harry polished off his shopping trip with the last few desired items then apperated(he Had passed his test earlier that day) to Bones Manor were He and his were still staying until Potter Manor was renovated by his new House-Elf's with Dobby acting as head elf.

On the train Harry and Hermione made their way to the prefect meeting receiving their orders the duo patrolled the corridors until they heard familiar sounds coming from behind a closed blind. Pulling it open Harry was Ron getting a b.j from Lavender smiling Harry gave a shocked Ron a thumbs up sign and closed the door.

Back in his compartment Harry cased a strong locking charm on the door disrobed and started an all out orgy. Sheathing his cock in Susan Harry started going at it. Hermione smiling pulled out a brand new bag and passed Ginny the extra strap on. Hours later the all exited the train limping their way to the carriages. Malfoy who was wearing secondhand robes sat alone in a carriage looking at Harry scathingly he was joined by the less influential Slytherin students still keep eye contact with Harry until his carriage set off.

After stuffing themselves in with a Luna (a odd blonde girl that had joined their orgy ) the carriage sat off. Luna who was sitting in Harry's lap fished out his cock ans stuffed it into her quim, they each got off before arriving at Hogwarts. After the sorting ceremony Albus introduced the new DADA teacher Professor Sirius Black who had the day before received his pardon plus a million Galleons.

Harry was one of the only ones who cheered beside Fred and George. Harry was shown to his private quarters by a house elf the group made their way to the giant bed not even bothering to look around and crashed into the mattress asleep before their head even hit the pillow. Prepare we leave in a hour we shall free my followers tonight and recruit some more and dont forget kill all Aurors on the island.

Harry awoke grabed the Mirror and yelled Tonks get off the island He's coming.GET OFF THE ISLAND.