Horny stud enjoys having some kinky fun with a busty blonde looker

Horny stud enjoys having some kinky fun with a busty blonde looker
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Preface, my partner and I have been together for 8 years, i have always wanted to see her with other men, but par one incident when she was really drunk and got fucked by me and my friend.

Its alwasy just been a fantacy. She is very shy and introverted, but shes a slut at heart that enjoys being treated as such, and this comes out when she drinks.

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She was early 20's at this time, a real naturally beautiful girl with a very innocent look, long dark brown hair and big beautiful brown eyes, quite pale white, shortish, 5,5 with nice perky breasts, shes average bulid but not skinny and has the perfect big arse. And a perfect looking tight bald cunt.

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So one night she had gone out with her friends to a bar drinking dancing and enjoying the holiday, after a while her friends started chatting with four guys at the bar. Being quite shy she kept to herself and her friends, they were cool and friendly guys and they all started drinking together, after a few more drinks she was tipsy and more chatty so started to talk with the group, they danced and drank and had a good night, eventually they all got a bit carried away and ended up very drunk, by this point she was dancing with two or three of them on the dance floor, they had there hands all over her feeling her up and groping her she didn't think anything of it just dancing and having fun, by the end of the night she was very drunk and almost passing out.

The guys offered to help them back so her friends let the four guys help get her back to the hotel, being polite they let them come back in the room.

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As she was brought in they layed her passed out on the bed, drunk and asleep they all start messing with her and laughing at how drunk she is, one of the guys leant over and pulled her tits out, at first everone stoped but she didnt wake and all the girls all started to laugh,so one of the guys joined in and pushed her legs open, they saw a wet patch on her panties and the girls pointed it out and laughed at her, they started taking pictures, Another of the guys lifts her dress up and pulls her panties down, this is when she started to stir, the girls were laughthing and encouraging it, and the guys started touching her, The girls laughed and pointed out how wet she was getting.

They all started saying how much of a slut she was.

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She started to wake but was dazed, by the time she knew what was happening they were holding her legs open and fingering her and pulling on her tits, she tried to resist and stop them but they held her down. As she started to squirm they got aggitated so one guy grabed her by her hair and draged her off the bed on to her knees, one of the girls wanting to be involved walked over and slaped her in the face and laughed, another guy pulled her onto her hands and knees by her hair, The others started pulling her dress up, she was fully awake now and started crying as they got more forceful.

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One grabbed her throat while another got his cock out and starts forcing it in her mouth pushing so far in she was gagging and chocking as she started to deep throat it, One pulled her arse up and stuffed his massive cock in her wet pussy. She screamed, But he kept pushing anyway, he fucked her hard, pulling her hair from behind untill she felt his cock grow inside her, she felt his warm cum start to fill her pussy and she couldn't hold back a moan of pleasure over the tears of pain.

He pulled out and kept hold of her hair he yanked her back hard and rubbed his cock on her face.

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The guy who had his cock in throat then walked foward and grabed her face, pumping load after load of cum all over her face untill it was running down her chin and onto her tits.

The girls were recording it and commenting on what a filthy slut she is and how she deserved it, the next guy grabed her by the hair and stood her up.


He shoved her back against the wall and slaped her face he grabed her by the neck and squeezed tight, he could see she was struggling to breath, she was pulling at his arm trying to get him off but he kept squeezing while his other hand was probing at her cum socked cunt, he let go she hit the floor gasping for air, The girls were still watching and encouraging the guy's. The guy pushed her on her back and lifted her legs as he pushed his long fat cock in side her cum filled pussy, she felt it streach as he forced it in, she couldnt resist she was in ecstasy being treated like a whore, he fucked her for ages building slowly untill he was so forceful he wad slapping and chocking her while cumming so deep in her pussy, she couldn't control the multiple orgasms she was having, and actually started sreaming out in pleasure, 'Fuck me fuck me fuck me', seeing this the others wanted more.


They pulled her back on her hands and knees slapping and pulling her around by her hair. She was fucked like this over and over for hours as they all took turns raping her sore pussy, and mouth covering her face and body in cum untill she passed out. The next morning when they left she was there naked covered in cum, still dripping from her pussy. She layed there in ecstasy thinking of how she was going to make it happen again.

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Please feel free to write a short story in the comments about a scenario with my wife so she can read them, the best will get replys from her and maybe some pictures.