Faye Lynne would be foolish not to fool around

Faye Lynne would be foolish not to fool around
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The true story includes myself, my best friend Jacob and his friend kieran.


I did know kieran but not as well as Jacob did. Kieran is gay and i am bi (not come out yet) but jacob was just curious, but i wanted to change that. I was 15 and i was about 5'11. I had straight red hair with blue eyes and my dick was 6 inches, about average for my age group. I considered myself slim but i was very fat when i was younger, i had lost it all from growing and sport.

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Jacob was my boy crush since we were 12 but i had known him since we were in nursery. So we were pretty close.

Jacob was also 15 and was maybe a bit taller than me. He had the cutest blonde hair with brown eyes. He was much slimmer than i was but not skinny. His dick was about 6 inches too but his dick was thinner than mine. We were both uncut. I prefer uncut dicks anyway. Kieran was 15 but was maybe 6'1 and he was super cute. He was slim with long blond hair, almost like an emo but i knew he wasn't.

He had a huge 7 inch dick and was thick, i could see it when we were getting changed to sports through his tight boxers. All three of us almost had boners all the time and we knew when we did because we could see eachother try to hide them from eachother. Now to the story. I was walking Jacob home from school one day and so he decided to invite me to his house for the rest of the day.

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My parents did not mind if i went to a friends house after school so i knew i was ok. As soon as we walked past the door of a parent free house i realised that this was the time to strike.

He ran straight upstairs to his room and i desperately tried to catch up. Crawling up the stairs with energy. I ran into his room and he was standing in the middle of his room, half naked.

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Staring straight at me he asked me something but my mind was too attached to the bulge in his pants. The outline of his dick pressing against the tight briefs was heaven. I was drooling at the hottest sight which got me so horny. Jacob then snapped me back into life and asked "Are you gonna stare at my dick all day or are you going to lose in a game of COD against the greatest player of all time?!".

I instantly dropped my bag and jumped onto his bed to set up the game with a challenging stare into Jacob's cute brown eyes. I then started to take off some of my warmer clothes as it was hot in his room, but secretly i had a plan. I set up the game and we were both ready. I then turned to him to say "Let's ante up the stakes here bro, for each round you lose, you must remove a piece of clothing?!" He gave me a funny look but then accepted as the pressed the button to start.

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The game was intense and was too close to call. But in the end, i had lost. The cocky boy behind me sat up and slapped my butt to tell me start stripping. My actions showed reluctance but my mind wanted it! As i lost the game, i had to strip first and then Jacob next. I took off my shirt and trousers slowly and Jacob shuffled in his bed as if he was hiding something. All that was left to strip was my pants, i was nervous and was starting to regret my decisions. I wasn't concentrating on what was happening but Jacob had sneaked around me and whipped my pants down to my ankles.

In shock i covered my erect dick but i was so horny i wanted to show it. I then faced him and said "Haha! Now your turn, c'mon!".


He then smiled and took off all of his clothes with any hesitation and showed his huge erect 6 inch dick to the whole world. I stared at him for what felt like hours but he noticed and had clocked that i wanted it. He walked over to me slowly and stopped his mouth right in front of mine. He was teasing me, i couldn't believe it! He was actually teasing me. I was surely in heaven but i went along with it. I then tried to take command and pushed him to his bed, laid him down and his 6 inch dick stood out proud.

I crawled on top of him, our bodies resting on top of each other, started to kiss his neck slowly and passionately. Until i whispered into his ear "Well done, here's your prize". Cheesy I know but he then grabbed my butt hard and pushed myself down his body, kissing every body part possible. First the nipples, then the chest, down to his belly button and then the glory piece.

His erect dick slapped my chin as i was moving down and he laughed. I found this so horny so i wrapped hand around his dick and started to rub it against my soft cheeks, getting closer to my mouth with each rub. Until i reached my mouth and i started kissing the head of his huge dick.

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The taste was overwhelming and the smell of his dick brought me closer to him with every sniff. We were both ready for the next stage so then wrapped my lips around his shaft and licked the head slow and gentle.

The more i moved my warm, wet mouth up and down the whole 6 inches, the more he moaned and cried for more. And so i gave him more and more, the most i could give from my mouth alone, until he said he was ready to cum in my mouth, he said "Andrew!

Andrew, wait i'm gonna cum!" But i proceeded to suck his dick, more and more until he said "YES! ANDREW! OH YES!! Here it is!". So i pulled his dick out of my mouth and and waited for the cum to explode out of his dick.

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And at that moment, the door opened. It was Kieran.