Redhead Teen gefesselt und gefickt

Redhead Teen gefesselt und gefickt
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It was finally time for my friends and I to take our annual trip out of state, and this year, we were heading to Washington D.C. About 5 other friends were going with me, but the only one I care about, and the only one you all should care about, is Justin. I won't pretend that he is a god of a 17 year old, but between his slender build, smooth moves, brown hair and beautiful brown eyes, I have fallen madly in lust.

I was sharing a bed with him every night, and it was really hard not to just try sucking on his love rod every night. He is straight and has a girlfriend, but sometimes I entertain myself with the notion that I could somehow turn him. Being raised in a place with little to no racial diversity, it isn't a stretch to say that all of the thuggish looking African American men walking around holding their crotches and probably hiding weapons, kind of scared us a bit.

(There are undertones of joking racism, but you have to understand that all of the jokes are actually poking fun at those people who truly feel as though all black people are thugs and thieves, or rapists. We don't actually feel that way. On the third night of the trip, at around 1 in the morning, Justin said he wanted to go for a walk through our town. The town we were staying in was a small city just outside of D.C., and as anyone of the area can tell you, not the least devoid of thugs, gangs and general trouble.

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Being the lovestruck little puppy I will always be, I tailed him, but stayed out of sight. As he was walking by a small alleyway, three or four hands shot out and grabbed the back of his shirt, pulling him in.

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He let out a short yell, but it was muffled quickly. The people doing this to him have done it before.

I heard a lot of scuffling, and then running. I ran around the alley to find the group just rounding the corner out of it, and I sprinted quietly to keep up and find out where they were taking my best friend. I followed them all the way to an abandoned warehouse were, before I saw the group and my friend again, I saw a weird table. It was like one of those giant spools, but a hole and been cut out of the middle to allow someone or something to crawl in there, and there was a hole on the top about the size of a large round watermelon.

In addition, there were small holes on the top and bottom of the overturned giant spool. That is when I saw them, 5 fairly handsome black teenagers, probably even a little younger than Justin and I, they were dragging a muffled, but still screaming Justin to the table. It wasn't until they ungagged him that I noticed just how far away from anyone else we were.

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He was screaming profanities and promises of violence as loud as he could, but I doubted anyone would hear, and if they did, I wondered if they would care.

They tied him up with ropes fed through those small holes in the spool, and let him yell himself out. Once he realized yelling got him nowhere, he tried pleading. "Please, my family has got money, I will pay you anything to not kill me." He began to sob as the handsome black teens ignored his pleas of mercy.

He stopped making any sounds whatsoever when he noticed something weird. Two of the boys had gone down to his feet and taken off his shoes, and were sniffing the shoes while lightly rubbing his now black socked feet. Obviously it felt good, because try as he might, Justin couldn't help but let out a small sigh of relief.

While the two boys continued the slow massage, paying special attention to Justin's arches and beneath his toes, the three other boys began unbuttoning Justin's shirt and pants. Horrorful realization dawned on Justin's face as he realized just what he was in for in this dark and abandoned warehouse, lit only by one drop light right above the overturned giant spool. The boy near to Justin's head used scissors to cut off his overshirt, revealing his v-neck navy undershirt, stained a little here and there by wanton drops of bleach.

After cutting away his overshirt, he gave the scissors to the other two boys not working over Justin's feet, letting them cut away his shorts and remove them from the dumbstruck 17 year old.

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As Justin laid there in nothing but socks, underwear and undershirt, I realized that this was going to be the show of a lifetime, and before taking out my own dick to start pumping, I placed my camera on a shelf, zoomed in, and hit record.

I was going to enjoy watching this a thousand times in the future. Now the boys at Justin's feet began really getting into his foot massage, and Justin was enjoying it, flaying his toes and letting small moans release from his mouth. While they did this, the other three boys began to massage other parts of Justin's body, his thighs, his neck, his chest.

Anywhere that would have felt good, they groped and applied pressure. Things turned sour, though, when Justin found rather than a warm and sensual foot massage, he found the two boys at his feet starting to slowly tickle his socked feet. They simply trailed their fingers up and down his soles, making Justin giggle and start to shift around on the table, to no avail.

This inspired the other three boys to start tickling Justin as well, swirling fingers in his naval, armpits, and around his nipples. Once they really started furiously tickling him, he was screaming with laughter, and all the boys were clearly enjoying it.

They all stopped suddenly, and the boys at Justin's feet slowly stripped off his socks, revealing pale flesh, perfect arches and perfect toes.


While they did this, the boys at his chest cut and ripped off his undershirt, displaying his average nipples, and small six pack. Because Justin was tied spread-eagle, his slightly haired armpits were also showing. The five boys now employed a different tool in Justin's torture/pleasure, their tongues.

The two boys at Justin's feet began licking long and hard up and down Justin's soles, causing Justin to moan in pleasure, before they dove between his toes, sensually licking the black residue and sweat from between them, causing Justin to pitch a tent in his red briefs, displaying a nice seven inches of man.

As his feet were being lapped at, the boys at his chest had begun to do the same. Two of them slowly licked his armpits, causing him to squirm a little, but not entirely find it unenjoyable, as the third licked his nipples and slid his tongue over Justin's six pack.

This went on for about 15 minutes as Justin began to leak precum, and one of the boys relieved him of the confines of his briefs. While the four boys licking Justin's armpits and feet kept on their tasks, clearly being lost in the lust of the moment, the fifth boy disappeared beneath the table.

Justin, sitting there letting feelings of pleasure wash over him, suddenly gave a small jump and then began squirming furiously and moaning loudly and constantly.

It became apparrent where the fifth boy had gone to, crawling beneath the table and into the giant spool, and is now using his tongue to lap at and probe Justin's virgin ass, giving him an unprecidented amount of pleasure.

One of the boys at Justin's armpits decided it was high time for him to go to town on the teenage dick now sticking straight up from the table and almost flowing constantly with precum. The black teen licked the penis a few times up and down the bottom of the shaft, causing Justin to nearly scream with pleasure, thrusting and squirming.

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The boy then went for broke, and deepthroated Justin's dick, using his tongue to massage the underside of Justin's love rod, and making sounds to give Justin a vibrating feeling, and it wasn't long until Justin was violently thrusting and screaming in ecstasy, and suddenly he gave one hard thrust, and screamed so loud I am sure someone must have heard, and based on the swallowing motions of the boy, Justin was cumming a LOT, and the boy handled it all.

During this, the boys at Justin's feet licked furiously and rubbed with their hands as he flayed and flexed his toes.


Thinking they would be done with him, Justin relaxed, but something was wrong. None of them were untying him or regagging him, instead he heard a slight whirring sound, before being violently penetrated in his ass by a vibrating dildo, which was forced up and made to stay securely inside him. He began to moan again, and just as his dick got hard, the boys attached electrodes to his penis, then hit a button on a control, causing electric current to flow into Justin's penis, giving an incredible amount of pleasure.

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He began screaming again in pleasure and probably a little in pain as the boys walked away from the building, talking about sleep. Justin came 5 times additionally in the next 4 hours, each one more powerful than the last, and each aftermath more painful than the one preceding. I fell asleep before I could see the boys come back, but I am sure there is more fun to come for Justin and the five black teens.