Voluptuous blonde nurse banged by patient

Voluptuous blonde nurse banged by patient
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The Ranch Part II Lynette and I both talked for awhile about the ranch and up and coming child; we both went to bed and fell fast asleep. I woke up at 5:30 in the morning and made some coffee and fried breakfast. I was sitting and just finished eating and was washing the last of my coffee down and I heard foot steps coming down the stairs from above; my thoughts were Lynn was up already to start doing things around the house.

Where are you going? To my surprise it was not Lynn but Beth. Beth, what are you doing up so early? I had to go to the bathroom, I was leaking from my pussy, she said with a smile. Is that normal she asked? I said, well it sure is it will stop. I hope so it looked gross! Where are you going? I have to check section water tanks to make sure the cattle have water. Ok Beth said, are you riding or taking the four wheeler? I will be riding; cattle are not scared of the horse as they are the wheeler.

Are you leaving right know or can you wait I would like to ride my horse. Ok Beth I will wait so make it quick, ok. Beth ran up the stairs and was back down in no time dressed and ready to ride. We went out to the corral and grabbed our horses and tacked and saddled them up. Beth do not tighten that back cinch too tight like you did the last time, ok! I know she sharply said, defensively because miss cowgirl got bucked off the last time, ha it was funny. She did not get hurt just her pride; she got back on and rode it out.

We started off on our way, we had a lot of ground to cover, it was land I knew well since I was a child. I have been doing this all my life and my great granddad started it all. We have a total of just about ten sections, six hundred and forty acres per section. Part of it is in Wyoming. We rode along and out of the no where Beth said that it was sore and getting worse. Oh I said what?

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My pussy, Beth said. Yes, I suppose it would be sore riding. Lean back, ride on your butt instead of sitting forward on it and let you legs dangle. She did so and it started feeling better she said.

We got to the first tank, no cattle sign and it was good with water. We rode to the next, the same! This is strange no cattle have been up here for awhile. Beth was looking off into space. Beth you ok? Yes, she said I was just thinking. Thinking about what? Thinking about how nice yesterday was! She smiled. Yes, it was nice. Are we going swimming today? I do not know we will be getting back kind of late. Oh, I hope not, I was looking forward it Beth said. I think you would be to sore for that again, cold water and some cold beer, I think it would not be so bad.

That's my girl now you're thinking. You are surely your mother's daughter!! We rode for hours and came to or last one and all the cattle where in this area. The water looked fine and we rode casually around just checking them out. They were nervous and would watch since they hardly ever see people. They all looked good and their calves are healthy too. We had just sold off what we could because of the market pricing and soon we will pull and sort young stock in a month or so.

We were on our way back, and there he was a bi coyote. Stop Beth! Get off your horse and be quiet. I dismounted and grabbed my .38-55 model 94 and drew a bed and that was it no more coyote. Beth said what you do that for. He lays young cattle. Oh she said.

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We got back to the house and Lynn came out and said Jessica was pissed she woke up by noon and thought you went to the river. No, no we had to check water and look at the cattle.

My Beth you are turning into a cow girl, her mother said. We turned our horses loose and went in for dinner. Jessica comes down and ask if we where going swimming and looks at Beth. I do not know, ask Garland. Are we? Jessica asked. You should it would only be fair, Lynn said. Ok, I want to eat something and sit down for a moment. If you girls want to go, you best get things ready! Take you mom's wheeler out and you two will ride that one.

They both took off getting their things picked up. Are coming babe? No I do not feel good and I am always tired. Ok, when is your next doctor visit? Next Tuesday Lynn said. Come here I feel lonely Lynn.

No she said I do not feel like that. It's been awhile. It will be awhile I not horny I am sick feeling and tired Garland. Ok, as I got up to get ready.

Lynn turns and said you have two wild women that want you! What do you mean by that? She smiled and walked away. I went up and put shorts and a shirt on and grabbed my cooler and ice with beer and some pop and headed out to the wheeler. The girls were ready to go. We took off and rode to the river. At the river we got our things out and the girls laid out the blanket and turned on their cd player.


Oh my god Britney Spears again! I thought to my self. I took my shoes and shirt off and grabbed a cool one and flopped down on my butt. I popped the top and looked up. Beth was nude, what are you doing? She laughed and grabbed my beer and walked to the water. Jessica came from behind with a beer out of the cooler and she was nude and giggled and followed her sister to the water.

I was shocked. They were laughing and yelling for me to come in. I was taken back. What just happened? Beth had to have told her sister. They kept calling and I finally said ok, ok. I grabbed a beer and walked to the water. Beth said, no we are naked you have to be naked also. Beth, this is crazy.

What do you mean? They both came in wading waist deep in water both of them with nipples hard from the cool water. I looked at them and what a nice pair. Jessica's tits were a little smaller than Beth's but I suppose one year younger it would be expected. Jessica had auburn hair and light complexion and green eyes. I felt my cock starting to grow and figured I best strip and get in before I had major wood. I stripped and got in the water and the girl came right over.

I felt like bate in the water for sharks. They already drink their beer and Beth said she was going to get more.


Jessica and me were alone in the water. Jessica was standing there and me looking at her tits and she said, Beth told me. What I asked, then Beth came back saying the beer is cold and good.

Beth waded up and handed beers out and put her hand on my ass cheek, I flinched and the girls laughed. Jessica stood closer and followed suit. I was rock hard in the cool water. Beth spoke up and said that she told Jess about what we did. I then felt a hand on my cock. I reached under and it was Jessica hand I looked at her and then Beth came in and started kissing my face.

I kissed her back and Jessica kissed my cheek and then I kissed her on the lips lightly. The whole time never letting go of my cock. She was tugging on it to the point of it hurting. Jessica, not so hard!

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Yes, be gentle it is like ours it hurts if you are rough said Beth We all kissed and then I reached and cupped both of their breasts. It was so nice.

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We left the water and went up on the bank and laid down I started kissing Beth and she slid down and started sucking my cock. I pulled Jessica to my kissing her and the moving to her tits. I caressed and kissed and took a nipple into my mouth she let out a moan. Bet looked up and said I told you Jess it feels so good. I reached down for that red snapper between her legs and start to gently run my fingers on the folds of the hairy red haired snapper.

I lay back and to Jessica to get up and put her pussy over my face. Beth kept sucking my cock and it was feeling better and better. Jessica squatted over my face and I looked up and saw that coral colored nice red hair pussy. I inhaled deeply and savored the beautiful aroma.

I jetted out my tongue and lapped her piss flaps and she shuddered. At that very moment Beth stopped sucking my cock, I was relieved the girl just about had me ready to blow. I then felt her starting to sit over my cock.

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I felt her trying to impale herself on my thick prick. It felt so nice, her small hand on my cock as she tried guiding it into her glory hole. I picked up the pace of my tongue lashing of Jessica's snapper.

I pointed my tongue and started jetting it in and out of her sweet pussy. Beth was now taking my cock in; she was grunting and sliding lightly on my prick. I figured I would help her out. I bucked my hips up and thrust into her all the way. Ah!! She yelled, and then started sliding moiré and more up and down she was perfect. Jessica started gyrating her hips around and rocking back and forth and moaning like no tomorrow.

She started tensing up and shaking, I was hoping to have my mouth filled with her cum. She started coming and I lapped up all she had to offer. Beth was enjoying her self and said Jess did you come?

Yes, yes I did. It was awesome!! Beth pulled off of my cock and said it was her turn. Beth wasted no time she new what she liked. She got right up there and pushed her pussy into my mouth. I liked it like dog. I lapped up her wetness. She at no time started cumin; she let loose her cum and kept going.

Jessica grabbed my cock and started jacking my off and then licking and then she start sucking. It felt wonderful have these two girls taking advantage of me, I did not mind.

Even thought it was wrong. Beth came her second time and climbed off and laid next to me and kissed my passionately. Jessica came up and I grabbed her, kissed her shoving my tongue into her mouth. She had the look of surprise in her eyes. I placed her on her back and went down her tits and started sucking on them while I fingered her pussy.

I was sliding in and out of her pussy to the second knuckle. She was moaning and turning my on more. I then got down between her legs and started rubbing my cock between the folds of her wet pussy.

She was moaning more and more. Beth started playing with Jessica's tits and to my surprise started to lick and kiss and then suck them. I was in disbelief I was so turned on by that sight. I grabbed my dick and started pushing into her pussy. Beth stopped and looked at me and kissed me running her tongue into my mouth.

Be gentle she said. Then she went back to working her sister's tits over again. I started pushing more pressure and finally had the head of my cock in the opening of the corral pink pussy. Jessica started moaning as I rocked lightly back and forth while I slowly impale my cock into her wetness.

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She was moaning more and more and then I was to her maiden hood. I had come to the point where like her sister would become a women.

I placed more and more pressure on her hymen until I felt it tear. Jessica's eyes opened widely and light tears filled her eyes and I stopped pumping. I was thinking in the back of my mind to just fuck her hard. But I did not want to hurt her I told my self to start pumping her pussy slowly.

I started sliding deeper into this tight fuck hole. It felt nice as it grabbed my cock and resisted and I could feel every part of her vagina. I started picking up the pace; Jessica started moaning more and more. She was staring up at me as I looked back at her pretty face. I then felt cum starting to boil in my balls and I knew I was about to come.

I start pushing deeper and deeper and I felt the cervix and new how bad I wanted to cum in her womb. I pressed more and more and I could feel it to start to give way to my pressure. I then felt it pop in, I ran as far up into her ads I could. I started short and fast thrust and in know time I felt my cock swell up and felt the pressure of her cervix. I then fell the climax come over my body as I started to cum, and did I ever.

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I shot load after load into her Jessica's womb. I collapsed and kissed her. After I had softened I with drew from her. Beth laid next to us and said now it was not that bad Jess was it. Jessica said it hurt and felt a little good. It will get better every time we do it. I thought to myself every time we do it ye ha I thought to myself this is going to be the best.

We each had another beer and Beth came up close and we kissed and she said in from of Jessica that she loved me. I told her right back that I loved her too. Jessica slid up and said, what about me. I said Jessica I love both of you girls more than just as a step dad but as a lover.

They both said it was what they both wanted. Then Jessica piped up and said I hope I am pregnant like mom. I said wow. What do you mean? Beth said we are both hoping that we are pregnant. You mean you two are not on the pill or any thing? No, we are not. Jessica said. Holy shit I am in big trouble, I thought your mother said she was going to put you girls on the pill so you would not get pregnant! We are home schooled and there is not any boys around and we want to have babies.

I am in big trouble if one or both of you get knocked up. Your mother will kill me if she finds out! Beth said, mom knows what we did yesterday. What are you talking about? She knows, she ask me how it was and gave me a pad when we got back so the blood and cum would not leak out and get things messy. Are you serious? Jessica said yes, we are. Mom was going to talk to you about it tonight. Oh, I said. I thought to myself then about Lynn's comment back at the house when we were going to leave.

I started to walk away, stopped and started pissing. Jessica walked up behind me and grabbed my cock while I was piss and said she wanted to aim it and while I pissed. I looked at her with a surprise and told her to shake it when I was finished. I turned and said ladies; it is time to go home.

Let's pack up and get back to the house before it gets dark. TO BE CONTINUDE: Want the full Paul Harvey? The rest of the story?