Asian Boys All and Ceb Barebacking

Asian Boys All and Ceb Barebacking
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My wife Jess works as a receptionist. She is 34 years old, not fat but she has a full body with generous forms. Her belly is a little rounded but not as big as her nice round ass or her big boobs. Big soft boobs that are nice to squeeze. She used to wear classic receptionist clothes to work, a tight medium short skirt and typically a white blouse.


I love to see her in that outfit and every now and then I make her go to work with no panties on and sometimes I make her wear a thin mesh see thru bra so her nipples can be seen through her blouse in the right light. I then tell her to snap some pics with her phone of herself and her pussy while at work and send them to me. Then I started noticing her wearing her skirts and tight blouses less often and one day when I was telling her to take her special bra and leave the panties at home she refused.

It made me a bit angry and when I asked why she told me a group of guys at the office had started making passes at her, dropping inappropriate comments. She had seen them on several occasions standing together throwing looks at her and laughing amongst themselves. One day at the coffee machine one of them even slapped her on her ass. After that day she always wore pants to work. The situation made me irritated and excited both at once.

I get so turned on by the idea of having other guys interested in Jess and it had been a long time fantasy of mine to see her get fucked by other men. Now I had a group of guys who were showing interest in her and the result was sadly that she stopped playing along in my games of making her a slut. When the time came for an office party at her work a plan took form in my mind. As the time for the party came and we were getting dressed I asked Jess that she would wear something sexy at least tonight as it IS a party.

I asked her to do it for me and she accepted. It ended with her wearing a nice low cut top and a light plaited skirt that stopped halfway down her thighs. Underneath she wore a small black thong, dark stay ups and a black sheer bra. It was awesome at the party seeing all the men of her office stealing looks at her when they could and I got more excited as the evening progressed. I asked Jess to point out the guys who had been harassing her over the last couple of weeks and she in turn pointed out a group of 4 guys standing in a group talking.

I made sure Jess always had a full glass of wine in her hand and later in the evening she was getting pretty drunk. As I noticed her getting more relaxed from the alcohol I took the opportunity to start touching her, grabbing her ass every now and then, leaning in for a kiss and squeesing her boob at the same time. Jess was resisting a little at first but as more time went and she had more wine I could tell she was more into it.

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I maneuvered us to a point so we were standing close to the group of guys she had pointed out with them standing behind her.

I started making out with her and at the same time i put my arms around her and grabbed her ass with both hands. At this point the. She was pretty drunk at this point and didn't seem to care about my public show of grabbing her so I took it one step further and slowly pulled her skirt exposing her round ass and grabbed it firmly. This apparently was a little too much for Jess. "What are you doing?

Not here" she said, a bit upset. I waved to the group standing behind Jess, now with big smiles on their faces, as I started pulling her away to an office cubicle closeby.

Once we got into the cubicle i put her down on the chair and said " sorry, I got a bit carried away". I kissed her and turned her on the chair so she was facing away from the opening in the cubicle as I started rubbing her shoulders gently and caressing her hair. I know this is a sure card to get her to relax and as I thought she soon doused away into a drunken sleep sitting on the chair. I turned the chair back facing towards the opening and gently pulled her top down so that the only thing holding her big boobs in was the thin mesh seethru bra.

I then pulled her skirt up to her waist as to create a clear view of her small black panties. I turned back to the cubicle opening just to face the group of guys staring at her with big eyes.

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I signed them to be quiet so not to wake her up. They were just standing there not sure what to do. I guess they couldn't believe their eyes. I pulled out my phone and turned on the camera signing to the guys to do the same. That was all they needed to get their own phones up and all four of them started taking pics of my passed out drunk half naked wife.

When all four of them had taken plenty of pics of Jess in different angles and close ups I ushered them out of the cubicle and lead them away a little bit. I gave them my email and told them all to contact me if they were interested in taking this scenario with my wife further. All four of them confirmed they were eager to do so and told me that Jess had become somewhat of an obsession for them and she was almost the only thing they talked about during office hours.

We went back to the cubicle and in there we found Jess's boss a man in his 50's gently touching her boobs, now pulled out of her bra and fully exposed. He jumped up looking extremely embarrased of being found like that but I quickly signed him to be quiet and showed him a relaxing smile.

I went over to Jess, still completely asleep on the chair, and gently pulled of her panties and put them in my pocket. I then spread her legs apart and stepped aside to clear the view for the group of now five guys taking some more pics of my sleeping wife on full display. The guys left, I put Jess's boobs back in her bra and pulled her skirt back down. I woke her up and said we better go home as she seemed to tired to enjoy the party anymore.

She mumbled something and I took her out of the office and called a cab to take us home. I put her in on the passenger side of the back seat and got in myself to find that when seated in the cab Jess soon fell back into her drunken sleep. I gave the address to the cab driver and as he began driving I pulled Jess's legs apart, lifting her left leg into my lap and putting her bare pussy on full display should the driver turn around.

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When we stopped outside our home the driver, an indian or pakistani looking man in his 40s, turned around. I had seen him looking a couple of times on the way as well and he had adjusted the rear view mirror so as to get a good view of Jess on display.

I smiled and asked if he was interested in making a bargain for the drive as well as if he could help me carry my wife into the house. I asked if he was interested in cutting half the cost of the fair for the opportunity to help me undress her and to take as many pics as he wanted of her.

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He agreed and we carried Jess sleeping into the house and into our bedroom. There we put her on the bed and I told him he could undress her and feel her up as much as he wanted and also to take as many pics as he wished. It took the cab driver 25 minutes to get Jess out of her clothes all the while taking pics of her in her different stages of undress.

When she was lying all naked on the bed snoring a bit he grabbed her boobs with both hands. His hands went all over her body and he turned her over to feel her big round ass.

He turned her back and spread her legs wide apart and put his hand on her pussy. I stopped him and told him he could put his fingers up her pussy if he wished, but then the cab ride would be free. He agreed right away and gently put a finger into Jess's pussy. He started moving his finger in and out of her and soon picked up pace.

Then he put two fingers in and soon three fingers. I could see his hand had gotten wet from her pussy and Jess soon started moving about a little in her sleep, breathing a little heavier. The driver now had all five fingers pulled together showing them into her pussy.

He started pushing harder to get more of the hand inside her and I felt that was enough. Jess had started moving about more and she had begun moaning a little and I was afraid she might wake up so I told him that this was enough and showed him outside. I went back to our bedroom, took off my clothes and roughly fucked Jess with my throbbing dick.

I turned her around and put some lube on her asshole and then showed my dick in her ass and fucked her until I shot my load deep in her ass.


The next day Jess asked what happened and I told her she got really drunk, we went home and that she had been really horny so we had some fantastic sex. She asked me if we had done anal and I said "Yes, you practically begged for it!".

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She smiled and gave me a kiss. That day I had a doctor's appointment I had set up to get a prescription for some sleeping pills. After seeing the doctor and getting the pills from the pharmacy I checked my email and saw five new emails in my inbox. They were from the four guys in the group i had taken to call Jess's admirers, John, Rob, Kenny and Caleb.

The fifth was from her boss Jeffrey saying the other guys had told him of their experience of the party and he wondered if he could join as well. I answered all their mails and told them of my proposal. To: John, Rob, Kenny, Caleb, Jeffrey From: Me Subject: Treating Jess the way she deserves Gentlemen, I have a proposal for you. It has come to my attention that you gentlemen have been showing my wife Jess quite a lot of attention over the last couple of weeks.

The problem is Jess does not at all enjoy this kind of attention you are showing her. Now don't get me wrong, Jess is my wife, but it has always been my strong belief that she is a real slut and that she should be treated as such. As I'm sure you understand from the actions last night I want you to be able to use her for your own pleasure.

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So to all of you I propose this: You must at once stop your unwanted behavior towards Jess at the office, it is disturbing my plan for turning her into a real slutwife. As reward for this you are all invited to our home next saturday night at ten where you will be given complete and free access to Jess and to do whatever you will with her. ----------------------------------------------- In a matter of minutes all five of them had replied and accepted the proposal also sending their thanks for the events last night.