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Sweet blonde teen anal 724adult com tube porn
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Ashley's parents were rich. Like really rich. Having lived a life of privilege Ashley had become use to people doing things for her. She was a beautiful girl. Long brown hair complemented her slender body. She had large breasts and a firm ass. Ashley was beautiful and she knew it.

She had just turned 18. She was going to have a massive pool party. She was an incredibly popular girl because of her wealth and good looks. Ashley was used to getting everything she wanted, but unfortunately for her today she would get what she deserved. The house was in full swing for preparations for weeks.

Finally when to day came round Ashley's parents left the country to give Ashley space. Everything was going perfect.

The staff was all at work cleaning. Ashley pranced around gleefully in her bikini. Everyone would arrive in a few hours. Her boobs bounced each time she skipped along. As Ashley wandered out to the pool she saw something that made her blood boil.

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It was a worker taking a break. The worker's name was Jim and he had been working all day. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!!! GET BACK TO WORK" Ashley yelled. Jim looked up. He was irritated at being spoken to like this. Ashley was always a bitch to the staff. She made her way over to him. "Are you deaf. I said get back to work" Ashley demanded. "I'm just taking a break, I've been working all day" Jim responded. "I don't care how long you've been working.

Get back to it" Ashley ignorantly yelled. Jim was getting annoyed. After a day of hard work the last thing he needed was this spoiled brat yelling at him. He rose up from his seat.

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He towered over her yet she continued her verbal assault. "Get back to work. You're going to ruin everything my parents will fire you if you don't to what I say." Suddenly Ashley stopped talking as Jim grabbed her shoulders and violently pushed her down to her knees. She looked up at Jim fearfully. He had just had enough of her shit.

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Jim had been working here for all of Ashley's life and every day she was a bitch to the staff. He had finally snapped. Someone needed to put her in her place. Ashley was so frightened that she didn't notice Jim pulling out his cock. Without warning Jim shoved his cock into Ashley's mouth.

The girl gagged as the penis invaded her mouth. Jim grabbed her head and pushed her into his crotch causing teenager to choke. His penis slid down Ashley's throat. The feeling of Ashley's lips around his cock was euphoric. Jim could feel Ashley's throat convulsing around his cock. Ashley was trying to push him off but he was too strong. Jim grabbed her head with two hands and pushed her into his groin. His cock slide all the way down her throat.

She gagged helplessly. Jims pubic hair cloaked her vision and irritated her nose. The poor girl could hardly believe what he was doing to her. She gagged and spluttered as the penis choked her.

Jim held her in position, relishing in the momment. This spoiled brat was on her knees, in her underwear, choking on his penis. Jim looked deep into Ashley's eyes. She looked beautiful with his cock stuck in her mouth.

He could see the fear in her eyes. Ashley was trying to tell herself it was just a dream. Jim felt no sympathy for the slut. This was retribution for years of torment.

He reached down and stroked her cheek gently. Ashley was momentarily calmed. Without warning Jim grabbed her head and began violently fucking her face. Ashley's head rocked back and forth as he fucked her face. His cock slammed in and out of her mouth. His balls slapped against Ashley's face. Ashley could barely breath. Each thrust pushed the cock deeper into her mouth. Jim's thrusts were ferocious. His penis mercilessly used Ashley's face. Finally he came inside her mouth.

Jims cum shot down her throat and began filling up her mouth. The sound of Ashley gargling and gagging as cum filled her mouth was hilarious. Jim kept his cock stuck between Ashley's lips as he emptied his load. He loved watching the horror in her eyes as he filled her mouth. His cum began to spill out of her mouth. His cock still in her mouth was covered by some. Finally when he was finished he pulled his cock out of her mouth.

Ashley fell to the floor spitting up cum. She gasped for air. "What the fuck is wrong with you. Why would you do that to me' were all Ashley could say before Jim began dragging her by her leg, to the pool.

He lifted her up and bent her over the rail at the side of the pool. Ashley's bikini left little to the imagination and her ass was completely vulnerable to him. Jim admired it's beautiful structure. He reached out and grabbed it with two hands and began squeezing around her ass. "OH MY GOD NO. GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME" Ashley protested. Jim was massaging her ass. He had never felt an ass so firm. Finally he had enough. SLAP "AHH" The sound of Jims hand slapping against Ashley's ass could be heard by all the neighbours.

It hurt so much. Ashley had never been spanked before. She began to cry.

Jim laughed at what this spoiled brat had been reduced to. He ran his hand down her back and ass before reaching between her legs. Ashley squeezed her thighs together to stop Jims advances but he slid his hand through. He stroked across her pussy. The only thing between Ashley's pussy and Jims hand was the small pair of panties.

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Jim pressed his body against Ashley's ass and with his free hand he stroked down her thigh. Ashley was whimpering in fear as Jims fingers traced across her crotch. Jim had had enough. He slipped two fingers past her panties and into her pussy. "Aaaah" Ashley moaned as her body was invaded.

Jim slowly fingered Ashley while she was bent over. His fingers slid deep inside the helpless girl. As he got faster he pushed Ashley's body further over the rail. Her ass stuck higher into the air as her legs were lifted of the ground.

Jim was fingering Ashley at a brutal pace. His fingers slid in and out causing the poor girl to moan. "AHH AHH, OHH OH MY GOD., OOOOOH OHHAAAAHH" the spoiled teenager moaned as her body was invaded. Jim began slapping her ass at the same time. Ashley's loud moans of pleasure was interrupted by the slap of Jims hand against her ass. "Umm AH" SLAP "OW" "UHHH Uh uuh UUUH" SLAP "AH" "UMMM PLEASE OHHAAAAHH" SLAP "AHHH" "UUUUHHHGGG OOH" Jim laughed at how her ass shook each time he hit it.

He slowly slid his fingers out of her pussy. Once he had his two hands back he removed Ashley's panties. She whimpered in protest as she felt them slide down her legs but Jim just slapped her ass to shut her up. Once the teenager was exposed Jim bent her back over the swimming pool rail. "Please let me go" Ashley begged. Jim laughed as he lined up his penis with Ashley's pussy. Before she could protest any more he rammed his cock inside her and began fucking.

His cock penetrated deep inside her. She shrieked in pain. Jim thrust his cock in and out of the teenager causing her whole body to shake. Ashley began moaning. She was terrified but her body was loving this.

"aaahhAH AAAAAAAAAHH UMMM" Jim had never fucked someone so right in his life. Ashley's pussy was bringing him to the edge. He let out a groan and pulled out. Ashley was horrified when she felt seman cover her. Jim was cumming all over her back. She tried to move but he held her in place.

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When he was finally finished he stopped to admire his handy work. Ashley was shaking in fear and shock at what had just happened to her. Jims cum covered her back. She felt worthless. "Why would you do that" she sobbed. Jim was holding her in position.

His body still pressed against hers. He allowed Ashley lower her legs back to the ground to stable herself. Little did Ashley know, Jim was only getting started. He lined his cock up with the crying girl's ass hole. Ashley felt Jims cock press against her ass hole.

She realised what was about to happen. She knew she had no choice. "Please no." She begged, Jim didn't care. This teenager had made his life hell for too long. This was retribution for years of privilege.

He started to slide his cock up into Ashley's ass. Ashley was in a world of pain ass her back entrance was invaded. She couldn't comprehend how the penis was managing to get deeper into her. It felt like a baseball bat had been stuck in her ass.



IT'S TOO BIG" Ashley cried as Jim pushed deeper into her. Finally Ashley felt Jim's balls press against her ass.


His full length was inside her. On the one hand she felt relief at knowing he couldn't get deeper, but that knowledge didn't take away the pain she was feeling.

It also couldn't prepare her for what was about to happen. Jim began thrusting back and forth. He was fucking Ashley's ass. The feeling of his penis sliding in and out of her ass was agonising. Ashley shrieked as her unlubed ass hole was penetrated. Jims balls slapped against Ashley's ass as he fucked her. Tears streamed down her face as she was violated.

Her legs started to give way. The pain was too intense for her to keep standing. As Jim saw the girl slipping he pulled out. Ashley fell to the floor. Before she knew what was happening Jim grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him. He lifted her into a face down ass up position. She was completely exposed to him. Jim reinserted his cock and continued to violate Ashley's ass.

The helpless teenager whimpered on the ground. She felt completely worthless in this position. "ah ah AH" The poor girls body was betraying her. She was starting to moan. The cock in her ass, although painful was sending her over the edge.

Jim heard her. "WHAT WAS THAT BITCH. DID I HEAR YOU MOAN" Jim yelled. Ashley stayed completely quite. She was desperately fighting her urge to moan. She couldn't fight it forever.

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Jim started fucking harder. "ah ohhOOOOHH" Ashley moaned. Jim laughed. "I always knew you were a slut. Moan again" he demanded. The sound of Ashley's young voice was music to his ears. He also wanted to humiliate her beyond belief.

He knew how worthless Ashley would feel if she startedmoaning for a cock up her ass. Ashley shook her head. She was refusingto be degraded even further by this man.

She was already on the floor with his cock stuck in her ass. The last thing she wanted was to moan for him. Jim admired her spirit, but knew he could break her. He fucked her harder and faster. "oh oh OhhAAAAHH AH AHH AHHHH PLEASE STOP Oh GOD PLEASE" Ashley moaned as her body betrayed her. She couldn't fight it any more. Jim fucked her ass harder with each thrust. She moaned like a bitch as she was fucked on the ground. "AH AHH UH UUH UUUH, OOOOH GOD, NOOO" Ashley begged. It was too late for her.

Ashley's eyes rolled into the back of her head as she approached climax. "OOOOOH OOOOOH OHHAAAAHH GOD. AHHH UUUUHUHHHH" The poor girl moaned as she climaxed violently on the floor. Jim laughed at the poor girl as she shook violently. Her orgasm was intense. Jim continued to fuck her throughout her climax.

The orgasm was so intense that Ashley passed out. Jim wasn't finished with her body. He still hadn't cum. He held Ashley's hips to keep her ass in the air as he fucked her unconscious body. This was liberation for him. This spoiled brat had been reduced to a quivering mess in front of him.

Now she was unconscious and completely exposed to him. Jim continued to ram his cock in and out of her ass as he approached climax.

Ashley's mouth was open, causing her to drool onto the ground. Jim fucked her for about 20 minutes. "OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING" a voice yelled. A group of teenagers had walked upon this scene.

It was Ashley's friends. The voice belonged to a girl called Kortney. Jim continued to fuck despite the crowd. Ashley was slowly regaining consciousness. Her eyes opened to see her friends. They were all frozen in shook at what they were witnessing. Jim let out a grunt and squeezed Ashley tightly. He then began to unload gallons of cum into her ass hole. A few of the guys were starting to laugh at the sight. Ashley sobbed like a bitch as she was violated in front of her friends.

Finally Jim was finished. He slipped his cock out of Ashley's abused ass hole. He slapped her ass once before he stood completely up. Ashley lay with her head down and ass in the air. She covered her face and started to cry. She was ashamed and humiliated by what she had just experienced.


He walked by the teenagers as if nothing had happened. Ashley lay next to the pool, shaking after what had just happened. She was left completely vulnerable to the group of teenagers now surrounding her.