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Molly Jane in Dad pays daughter to fuck
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Part 9 and there was Three Harry woke feeling his wives, 'wives I have two wives', he smiled, laying next him, his eyes closed. Hermione snuggled up to him, her leg over his, Ginny on his other side pressing into him, their heads on his chest and shoulder, their breasts against him, he could feel their breaths on his skin, their heart beats, Hermione's wetness on his thigh, Ginny's hand gently holding his erect manhood. He laid there thinking of how his life had turned around it the last years.

First Hermione, found out how Ron had been lying to her all those years, and came to him in her pain, as she always had in the past, it hurt him to see her in pain.

He loved her, so he was always there for her, to talk and heal, then she'd go back to Ron. Of course it always tore him apart when she did, he loved her for so long. The truth of Ron's deceptions came out and now done with, she left him for good. He remembers that night, the night she was finally his and he hers. That first kiss, their souls intermixed together in that kiss, the missing part of each heart bound together at last and they both knew they would be together from that moment forward, as it was intended to be.

Their first love-making, where they surrendered their bodies in total love to each other, that wondrous night. The next morning when he asked her to marry, as he had wanted to for so long.

She said "Yes", without a moments hesitation. He was no longer alone. 'God he loved her, his first and eternal love, his heart' And now Ginny, the one closest to his heart, after Hermione.

If there had never been his Hermione, he would have pursued her, and may have anyway, being Hermione was with Ron, but Ron lied to her too, turning her away for him, keeping only their friendship, but that's over and done with. He recollects of that night when Hermione mention a threesome. At first he was dismayed that his loving wife, had even mentioned one, His first thoughts, was she tired of him, did she want another man to join them, did she want another man's child, not his, was she going to leave him, what did I do wrong.

It weighted heavily on his mind for days. Although he never showed Hermione his troubled feelings. After thinking it though Harry finally decided, maybe his love just want to experiment with one, at least he hoped that was all she wanted, after all in the wizarding world multi-marriage partners were acceptable. He did love her so and anything she wanted was fine with him, for she was his heart.

Even if she wanted to sleep with another man, he was willing, anything for her. So he brought it back up. It surprised his wife when he asked "Would you like to try a threesome?", that first look she gave, Hermione had forgotten she mentioned it weeks before and how she thought at first, the same as he did when she first mentioned it to him. He negated her fears, assuring her he has not nor ever will be tired of her.

It surprised her more when he told her, it was totally up to her if they did and with whom.

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After which he explain that all he ever needed was her and her happiness. If she wanted to do so, he loved her enough for her decide when and with who.

He was more than pleasantly surprised when she said "I was thinking of Ginny." in truth if he had to chose someone it would have been Ginny, he did love her, after Hermione. He recalled Hermione saying "Actually I was seriously considering her. She's always loved you, you know, and she definitely has the experience. And… she did ask once "if I shared"…" She love Ginny too and had several experiences with her back at Hogwarts and now she was ready to share her husband with her best friend.

So they invited her to dinner and ask, she was more than pleased to join them and she did a few days later. It was glorious, you could almost see the love radiating off the three of them that night. Next day Hermione asked him if he would like to have Ginny join them again and often.

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She also told him how she heard Ginny quietly wished to herself that she had something like our loving togetherness that night. The look on Hermione's face, was so heart warming when he said only if she wished and if so they should make it permanent. Later the slight teasing and the look on Ginny's face as he did, then when they ask her to marry them, she screamed YES and covered them in kisses, that was less than a month ago, now the three were married, yesterday.

Now their a family, the three of them, he could not be happier, and Ginny wants five children. Hermione only wants three for sure, maybe more. And Harry hoped to start expanding their family soon, unbeknown to him Hermione canceled her contraceptive charm the night they ask Ginny to join them in a threesome. Wanting to give her husband the third gift dearest to his heart, their child. Harry laid there holding his loves in pure happiness and joy.

The universe was in harmony. Ginny woke first, still holding onto Harry, they kissed, she nibbled his ear and whispered "I want to taste my husband", kissed him again and moved down to his rock solid member and began kissing and lovingly nursing on it, caressing what not in her mouth. Harry gasped, waking Hermione, she looked down and smiled 'hungry are we' then turned her lips to Harry and began trying to tickle his tonsils. Ginny's slow manipulation of his penis was almost excruciating wonderful, he thankful let loose the flood of semen, that had built up.

She drank the first wave of his nectar, wanting, needed every drop. He groaned into Hermione mouth. The others Ginny held in her mouth as she slowly wanked him. When he spurt the last.

She rose and pulled Hermione from Harry and kissed her, surprising Hermione as Ginny shared their husband's morning gift. Harry watched the sexy battle of his wives oral blending, Ginny was still slowly stroking him, he never soften. As his loves separated, each relishing the taste of their husband, Ginny gently pulled on Hermione, she understood and moved over Harry and lower. Ginny guided their husband into their wife. Upon the third blissful orgasm, Hermione clamped down on Harrypushing him over the top and he filled her with his life giving cream.

As Hermione rode Harry, Ginny would kiss her then Harry, sometimes on the lips, sometimes their nipples, sometimes Hermione clit, at times she would lick their joining, a few times she kissed Hermione's butt cheek as Hermione and Harry kissed.

The angle she was at allowed Harry to reach Ginny's fanny and his fingers made love to her. They all climaxed together. Hermione laid down on her love and the kissed, Ginny joined a few moments later into a three way kiss, then whispered into Hermione ear. Hermione rolled off Harry and laid beside him, Ginny slid over Harry and moved into a sixty-nine with Hermione.

Hermione found Harry and pulled him towards her head. Harry realizing what they wanted, moved into position, Ginny raised her hips slightly allowing Hermione to guide Harry into Ginny hot wetness, he slid in fully slowly as Hermione lick them both.

He made sweet slow love to Ginny, never rushing, holding her to prevent her from rushing. Hermione bathing them with her tongue as Ginny matched Harry and slowly devoured Hermione. Both of Harry's wives orgasned several times, before he unleashed a wave of hot sperm into Ginny womb. As their love mixture slipped out around Harry's slow pile driving cock Hermione lapped at it, not missing a drop.

He pulled from her and watched his first wife, his first love continued oral loving his second wife. He just sat and watched them love each other. His heart, his loves, loving the other. He was truly blessed to had them, his family. Harry slipped out of bed and walked into the bath, started the shower stepping inside, he liked his magical shower that always had the correct temperature for as long as he needed.

Back in the muggle world he knew, you have to adjust and if you stayed too long it got cold. He was standing there enjoying the hot water caressing his body, his eyes closed, letting the kinks melt away.

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He reached for the soap and found a breast in the way, opening his eyes as he fondled the soft mound to see Hermione's face approach his, their lips met, he could taste Ginny as they kissed at first, then just her.

That enchanting taste of Hermione's lips that he loved so much, the words of love without any words spoken. He felt Ginny move in behind him, her hard nipples slid across his back and the soft whisper "I love you Harry" and then a loving nip of his ear lobe. He moved one arm around Hermione and one back around Ginny and pulled them tightly to him as he hugged his loves.

After washing each other quite thoroughly, they emerged from the shower, dried and dressed. And headed for breakfast. Hermione checked her parents room first, she stuck her head thru the veil with her eyes closed, just in time to hear the sound s of love-making and her mother scream "Richa". she quickly pulled her head back 'oops' With a satisfying grin on her face, she looked at Harry and Gunny standing there waiting her, wide grins appeared on their faces.

You could almost hear Hermione say oh will you two behave as she looked at her loves, She motion them to go on.


She waited a few minutes and stuck her head in again, this time only after-bliss kissing. "Mom Dad we're going down for breakfast" and turned and walked downstairs to join Harry and Ginny in the breakfast nook. "Your parents" "Ah.

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Just finishing up be down shortly I image" "Just finish my, my" "Behave don't embarrass them" "I won't say a word" "And that goes for you too Ginny" "oh Ok," The Grangers came down about fifteen minutes later.

"Bout time you sleepyheads crawled out of bed" "oh yes comfortable bed" "and quiet too" mom Granger blushed "huh Yes" Richard said "food looks good I'm famished" "yea me too" Harry added As they were sitting, eating and talking, an owl flew in, with a copy of The Witches Secret, which surprised everyone. No one here reads that rag. After casting a Specialis Revelio spell checking for hexes and such, Harry gave the owl a piece of bacon, unrolled the paper and read the note attached, "thought you would enjoy this" and then read the paper Harry Potter Takes Second By Rita Skeeter Harry Potter the destroyer of the Dark Lord, took second yesterday, a second wife that is, He and Hermione Potter nee Granger, yesterday were observed at the Ottery St Catchpole Chapel, marring his old school sweetheart, Miss Ginevra "Ginny" Weasley in a unannounced and hurried wedding.

Family and close friends only in attendance of the double ceremony. First in the Ancient Magical Feudalism tradition, then in their own declaration of their love for one another, which was quite lovely. This was no surprise to this reporter, after watching their openly friendliness for each other, first at the Holyhead Harpies' Quidditch Youth Day Program, which the now Ginny Potter is/was a seeker for the Harpies, of their visits to Gringotts, shopping and dining in Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, and London.

Not to mention the late night nude excursions. I only wonder that Mr. Potter did or said to Ms Hermione to accept Ms Weasley as second wife. After all Ms Hermione is known for her over possessiveness nature according to her old classmate and friends. What surprised this reporter however at first, was the absence of Ronald Weasley, Ms Ginny brother and Harry's life-time friend, who fought beside Mr. Potter in the elimination of He-who-wasn't-named and was the best man at Harry and Hermione's wedding, although sources told this reporter that the Harry/Hermione Potter wedding surprised everyone, due to Ms Hermione had been living with Mr.


Weasley, her school sweetheart, for years to just shortly prior to the wedding to Mr. Potter. Makes one wonder doesn't it and Mr. Potter is anything but poor. And then the now Ginny Potter nee Weasley moved out of her flat shortly after the Holyhead Harpies' Quidditch Youth Day Program last month, where she had pulled the Potters on to the field to entertained the kids present, she moved to an undisclosed location.

One can only guess where, after all The Potter's home is under Fidelius. Hum… Could Mr. Weasley be upset with his old friend, his years old girlfriend and sister or is there more… Mr. Weasley couldn't not be located to answer questions. The Cannons, who he plays for as keeper have no idea where's he at, owls deliver messages with no reply.

Lord Neville Longbottom who attended the wedding just says "no comment" and appeared to be hiding something, Anna Symilt, Lord Longbottoms date, said "it was a lovely ceremony and Harry couldn't wait to get Ginny home, to bed". I image the Harpies are rather upset as their star seeker, the now Ginevra "Ginny" Potter will be taking a much needed maternity leave, as I sure Mr. Potter has been stuffing the pudding jar, for some time now and everyone knows Quidditch is a rough sport and is unhealthy for fetuses.

I can only speculate how Ms Hermione Potter is dealing with her husband's second wife beating her to motherhood. Pictures of pages 2,3, 7, 10, 12 & nude get togethers 14.

Copy of the vow on page 4 They were old pictures with some new ones mixed in, which were taken outside the Chapel as they entered and exited along with some of the insides of an empty Chapel and a definite fake photo of the ceremony.

Anyone who had been in Ottery St Catchpole Chapel, knew the chapel photos was of the different Chapel. And then the pictures of Harry and Ginny without Hermione, but if you paid attention you could tell they were deliberated taken at angles to prevent Hermione being seen, weather she was there or not.

The nude pictures were fuzzy, dark and mostly of the backs of someone, with the clear, everyone can tell fake, head shots of Harry and Ginny. One showed four men and one female very dark, nude silhouettes and shagging, another with Harry's brighten face and five nude women silhouettes. The photos of meals together that only showed Harry and Ginny, but showed three place settings, the one showing Harry kissing Ginny did show Hermione's hand, the ring was unmistakable.

there were even a couple of chopped old pictures spliced together to show something that wasn't. Their wedding vow she had word for word. Heedless to say everyone was pissed. The Grangers was the main reason Rita was not boiling in oil, hexes into oblivion or worst.

They managed to calm Hermione down who in turn calmed Harry down, as the Grangers calmed Ginny down. Breakfast was over. About half an hour later or so and a relative calmness prevailed, Ginny received an owl for the Harpies asking her to come in for a meeting with the general manager and to dress nice, there was to be a press conference after the meeting.

Hermione suggested she reply that she'll be in tomorrow afternoon, cause in her present state, she may say something she didn't meant to, Harry agreed and said they should have an interview with Harry's solicitors, a reporter from the Prophet and Quibbler, before Ginny's meeting.

Harry stated "I'm going to nail that bitch's arse to the wall". Mrs. Granger explained to Ginny it was a muggle term, Harry was going to sue the Witches Secret and Rita for calumny and some of the pictures were her downfall, he was going to ruin her". Harry added "And God forbid if I see a beetle anywhere". Hermione said she was going to take Mom and Dad home, Harry quickly added we're, Ginny and I are coming with you, that bitch may have your parents home under surveillance and looking to interview them, to attempt to get arise from them with her version of the truth and that damn quill of hers.

After a few minutes Harry being Harry and wouldn't give in a nanometer, they agreed. Only to let Harry check the house and garden for weird flying beetles. They arrived safely no beetles or snoops. While Harry and Ginny checked everything, Mrs. Granger and Hermione saying they be back later, mom needed a few things from the market and they drove to the chemist.

Paid for an early home test kit and Hermione used the loo in the store. Didn't want Harry to see the kit. If someone who knew the Grangers walked in they would have been wondering what, Hermione and her mum were standing there by the loo door looking at something in her hand so intensely.

Slowly the stick turned positive, Hermione yelp, her smiling mother hugged her pregnant happy crying daughter, crying herself. If Mama Granger hadn't been there Hermione may have floated thru the store, literally. Just so happen one of Hermione old grade school mates walked in, seeing Hermione walked up "Hi Hermione how's it going haven't seen around lately" "Oh Hello Mary Beth, yes it's been awhile, I got married almost two ago to the sweetest, best most wonderful man in the world." she was still crying smiling.

"Oh lucky you I just recently divorced the louse I married… you remember Jimmy Franks. what's wrong then, you're crying" "Oh I'm so happy I'm Pregnant" and stuck the stick towards Mary Beth. "Congratulation s, your first, I guess, I've got two girls, their with their Gran. Who'd you marry that Ron fellow, I saw you with." "No no definitely not that arse, thank God.

I married the boy from school the one I wanted for years Harry Potter, Harry James Potter the man of my dreams, my soul mate." "huh from school huh If you. he was all that why the Ron guy," "Oh it's a long story, just say I was tricked and lied to, but I discovered the truth, before it got too late thanks the heavens above and now I'm Mrs. Harry Potter, the future mother of Harry's children." "Oh ok, what's this Harry do" "oh what ever he wants, he's rather well off" "oh good for you got a loaded one… If you don't mind, how were you tricked" "It's a long story, got a couple of hours" hoping she doesn't.

"Oh huh no, maybe some other time. see you, need to get some medicine for Sally, my youngest, later, call me I'm back home with my parents" and she walked off. "God I'm glad she didn't have the time, I rather not talk about it" "Er Hermione dear" "Yes mom" "Something you never told me about isn't there, I mean I'm glad you woke-up and finally connected with Harry, we've known for years Harry loved you, even though Ron said he did, there was just something about him I didn't like, but you seemed happy so we left it alone your father and I".

"You… you knew Harry loved me" "Yes of course dear one look in his eyes as he watched you told me that, years ago, I though you knew" She just looked at her mother in awe.

"We were so happy when you brought Harry home and you told us he asked and you said yes, you remember dad nearly shook his arm off" "Why didn't you say something earlier" "You had seemed to had your mind made up that Ron was the one, so we tried to accept it, well everything worked out for the best… now lets go see Doctor Milford, shall we" As they left the chemist and sat in the car, mom tuned to Hermione, "when you going to tell Harry he's to be a father" "I don't know, I'd like to see Poppy first she can tell what sex and if he or she is healthy, she should be back in a couple of days" "Doctor Milfords is just around the corner, lets see if he can squeeze you in and give you a check-up for your mother sake, ok" "Ok mom" Hermione knew auguring wouldn't help.

The Doctor had a easy day and could see Hermione. Mrs. Granger left her there and went to the market to pick-up a few items.

After the examinations and blood work Doctor Milford said every thing seemed fine and apparently Hermione was near three weeks into her first trimester. Old Doc Milford said to Mrs. Granger, when she walked back in to pick-up her daughter "Hermione in excellent condition and I can't see any problems at this time, she about three weeks pregnant and I'd like to see her in a month or so, sooner if you feel and pain little lady, you certainly grown into a lovely young woman, this Potter must be doing something right, I've never seen you so happy… hum Potter, Potter, Harry Potter don't remember any Harry Potter, live around here, no" "No I met him in school he's from Little Whinging " "Harry Potter humm Potter seem to remember a Potter, oh what was his name huh… James Potter or was it Jamie, no it was James, years ago, before you were even born., weird young fellow about twenty came in.

I only remember him caused he came in and said he needed a cat can, told him there wasn't one, he meant a Cat Scan, couldn't talk him out of it, the results were puzzling, he vanished before I got the them back.

Kept them, they were all wrong." Hermione looked at him dazed like "Harry's father's name was James, he died on Halloween of 81" "Could be him, died from what, do you know" "He was murdered by… a. burglar, him and his wife Harry's mother" "Oh sorry to hear… Oh bring Harry in with next time if you don't mind, I like to talk to all expecting fathers, clue them in on the do's and don'ts of pregnancy" "Oh ok Doctor Milford, bye" 'Harry's father had a cat scan???' Next morning the Potters walked into Harry's solicitor's office and explained the problem with the Witches Secret and Rita Skeeter and he wants to ruin her.

They contact the Daily Prophet and the Quibbler and ask for a reporter to come to their office as soon as possible. When all were present and after they put up an anti-beetle shield and sweep the room, Harry explained about the pictures and the falsehoods of the story. They talked of the wedding, no Ginny is not pregnant and they have a meeting with the team general manger shortly, Harry's solicitor would be present for that meeting too.

The solicitor loved the picture of Hermione's ring. Both the Prophet and Quibbler photographers took pictures and explained that the Secrets pictures were bad fakes, and intently were misleading, suggested they contact the MLE and have their people examine them.

The solicitor had his secretary contact the Magic Law Enforcement office. Harry answered when asked why they married Ginny, "The three of us having loved each other for years finally decided we want to be together for the rest of our lives, we've known each other since second year, we were even in the same house at school. We didn't want to appear to be sneaking around or such, so Hermione and I talked and decided together to ask Ginny if she wanted to become part of our family.

She happily accepted." "As for Hermione living with Ron, that's between Hermione and Ron, it ended on a bad note, he hurt her and when Hermione came… well crying as she done many times before, to her best friend, the one she's had all thru school and afterwards, we discovered we were soul-mates… I, I was holding, her comforting her as she cried… and I'm not sure why but I leaned down to give her a light friendly kiss, she tuned slightly and when our lips met, the love exploded, our souls leaped from one to the other and we knew we were meant to be together.

It may have been rather quick to some after she had left Ron, but we knew we loved each other completely right then and there, that night I ask her to marry me and she accepted." "We not ashamed of any thing we have done, my only regret is I was an idiot and didn't kissed her lips back in school." Hermione beamed at her husband. "However the lies of Ms Skeeter need… She, she more or less called my wives huh you know loose women, some thing…insulting them… and I won't stand for it… hell I'm not sure what can be done to prevent her from hurting others also I just want her stopped, I really don't want to sue for an money, but that seems to be want it takes to make some people listen, so any and all monies I, we are awarded minus expenses and fees will be donated to Hogwarts." The MLE forensic specialist arrived and was shown into the meeting room.

His first statement was shocking. "Wondered how long it take for you to call, these pictures in the paper are so fake it screams, there's something else behind them, I mean does Ms Skeeter really think she can get away with something like this crap." "Oh it's some sort of a trap or what, but how what… tell you what, no money is to be asked for" "Unless that's the trap" Hermione said "Huh" "Rita knows Harry, she been haunting him for years, and knows he doesn't need or want any monies, that he didn't earn.

She may figured this was an opportunity to get back at Harry and promoting herself to higher gossip stature. After all once it's there it can never be truly erased.

And the more you yell I didn't the more people think you did." "So what do we do" "Ask the Quibbler to print it story showing it's findings and comments of the pictures, answer a few questions, let the Harpies straighten out Ginny job and sleeping habits, next week have the Prophet print a story following up the Quibbler's story, and allow the MLE to make their investigations and peruse any legal actions, no hint of suing, if ask just state something like you believe that rubbish, I thought of you better than that".

"Don't say she lied, that'll ruin everything, when asked about the pictures, just say you must have seen more that I did or you didn't see the whole picture." "Do nothing" "Yes my love do nothing, it'll scare the shit out of Rita" "She right you know, smart lady you have" "So she gets away with calling…" "No, just laying the snare, then later we'll crush her" "Ok then" "Harry, Lady Ginny Lady Hermione lets go have a talk with the Harpies, shall we" The Harpies meeting went better than Harry expected.

The General Manager ask one question "Ginny are you pregnant" "No need, you say you're not, that's good enough for me, oh it Potter now isn't it, you need to change you paperwork to show you're married and I will need to know when you plan to start having children, just please give me enough time to train-up Sarha or find a replacement, or Glynnis gets back in shape," looking hopeful.

"what are you going to do about Ms Skeeter story, I know I would ring her neck, if she said that about my wife" "My first thought wasn't ringing her neck, more like dissolving her body from the feet up, slowly very slowly, after I ripped her lying tongue out and nailing to the Secret's front door and shoving that damn quill of hers up her arse" in a tone that sent chills thru everyone. Hermione looked at Harry in totally disbelief 'Do what' and she wasn't the only one in the room, you could feel the 'oh shit, never let me get on Harry's bad side' "Harry" "Yes love" "Calm down" "I'm calm, dear" "Harry" "Yes my love" "Kiss me" "Yes my love" And he did.

Ginny stepped up "And me" "Yes my lov." The coach asked the General Manager later "Did you get the feeling the only reason Rita is walking around is due to those two Ladies" "Yes and I wouldn't advise making neither of them angry or hurt one, might be just the last thing you ever do, hell I nearly pissed my pants when he said what he wanted to do, that tone&hellip." The press conference, went brilliantly, the Quibbler even had a mediwitch to confirm Ginny lack of pending motherhood, which shut up the Witches Secret reporter, rather quickly, he tried to bring up topics from Rita's story but was cut off by the Harpies Press Agent, "this interview was about the Harpies as a team not Lady Potter marriage or family life and was told if he couldn't remain on track he could leave" All in all the conference was good and tore holes in Rita's story, in fact the night of the so called outdoor sex orgy, the team was out of town and playing, at the time, the pictures showed the Harpies scoreboard with time and date in the background.

The coach even said "Damn all that fun and we weren't even here." which got a laugh from everyone, except Harry, who only smiled. The Daily Prophet next morning. Lady Potter Still Flies Yesterday in a called press conference by the Holyhead Harpies, the Lady Ginevra "Ginny" Potter nee Weasley laid arrest to the claim that she was expecting.

Yes there are many men and boys alike sadden knowing the vibratious Redhead Seeker Ginny Weasley is off the eligibility list. A fellow paper brought in a mediwitch to examined Lady Potter and she's not pregnant, much to the delight of the Harpies. The Harpies General Manager Geogere Jilhamer said he asked her earlier, she said she wasn't and that was good enough for him. However Lady Potter graciously allowed the mediwitch to check her, in front of the press and the test was negative.

Making this reporter wonder What Ms Skeeter has been drinking lately. Honest reporters always stride to be correct in their reporting, after all our words is our life and honor and most so-call investigative rag reporters have some truth. Well she did spell their name correctly and according to a source the wedding vows was word for word. Lord Potter sat quietly with Lady Hermione Potter and reframed from answering questions, All he said was "this is a team press conference and I'm just here with my lovely wives enjoying the day, later we have a night on the town planned, I only hope if any photographers that may be taking any pictures, manage to get all three of us in the picture this time, after all Hermione is just a beautiful and sexy as Ginny and I love them both.

I'm the luckiest wizard alive to have them." Needless to say it went all down hill for Rita Skeeter. She tried to catch Ginny or Hermione alone, but couldn't. Harry wouldn't say a word, she had a photographer hidden in attempt to catch Harry in a fit of rage or anger, nothing, as she attempted to rile him. Harry just smiled that smile that placed fear in all who knew him. That blood curling smile, that said be fearful, and watch your arse.


Rita was getting worried, her plans weren't working. A mad, raving Harry Potter sold papers, a docile, happy Harry didn't and did not cover her "exaggerations of the truth" as she put it. She needed to do something to make Harry publicly angry, but what. She decided to slap him in front of witness of her choosing and claim her insulted her.

She had her photographer ready and a couple of so call friends she kept around. In the area, she knew Harry would be at, the HolyHead pitch and had some friends separate Harry from his wives for just a moment, that all she needed. Everything worked perfectly the wives were blocked, she stepped up and slapped him, the picture was taken, 'it worked' suddenly the camera was confiscated by an Auror and an female Auror stepped up to Rita placing a bracelet on her wrist and politely said "Miss Skeeter you will come with me, Lord Potter you will be called upon to bear witness" "Miss Rita Skeeter you are under arrest for assault on the personage of a noble" She tried to apparate and couldn't, she attempted her animagus form, but couldn't.

she began "yelling entrapment", before the Auror silenced her. Harry just smiled, Hermione and Ginny reaching him kissed the slap mark.

"I'm hungry let's eat, London or Cauldrom" "London dear Butlers Wharf's ok" Hermione asked, Harry just nodded, grinning that Harry grin, that she loved