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Its been a week since Halloween night and seems my speaking my peace hardly had a affect on David, except he didn't come to my house. I guess Russ thought it was best for his son not to come around, but it didn't stop him from shoving me against my locker or wall. Mina and I sat with Dusty, Lina, Maxine, and Willbut seems they hardly talk to us for some reason or another.

The times they did was some crap about I hurt David's feelings in which got me asking about the times he hurt mine and me getting my ass beat at his party. And at that moment they would hush up. Mina suggested we go to her house most days that week and mine the weekend. I told her sure as my mom was hardly home anyway. Mina's parents always welcomed me happily. They mentioned they were going to go back home the few days of Thanksgiving Day.

Seems Zan had some business to deal with and wanted to know if it be ok for Mina to stay at my place for Thanksgiving. I told them sure with a smile. They knew Mina and I were best friends and treated each other as such. Mina gave me a smile and a hug as she was seated by me on the couch. The following weeks until Thanksgiving were as the last. Mom hardly home and when she was she was quiet and hardly talked to me. And when she did talk is was mostly about her job or how Russ was treating her all nice and wonderful.

Mina noticed I looked withdrawnbut it didn't stop her from hanging out with me. Mina thought is was best that her and I sit at a different table at lunch since it felt like we were not welcome at the table our friends sat at.

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Dusty, Lina, and Maxine must of noticed, because they would glance over at us every so often. One day Maxine and Lina confronted Mina and I and wanted to know what was going on. Mina told them that it seemed they wanted the table to themselves that why we were sitting at a different one. Both gave her a shocked looked while Mina and I walked away. The Monday before Thanksgiving mom told me that everyone in the family and a few of my friends would be at our house for Thanksgiving.

I didn't say anything all I did was shrug my shoulders. Reason was I know that the one family member I wish was around wouldn't be there. My Uncle Damien lived in another state, not far, but during Thanksgiving he would visit his old buddies that he served with in the military. The few days that lead to Thanksgiving I either stayed in my room ignoring Russ and Mom or over a Mina's.

At that time her parents left on their trip which gave Mina the house to herself. We would hang out and talk about what we were going to do after we graduate this coming June.

The last day of school for Thanksgiving vacation was a eye opener for Mina and I. At lunch we saw at the lunch table where Dusty, Lina, and Maxine sat was David and Trina. They were all talking and laughing. Mina gave me a concerned look and I just gave her a shrug and told her better them then us. But inside I felt hurtbecause all these years being best friends to Dusty and Maxine I never thought they would be treating me like they were. It was Thanksgiving Day and at 10 a.m.

I was woken up by a knock at my bedroom door. I got to the edge of my bed and put my jeans on and walked over and opened it. It was Mina smiling brightly. She stepped up to me and gave me a hug and a kiss on the right cheek and wished me a Happy Thanksgiving. I returned the smile and wished her a Happy Thanksgiving back. She let me get a shirt on and we went down to the living room and I noticed Russ and Mom in her chair with her on his lap. Dusty, Lina, and Maxine on the couch, and David and Trina on the love seat.

I went to my chair with Mina by my side and sat with her getting in my lap. They were all talking about the past few days and couldn't wait until Christmas. Mina and I spoke between ourselves just ignoring them. My mom kept giving me concerned glances like she wanted to say something, but she never did.

The morning went by and at 12 p.m. my family members showed up. Mom and Russ welcomed them and they came into the living room. They all began to talk again all having a good time.To me it all didn't feel right like I was being ignored.

Trace I think noticed and asked me how I was doing since Halloween. I guess Mom and Russ over heard him and asked him not to talk about it that I was doing ok, which I don't think he bought that but he hush and gave me a small smile and said he would talk to me in private later. I just shrugged my shoulders and went back to talking to Mina. It was two hours later that Mom and Aunt Cindy announced dinner was ready. Mina said she would save me a seat by her and told me to wash my hands.

I told her ok and went up to my bathroom and did just that after relieving my bladder.

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I washed my hands and dried them. I return downstairs and got to the kitchen doorway and notice no empty seats except a small chair and a side table.

I felt hurt as I stared at the the side table with a plate and small glass.I glanced back at the main table that they all were at they were all smiling and having fun. Russ was standing cutting the turkey while the side dishes was being passed around.

Trace,Beth,Dusty,Lina, and Trina were laughing at David's jokes. Mina just sat there picking at her food. Mom was listening to Uncle Gus and Aunt Cindy telling her how much Russ was good at cutting turkey. No one even noticed I was standing there watching.


I took it as a sign and backed away and made it quietly into the living room running back to my room. Once in my room I shut and locked the door. I stood with my back against the door and thats the moment I utterly felt alone.

I thought for a moment of where I could go. And after a few minutes I knew of a place that no one knew of, well the ones in the house at least. There were only three people other then me that knew and two were dead and gone and the other lived in another state.

I went to my closet and found my old duffle bag and packed a few clothes that I wanted my warm clothes. I next bundled up in my hoodie and my jacket. I left a small note with few words. I placed the note on the bed and went to the window and raised it up. I pushed the screen out and it fell. Next was the rope ladder that dad had installed.

I let it fall to the ground as I let my duffle bag and my bag pack drop out the window also. I climbed out and grabbed my bags and started walking towards the sidewalkbut made sure no one saw or heard me.

I thought of taking my carbut it was noisy and would alert everyone. So I took another look at what seemed like homebut at that moment wasn't. I turned and sighed and started towards a place that held some great memories of my Grandpa, Dad, and my Uncle Damien the times we camped by the pond and them each talking of their younger days. It was a secret between the Cartwright men to get away from moments in their lives, and this day was mine.

I had my walk man in my jacket and placed my head phones over my ears. I pressed play and the song that fit my hurt started. As I walked I didn't look back. With my bag pack on my back and my duffle bag over my right shoulder. The wind cooling my face and hands.

Listening to the music as I got down further from the place I thought was home. .and the road becomes my bride I have stripped of all but pride So in her I do confide And she keeps me satisfied Gives me all I need .and with dust in throat I crave Only knowledge will I save To the game you stay slave Rover wanderer Nomad vagabond Call me what you will But I'll take my time anywhere Free to speak my mind anywhere And I'll redefine anywhere Anywhere I may roam Where I lay my head is home The song keeps playing as I turn the corner and i'm on the street that will take me to one place that will be my shelter for as long as I needed.

Terra's POV I am in my chair listening to everyone talking and being happy. The thanksgiving dinner is being passed around. I notice Alex my son is not in here with us. I ask Mina where Alex was, she tells me that he was just going up to his bathroom to wash his hands. I get up and walk pass the living room to the foot of the stairs and yell to Alex telling him dinner is ready. I return to my chair in the kitchen by Russ and we all talk.

I notice Mina looking towards the doorway I guess waiting for Alex. It's been five minutes since I yelled for Alex. Then 10 minutes go by still no Alex. I ask Gus and Trace to come with me up to check on Alex. We are standing outside Alex's bedroom door I start knocking and there is no answer.

There is a cold draft coming from under the door. I notice this and knock a few more times asking him to open the door.

Gus and Trace try the door knob and find it's locked. Gus asks me for permission to break it open and I tell him yes and hurry. They both ram there shoulders into the door and it flies open. We step into Alex's room to find he is not in there and the window all the way up.

Trace checks the bathroom and shakes his head no. Gus goes to the window and pulls up the rope ladder and shuts the window. I notice a note on the bed and go over and pick it up. I open it and start to read. Dear Mom and Family, After the last month and a half I have finally come to realize I am not wanted.

I have felt alone and betrayed. I thought this was my home, but it's never felt like a home as of lately. So I left so that i'm not in no ones way.

Don't try to find me because you won't ever find me. Sincerely Alex I sat down on the edge of Alex's bed and just stared at his letter.

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Gus and Trace saw my face and knew something was wrong. Gus went to the doorway and yelled for Cindy. A few minutes later Cindy, Russ, and Mina came into the room. They asked what was wrong and where was Alex. I handed Mina the letter and she sat at the foot of the bed and started reading it.

She dropped the letter and began to shed tears. I knew in a way how she felt. Cindy went to comfort herbut Mina shrugged her off. Mina went and grabbed her overnight bag and purse. I asked her where she was going. She answered saying she was going to look for Alex because it was bullshit that he couldn't feel at home here.

She walked out the doorway and a bit later I heard the front door slam. I didn't really know why Alex left. I admit I wasn't always home and what did he mean betrayed, how did anyone betray him?

I noticed Trace talking to Gus and saw keys being hand to Trace. Trace said he was going to go try and find his cousin. Trace also said he was going to find out why he left. I looked at the bedside table and saw Alex's car keys. Then it hit me my son was walking in the cold weather. I stood up and was about to walk out the bedroom door when Russ grabbed my arm and asked where I was going.

I told him I was going to go out and look for my son also. He suggested to let the others look and just wait and see if Alex comes home saying he would have to eat sooner or later. I looked at Cindy and Gus and they agreed saying Alex couldn't last out in the cold with out a place to stay warm. I just stood there thinking that they might be right. Russ, Gus, Cindy, and I returned to the kitchen and sat. We told the others and they were quiet. It was a silent Thanksgiving dinner. About a hour later Trace and Beth came thru the door.

They went to the couch in front of the coffee table to warm up. They said they looked everywhere and there was no sign of Alex. The phone ranged and I answered it. It was Mina she said there was no sign of Alex. She explained about the places she checked and nothing. Also saying she was going to stay home and see if he showed up there.

I told her ok and let me know if she sees him right away. We said our goodbyes and hung up. The evening had went and night came and still no sign of Alex. Dusty, Lina, Maxine, David, Trina all left earlier.

Russ offered to stay the night and I told him I needed my family and he said no problem and to stay calm and was sure Alex would be home tomorrow.

Gus and Cindy stayed the night while Trace and Beth went home just incase Alex showed up there. That night I laid in my bed looking at the picture of Alex and I. It was a later picture when he was younger.

He was my son, I was still confused by his letter it made no sense to me. Betrayed and feeling this wasn't his home. I cried looking at the picture, I wanted my son back home, where could he be and was he safe. Its midnight and I am laying on the cot in my hideout with a few covers over me feeling hurt and numb. The family I thought cared and loved me were distant to me. Especially my mother who for the last weeks hardly spoke to me or was home.

I just stared at the ceiling of the safe, dry place that was mine. A place willed to me in secret by my father. As I thought of my dad all I could do at that moment was cry. For I so wished that he was here for none of what happened in that kitchen wouldn't of happened. I closed my eyes and in a quiet voice spoke.

" Dad I wish you were still here with me and gave me strength." I spoke crying myself to sleep It was the weekend after Thanksgiving. I went through the place were I was staying. Let me explain it further.


It was a bunker that my grandpa had built underground. It had all I needed to survive. So I knew everything would be ok, and I knew no one would find me. The surrounding property was mine around 75 acres that my grandpa passed down to dad in which was passed down to me. I found some food packs and bottles of water. I rearranged the cots there was three of them. I had heat which was a few heaters.

I made this not my home but my safe haven my hideout from the outside world. And I wasn't going to let anyone know where I was no matter how much they asked. I had school Monday which made today Saturday. And since I was walking I knew I had to wake up earlier then I normally did.

So I looked around a few boxes and found a old alarm clock that was the whined up kind. I checked my watch and set the time. I sat on my cot and looked at the other two.

One to the left was dad's and the one to the right was grandpa's. I just smiled remembering all the stories they would tell me that I could tell my kids some day when that suppose time comes. It's Monday and I am walking into the cafeteria and getting in the lunch line. I scan around and see Dusty, Maxine, Lina at their normal table with David, Trina, Chase, and Zack. I spot Mina over at the table her and I sat at. I debated on sitting therebut she never hurt me and Thanksgiving wasn't her fault.

I got my lunch and went over to where Mina sat passing Dusty who I guess thought I was going to sit with thembecause he had a smile on his face until I got closer and passed him and that smile turned to a frown.

I got over to Mina who saw me and gave me a small smile. I sat next to her only to get a tight hug. She started in asking me why I left. I told her a few things and about the small chair and side table. She said that had to of been David because he insisted to sit in my spot. She asked me where I was staying and that was when I told her I couldn't say. It was a family secret on my dad's side of family and that there was only one other person that knew and he was not living in this town.

She had a sad look that I saw and just nodded her head in acceptance of what I said.

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We started eating our food when she gave a sigh. " Alex I need to know, are we still going to hang out, I mean your not going to show me where your staying so that leaves school and my place." Mina in a concerned tone asked " I would still like to hang out with you. You have never hurt me in any way." in a assuring way I said She gave me a smile that was warm and bright. Her green eyes sparkling deeply. After lunch I walked her to class and she gave me a kiss on my left cheek.

Out of the corner of my right eye I saw Maxine glancing at us with a hint of jealousy, but I could of been wrong. The rest of the day went slow. It was after last class that I was at my locker getting what books I needed that David, Trina, and his buddies came up to me and shoved me into my locker. He was telling me I wasn't needed at home and no one would want me because I was a wimp and a loser.

I just let it go and shrugged. He back off when Mina came up to me and got between us. Trina told Mina to butt out which Mina said to her why you jealous that someone actually cares for your ex. Trina looked at her and lowered her own head not giving eye contact. David gave Mina a upset look and was about to shove her out of the way when he heard a cough behind him. Standing there was the principal giving David, Trina, Chase, and Zack a serious expression that said ' Break it Up".

They gave him a shocked look and left. The Principal came to Mina and I to check and see if we were alright and all we did was nod.


He walked away and Mina looked at me all concerned. " You ok Alex?"Mina in a sadden looked asked " Yesguess I'm getting use to it because of the past few months." I also in a sad tone tell her We get to her car and she starts driving to her house.

Her parents greet me with a concerned smile and tell me if I ever need a place to stay they have a quest room that I can sleep in. Seems Mina told them about me leaving which I understand. I tell them thanks and that I have a warm place that is comfy to me. Mina and I hang out and talk. She tells me she will always be there for me like she has in the past few months. We study in her room listening to some music and she surprises me with the song that played at the school dance.

The song we slowed danced to. She tells me it's her favorite song. I think for a moment and stand up. I step to her and extend my hand. She looks up to me and I smile at her. She takes my hand and I pull her to me. She places her arms around my neck and we start slow dancing to the song.

It's when the song is in the middle she places a kiss on the left side of my neck. I smile at the kiss and return her kiss with one of my own on her neck. After the song is over we stand there looking into each others eyes. " Alex why does this between you and I feel so right?" She gave a small smile asking " I don't know Mina, maybe it's because we have been hanging around each other for so long and have gotten to know one another so well." I explained holding her in my arms " Well all I have to say is this feels so right and being in your arms is so relaxing." smiling she let out a sigh telling me We got back to studying and finally got done a little while later.

It was around 5 p.m. when HelenMina's mom came to the door telling us dinner was ready. Mina and I went down to the kitchen a few minutes later and Mina had me sit by her.Zan told me they always have dinner early so there was more time to catch up on days events or watch a movie as a family.

That was one thing I missed about my mother and I. The food was great Helen fixed stir fry and some hamburger meat which I placed on my plate and then some of the stir fry on top of the meat. Mina watched me and did the same thing. I looked over at Zan and Helen and they did the absolute same thing we did.

That gave put a smile on my face. Maybe Mina was right in what she asked. For some reason at that moment all the time we sharedand the times I have visited. This moment felt so right. After dinner I helped Mina with the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, while Zan and Helen retired to the living room to relax. Mina and I joined them on the couch with us on one side and they on the other. The evening went by nice and warm.

It was 8 p.m. when I told them I needed to get going. They all three asked if I wanted to stay the night. I thought for a moment and suggested I head back where I was staying and maybe another time.

They accepted my answer disappointed but understood. Mina said she would drive me to where I needed to go. Zan and Helen both gave me a hug and told us to be careful, and for Mina to be safe coming home. Its December which means Christmas is just a few weeks away. Mina asked me what I was going to do. I told her that the way things were Thanksgiving that I would probably spend it alone.

She gave me a sad look and I gave her a close hug. Mina explained her parents told her that they all three were going to see relatives the week of Christmas and would be back a few days after. Mina was sad again because she didn't want to go, but knew she had too. The second week of December I got caught off guard by Mom and Russ as they both were in the school parking lot. Mina and I were standing inside by the front doors.

We watched as they talked to David, Trina, Dusty, Lina, Zack, and Maxine. It seemed they were having a very deep discussion. Mina stood there for a few moments and came up with a plan. " Alexgo to the side doors that lead to the gym, I will meet you there." In a suggestive way Mina tells me " What are you going to do?" I stood there confused questioning " I'm going to go get my car, I know you don't want to speak with either of them so this the only way." She exclaims kissing my cheek She pushes me in the direction for me to go.

I start walking down the hallway towards the side doors and hear the front doors click shut. After a few moments I am at the spot i'm suppose to be waiting. I see Mina's car pull up and she waves for me. I go out the doors and run to her car. She already had the passenger door open so all I had to do was get in. We are out of the parking lot laughing. She explains to me that mom is worried about me and still confused why I left. Mina told me she told my mom to look around her and think.

I gave Mina a look of disbelief, she caught my look and laughed. The rest of the day goes as normal we study and talk. I have dinner with her parents with Mina seated by me. After dinner and everything is washed and cleaned in the kitchen Mina and I are in our usual spots as is Zan and Helen. We are all talking and joking around when I notice the time and tell them it's time for me to go.

And like all the other times Mina drives me to the park that is close to where I am staying. She gives me a hug and kiss on the cheek just as my mom always use to do. Mina says she will see me tomorrow and I tell her yep. Its the Friday before Christmas vacation Mina and I are at our usual quiet table. When out of the corner of my right eye I see Dusty and Maxine walking over. I notice David is watching them and smiling. Dusty takes the seat across from me and Maxine the one across from Mina.

They both greet us saying hey and what's up. They seem nervousbut have serious looks on their faces. " So Alex what are you doing Christmas Vacation?" He sits there with a concerned look Did you catch what I caught, yep he didn't call me bro isn't that too funny.not. I gave them both a serious look back. " Don't know yet, why do you want to know?" I ask him keeping myself calm " Just wanted to ask what you had planned it being Christmas and all." He exclaiming in a not so serious tone " Dusty why all the sudden do you care, or is it that you were asked to come over here and see what my plans were." with a annoyed expression I exclaimed " Alex it's not like that, we do care and we were not asked to come over here." Maxine chimes in telling me " Really sure does look like it by the smile I saw a few minutes ago on David's face." the look in my eyes is cold as I look at them both They both have stunned and frozen looks staring at me.

" Look ever since David's oh so great party my life as been shit. My home life changed and every other day I am reminded that i'm unwanted at home, thanks to your new buddy over there." I tell them nodding toward David " Alex." Dusty started to say but I cut him off " Don't as I see it you both chose new friends, and my mom chose a guy that had a replacement son.

Ever since the Halloween party you all have changed. And as for Thanksgiving well I wasn't going to sit at the kiddie table." explaining to them with anger They both just sat there frozen and in shock at my words. I stood up and placed my hands on the table leaned over. " And as for Christmas vacation." I looked over at the table they sat at looking at David then back at them." I am going to spend it in my cozy little hideaway alone listening to music and not have to look at those that think hurting me is fun.

So go back to your new buddies over there and act like you both have been and don't worry about me like you haven't the past few months." I give Mina a glance and she stands up and grabs her tray and starts to follow me. I stop after a few steps and look back at Dusty and Maxine. They are looking at us both and not saying a thing. I thought of the years we grew up together and hung out together.

But the best friends I had at the start of school wasn't the ones they were now. Ever since they started hanging out with David, Trina, Chase, and Zack they changed.

I looked in their eyes and at that moment I said one last thing. " And think my dad thought you two would never turn your backs on me for someone that hurts me when he feels like it." I said with venom looking over at David with cold eyes Mina and I didn't give them a chance to say anything.

We both got out of our chairs and dump our food we didn't eat in the nearest trash and placed the trays on the nearest table. I walk her to the next class she has early to avoid the crowd of students. I hang with her a bit before going to mine. The rest of my classes go okay. There was a test in math and with all the studying I hoped to pass it. Art class was usual as always. Free drawing was my hobby and by the end of class I drew Mina's face at a angle from memory.

I thought for a few moments and decided to give it to her for Christmas. The final bell rung and the students ran out the class door. I casually walked out telling the teacher Happy Holidays and She responded back saying the same thing with a smile. After getting my books out of my locker so I have something to do while on Christmas break. I met Mina at her car, but she wasn't alone seems the others were there.

I gave out a big sigh and walked overI had to save her from David and his little group. I never wanted her hurt in any way, she was my best friend.

I got over and started to hear them talking. " Where is he staying Mina, you have to know giving him rides here and there?" David in a serious tone asked " I don't know where he is staying, He has me drop him off on the corner of the park and stays standing there until I am out of sight." Mina told him with a hint of fear I cough so they would know I was behind them. They all turned and I glanced to see if Mina was alright and noticed Trina and Maxine had her by the arms.

I just shook my head and then spoke. " And no one will know where I am staying David." I exclaimed sternly then added " So I guess all that I said at lunch went through one ear and out the other uh Dusty and Maxine." Dusty and Maxine gave me shocked looks as they stood in their spots frozen. Maxine let go of Mina's arm and stepped away with her head lowered. Dusty just couldn't keep eye contact with me and looked away.

David noticed both Dusty and Maxine and tried to take control. " Wimp you are going to tell me where you are staying so we can drag you home." He stood there saying in a strong voice " Nope not going to happen, why would I want to go home where if I remember you telling me the past month I am unwanted." In a stern clear voice I said " Alex be civil your mother misses you and we are just trying to help." Trina in all her glory spoke " Yeah wimp do this for your mom go home for Christmas." Chase barked in telling me " Um.

again noseems I am not wanted there and Thanksgiving showed me that. So you all can just go tell Russ and My mom I won't be there. And tell my family also because I am sure none of you really care." I was getting irritated at this point " Alex, you need to just go back home and make your mommy happy so David's dad can be happy." Trina said in a non considerate way " Why should I, seems you talked my mom into letting you back in our house when she said she wouldn't.

So why should I care if his dad is happy." I exclaimed coldly " That was my dad's idea since Trina and I are together now, and you better care wimp." David answered irritated " Or what David you beat me up or worse, I am getting pretty numb to your shoving me against walls and hearing the same excuse that i'm unwanted.

I may be short and small physically for being 18. So I am going to say it again I am not going home where I am not wanted and feel unloved. And as for where I am staying at no go, you will never find out." They all looked at me shocked and stunned. Mina shrug Trina off her and motioned for me to get in her car as she was getting in. I walked fast around to the passenger side and got in.

They all moved away from Mina's car as she pulled out.We were out the parking lot and almost down the street.

I looked back and saw Dusty and Maxine with sad expressions. Like they just finally noticed they betrayed me for their new friends. Mina and I arrived at her house a little while later.

After hanging out, dinnerand washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen we all were in the living room. Zan, Helen, Mina and I were talking when what happened next caught me off guard that I was floored. Mina went to her room and came back with a small, slender box. I gave her a expression of confusion. She just smiled at me and told me to open it.

I started opening it, when she sat by me as I had the wrapping paper off. I got it open and it was a heart locket. I looked up and saw all three of them smiling. Mina took the locket and opened it. Inside there was a small picture of Mina and I. She was kissing my cheek looking at me. I was beyond words.

I felt a warm feeling stir inside me.

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I looked into Mina's eyes and smiled feeling a few tears starting to fall. She wrapped me in her arms and told me it's ok. She told me she will be with me always now. Any time I needed to see her face just open the locket and she would be there. I thanked her and reached for my bag pack. I pulled out the picture I drew and handed it to her. She looked at it and smiled brightly. She showed her parents and they smiled seeing I drew Mina so well.

They told me they would be back the Monday after Christmas and I told them to have a safe trip. That night after Mina dropped me off and I waited until she was out of sight.

I walked in the cold to my haven. After getting warmed up and situated I sat on my cot for a bed and opened the heart around my neck. I looked at Mina's expression and for that brief moment felt something stir inside me. It was warm and making my heart beat a bit fast. I pondered on what this feeling was and that exact moment I knew it was.Love. Terra's POV Its Christmas morning and I am on the couch.

It's 10 a.m. and my family are here. Russ, David, Dusty, and Maxine are also. They are all smiling and laughing opening gifts. I look over at the tree and see about 6 gifts under it and not being unwrapped. All for Alex who is not here. I read the note he left everyday trying to understand it. The part he says betrayed I don't get and the unwanted either. I always cared for him and wanted him here. What did I miss Thanksgiving? Why can't I understand his words?

Russ has been telling me Alex will come backbut he never has. not even for his car. Maxine and Dusty told me Mina has been driving him to where he is staying. They tried to find outbut he wouldn't tell them. Even Gus, Cindy, Trace, and Beth are acting they are happy I can see it in their eyesbut it's their sadness they are hiding. God I wish my son was here I fell lost for some reason. David tries to be a son, but he isn't my son Alex is. I keep asking my deceased husband Chad to give me a sign, but there is none.

Russ has his arm around me and laughing at someone's joke that was told.

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About 11 a.m. there comes a knock at the front door. Beth gets up and answers it. I look towards the foyer hoping it's my son, please let it be him. After I see Beth walking in right behind her is a tall man. About 6'2 198 lbs, long red hair with blue eyes. I take another look and see a familiar face.

Its Damien, Alex's Uncle. My brother n law. I get up and give him a hug after he places the gifts he is holding down on the table. Gus, Cindy, Trace, and Beth also come over and hug Damien. I notice Russ looking at me hugging Damien. I lead Damien over to Russ and introduce them and to David. Damien gives a nod and doesn't shake their hands.

Damien goes and gets seated in Alex's chair. Dusty and Maxine give Damien a nod since they met Damien years ago. We talk for a few moments when Damien starts looking around the room and asks me a question that I knew would come. " Terra um.where is my nephew at?" Damien glances around asking " Damien that is a long story that I need to explain." I simply tell him with a sad face " Explain.what happen to Alex." He asks me with a serious look " Damien may it wait until tomorrow it's Christmas." Russ asks in a non caring way " Russ I don't know you that well, and I am sure Terra hasn't told you one thing about me.

Im sure Gus here can tell you plenty. Right now Christmas can wait until I hear where MY nephew is and why he is NOT here." Damien says in a annoyed voice " Damien." Russ tries to say until Damien cuts him off " Again either I am told or I bring the police in here and have them ask questions. Now Terra start explaining why the only son you have and cherish isn't here." He tells me getting irritated Russ and David give him a worried look. The rest just look at Damien with fear.

I take a deep breath and start telling him everything that lead up to thanksgiving. His face stays emotionless. Russ and David still have worried looks as Damien just glares at them both.

I tell Damien about Alex getting beat up the Friday after school started. And what caused it in which he glares at David coldly. I tell him about me not being home hardly in October and lately and he glares at me and Russ extremely cold. When I get to Thanksgiving Day he is shaking his head as in disgust.

After I am done he has a look that shows no emotion for me. I don't dare speak for I know how his temper is, but it's Russ that starts talking. " So now you know Damien. And no one here knows where he is. David and Alex's friends even tried asking him and he blew them off." In a stately tone Russ tells Damien has a small grin on his face.

Wait does he know something? Does he know where my son is? " Damien do you know where Alex is please tell me?" I plead to Damien He looks at me and his face hardens. " No." He says with no emotion except anger " Why not Damien, he is our nephew also." Cindy chimes in " No I saidand I don't blame him for leaving after all Terra just told me, and to think you are suppose to be all college grads and smart. But yet you can't see what you all did to my brothers son and MY nephew." He exclaimed to us " What." I asked in a loud voice " You heard me Terra." He said getting up grabbing the gifts he brought and to the door " Where are you going Damien, thought you were spending Christmas with us?" in a wondering voice Cindy asked " Nopegoing to spend a few days with my nephew since I have a pretty good feeling I know exactly where he is." He told us all with a grin I again pleaded with him to bring Alex here.

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He told me why for only to hurt and betray Alex all over again. Beth and Cindy triedbut he was out the door without a goodbye. I just sat there shocked and with tears.

I still was confused about why my son never came home. Everyone except Russ and David seemed lost. Cindy was crying on her husband's shoulder where he was seated, because she loved her nephew so much. Beth was sitting by Trace who was comforting his twin sister, she loved her cousin as a bother. The rest of the day seemed just another day.

Russ and David tried to keep spirits upbut to no avail everyone just wasn't into it. We ate in silence no one spoke and just sat eating what they picked their food. Russ and David had seconds acting like everything was ok. I barely ate thinking of what all Damien said about not seeing what we all did to Alex. Why couldn't I see what I did? I felt tears coming and at that moment the dam broke down my face.

I am walking down the sidewalk to see if there was any gas stations open to get a few snack cakes for my Christmas day meal. Which is dehydrated food packs that my grandpa and Uncle Damien kept from when they served in the military.

Some of them have been good and some have been blah. I was about 25 minutes from my sanctuary when I see a police car drive by going the other direction. The snow is slushy and my shoes are getting soaked. It snowed the other night and today is Friday so yeah it's a bad winter wonderland. I look back over my shoulder and notice the police car turned around and coming back my way.

I keep my head forward after that and keep my hands in my jacket pockets. The car pulls up to me and stops the window on the passenger side gets rolled down. The officer introduces his self as Sheriff Aaron Connors, he asks what I am doing and where I am going. I tell him I am looking for a gas station that maybe open today. He looks me up and down and ask me why I need a gas station open. I explain I was going to get a few snack cakes for my Christmas meal which is dehydrated food packs my Grandpa kept.

He gives me a concerned look then smiles. He asks me to get in that he will take me to a Christmas party going on at the station. I give him a reluctant expression. He tells me it's okso I look around and just shrug my shoulders and get in. After about 20 minutes due to the ice and snow on the road we are parked in front of the station.

He tells me go on ahead in side and he would make sure I got some food in me. I get inside and find a corner table that is set up. I see a few families that make me feel out of place, but I am at the corner table and seated. I notice the Sheriff is placing food on a plate and grabs a can of Dr. pepper. He comes over to me and places the plate and can down in front of me.

I give him a glance and he tells me go ahead. I look at the food and see turkey, ham with pineapple slices, mash potatoes, carrots, and pumpkin pie. I open the Can and take a sip before I start eating. The food taste so good, because frankly I really haven't been eating all that well. I look around at the kids that are with their family and start remembering my youth.

Christmas's with Dad and Mom. I notice a family smiling and happy. Those days were long gone not to be done ever again. Sheriff Connors noticed me looking and started to speak. " You ok sonyou seem in another world." in a concerned perspective he asked " Yeah just old memories coming to me." I responded vaguely " Well I am a good listener if you eve want to talk about anything." He informed me with a grin " Sir right now I just want to not bring some things up that hurt." In a replying matter I tell him " I understand, at least tell me your name, and just call me Aaron." He said with a smile " Ok Aaron, im Alex." I told him with a small smile I continued eating while we kept talking.I looked at my watch and saw it was 3 p.m.

I was done eating and finished my Dr. pepper. I told him the food was very good. He responds by telling me he would let his wife and daughter know. After awhile Aaron drove me to a gas station that was open to get some snack cakes for later. He dropped me off where I asked. Aaron told me Merry Christmas and I said the same back and thanked him. He drove off while I stood on the corner across from the park. When I saw he was in the distance I started walking to my lonely place.

As I got inside the room seemed warmer to me. I could of swore everything was turned off. Stumbling into the living area I saw a tall figure seated on a cot. I got closer only to noticed my Uncle Damien. I went to him and gave him a hug. He returned the hug tightly. After I broke the hug I said I missed him. He told me he was sorry for not being around much and would try to harder to visit.

He said he went by mom's and I sat down on my cot. He sat next to me and placed his arm around me. He wanted to know my side of the story.

So I spilled my heart out. From catching Trina, to the way everyone acted around me, to how Mina never hurt me and was by my side always except for now that she was visiting family. I told him about mom hardly home and Halloween, then Thanksgiving was the last straw for me. He told me how mom and them acted earlier and how he told them how he saw the whole situation. He even said he told them he was going to spend a few days with me and not them.

I looked at him wide eyed and saw a smile on his face. He told me he left them all confused and full of guilt except Russ and David. I just sat there wondering about that part. He noticed my necklace after I took my jacket of. I told him Mina gave it to me and I showed him the picture. " Wow Alexshe is pretty, have you asked her out yet?" He asked in curiosity " Noum.not yet still thinking on that one.

I just can't ask her out at school or at mom's." I explained in a sad way He looked at me for a few moments then smiled. " Alex I know your grandpa wanted to keep this place a secret between his sons and grandsonsbut I have a idea." He tells me with a grin " And what is that Uncle Damien?" I asked looking at the picture of Mina and I " Well this is what well do and I'll help you set things up in the next few days, but there will be a condition that isn't negotiable." He tells me grinning wide --------------------------------------------------------------------- Writer's Thought's I Know the past chapter's have seemed hard to read for the way Alex has been treated.

But they have been the starting point of what he had to go through. I am sorry for the way I have wrote itbut in this case Alex has to go through some bumps in the road as to speak. I am not going to spoil what's to comebut I will say he starts to grow strong in all the ways he can in life. His metamorphosis begins and he gets help from someone he never thought would help.