Racist sex between a couple as balck guy pleasing his white girlfriend by fucking her hard new)

Racist sex between a couple as balck guy pleasing his white girlfriend by fucking her hard new)
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NOTE: There is no category for periods, bleeding, or menstrual so I couldn't warn you before this. If the idea turns you off go on to another story.

Window Washer I was hired to power wash the entire exterior of an apartment house. It was a four-story eight-apartment complex. The house was basically split right down the middle with two apartments on each floor and the stairs and hallways down the center.

Each apartment was a three-bedroom and catered to single mothers. As I washed the outside of the house I also washed the windows too. I rented a Cherry Picker, which is a truck with a basket big enough to hold a person on a long boom.

You have probable seen the men from the electric company using them to make repairs at the top of the poles. It sure makes life easier than climbing up a four-story ladder a hundred times a day to hold a hose spraying out high-pressure water. Of course the only way to wash a house is from the top down so that the dirt doesn't run down where you have already cleaned.

The landlord had given every tenant a notice stating that I would be starting work at seven o'clock in the morning that Monday so they were expecting me. It wouldn't do to give some lady a heart attack while peeking through her window. Up on the forth floor on the south side where I decided to start was a small bathroom window that didn't have any curtains on it. It was a small window about shoulder height so normally it wouldn't have mattered.

However as I looked in the window there was a woman sitting on her toilet naked leaning back with her knees opened up wide as she was inserting a tampon into her pussy with one of those paper plungers. Damn she was awfully nice to look at. That's not a sight that I get to see every often especially since I'm not married. When she finished she just looked up at me, waved, and smiled.

She had done that on purpose. I didn't mind one bit though. So I continued to watch her as she washed her hands, applied her makeup, and then brushed her hair too. She walked out of the bathroom but then she returned and crooked her finger at me to follow her.

What to hell I moved the Cherry Picker basket along her apartment until I saw her open her drapes up for me. I watched as she started to get dressed. She held up two bras and wanted me to signal her as to which one to put on.

I pointed at the sexy lacy red bra and watched her as she hooked it in the front and then cranked it around to the back.


Then she slipped her arms into the straps and adjusted her tits into each cup properly. Watching women getting dressed is almost as much fun as watching them getting undressed! Then she searched in her drawer for a minute and pulled out two pair of red panties.

As she held them up for me I signaled her to wear the thong pair and watched as she slipped them on. She pulled them up tight into her crotch then she bent slightly and grabbed the strap in the back and adjusted the strap into her ass crack the way that she wanted it. I couldn't imagine walking around all day long with a scratchy strap up my butt cheeks. The lady then went to her closet and looked around. She laid a pretty white blouse and a short red skirt on her bed and held up a red dress for me.

I pointed to the white blouse and the red skirt on her bed. I watched her get dressed then she put on a pair of shoes and blew me a kiss. Just before she left she placed a message up against the glass that read, "I get home about five-thirty." She blew me another kiss and left for work. So I started washing that south side of the building. It took me most of the day but nothing else exciting happened.

Not only was the vinyl siding looking like new again but also the windows were spotless on the outside. I even started the backside of the apartment house but ran out of time that day.

After all it was almost five-thirty.

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I was sitting on the tailgate of my pickup truck resting when she came home. As I watched her get out of her car I could see up between her legs and saw an awful lot of flesh.

Then she walked right straight toward me. She looked absolutely fabulous. Her hips swayed nicely and I could see a faint hint of her red bra through that white blouse. As she walked into the bright sunlight I could easily see right through that white blouse and it excited me even more because I had sent her to work looking like that.


I hoped the guys that she worked with that day had enjoyed it as much as I did. Melody was her name and she invited me up for a cold drink after a hot day of work. She told me that her kids were spending the evening with her ex-husband and that we didn't have to hurry at all. Now that was an invitation! I really enjoyed following Melody up all of those stairs. If that skirt had been just a few inches shorted I could have seen the bottom of her ass cheeks the whole way.

What to hell, I was going to see them anyway in just a few more minutes. After all Melody was a sure thing. Then I remembered seeing her poke a tampon in her pussy earlier. I had never fucked a woman during her period before.

But there was a first time for everything. As we entered her apartment Melody made sure that her door was locked and that the deadbolt was latched too. She said that the two teenagers across the hall were nosey.

Melody then asked, "Shell we just go at it like a couple of bunny rabbits or do you really want a cold drink first?" I said, "Thank you for your very generous offer but I would like to get to know a little more about you first.

I've never met a woman quite as forward as you before and to tell you the truth you scare me just a little bit." So we went into the kitchen and she poured us two glasses of Pepsi with some ice cubes. Melody then told me her life story. She told me about getting knocked up at a young age, getting involved with all the wrong men, and how she is now trying desperately to get her life straightened out.

She showed me pictures of her two young children too, a boy and a girl. They are in the first and second grades in school.

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Then I suggested that I take a shower first since I had been working all day and she told me not to. She said that she wanted me dirty, sweating, and covered with testosterone.

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She said that dirty sex was always more exciting to her besides she was on the rag and I would only need another shower afterwards anyway. She confessed that she was always the horniest during her monthly but that it turned most guys off.

That's why she had let me catch her in the bathroom first thing that morning so that I would know for sure.

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Then I could have been gone when she came home but I wasn't. She said that first she had to go into the bathroom and pull the plug. She said that I could come in and watch or that I could even yank on the string if I wanted too.

Then she smiled letting me know that I really could. So I followed her into the bathroom. She removed her panties and sat down on the toilet with her knees spread wide for me. I could see the blue string dangling from between her pussy lips and gave it a tug. It didn't bulge at all so I tugged on it a little harder. It still didn't budge. Then I wrapped the string around my finger and gave it a big tug. It popped right out in one fell swoop.

It was dangling from my finger and it was all covered in bright red blood. Melody looked down at it and said, "Yep! It was ready for a change alright. I'm bleeding pretty heavy right now. I hope you like a mess because we will both look like that when we're done." Then she wrapped the bloody tampon in some toilet paper and tossed it in the trashcan.

With that done she got a big fluffy bath towel off the rack and took me into her bedroom. She laid the towel out neatly across the bed and then started to remove the rest of her clothes.

I took my clothes off too. Melody centered her pussy on the towel and beckoned me to come to her. As I entered her she was dry from the cotton plug absorbing all of the moisture and the blood too. I hadn't ever had that much trouble getting my cock into a woman before. I had to admit that the friction was certainly there plus the thoughts that I had had all day long and I knew that I wouldn't last very long that first time.

First time? I was already counting on a second time. Yes! With this woman I was sure of it and maybe a third time too if we didn't run out of time before her kids got home. The more I forced my cock in and out of her the more wet she became and the easier it got. Soon the friction was gone and I was just slipping and sliding into her hole. At that rate I could last forever. I did too. I could never remember staying in a woman like that for over twenty minutes before.

When I finished cumming and rolled over she cautioned me to stay on the towel. My whole crotch area was covered with her blood. She had blood down the insides of her legs and halfway to her knees.

Melody then suggested that we take a shower together. She tossed that towel into the washing machine as we passed it and said that she would wash it later after I was done with her. I smiled, as I knew that we would dirty at least two more towels.

I kind of liked 'period sex.' The shower was a lot of fun. We then settled in at the kitchen table for another glass of Pepsi and to talk. As Melody sat on another towel and rested her tits on the edge of the kitchen table she told me about a weight lifter that she used to date.

She would never let him take a shower at the gym because she was always waiting for him when he came in the door. She really did like dirty sex. However she finally got rid of him because of all of the steroids that he took. It shrank his cock and he didn't want to fuck her anymore. She had no use for a big smelly guy that wouldn't fuck her so she threw him out. When I asked her what she did normally to satisfy her sexual urges. She just laughed and said, "You mean besides Jilling Off?" I said, "Yes!" Then she told me about Kelley the woman across the hall and her daughter Millicent.

Melody and Kelley get together about once a week and mutually take care of their sexual needs. Occasionally Millicent joins them for a threesome.

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They are really into men but they aren't afraid to help the other one out either. Melody said that she was going to tell Kelley how wonderful I was in bed. She even asked me if I would be willing to come back sometime for a threesome with Kelley.


I smiled and told her that I would love to and that it would make one of my most favorite dreams come true. The way she smiled at me sort of let me to believe that it wouldn't be her first threesome. Melody and I made love two more times that evening, which required two more showers too. The showers were almost as much fun as the sex. I said…almost. As I was leaving I got to meet her two children and her ex-husband. He just smiled at me and shook my hand politely.

The next day I finished the back of the house and then I had to start on the front of it because the owner told me too. That took care of the entire second day. Nothing unusual happed at all. However I did see most of the other tenants come and go. They weren't half bad, any of them. Melody waved at me when she came home but I saw her two kids get out of her car and follow her into the house. Then that third day I was all set to finish up and get to hell out of there. This time when I went up to the forth floor and headed toward the back of the north side of the house I went past a window with the drapes parted.

As I looked in I saw two teenagers going at it. The girl who must have been Millicent was on her hands and knees on her bed holding onto the headboard as the boy fucking her was thrusting into her just as hard and as fast as he could. From the expression on his face he was obviously cumming in her and she was certainly enjoying it. As I was watching them the boy then turned around and saw me looking in the window. He got scared and ran like hell out of the room.

The teenage girl simply turned toward me giving me a very good view of her cute teenage breasts and just smiled sweetly at me. Then I watched her get up off her bed and come over to window giving me a very nice full frontal view of her body. She opened up her window and said, "Hi there. Just how much of that did you see?" I smiled at her and said, "Not much at all.

Your boyfriend saw me and rushed out too soon." She then said, "For your information he's not my boyfriend he's my brother. If you promise not to tell our mother I'll let you fuck me too. It's okay? Don't worry I'm sixteen." What could I say other than, "Okay!" She said, "However I'm running late for school so how about I let you fuck me when I get home about three-thirty. Mom won't be home until at least five-thirty so it will be okay.

You can have an hour and a half to do whatever you want to do to me." So once again I said, "Okay!" Then she closed the window and got ready for school while I started washing the north side of the building. I finished washing down the building and doing all of the windows just in time for my sixteen-year-old beauty to come home from school.

Millicent actually came looking for me. She said that her brother had some kind of practice and wouldn't be back until after six o'clock and that she was all mine. So we climbed the stairs and went into her apartment. But first Millicent stopped me in the hallway and tried to get my pants off.

I told her none of that business until we got inside. I didn't want to draw any attention. From there she took me right into her bedroom and undressed quickly, too quickly in fact. I like it much better when they undress slowly and prolong the excitement for me.

However this was only a teenager and not a real woman yet, but Millicent had all of the right equipment though. It looked pretty good too. I undressed as she sat Indian style on her bed staring at me. Meanwhile I was staring at her sixteen-year-old pussy knowing that my cock would be in there in just another minute. Fuck the foreplay this chick was just as horny as I was. Millicent was going to get it and soon too. I ran across the room and flew through the air like Superman for all of about three or four feet landing on her breasts and flattening them out like a stack of pancakes.

It's a damn good thing that she screamed and flattened out before we banged our heads together. I just reached for her pussy lips, opened them up, and rammed my cock into her. I had thought about her all day so I was ready to pop. I was grunting furiously as my climax came on.

Millicent was breathing hard too when I finally realized that she having an orgasm too. It was all too quick but we both needed it apparently. As we lay there I realized just how immature a young girl could be.

Millicent giggled way too much, she talked about the skuzzy girls at school, and she bragged to me about letting her brother fuck her every morning in exchange for him doing her homework. Then Millicent sucked me hard again and climbed on top just as the door flew open and her mother Kelley walked in.

Oh shit! Then Melody walked in right behind her. I was in shock but Millicent never missed a beat. Kelley asked, "What to hell do you think you're doing young lady?" Millicent replied, "Riding his magnificent cock, just like you used to do to daddy." Melody then asked me, "Is this your second erection?" I replied, "Yes it is. Why?" Melody then said, "Kelley throw the little bitch off of him and climb on to that thing.

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You'll never regret it. I guarantee you. He is the best fuck I've had in quite awhile." Millicent picked up her speed as I watched her mother get undress.

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Kelley was a little older than Melody was and a little heavier too. Kelley's tits were almost twice the size of Melody's tits and they really hung low too. It was mesmerizing to watch them swing as she moved. As I looked between the mother's big droopy tits and the daughters firm tits it was hard for me to decide which ones I liked the best. Soon Millicent was pushed off of my cock before she could make me cum for a second time. Her mother Kelley climbed on top of me and took over.

Since Kelley was doing all of the work and I was pretty sure that she didn't want me to cum right away I started to listen to Melody and Millicent talk. Millicent asked, "So how did you know he was in here fucking me?" Melody said, "I heard you guys out in the hallway and then a scream shortly after that so I called your mother at work and told her what you were up too. She came right home immediately. I told her that he was too good a fuck to waist on the likes of you." Millicent asked, "What are you doing home this early?" Melody said, "Oh my youngest was sick this morning so I called into work and told them that I wouldn't be in.

His father just came a little while ago and took him to the doctor for me. By the way my periods over and I even douched so you can start eating my pussy again." Millicent said, "You know instead of all this blackmail bullshit why don't I just tell mom that I've been letting my brother fuck me so that he'll do my homework?" Kelley laughed and said, "Don't bother Millie.

I've known all about you and your brother for a couple of weeks now. Your brother talks in his sleep like his father does. Oh by the way Millie you talk in your sleep too." Melody said, "Does this mean that you're not going to eat my pussy out anymore?" Millicent said, "Well I do like our threesomes with mom. But now I'll do it because I want too not because I have too." Then I watched as Melody undressed and rolled into a sixty-nine with Millicent on the floor.

They looked good together like that. Meanwhile Kelley was cumming again and I was just about to fill her too. As I looked around the room I realized that I had fucked all three of them. Melody was by far the best of the bunch but Kelley was great on top with those hanging tits of hers swinging around as she fucked me.

Millicent was well on her way to becoming a good lay herself. She just needed to grow up a little more. I was kind of interested in watching their threesome sometime too. The End Window Washer 132