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Hot BBW Blonde giving blowjob on webcam
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We were still in bed enjoying each others company and we still had our hands down town. "You know just exactly what buttons to push sis, how do you do that?" Ray asked. "I just know you, we're good to each other, so we know how to please each other. You have sex with me when and wherever I want, like when we did it in mom and dad's bedroom, I still can't believe they never caught us," I replied. "Sis, I'm pretty sure they knew what we were doing in there, our story was that we just needed to take a nap, together, at their house," Ray said.

"You think so?" I asked. "Yes sis, they just knew we wouldn't like it if they busted us on it, but did you really not know they knew that we were having sex in there?" Ray asked. "I guess not," I replied. Then we both just laid together and cuddled for a few minutes as we both still had our hands downstairs, but of course neither one of us could hold out forever.

He came first when he started moaning once again. "Oh shit sis, I'm gonna cum now," Ray said. He came mostly on my hand, then a minute later I came as well.

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"Oh my god I love you Ray, I fucking love you so damn much," I said as I moaned. He had his fingers inside my pussy and made me cum all over his hand as well. "I fucking love you too sis, and if you ever need proof, just look down," Ray said.


"You got me pregnant because you love me?" I asked. "Yes as matter of fact," Ray replied. "Well then why didn't you get me pregnant years ago?" I asked. He put a couple pieces together for a minute. "Are you implying that I got you pregnant a little late?" Ray asked. "Maybe, but a hell of a lot better than never," I replied.

"Well, I'll make you a deal if you want another one," Ray said. "And what's that?" I asked. "If anyone finds out about us and they don't like it, then you gotta flip them off with me," Ray replied. I laughed a little. "Deal, but do you really want to have another baby?" I asked. "Maybe at some point in time. I mean never say never, but just seeing how happy you are about this baby, I wanna do it again for you if I can," Ray replied.

"You would seriously knock me up twice just for me?" I asked. "Yes as matter of fact," Ray replied. Then I kissed him once again and we cuddled a little more. He had just made me a little happier. "So I'm really the best you ever had?" I asked. "Well second best, next to mom," Ray replied. Then I just had this terrified look on my face. "What the fuck?" I asked.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist," Ray replied as he was laughing. I just gave him a dirty look, so he gave me a kiss on the cheek, but I wasn't budging. "I'm sorry sis, it was bad joke I guess," Ray said. "Don't make that joke again, or about anyone else for that matter," I replied.

"OK sis, but you are hands down the best I've ever had in my life. No one else even comes close, I swear," Ray said.

"You swear?" I asked. "Yes," Ray replied. "You are lucky you are so damn good to me, or I'd kick your ass, and I'd kick it hard," I said. "You'd kick my ass?" Ray asked. "You don't think so big brother?

Just because I got this baby growing inside me, that doesn't mean I can't kick ass. You have a very hormonal woman to take care of now," I replied. "I'm forewarned sis," Ray said. "Damn straight you are, now give me a kiss," I replied. Then we kissed once passionately for over a minute. "Now tell me you love me," I said. "You know this bossy thing was a turn on, now it's a turn off," Ray replied. "A turn off? Really? Something about me can actually turn you off?

That's what you are saying?" I asked. "I guess so sis, I'm surprised too," Ray replied. "OK, just this once, tell me you love me," I said. "I love you sis," Ray replied. "Why don't you boss me around?" I asked. "OK, take off this pesky bra," Ray replied.

Then I slowly leaned up and took off my bra. He rested his head on my bare boobs as if they were a pillow or something. "You know my boobs aren't here for your own personal enjoyment," I said. "I know," Ray replied. "You are a pain in the ass," I said.

"I know," Ray replied. So that gave me an idea. "Your dick is small," I said. He didn't reply that time, he just kept his head there, he wasn't budging. "Your dick is huge," I said.

"I know," Ray replied. I just laughed my butt off, so the chemistry still existed after marriage, even though we had only been married for a few hours. It felt really good, like a blessing from each other, but I had to ask him the mother of all questions that I had been wondering about.

"Ray, if we just had sex that one time, and then weeks later I told I was pregnant, and I wanted to keep, but I didn't want a incestuous relationship with you, would you still support me and the baby?" I asked. Then he lifted his head off my boobs and looked right at me.

"Of course I would sis. I'd wait on you hand and foot even if the baby wasn't mine. You know that don't you?" Ray asked. "Well just making sure I guess. I don't know what I'd do if I was you and you were me in that scenario.

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I know you love me and that will never change, but I know before we hooked up, you had quite a few ladies over here and you weren't doing homework together," I replied. "OK then. Wait a minute, you didn't ask me to get you pregnant so you could have me all to yourself did you?" Ray asked.


"Who gave you a copy of my plan?" I asked. Then he gave me that look I gave him just a few minutes ago. "I'm sorry. Of course not, I wanted a baby with you because I love you and you love me too. We're both adults and already have somewhere to live. I guess I just really didn't see any point of waiting. I mean you are almost 31 and I'm almost 28.

So really why wait?" I asked. "I don't know, but the regret thing goes both ways sis, are you gonna be happy with this once the baby is out and we're parents?" Ray asked. "Yes of course I will be, but once it's safe, you gotta have sex with me everyday, and I mean every single day. No exceptions, you got that?" I asked. "Yes I got that sis. That bossy thing may just be part of the package, I'm gonna get whether I want it or not," Ray replied.

"Yeah pretty much," I said. Then he took my left hand and kissed it. "Now aren't you just a gentleman," I said. I was 6 months along and he seriously waited on me hand and foot. Whatever I wanted or needed, he got for me for the remainder of the pregnancy like a true gentleman. Once I got further and further along, we saw our parents more and more and Bill and Wendy less and less.

They had a newborn to take care of, so we didn't have hurt feelings or anything like that. Once I got to be 8 months along the pregnancy really started to suck. I was of course happy to have Ray's baby, but still it was horrible, but by then Wendy and Bill finally started visiting with their new baby Tom.

"So this our god child?" I asked. "God child? We never said you were his god parents," Wendy replied, "Says you," Ray said. "Yes we do say that. You got a problem with that pal?" Bill asked. "Hey, everyone be nice," Maria replied. Then we all laughed and their parents showed up.

"Hello," Their mom Elizabeth said. "Hello," I replied. "You must be Ray and Jennifer, and Maria and Jim?" Their dad Mike said. "Yes, you must be Mike and Elizabeth," Ray replied. Our parents weren't as happy to see them as Ray and I were.

So they sat down and we all talked about the two babies and how it all happened. Of course Bill was really embarrassed telling anyone that he saw his sister and masturbated to her, but he told them and Wendy made sure to help him through it.

They held their incestuous grandchild and they seemed to be happy about it by then, but of course that could have been an act and we had no idea how much time they had seen Tom by then. "How did you land on Tom?" Ray asked. "My father's name was Tom," Elizabeth replied. "Oh cool. Were you surprised when you found out about them?" Ray asked. "Yes, very surprised. We knew they were close, but they took it to a whole new level," Mike replied "And is it true that not only are you carrying an incestuous baby in there, and you two are incestuous kids as well?" Elizabeth asked.

"Yes, we just found out not too long ago. It was right before I got pregnant," I replied. I think they were both a little stunned, they weren't really sure what to say. "Well congratulations then. You'll have to forgive us if we're a little uncomfortable, I mean we've never met an incestuous couple that we knew were incestuous I guess. Now we find out our kids are incestuous, their friends are too, and even their friends' parents are incestuous.

So a little overload of information I guess," Elizabeth said. Well I guess I didn't look at completely from their point of view. "We understand mom and dad, but know we love each other and this baby to no end," Wendy replied. "We know, can we hold him now?" Elizabeth asked. "Sure," Wendy replied. Then Elizabeth took him and held him in her arms.

As soon as I saw her holding her grandson in her arms even though she was an incestuous baby, she was beyond happy. "And we wanna say sorry one more time for your wedding day. I mean obviously we couldn't plan for that to happen, but we wanna show our gratitude to you," Bill said. "No, don't worry about that Bill. Your son was born, it's no big deal, you don't gotta make it up to us," Ray replied.

"Well, I just wanna do this for you. I wanna throw you a baby shower," Wendy said. I couldn't say no to that.

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"Well OK, I won't no. When though?" I asked. "How about right now?" Wendy asked as she pulled out a present. Then everyone else pulled out some presents too and some cards as well. So we had a baby shower right there and right then as a surprise. That was really nice of them to do that, whether or not they had their baby on our wedding day. So I got a shit load of things for our new baby. We already had a crib and some clothes, but they got a lot of stuff for our baby. Even Wendy and Bill's parents got us something.

It was just two way baby monitors, it wasn't a lot, but it was something for somebody we barely knew. "Well thank you, we appreciate it," I said.

"Your welcome. We didn't wanna show up empty handed, and that seemed like something you might need," Tom replied.

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So that was nice, but that was it from them, but from everyone else we got some clothes for our baby girl. We found out months before that. We also got some toys and a car seat as well. Eventually their parents left and Wendy and Bill left about an hour after that. Then the rest of us went through the stuff. "So let me feel your stomach again," Maria said.

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"I'm not stopping you," I replied. Then I actually saw her shed some tears about the baby. I don't know why, but I never saw her cry before that honestly. "Are you OK mom?" Ray asked. "Yes I'm fine, I'm just feeling our granddaughter," Maria replied.

"Well, don't feel it too much, I may have a hand print down there," I replied. So all of the sudden she seemed to be in love with the idea of me being pregnant. It was like she was completely turned around on the whole thing.

She knew that we really were for real, I saw her shed tears, so I gave her a huge hug. "I love you mom," I said. "I know sweetheart. I love you too, more than anything honestly," Maria replied. "Hello dad and I are sitting right here," Ray said. Then we both laughed for a minute. "Oh yeah, I forgot you were here," Maria said. "So do you two mind if we ask, before you got big, how was the sex?" Jim asked.

"Well that's right up there with 'How big is he?' daddy," I replied. "Well?" Maria asked. "What, you wanna know about our sex life now?" I asked. "Well we told you that we're brother and sister, that was a huge secret. I think you can at least tell us if the sex is good or not," Maria replied.

"Well I'm not embarrassed to tell you," Ray said. "Why?" Maria asked. "I love her and she loves me, we have wonderful sex everyday. We regret nothing, so we've had the best sex of our lives hands down. It's different of course, but still, it's wonderful and just 100% underrated," Ray replied. "Really, brother/sister sex is underrated, we never would have figured that out without you two telling us that," Jim said. "Smart ass. You enjoy having sex with me that much?" I asked Ray. "Yes of course sis.

Where were you when we had great sex all those times?" Ray asked. "I'm just saying, you really didn't even have to think about it. They asked and you were just locked and loaded right then, right there," I replied.

Then he came over to me and sat on the other side of me. "Well I love you sis. I'm not even sure I could call the sex I had before we hooked up, sex honestly. I mean you just absolutely crush all of it. I'm not afraid to tell them or Wendy and Bill how much I love making love to you.

You shouldn't be afraid either sis," Ray said. Then we kissed passionately for a minute.

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I was really touched by the little speech honestly. I mean he really meant it. It wasn't just in the heat of the moment or anything like that, that was how he really felt. "So, if you are comfortable enough to say all that in front of them, then would you have sex with me in front of them?" I asked.

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"You wanna have sex in front of them?" Ray asked. "I can not confirm nor deny that, but I'm asking if you would," I replied. Then everyone just had this puzzled look their face, wondering why I asked that, and what was Ray's answer. "Well I guess so, if you were really into it," Ray said.

"Thank you," I replied just before I kissed him. But as I kissed him, we all got a little surprise, my water broke.