Depois de dar o cu morena se mata de tanto dar a buceta

Depois de dar o cu  morena se mata de tanto dar a buceta
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Joe wakes up on his back, at first he isn't sure about where he is, then he starts to recognize Maryse's bedroom, the second thing that he feels is the pleasure emanating from his groin.

He glances down and see the covers moving slowly up and down over his groin area, the steady suction on his hard cock and the tongue lashing at his head, makes him lie back, closing his eyes in pleasure. He feel soft fingers starting to fondle his balls, the other gripping the base of his shaft, working up and down with a tight, slippery grip, he reaches out and entangle his fingers in her silky soft hair as her head keeps bobbing slowly up and down his shaft in slow, steady rhythm.

He breathes deeply as the pleasure starts to overwhelm his senses, he slides his fingers between her silky hair, her hair slips from behind her neck and cascades down next to her head, slowly moving over his groin as her head slowly moves up and down, he can feel a slight smile tug at her lips which is stretched over his shaft as she smiles.

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Her slow, steady movements and her lips tightening around his cock each time she moves her head upwards along with her fingers fondling his balls is slowly building up his climax, he can feel the tingling in his balls and how it starts to spread to the base of his cock.

His breathing increases as his cock starts to swell up, Maryse increases her pace, scraping her teeth gently along his shaft, he starts to tighten his grip on her hair, he can feel his cock hitting the back of her mouth, her hand on the base of his cock squeezing firmly as she twist it around his slippery cock. He taps her on the back of the head twice, their signal that he is about to cum, she seems to suck even harder, like trying to drink a double thick milkshake through a straw, he groans out in pleasure as his cum erupts from his cock, Maryse gently massages his balls, pumping her fist up and down the base of his cock as she takes in as much of his shaft as she can, he can feel her throat contracting around his cock head as she swallows down his cum.

He relaxes as his orgasm passes, he can feel how Maryse sucks out the last of his cum and licks his shaft clean. He feels how she slide up his body and grins at her as her head pop out from under the covers, lightly flushed and out of breath.


"Now that is one hell of a way to wake up" She smiles and rests her head on his chest, hugging him close to her "We would probably have to get up and go make an appearance, or my parents might freak" Joe chuckles "So you mean they don't know that their daughter is a little minx who can't get enough of me and who I can't get enough of either" She laughs softly and pokes his ribs "Yes, now get dressed, I want more of what we had earlier after supper" She slips out under the covers and Joe just marvels at the stunning beauty of her body, he almost can't believe that she is his, he watches as she slips on a pair of blue hot shorts and slip on the top she was wearing, she sits down and starts to brush out her hair.

She flashes him a smile "Get up lazy bones" Joe stretches and gets up, he pulls on his jeans and throw on his t-shirt, Maryse chuckles "Oh are you going to go commando to meet my parents babe?" Joe laughs "I already met them honey, and they do not have to know that I'm commando" Maryse finishes combing out her hair and gets up, she runs her hands expertly through Joe's hair and stand back to look at her handy work "There we go, now you don't look like you just got out of bed" Together they head downstairs, Maryse's parents is in the living room with Andy, watching television "Oh look who finally decided to wake up" "Yeah we thought you were going to sleep the whole day away" Maryse sits down on the couch and Joe sits down next to her "Oh shut up Andy, it's because you sleep so much that you think other people like to sleep as much as you do" "So you two just came home and fell asleep?" Joe looks at Maryse's dad, Jon "No, we played a bit of pool, talked a bit and decided to catch a bit of shut eye if we want to get up early tomorrow morning" Andy snorts "And why exactly do you think that you will be able to get Maryse out of bed early in the morning if she doesn't have anything going on?" "Well if she wants to go to the mall and the lake tomorrow then she will just have to get up early or miss out on a great opportunity" Andy chuckles "I keep forgetting that you are a book worm in an athlete's body" "At least it's easy to remember that you are a tortoise with rabbit legs" Everybody bursts out laughing and watches the rest of the show, just after the program a movie starts and Maryse gets up, dragging Joe after her "And where are you two love birds going?" "I got to feed my guy mom, I forgot that we usually don't have supper over the weekends" A chuckle from the lounge follows them as Maryse drags him into the kitchen, he sits on one of the chairs and watches her as she starts to get out eggs, bacon, ham, butter and cheese "So you are very serious about feeding me" She throws him an amused smile "You're going to need it big guy" She chuckles as she continues to prepare the meal, Joe sits back and smiles to himself, he thinks to himself that this could be a life that he can get used to.

Working hard during the week and having the weekends with somebody that he loves. Does he really love her or is he just playing along to be seen with the hottest girl in town and to actually have sex with her? Just then Maryse looks up at him and gives him a smile, he smiles back at her and decides that it's love, he came from liking her and lusting after her, to actually loving her.


After spending all this time with her he can really say that he loves her, he just wonders if there will be a future for them "Joe?" He almost jumps out of his chair "Yeah? Oh sorry babe I was just thinking" She smiles warmly at him "I should have guessed that your evil little mind was taking you away from me again" He laughs "Come on, that doesn't happen a lot" She waves an egg lifter threateningly at him "You will make me feel neglected and then I'll just have to hurt you" Joe holds up his hands "Whoa whoa there Zorita, I shall behave like a good little boy" She giggles and turns back to the stove "You better behave or else." Joe smiles "So what did you say babe?" "I asked if we really are going to the lake tomorrow" "No we aren't going to the lake, I just said that to get Andy quiet, if he know that we're going to the beach he would definitely want to go with us" She turns around to face him "Are you serious?" "Very much so yes honey, it's been a quite a while since you were at the beach" She smiles excitedly "Wow, I have to pack tonight" He chuckles "You can pack after I'm gone, I also need to get some sleep if I want to get up early, luckily dad gave me his car's keys so I don't have to wake them up" "Just how early are you going to drag me out of bed?" He laughs at the dubious sound in her voice "The mall is open 24 hours, but I was thinking of maybe being there at six so that we can get there ahead of the serious shoppers, I want to pick up a few things for the weekend" "Joe are you pulling my leg?" "No Reese, I know that you have nothing planned for the weekend so I got a friend of my parents to get us a chalet at the beach" Maryse looks away and seems to wipe tears from her eyes "Of course if you don't want to go we don't have to go" "No I would love to go Joe really" "That alone is one of the biggest things anybody has ever done for her" Joe looks up at Jon standing in the doorway with two empty glasses in his hands "It's like I told Elize, you are a good kid, I'm glad you two hooked up" "Oh believe me dad, you are not the only one thinking that" Maryse favours her dad with a bright smile and goes on to finish up with the omelettes she is busy making.

Jon pours some chilled wine in the glasses and leaves the kitchen area, Maryse serves one of the omelettes to Joe, with a glass of juice and she sits on the chair next to him, using her fork to peck at her food, looking at Joe with a look that he can't quite fathom. "What is it Reese?" "I'm going kidnap you and marry you" Joe almost chokes on his omelette, he takes a sip from his glass and find her grinning highly amused at him "What?

You don't want to marry me hun?" "And here I thought something is wrong, I would marry you, but no need to kidnap me to do that" Maryse takes his hand in hers "Joe I want you to listen and remember this OK?" Joe frowns slightly "OK?" She smiles slightly at him "But first I want to know, just how far would you want to take our relationship?

Don't worry I will not judge you from your answer" Joe takes a bite from his omelette and chews it as he thinks it over, realizing that his answer will definitely mould their future plans.

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If all of his plans and work leads in the direction he wants it to lead he will be busy for quite a few years after school and he starts to think that she knows it as well. "Well if nothing mayor happens I think that I would like to take it all the way to marriage" She entwines her fingers with his "I know that you are working hard for your future and that you already have a long term plan, I do not want to interfere with that" He nods his understanding "But if you want me to wait for you I will, as long as it takes" He blinks in astonishment, that type of offer is one that is not offered without a lot of thinking it over.

He smiles and gently squeezes her hand, she returns the smile, a dark cloud seems to lift from her "Usually I'd say I don't want you to put your future on hold for me, but if you want to wait for me, then we will both have to commit to it" Suddenly she grins "What is so funny?" "Oh just thinking that in two years you will be a freshman and I'll be a senior" He blinks "Ah yes, then you will be an old lady and me still springy fresh" She laughs and punches his shoulder "I'll beat you up with my cane you toddler" They share a laugh and finishes up their supper, he helps her clean up the table and wash the dishes.

She takes his hand and leads him up the stairs to her bedroom, he follows her and wonders what she is planning to do. She closes the door behind them and whips off her top, she steps closer to him and he leans down to kiss her, wrapping his arms around her. She kisses him hungrily, slipping her tongue into his mouth and he starts to wonder what would've happened downstairs if her family wasn't in the house.

He reaches down and cups her ass in his hands, he feels her hands undoing his jeans and letting it drop down to his ankles, her soft hands softly fondling his balls as she kisses him harder. He gently squeeze her ass, making her moan softly into his mouth, she strokes over his shaft as it starts to grow under her ministrations, he slips his hands under her hot pants and slowly massage her firm ass in his hands, she breathes deeply as she moans softly and continues to stroke up and down his growing shaft and fondling his balls.

She pulls away and goes down on her knees, she deftly suck him into her mouth and using her tongue and lips to tease his shaft to life, adding extra feeling by fondling his balls with her fingers.

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He closes his eyes, placing his hands on her head, sliding his fingers in between her hair, he feel his head hitting the back of her mouth and with a slight adjustment she allows it to go down her throat, swallowing to make her throat muscles massage his cock.

Suddenly she pulls back and gets up, pulling his t-shirt over his head, he can feel the cooler air on his wet cock. As she moves away from him, he glances down at her handy work, his cock is rock hard and throbbing, glistening with her saliva, he looks up to see her slipping her hot pants down and getting on the bed on her hands and knees facing him, a huge canary eating smile on her face.

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He grins at her and walks closer, as he moves past her, he stroke over shoulder, down her back and over her ass, the sudden rush of goose bumps over her skin makes him grin.

He knows that no words is needed, she showed how ready she is for this and he isn't going to waste any time with any preambles, using one hand he guides his head to her lips, she spreads her legs wider and he can see that her lips is glistening just as much as his cock. Her wet lips fits snugly around his shaft, as he pushes deeper into her, her muscles offer pleasant resistance.

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Gripping her hips firmly he pushes harder until his groin is firmly pressed up against her ass, his whole cock buried inside her hot, moist pussy, using her hips as leverage he starts to move her forward and backwards, feeling her clamp down her muscles to prevent him from moving out of her, closing his eyes he starts to thrust against the movements he is creating with his hands, he can feel how she takes up the rhythm on her own.

Breathing deeply he grips her hips firmer, using them to thrust deeper into her, her muscles rhythmically contracting around his shaft as they move slowly together, building up their passion with their slow rhythm.

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A soft moan escapes her lips and he starts to run his hands over her legs, stroking her damp inner thighs, hips, waist and tummy, he can see in the mirror of her dresser that she is biting her lip to stay quiet. Her swaying breasts draws his attention and he leans forward, taking hold of her breasts, pulling on her hard nipples, he can hear her whimper in pleasure.


Their pace starts to pick up pace, his groin slapping against her ass as he squeezes her breasts and pulls on her nipples, they are both breathing heavily from pleasure and exertion, she has her whole lower lip sucked into her mouth, biting down to stay quiet.

Suddenly the door opens, Andy slips inside and closes the door behind him, he stops, taking in the sight in front of him and grins "I just knew it! I knew you two were up here fucking" Maryse groans irately and tries to pull away, but Joe grips her hips, staying inside of her "What the fuck Andy, get out" Andy just grins "Oh you will have to be much nicer to me sis, what do you think mom and dad will do if they found out?" Maryse growls "If you tell them I'll kill you" Andy laughs "Before or after they kick you out?" Joe clears his throat "What do you want O'Hanigan?" Andy grins even broader "Well I always had to listen to the guys talking about how good she is at blow jobs, I think this is a good way to find out for myself and to buy my silence" Maryse shakes her head "Hell no, it will be my word against yours anyway" Joe pulls her closer to him, his cock sliding deeper into her "Babe didn't you notice he has his phone in his hand?" There is a shocked silence from Maryse "Godamit Andy, you planned this!" Andy shrugs "Well I wasn't sure, but this surely settles my doubts" Maryse sighs "Just this once?

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It will not be brought up ever again?" Andy nods "You have my word on that" Maryse looks over her shoulder at Joe, Joe nods his understanding and starts to pull away from her "Hell no bro, I'm not going to stop what you were busy doing and I don't want to see you that naked anyway" Joe looks at Andy questioningly as Andy starts to undo his own jeans and pushes it down along with his boxers "Just keep fucking her, you will see it feels quite good, was in this position a few times with other girls and guys" Andy steps up and holds his erection in front of Maryse's face, Joe can see her reflection in the mirror, looking up at Andy with a furious gaze, Andy sighs "Play along sis and be good about it" "I'll get you back for this" Andy just grins down at Maryse, but his grin vanishes as Maryse swallows his cock, Joe can only see her head moving up and down and the bliss spreading on Andy's face.

Unable to ignore his own needs any longer he starts to thrust into Maryse again, this time at a much faster and harder pace, her moans is muffled by Andy's cock in her mouth. Joe grins as Andy's eyes widen when Maryse deep throats him, Andy sees Joe's grin and gives a shocked grin back as Maryse slurps and sucks on his cock.

Joe thrusts harder into Maryse's tight pussy, Andy was right, this feels much different and he loves how Maryse can moan all that she want, but not having a sound coming out.

The only sounds in the room is Maryse's slurping and Joe's groin slapping against her firm ass as he pounds her as hard and fast as he can, Andy reaches down and grips Maryse's swaying breasts, squeezing them "Pull her nipples.she loves that" Seconds later her muscles clamps around Joe's cock and he grins at Andy, trying to thrust even harder into her, he can see her nails digging into the bed and he knows that she isn't too far off, by the look on Andy's face he isn't too far off either and that familiar tingling has started building up in his balls.

Andy throws back his head and groans, Maryse keeps bobbing her head on his cock as he squirts his load down her throat and into her mouth, timing it just right Joe waits for Andy to pull out of her mouth before he reaches around and pinches her clit, she stiffens, gasping loudly. Joe can't believe he ever saw Andy move so fast as he clamps his hand over Maryse's mouth, smothering her scream as her pussy seems to explode around Joe's cock, with one hard thrust into her clutching interior Joe releases his pent up cum, groaning softly as he explodes deep inside of her pussy.

They stay locked together as his cum pumps into her and she shudders as her orgasm washes over her.

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Andy finally removes his hand, stepping back to pull up his jeans and boxers, Maryse collapses onto her elbows, breathing deeply, she looks up at Andy "Delete it, now" Mutely Andy nods and shows her how he deletes the movie clip from his phone, and then he leaves the room. Maryse sighs and looks back at Joe "Sorry about that Joe" Joe grins at her "Well my first threesome wasn't as bad as I thought it would be" She blinks at him and suddenly smiles "Oh you are such a dirty boy" Joe chuckles and pulls her upwards, cupping her breasts in his hands and kissing her neck "I can't believe you just gave your brother a blow job" She sighs again "He caught me red handed" Joe gently nibbles her earlobe, sending shivers down her spine "I think you were much better than he expected, he is only that speechless when something is more than what he expected" Maryse chuckles and starts to move away, allowing his cock to slip out of her, she gets off the bed and walks to her bathroom "I'm going to brush my teeth and maybe even gargle, I don't think you want to taste his cum when we kiss" Joe suppresses a shudder, as good a friend as Andy is, that is something he didn't want.

He pulls open the covers and lie down on the bed, having nothing to do he starts to drift away, he feels Maryse climb onto the bed and poke him gently "Wake up sleepy head, I'm not done with you yet"