Lesbian sex swing anal fingering

Lesbian sex swing anal fingering
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"C'mon, Jacob. Just calm down and just say it." Standing in my bathroom, just about to finish my daily morning clean-up routine, I leaned on my sink and gave my reflection in the mirror a stern look.

Ever since yesterday, the only thought that had consistently been on my mind was Cicily, her gang of girls from first period, and what she had done to me during lunch period. A goddamn blowjob in front of all those girls, right in the middle of my classroom, that left me feeling floaty and mildly stunned for the rest of the day.

Hell, I still felt a bit tingly from Cicily's pouty lips on me. No! I splashed some cold water on my face and faced myself in the mirror again. As soon as I woke up this morning, I started concocting some kind of speech I would confront those girls with in order to lay down some fucking boundaries. All sorts of options kept popping into my head. Maybe I should just be harsh and blunt and just tell them to cut it out.

Maybe I shouldn't say anything and just be reassigned, or have those girls moved to a different class. But in between all those ideas, Cicily's voice kept echoing in my head, "Good.

Keep quiet about this, and let us have our fun, and you get to keep your job. Who knows? Maybe you'll get to have some fun too if you think you can keep up with us." "Fun.?" I almost headbutted myself in the mirror when I said that.

I stopped short and just leaned my forehead on the polished glass. As much as I didn't want to admit it, I was really interested in what she and her friends had in store for me. Getting sucked off by one of my teenage students, and the prospect that there could be more from the others, piqued my interest, to put it mildly.

Glancing down my down, I saw that my body had definitely made up its mind already. Even as I made my way out of the bathroom, after working off some frustration due to the memory of Cicily's lips wrapped around me, all I could think about was what course of action I should take. While I got dressed, I wondered if this whole thing was okay since the girls seemed to be the ones taking initiative. While I made myself something to eat, I tried measuring the risk of getting caught versus the reward of teen girl flesh.

As I started my car, I started imagining the horror of going to court and prison. When I pulled into the faculty parking lot, I was nearly drooling while I fantasized about having all those girls at once, their bodies soft and slick with my cum.

By the time I had to get out of my car, which was some time while I tried calming myself down, my mind was still as torn as it was yesterday. If not more so. ============ Standing at the front of classroom, writing the lesson introduction on the whiteboard, I heard my first period class begin to fill the room, bit by bit.

As long as I was not looking at them, the girls just sounded like any other class, except more high pitched. Just by the sounds, no one would have ever guessed that among them were a group of girls that had cornered me during lunch to sort of have their way with me.

For just a moment, I felt a sense of relief in that moment of innocence. But it didn't last long as I heard one particular voice through in the crowd. Cicily. I sighed and put the marker down. Turning around, I faced the classroom and found her in the usual place: front and center at her desk. She was turned sideways as she spoke to one of her friends, whom I recognized as one of the girls that watched me get a blowjob from Cicily.

I still had time before the bell rang. It was as good a time as ever. I walked right on over to her desk with my best straight face as I could muster.

Both her and her friend stopped talking and looked up at me. They showed no fear or anxiety. They just looked at me, smiling, like nothing had ever happened. But I could see the knowing glint in both their eyes. "Cicily?" I inquired, in a voice that was sterner than I thought I could muster. Yes, Mr. Cunningham?" She chirped back in a tone that screamed 'innocent teenage girl'. Somehow that reaction cracked my facade a little.

Maybe I was taken aback at just how nonchalant she could be after our encounter. She was more prepared than I was. Uh. After school, you and your friends need to meet me back here to. discuss an incident from yesterday." "Which friends do you mean exactly?" She made no attempt to hide her sarcasm.

My reply was to try and look at her more seriously. Oh! I see. I'll make sure to tell them to make some time after classes.

Just for you." She smiled knowingly at me, and her friend chuckled at my expense. "Good.

Be prompt about it." I turned to walk back to the board. From behind me, Cicily got the last word in. "As long as you're there waiting for us, and, Mr. Cunningham, you can call me Cici." The way she said that made me freeze for a half a second on my way to the board.

I heard the two of them snicker at my back, and I could just feel their eyes burning holes through me. In my attempt to take control of the situation and act like a consummate professional, I think I ended up acting like a kid trying to act like an adult, and failing.

Cici was still the one in charge here. Maybe I need to actually sit down and write out my plan. Wait. Did I just call her 'Cici'? Shit. ============ During my first period, I continued my efforts to acclimate myself to all the longing stares the girls were giving me throughout. A thought popped into my head at one point: Was the entire class in on this, or was it just Cici and her gang of five girls?

Part of me wished it was former, because then I could possibly have a different girl a night for nearly a month. But the other part of my mind hoped it was the former since the other option seemed like a lot of work, and six girls were more manageable.

The last whisper of my conscience tried telling the rest of me that no plan involving any of these girls was a good one. It was quickly being smothered to death. If there was one good thing that came out of first period, it was that no incident like time occurred.

Cici didn't expose her panties nor her tender youth to me under the desk the entire time. Sure they were all still undressing me with their eyes, but I could go the entire period without popping a boner in front of a class of teenage girls. Hell, during lunch period, not a single girl came in to demand I take my pants off. I'd be lying if I denied that some part of me was disappointed at that last fact. The day passed without too much incident.

Kinda. There were only two interesting things that happened that day. The first, and most minor, was when I caught a couple of girls passing notes in class and, after confiscating the piece of paper, I found out that they were discussing quote, "How big do u think Mr.

Cunningham is? I heard a rumor that he was hung like a horse, like 10 inches! I'd like to hear how any1 found that out! <3" I read the note after class, so I wasn't able to correct the girls and tell them that they overestimated by two inches. But I was, uh, 'flattered' all the same. The second event happened during lunch period, once again. I was trying to catch up with some of my paperwork and eat at the same time when the sound of my door opening nearly made me break my neck as I whipped my head around to see if Cici and her gang was here to perform some lewd or indecent me again.

To my surprise, I only found that one girl had come into my class. I recognized her as part of the gang though, Diana. A dark brunette girl with her hair in a ponytail, she was tall for her group, standing just under my eye level, and probably the most athletic one.

Her breasts couldn't have been more than a B cup, but she had an ass to die for and legs that were a crime to hide. I felt confident that whatever she had in mind, I could handle it. It seemed like a fair match, there was one of her and there was one of me. Fair. But these girls had already shown to all be a little devious and I would have to watch myself regardless.

At least her little smile seemed genuine and I swiveled my chair around to face her. "What brings you around here, Diana? And without your compadres?" I always wanted to use that phrase. She sauntered closer to my desk, her hips swaying side to side. The movement seemed natural to her, unlike when other women intentionally tried to swing their hips enticingly. She leaned on my desk close to me.

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"I just wanted to see how you were doing on my own. Y'know get to know you more personally." The way she said that made me think that she was telling the truth. That she really did just want to talk to me.

Maybe even talk about yesterday's incident. "That's very thoughtful of you. I'd like to start by saying th-" Oh, what a fool I was. Without even giving a second's warning or moment to prepare, Diana turned her back to me, giving me a full view of her fantastic rear, then sat down right in my lap.

I let out a quiet "oof" out of surprise, but she was so calculated in her movements and her butt was so soft that it hardly hurt at all. Her warmth and weight on me instantly caused my manhood to stiffen, nestled right in between those two well-toned ass cheeks.

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Meanwhile, Diana peered over her shoulder at me, innocently. "I know that what we did yesterday might have surprised you, but it was only because we, y'know, really like you, Mr. Cunningham." Sitting in my lap, she stirred lightly, rocking her hips from left to right to left. Bit by bit, her skirt began to rise up on her, revealing her girlish white panties.

Only those separated my bulge from her skin. She was purposefully rubbing me with her butt and, damnit, I was loving it. Diana just continued talking like she wasn't massaging me with her rear. "I can't speak for the other girls, but I like to talk to a guy before doing anything with him, y'know?

Don't get me wrong, I think you're really really cute. It's just that I only met you yesterday." Now she was getting a bit more forceful with her movements. Her rocking changed from a side to side motion, to a back and forth one.

There was no way she couldn't feel my hard-on against her. She was pressing it between the two of us every time to she rocked back toward me, and I sighed every time she released the pressure on me. Without thinking about it, my hands came forward and were placed gently on her hips. She didn't verbally acknowledge my touch at all, though her movements got more vigorous and even she was beginning to breathe more raggedly. "You don't *sigh* seem like a bad guy *ah* Mr.

Cunningham. You're cool and *uhn* fun to talk to. But I don't qui*ah!* quite understand how you don't have a *gasp* girlfriend. I-Is there somet-thing I should *ah* know about y-you? Ah!~" Diana stopped her lustful ass massage suddenly as she slumped forward slightly and began to breathe deeply. I could see from the rear that her face a little red. Good thing she stopped when she did.

Otherwise I'd have to leave for home for a change of pants. After a moment, the bell rang and she sat back up and looked back at me, smiling as innocently as ever. "I'm glad we talked, Mr. Cunningham. I guess we can finish our conversation this afternoon, after class. See ya!" She hopped up from my lap and skipped out the door, leaving me with a serious case of blue balls and a small wet patch on the front of my pants that smelled of fresh girl orgasm.

============ The time finally came for, what I hoped would be, the final confrontation with Cici, Diana, and the other girls. The final bell rang and all the girls in my last class were ushered out of the room to their cars, the buses, or to their after school activities.

Outside my classroom door there were throngs of young teens clamoring past each other and talking incessantly, but not a peep of it was able to distract me from my inner thoughts.

I needed to finalize what I was going to say to those girls, and psych myself up to do it. What happened that morning, when Cici managed to make me stumble over my words, would not happen again. It wasn't long before the hallways on my floors emptied, leaving only the occasional student or teacher to wander by on their way to some meeting or club activity.

It was quiet and I knew it wouldn't be long before the girls would be showing up. When they did, they came in talking to one another and totally unconcerned with the situation. "Girls, take your seats." I motioned to the front row of seats, and they each did as I requested. Cici looked as horny and smug as ever, looking me right in the eye as she usually did.

Her mind games wouldn't work this time. Diana looked more her age, innocent and pretty, yet I could sense the lust in her. I looked over the other four girls as a I stood up and circled around to the front of my desk, asserting my role as teacher in front of these girls like a wolf might assert its position as alpha. There was Elika, a girl of dark skin and darker hair that she kept styled to her shoulders, flowing and smooth.

She had a dancer's body, thin and curvy. There was one thing I particularly liked about her, and that was that she liked wearing thigh-high stockings and garters, which worked elegantly well with the skirt of her school uniform. How did I know that? I saw her lacy underthings while she rubbed herself yesterday to Cici going down on me. Next to her was a girl whose name I had yet to learn how to pronounce correctly, Kune. I couldn't quite place her background. She seemed to look like she had some Indian in her, some Asian, and maybe even some Persian.

Whatever the mix was, it was perfect.

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From her cute little nose to her short auburn hair to her perfect proportions, she was lovely no matter what your preference was. Sitting at the far end was Allison, a freckled red head with the largest pair of breasts of the entire group. They were each more a full handful, and were still obvious under the school's uniform.

She was a tad thicker than her compatriots, but she still had a great figure that no one could ignore. And last was a girl who seemed a little out of place with the rest, Sue. She was a petite girl with a small chest and subtle curves. When to put together with her cropped blond hair and thin-rim glasses, she almost looked too young for this group. My bet was that she was a late bloomer. Though I found it very heartwarming that this group treated her as one of their own and didn't ostracize her one bit, at least from what I saw.

I folded my arms across my chest, leaned against my desk, and cleared my throat to get the girls to fall silent. They all looked at me, not as scared or concerned as I thought they would be, except for Sue. Sue seemed a little nervous and was squirming in her seat. "I'm going to get right to the point, girls.

I haven't breathed a word about what happened yesterday to anyone, and I assume all of you have kept Cici's word?" All the girls nodded. "But despite how you thought I may have felt about yesterday, it can never happen again, okay?

I hope I don't have to explain why that is. Suffice it to say, I got my job on the line and legal matters to deal with. Plus, I don't feel it's right for me to be doing. that with girls your age. Understand?" There was a moment of awkward silence as I waited for the girls to speak up. They looked silently amongst each other, but their expressions were worrying me. They still didn't seem intimidated or nervous.

In fact, they mostly seem confused. Then Cici spoke up for the group again. "But you liked it, right? She sounded like she already knew the answer.


"That's. That's not the point." I came back with. "The point is-" [i]But you enjoyed it right, right? Or did I misinterpret your moans and the way you held my hair?" Shit. I was prepared for them coming back at me, but not for the looks they were giving me or the feeling of dread they were exuding.

I was expecting them to be showing some kind of worry by now, but they weren't. Even Sue's squirming was starting to seem less like she was scared, and more like she was squirming in anticipation. It didn't help that the other girls were chiming in now too, starting with Elika. "Yeah, sure, you were jerking your hips into her mouth because you wanted her to stop. Suuure." And you didn't seem to mind me getting off on you at lunch, Mr.


Cunningham. I especially liked how you held me." Interjected Diana. "Well. Uh. Um. You see." I stammered out nonsensical phrases as I tried to win back this discussion. I doubt wolves ever dealt with their pack ganging up on it. It's not like it even matters, Mr. C." This time it was Allison, whom was standing now with her hands on her hips.

"What's to stop us from saying that you forced Cici to blow you?" What?!" Allison walked right up to me, standing on one side of me, nearly breathing in my ear. "It's you versus us, and who's goin' to believe you?" I never expected these girls to be THAT devious and pull the extortion card.

My heart was starting to beat faster, and I thought it was out of fear. But when started to feel Allison pressing her sizable breasts against my arm, and I felt my cock twitch, I knew there might be another reason my heart was beating like it was.

Aww. I don't want to get him in trouble, Alli. I really like him." That sentiment came from my other side, from Diana, whom had stood up and latched onto my arm like a clingy girlfriend. She was pressed even closer on me, contouring her entire body to mine. The other girls were just smiling at me. I swallowed a lump in my throat. I do too, Dee. In fact, I don't think he means what he says.

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Feel." Allison drew herself more against me, reached a hand across my front and grabbed Diana's wrist. Then she guided both their hands to the front of my pants, where an all-too-familiar bulge was forming. I brought my own hands back and gripped the edge of the desk. Wow!

Already, Mr. Cunningham?" Diana began to grind herself against my side, rubbing her crotch against my thigh. Her hand squeezed and fondled my male organ through the fabric. Allison whispered into my ear.

Just be honest with yourself, Mr. C. You're liking this as much as we are." She mimicked Diana's motions. Now two girls were grinding themselves against me while making sure my erection wasn't going away any time soon.

These girls must had training or something. Anything to explain how they were able to do this to me so easily. They knew how to chip away at my defenses, my inhibitions. They knew how to get me morn turned-on than I had been in years. They knew how I really felt, deep down. "Ooooohhh. Cici? Can we? Now?" Diana pleaded with her friend. Cici, Elika, Sue, and Kune had scooted their chairs closer to the show, and were preparing for a show that even I knew was coming.

Well, you two won the draw for today and waited long enough. Go right ahead." Their leader gave them the go ahead, and the two immediately started to tear at my belt and pants while continuing to grind against me. You're going to love this. Allison whispered one last time to me before she and Diana yanked my boxers and pants to my thighs, exposing everything to the six girls.

By now my cock was like a hot steel rod and stood straight up for them, proud and twitching. I felt one hand, Allison's, wrap around my shaft and began to stroke. Another hand, Diana's, cupped my balls and started to fondle and squeeze them. I had two different girls playing with me, grinding their own womanhoods on me, and breathing hot lusty breaths into my ears.

They were right. I wanted this. Geez. Even after yesterday, I can tell that he's still full of cum. He must be backed-up." Diana breathed into my ear, licking my neck afterward. Tell me about it. My hand is already hot and sticky." Said Allison, referring to the fact that a nice dribble of precum was streaming out of me onto her hand as she jerked me off.

It only encouraged her to stroke harder and faster with the lubrication. I wanna see." Diana slipped down to her knees in front of me. I was already missing feeling her hot sex rub on my thigh, but it was a fair trade to watch this girl kneel in front of me, awestruck by my manhood being handled by Allison. Seeing any sexy girl on her knees for me was immensely satisfying, but given these girls it was only the beginning.

Allison stopped stroking for a moment and looked down at Diana along with me. She unwrapped a couple of her fingers from around my member, tiny threads of precum still connecting her to me, and angled them toward Diana, who hungrily began cleaning my precum off Allison's hand and fingers with her tongue. For a moment I felt a little left out, watching her use her tongue on her friend's fingers, but Diana saw the longing in my eyes and transitioned her tongue to my balls.

She lapped at my swollen sperm-carriers, then gently suckled on them alternately. I groaned loudly as she worked me over with her mouth. Not wanting to be left out of the fun, Allison join her friend on her knees. Now I had two beautiful teenage girls kneeling before me, worshiping my manhood with their hands and mouth.

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Allison took charge of my cock, roughly licking my entire length from the base to the crown. I don't think many men have had the privilege of two hungry mouths working them over at the same time, and it was as electric as one would assume.

My legs were shaking with pleasure and I could only gasp and groan to breathe. One of those two girls down there was rubbing the tip of my cock using my own precum, and they both held onto my thighs for support while they licked, lapped and sucked on me like starving girls. I could only concentrate on Allison and Diana below me, staring through half-lidded eyes as they had their way with me. I heard a strange buzzing noise and, as I looked up to see what it was, I found out why Sue had been squirming in her seat.

While all four of the girls were now fingering themselves to the show, Sue was rubbing her little clit while a little pink pill-shaped vibrator shook inside her. She had had that inside her the entire time. Suddenly a brand new sensation caught me off guard, and I couldn't stop myself from grunting loudly into the air. Both girls were now working my cock with their mouths. Allison on one side and Diana on the other, they worked their mouths up and down in sync with each other.

It's like they were trying to kiss each other while my shaft separated their lips. God, it was unlike anything I had felt before. I resisted the urge to jerk my hips like I did with Cici. "W-Wow." Was all I could muster to say. Even when they got out of sync, the lightning they were sending through me was no less intense.

It was all too much. I was going to cum. Their techniques were too good, and their mouths were so moist and warm, I was going to lose it. I would have, if they hadn't had mercy on me and paused to pull themselves away.

It was only then that I realized I had been holding my breath the entire time, and I gasped out loud. That reprieve was a short-lived one, as I felt Allison's hand encircle the base of my cock. Unlike Cici, she didn't take it slowly and readily engulfed several inches of my length into her sweet mouth. She also a much more vigorous in her sucking, slurping loudly as bobbed her head on my cock.

Diana waited patiently, looking up at me with innocent eyes while she massaged my balls. After a few strokes, Allison popped me out of her mouth and angled the tip at Diana. Diana's style was much gentler, as she only wrapped her luscious lips around the head and made slow, gradual bobs.

Every time she came down, she would take a bit more. However, she got much lower than Allison, managing all eight inches of me. I savored the sensation of her throat undulating around me. This pattern continued for God only knows how long. I'd be passed between Allison and Diana to be fellated in their own special ways, letting me experience a pair of different blowjob styles.

I only held out because of transition from girl to girl gave me a momentary break, and let me try and regain my composure lest I blow my load before they were done with me. But even that only staved off the inevitable and soon I was straining against the waves of pleasure that were overcoming, eroding my strength. Girls. Please." I guess the gasping, desperate way I said that was enough pleading for the girls. They stopped and both wrapped a hand around my cock, fingers intertwined so they fulled encircled me.

With hungry eyes and open mouths with their tongues out, they stroked me hard and fast, aiming the tip. They were like two lewd baby chicks waiting for me give them their meal of man seed. I could only oblige them as all my strength and willpower were drained from me. I yelled out and let it loose. A hot torrent of cum shot up my length and out.

My cock was a spurting hose of semen that went right for Allison's and Diana's mouths. Most of spurts got into their mouths, coating their tongues for me to see. But some missed and landed on their cheeks, lips, chins, and face. Somehow that sight prolonged the orgasm until I thought I was going to die from fluid loss.

I thanked God when it ended, and all that was left was a sticky thick rope of cum that connected the tip of my cock to Diana's lower lip. My entire body was shaking and I was struggling to stay up by supporting myself on my desk. I watched the two of them wipe the cum off their faces with their fingers to put into their own mouths, or even each others. I gave up and slid to the ground with a thud, my drained organ hanging limp and my pants around my thighs.

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Looking up, I guess the other four girls managed to finish and enjoy themselves, especially Sue who was reclining in her chair, her vibrator still buzzing inside her. Allison and Diana finished cleaning themselves up and looked at the defeated man that was me. Thanks, Mr. Cunningham. You taste even better than I imagined." Said Diana before she leaned in and gave a kiss on the cheek. Allison laughed and looked at her friends as they all began gathering their belonging.

"Maybe me and Dee shouldn't have gone first. I think we completely drained him for awhile." The girls laughed too as they got up to get going. Cici stood over me, smug in victory. "So are you going to keep playing along, hm?" Y-Yeah." I said in a raspy voice.

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Good. Better be ready tomorrow. You've still got these other chicks to get to." She jerked a thumb at Kune, Elika, and Sue: the only girls I haven't done anything to yet, or rather, the only girls who haven't had their way with me yet. With that they started for the door as I was on the floor. "WAIT!" I literally yelled out to them as I stumbled to my feet and pulled up my pants, nearly falling over again in the process.

I held up my pants as I straightened up and looked at all six of them. This time, they actually seemed surprised by my actions. If this is going to happen, I want a say in this. Or a vote.

Or whatever. I-I have the most experience here and there's no way I'm going to bend to your whims. At least. not all the time." The girls were stunned by what I said, or the forceful way I said it, but were quick to regain their group confidence.

They all looked at Cici, who seemed to be pondering my proposal. Then her familiar smirk came back and her only reply was, We'll see.