Capri loves to use various toys on her wet tight pussy

Capri loves to use various toys on her wet tight pussy
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If you have been following along in our story, I greatly appreciate it. I know that there were a few segments that got a little wild, and the last few have been pretty tame, but I am trying to build more of a story and sometimes sexual encounters just don't always fit that well. A lot of this story is true, and a lot is fantasy. Some has been inspired by feedback from readers. I hope you are enjoying yourself so far.

Of course, being new to this, I would love any and all feedback you might have. Tell me what you love, tell me what you don't, tell me what you would change.

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Let me know whether you like it or not by an up or down vote and give me your feedback in the comments or shoot me a message on here. Thank you for your continued support and enjoy! *************************************************************************** When George and Valerie dropped us off at the hotel, I stopped at the front desk as the girls headed up to the room. I checked with the clerk to see if they had a small commissary.

I grabbed a couple small bags of chips, some cookies and candy, and some drinks. I got back to the room and I could hear the shower running. There was a trail of damp clothes running from the front door into the bathroom and the girls had hopped into the shower.

I picked up the clothes from the floor, went out on the balcony and hung them on the railing to dry. While out there, I sat down on one of the rattan chairs and opened a soda. I sat there, sipping the cold beverage, and looking out over the balcony. Over the dark silhouettes of palm trees, you could see the moon glow sparkling on the waves of the ocean. The soft sound of crashing waves wafted over the air and there was a light breeze that brought heavenly smells to my nostrils.

I heard the shower shut off and the girls getting out and drying off. I pushed myself up out of the rattan chair and headed back in to get my own shower.

I opened my carry-on bag and pulled out a pair of boxer briefs, some comfy sleep pants, and a white tank top undershirt. I grabbed my toiletry bag and waited for the girls to exit the bathroom. They both came out, large towels wrapped around their bodies, up around the armpits.

When they reached the bed, they flipped over at the waist, threw their hair down and within seconds had slipped, flipped, and wrapped their hair like turbans with more towels. It always amazed me how easily women could do that. "So, do they take you ladies aside in school and give you a special class to do that?" Amy pulled off the towel she had wrapped around her body, began to twist it up.

"Just like they teach you guys how to do this?" With that, she snapped the towel out and gave me stinger right on the thigh.

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I jumped back into the bathroom and slammed the door. I slid the glass door back on the shower and reached in to turn on the hot water. As it began to pelt the tile, I started to strip out of my cold, damp clothes. I hung them over the towel rack to dry and I climbed into the shower.

The hot water felt wonderful and helped relax my sore muscles. It had been awhile since I had gone kayaking and the few hours on the water had really done a job on my muscles. Finishing up in the shower, I turned off the water and began to towel off. As I stood there trying to get all the water from my body, I heard the girls break into squeals of delight.

"Oh my gosh, can you believe it?" "This is the one that…" "How in the world did he know?" "That will look so great…" "That is so adorable…" As they went on and on, I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear.

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So, they had found the surprises in their carry-on bags. The talking slowed, became hushed whispers that I couldn't make out through the door, and then went silent. I finished drying off and pulled on my boxer-briefs and the sleep pants. As I began to lather up my face to shave, I heard the door open and close. Taking my time, I slowly pulled the sharp blade across my face. I absolutely hate shaving, especially for the first time with a new blade - it took all my skill to not knick my face and neck up.

I was only about half-way done with my face when my shoulder started to cramp up. I had to set the razor down and let my arms fall to my sides. I could feel the pain growing my lower back as it tightened up as well. I leaned against the counter, gripping the edge and tried to breathe through the pain.

Ever since I tore up my knee and lower back during an Airborne jump while in the military, I have had issues like this. With all the activities over the last few days and adding on the kayaking today, it didn't really surprise me that I was feeling this way. I lost track of time as I tried to relax and breathe through the pain. My eyes closed, white-knuckle gripping the counter, deep breaths. There was a light knock on the door. "Hey Caleb? You have been in there for a while.

Is everything okay?" The door creaked open just enough for Steph to lean her head in. She must have seen the pain on my face, because she immediately came in, wrapped in one of the big fluffy robes the hotel provided, a look of deep concern on her face. Through clenched jaw, I explained what was happening and why. She stepped behind me and began to massage my lower back. The muscles slowly loosened up, releasing their grip and allowing a little more movement.

I stood up straight and went to pick up my razor. My arms were still like jelly and the razor slipped from my hand and into the sink.

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Steph put her hands on my shoulders, turned me around, and then surprisingly helped me scoot up onto the counter next to the sink. She retrieved my razor from the running water in the sink and then began to slowly shave the rest of my face for me.

I never had someone shave me before like that, and it was a little exhilarating.


Her tender touch as she would tilt my head to get a better angle, the trust it took to have someone with a metal blade against your skin. When she finished she rinsed off the razor and set it aside. She then took a washcloth and wet it under the steaming hot water. Gently, she began to get the few spots of shaving cream from my face, then would hold the cloth to an area of my face, letting the heat soak into my skin. It was relaxing and soothing my skin. As she was hanging the washcloth up on a little metal ring next to the sink, Amy came back in to the hotel room, carrying a metal bucket with ice and 6 glass bottles of beer in it.

She was wearing a matching robe to Steph's.

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They were thick, fluffy robes and I was pretty sure the hotel would be missing them when we left. She set the bucket down and then came in to the bathroom. She grabbed me into a tight hug before Steph or I could say anything. "Thank you, thank you, thank you! We were so surprised by our gifts. I can't believe you did so well picking everything out." She let me go and immediately knew something was wrong by the pain in my face.

She immediately left the room, and Steph followed her. I slid off the counter and slowly pulled my tank top. I shuffled into the room.

Amy was already getting into my bag and pulling out my prescriptions. She popped open the two orange bottles and shook out the pills into her palm. As she was placing them in my hand, Steph was cracking open a bottle of water and handing it to me. I threw the pills in my mouth and washed them down with a swig of water. "I'm sorry, if I knew you were hurting and needed your pills, I would have been more careful. And I guess I wouldn't have brought up the beer." I picked up one bottle from the metal bucket, twisted the cap and handed it to Amy.

I repeated the action and handed it to Steph. Grabbing my water bottle, I gave a mock salute and we all took a drink. Amy and Steph took my arms and guided me out onto the balcony, all of us flopping down on the rattan chairs. I leaned back in the chair, rested my head back on the top of the chair, and closed my eyes. Sitting back and listening to the sounds of the island was blissful. I just waited for the pain killers and muscle relaxers to kick in.

"Of course, that makes sense now. If you are used to having to take your prescriptions over the last decade, your body has built up a tolerance. That is why it was taking so long for the ecstasy to kick in and why it wasn't necessarily as strong for you." Steph laughed. "I guess next time we will just need to get bigger doses for you and let you take them earlier than us." "I mean, she was making a joke, but did you really like the ecstasy?

Is that something you would like to continue doing once in awhile?" Amy looked at me and smiled. "Yeah, I loved how all of my senses were heightened. I definitely would do it again." Steph said she was going to run into the room and grab some of our snacks for us. It seemed an obvious escape to give Amy and I a moment alone. Amy gave me a worried look. Amy scooted her chair closer to me and took my hand.

"How do you feel about Steph? I mean, well. I don't know." She shifted in her seat a little bit. "Does it bother you that she has been around so much, or that we have done so much, um, 'exploration' with her?" "Not at all. I absolutely love having her around. We all have so much in common and we get along so great. I just…" I trailed off, not really sure where to begin.

"Can I be completely honest with you? And if I am, do you promise to be completely honest with me?" I nodded and assured her I would. I was a little worried about where this was going, but with how great things were between Amy and I the last few days I truly felt we could get past anything. "I love you, more than anything… I want that to be out there from the start." That was both reassuring and terrifying at the same time.

"I don't know why or how, but I am falling in love with her, and she with me." I felt like a ton of bricks fell on me. "Uh… so are you saying… does this mean…" Amy grabbed my hand again and pulled it close to her.

"No, no wait. Please let me finish! The thing is this… Steph told me she is falling in love with you too. I know this is unorthodox, crazy even. But, well… could you ever see a time where you liked Steph more than just a friend? Do you ever see a future where we were all together?" I let out a deep breathe, one that I didn't realize I was holding in. "I have been holding back from being too close to Steph over the last day or so… because I was afraid of the feelings I was having for her.


I mean, it doesn't surprise me. You two are like peas in a pod. I so easily fell in love with you, and it was like I was sitting here with a clone of you. I was afraid to tell you because I did not want to hurt you." Amy stood up from her chair, leaned into me and gave me the deepest kiss. When she pulled away, I saw a tear slipping down her cheek. She grabbed my hand and helped me from the chair. She led me into the room. Steph was leaning over her bag and pulling out a little shopping bag.

When she stood up, Amy wrapped her arms around her and gave her a kiss. She then tilted her head and whispered something into her ear. Steph broke the embrace and walked over to me.

She seemed hesitant, but then stepped in close, gently laid one hand on my waist and the other on my chest. She looked up at me, a mixture of happiness and fear in her eyes… almost like she wasn't sure if she was dreaming. I lifted me hand and gently caressed her cheek; I dropped my head and gave her a kiss on her forehead, then the tip of her nose.

She lifted her chin and our lips met. It was not a passionate kiss as if it were meant to lead into sexual exploration. It was a release. It released the tension around us and broke the flood gates of our feelings for each other. We could finally be honest about it. As I pulled away from the kiss, there were tears streaming from her face.

She buried her face in my chest and her body shook as she sobbed. Amy came up behind her and wrapped her arms around us as we hugged.

When Steph had stopped crying, she slowly broke the hug and wiped her eyes. "Jeez, look at me. I am a blubbering mess!" Amy broke the tension by grabbing the snacks and plopping down on the bed. "How about we see what is on the television." She grabbed the remote from the night stand and turned it on. I climbed up onto the bed next to Amy and then patted the spot next to me.

Steph crawled up and laid next to me. We all cuddled up together as Amy channel surfed until she stopped on a movie. It was a fantasy movie with elves, wizards, and the like. "Oh, I love this movie!" We all said at the same time. We laughed and settled in to watch what was left of the movie. The girls wiggled up under my arms so that I was holding each of them close. Amy wrapped her leg over mine, and then Steph put hers over both of ours.

I slowly rubbed my hands up and down their arms… partly to be romantic but also because I loved the feel of the soft robes they wore. ****** The credits began to roll on our movie and Steph sat up.

Amy reached over to grab the remote for the t.v. I scooted down and got off the bed. I stood up and stretched to get the stiffness out. I went to the bathroom. When I came out, the girls were sitting on the edge of the bed talking. As I walked over to them, they stood up. "So, how are you feeling?" "Well, so much better than before. A little stiff, but the pain killer has definitely kicked in." "How about we watch another movie. Why don't you lay down here on your stomach and you can get a massage." Amy walked over and began to slowly remove my tank top.

She folded it and put it on the table. She then reached down and slowly untied the drawstring that held my sleep pants up.

She gingerly pulled them down to my ankles and helped me step out of them. She picked up the pants, folded them and added them to the table.

She led me over to the bed and helped me lay down on my stomach, head towards the end of the bed so I could see the movie. "Do you think they might play the second movie? Sometimes a station will play the trilogy all in a row." I situated my arms crossed in front of me so I could rest my chin upon my forearms and get a good view of the t.v.

"Actually, we had something else in mind." Steph said as she pulled a dvd case out of a shopping bag. "I picked up a movie at the store that I think you will like." She opened the case, pulled out the dvd and inserted it into the player. As she walked back over to the bed and sat down next to me, the menu screen came up.

There was no title, just the usual menu item buttons. Standing in the center of the screen, back to the camera, twisted at the waist and looking over her shoulder was a beautiful woman. She had long, wavy red hair that hung halfway down her back. Amazing green eyes, fair skin with splotches of small freckles on her cheeks and nose. You could see the profile of a large, perky breast and thick, voluptuous ass. She was clad in a form fitting, green and black latex dress and green latex thigh-high stockings.

"I can tell that you really like latex, so I thought this would be fitting." As Steph used the remote to drop down to the play button, Amy came back over and sat on the other side of me. The movie started by coming up on a semi-dark room. It looked like it was covered in dark wood and brick. The camera panned to the left and there was a woman strapped to a giant wooden "X." She was spread eagle, slightly suspended above the ground by large black cuffs on her wrists and ankles.

She had black latex panties on, the rest of her exposed. The only other adornment was a large black ball gag held in place by a leather strap. Her skin was fair and contrasted against the dark wood around her body. Her black hair hung down over her shoulders with the ends hanging tauntingly just over her nipples that tipped small, perky breasts. She was letting out little whimpers, but there was no other sound.

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The action on the screen stood still. No sound, no movement other than the little motion that the girl was allowed by her restraints. The tension built. I admit I was intrigued to see what was coming next. From behind me I heard a click and then the sound of something being squirted out of a bottle. A few seconds later I felt hands rubbing lotion into my shoulders. There was an additional squirt and then I felt an additional pair of hands massaging my feet.

I couldn't help but let out a soft moan… four hands massaging me at once was heavenly. I was about to close my eyes and just enjoy the massage when a new sound came from the movie. The distinct echoing clicks of high heals on a wooden floor.

From behind the camera and walking into view, the red-headed girl from the menu screen came into view. She was wearing the same green and black latex dress, thigh-highs and black stiletto heels. She walked straight up to the restrained woman and began the run her fingers up and down her stomach. She then used her finger to trace along the edge of her panties. Across the top of the waistband from hip to hip.

Sliding down her hip and tracing along the edge that dug into the crook where the thigh meets the hip. Reaching to the middle of her thigh gap, she pressed against the latex right on her pubic bone. She began to rub against her and the black haired girl began to squirm against the restraints as she tried to rub herself against her captors hand. As I watched the screen, Amy and Steph continued to massage me… the hands trailing down from my shoulders to my sides and lower back, the hands shifting slowly from my feet to my calves and then my upper thighs.

The red head reached over to a small table and picked up a pair of scissors. With her left hand she pulled the leg of the woman's panties away from her skin, slid the blade of the scissors up and sliced through the latex panties. Setting the scissors back down, she forcefully pulled the shredded panties away from the girl and threw them across the room. The camera shifted angles and zoomed in as the red head knelt before the restrained girl.

She lifted her hand back up to girl's now bare pussy lips and without warning or pretense, she jammed two fingers into her hard. The girl attempted to scream around the ball gag in her math and threw her head back against the wooden support.

The red head immediately put her lips to the top of the girls lips and began to kiss and lick her as she slid her fingers in and out of the girl. Amy and Steph stopped rubbing on my body. One of them gave me a playful swat on the ass. "Okay, flip over and swing around." Amy pushed against my leg to get me moving.

In one oddly fluid movement I rolled over to my back and switched positions so my feet were towards the t.v.

and I was sitting slightly raised with my back against the headboard. The girls sat on each side of my legs, and after applying more lotion to their hands, began to massage the tops of my feet and shins.

On the screen, the red head had begun to undo the restraints and let the black haired woman down from the wooden support. Grabbing her be the hair, she led her over to a large bed covered in some sort of shiny, black sheets made of rubber or latex. With a shove she sent to girl sprawling onto the bed. She leaned over and began to run her hands all over the girls legs. Amy scooted up the bed and began to gently massage my chest and shoulders. Steph had moved her hands up to my upper thighs.

Picking up a bottle of baby oil from a nearby table, the red head began to squirt the shiny liquid up and down the body of the girl on the bed. Rubbing it all over her body, the girl shimmered in the lights in the room. The dominant one reached behind the head of her submissive and released the catch that held the ball gag in place. She pulled it free and tossed it aside. She then stood up and began pouring baby oil all over herself.

Setting the bottle down, she began to rub the oil all over herself and the already shiny latex glimmered even brighter. She motioned for the girl to sit up on the edge of the bed. She took the girls hands and placed them on her body.

Instinctively, the girl began to rub her hands all over the red head standing over her. She made sure to focus on her breasts, ass and the front of her dress over her crotch. As the girl began to reach for the hem of the dress, Steph turned from the t.v. and her hands stopped rubbing my legs. She watched me closely, but I really didn't notice this. I was glued to the movie as the girl lifted the dress and the red head's large cock fell free of the constricting material.

I did not notice that my cock twitched in my boxer briefs or that I had a little hitch in my chest as I caught my breath. That is when I noticed Steph was watching me. I immediately flushed in embarrassment. My mind raced as I wondered if Steph could tell that I was aroused by this revelation in the movie.

Would she think that I was some pervert? Could it change the way she felt about me? Then I remembered that she said she bought it because she knew I really liked latex… so maybe she did not know that this was going to happen. Steph shifted a little closer to me and turned, blocking a large portion of the screen so I would be looking right at her.

"I hope you don't mind… I just thought you might enjoy something different like this. Please don't be mad, but I know about your little adventure with Amy in the adult store." With that, she stood up from the bed and started to slip her robe off. As it slid down off her shoulders, it revealed that she was wearing her new black satin bra covered in purple lace. Her arms caught the robe before it fell past her hips and to the ground. I could see a flash of fear and doubt come across her face.

She looked as though she was about to cry again. With a deep breath, and a small tear that escaped the corner of her right eye, she lowered her arms and the robe fell away. She was wearing the matching boy shorts that went with her bra. There, right in front and with no way to hide it, was a large bulge in the crotch of her panties.

She stared at me, scared to death of how I was going to react. I reached a hand out and took her hand and gently pulled her closer. I lifted her palm to my lips and gave it a gentle kiss. I softly pulled her arm so that she settled down on the bed next to me.

"I think you made a beautiful choice with your outfit. You make it look absolutely amazing." I reached up my hand to caress her cheek. She closed her eyes and leaned into my hand. "You. You are absolutely amazing." With that, the flood gates opened and she collapsed into my arms, head buried in my shoulder as her body was rocked with emotion.

Amy snuggled closer and wrapped an arm around Steph. We both caressed her, kissed her, ran our fingers through her hair… we did not understand it, but all we wanted to do was ease her pain. We both whispered encouragement to her: "Shhhhh, it's okay." "There, there, let it all out." "Baby, let us know how we can help." Amy gently lifted Steph's chin and raised her eyes to meet ours. She gave me a quick, questioning glance and I immediately understood what she was asking me with her eyes.

I smiled at her and gave her a nod. Amy began to give light kisses on her face. She emphasized each kiss with a word: "Baby. We. Love You." Steph looked at me to see if I agreed. With a brief nod, I pulled her in for a deep, passionate kiss.

"Yes, we do." ***************** (to be continued) *****************************