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Ray knew that he was going to have to talk to Nali before he did a single thing to the Queen's daughter.

Though he hadn't realized it he was starting to love both of the beings that inhabited Elizabeth's body. Shaking his head he hadn't notice that Miahally had been trying to gain his attention for the last few minutes. <What?> Ray thought to him. <I said, that though you think that returning her to that time when she was stronger might be best, it might also be dangerous, as a child she was also prone to tantrums when she was denied things; another reason why her mother had her publically punished.> <Damn!

You mean to tell me that she was that bad?> Ray asked. <Oh yes,> Miahally answered, <I fear that she might regress to that point and practically, efficiently wipe out almost all that are even mildly opposed to her.> <Ok, ok, I get your point but I still need to consult with someone before I even attempt this.

One mistake and I could condemn this world to a rule worse than it has now.> Ray added.

<Alright I'll be back soon I have to talk to someone that may hold answers that I need.> Miahally nodded, and then Ray was waking up, opening his eyes he saw the Elizabeth/Nali was sitting beside him. "We may have a solution to the problem of the ruler, but I'm not sure I can do it. I mean to change one thing in the mind is one thing but to create an almost complete personality.," Ray sighed.

Nali looked at Ray she could almost feel his pain, "Ray I don't think you have to completely change her. Usually just a few of the bad thoughts is all that you need to change.

At least from what I've seen that's all you need, the only time a complete change is necessary, is when the personality was severely damaged. Ray I know you are unhappy to do this but for her sake and many of the people in and around their planet you are going to have to." Ray still had doubts, "I don't know Nali I've never done anything this complicated." Lifting his face Nali/Elizabeth kissed him, "we both have confidence in you, remember love it will help guide you to what you need to do Ray.

That's all you have to remember, it worked on my planet it should there too." Ray sat and thought about it hmmm she was partly right, it had taken a little more than that but it was mostly love, it had to be. Laying down Ray was back on the Chorton's planet almost as soon as his eyes were closed. Miahally jumped, still not used to the way that Ray could just suddenly appear the way he did.

<I've talked to them they assured me that the risk is more than worth the risk, especially if I can return her to the sweeter version she was before all the torture her mother did to her.> Ray said. Sitting down they both started to discuss exactly how the princess was before the long torture and the punishments.

Ray knew that he had his work cut out for his self that was for sure.

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Reaching out Ray tried to find the last of the Queen's daughters, though not alone there did seem to be a type of defense near her. Reaching in he tried to change anything he could but the harder he tried it seemed the easier it was for her to resist.

The closest he could do was to stimulate her pleasure centers. Damn he thought! Looking at Miahally he thought, <I am going to have to be a lot closer and from what I can feel that is not going to be easy at all.> Miahally was quiet for a moment then looked at at Ray.

<There just might be a way, though I am afraid that you might have to kill a few of the guards if they see you.> <I don't think I can do that if they were trying to kill me yes, but just doing their job no I couldn't do it.> Ray told Miahally. <You think you could possibly do to all the guards, like you did those that came to my home?> he asked. <You mean have them completely ignore me, like they don't see me?

Hmmm that idea holds a lot of merit though it would take time to reach all of them. All I can say at the moment is I can try, but if I have to get closer then it will depend on how long it takes. Also how many I can handle at once if there are many there.> Ray told him.

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Miahally's eyes took on a gleam a moment, <I will gather all the information for you, it will be good to feel useful again.> <Miahally you have been more than useful to me without you I don't feel that any of this would be or would have been possible.> Ray thought honestly to the Chorton. Ray watched as the being moved off slowly, Ray just hoped that Miahally helping him now wouldn't lead to his death. As much as Miahally had been through in his life it would be good for good things to start to happen to him and his people.

Ray wasn't sure what he could do while he waited, he really didn't know these people that good and the disguise he had didn't really last that long, though he felt it was already stronger.

Ray had waited for it felt like a few hours when Miahally appeared in the doorway. <I think you should try to do some of them right now, the more you have ignore you the better you will have it,> he advised. Nodding I followed him doing my best to stay in the shadows out of sight for as long as I could. Finally we were outside the same building I had been at before, though I could see that indeed the security of the place had been most definitely been increased.

I started with those at the door they had increased from 5 to 10, I had done 10 before but wasn't that sure now. As I delved in I saw that 2 of them had been to Miahally home and I had already affected their thoughts. Well that would make things easier, but the rest I had to do, starting I expected them to be far harder to change than they were. I had almost finished when Miahally tapped me on the shoulder. <We have company, a patrol, this is a first; I have never seen patrols around the building.

Hurry before we are caught.> Finishing quickly we moved away from the wall, reaching out to the patrol I started to change them this time I found it a little harder. Each of the patrol were wearing a helmet a lot like that the queen had been wearing when he'd attempted to kill her the first time. Smiling Ray thought too little too late he was way beyond the helmets now.

He was making fairly good progress when he hit a wall with the last patrol member. <A Treg Trag? Here? It feels like. NO!

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IT CAN"T BE. I will kill you Treg Trag for what you have done to the Queen! I also believe it was you that killed all the daughters!> the last one said. <Oh shit,> Ray thought to Miahally, <that last patrol member I can't get past the helmet it appears to be different than the others.> Miahally looked the hissed, <that is the Queen's head of the military, he will be extremely hard to change.

Treg Trag you have to try as hard as you can, he will be the one that can get you almost anywhere you need to go!> Ray nodded as he began to push harder, changing his vibrations and energy he was finally through but the effort was exhausting, Ray managed to change the thinking of the military head to Ray being it's best friend and being ignored by others was normal. Barely just barely Ray managed to withdraw, looking at Miahally, Ray nodded yes, then wondered why he was looking at the sky just before the world went black.

Miahally looked at Ray, what a brave soul the Chorton thought. I have to move him 'til he awakens; I just hope that we can get to my domicile before we are noticed by anyone other than the guards he has affected.


Miahally had finally gotten Ray to where he lived there had been a few scary moments, but he'd managed.

<Miahally!> came the voice thoughts of his young neighbor. Not now! Miahally thought. <I can't right now, I am in the middle of something,> he answered her. <I can help,> she said starting to advance on him.

He didn't want to kill her but he would if he had to, the Treg Trag had to remain safe! Thinking as quickly as he could Miahally answered, <I'd rather you didn't I am removing waste from my home and it is embarrassing, could you come back later?

We might even be able to discuss that mating you wanted.> The young female's face lit up, she'd been trying to get the old one to mate with her for quite some time now. It was true he wasn't the bravest or strongest but he was extremely intelligent the one thing she wanted her off spring to have. <Alright, I'll hold you to that!> she replied a little more excited than Miahally thought she should be. Sighing, Miahally knew there was no way around it he was going to have to breed the little bitch, especially now.

The thing was he didn't want it known that his seed could be extremely desirable. He'd already been through that once, shuddering it wasn't something he wanted to face again. Looking at Ray he finally got all of him inside, good for now. On earth Nali/Elizabeth was terrified, they'd attempted to awaken Ray quite a few times.

Not only was he not responding but now Nali couldn't feel him at all, both of them were scared. It was obvious that Ray still didn't realize just how important he was to them both. Nali had been trying to teach Elizabeth a few of the techniques, that they could follow Ray and possibly help him, so far Elizabeth had been able to leave her body with Nali. They'd gotten as far as above the earth then were pulled back; Nali had been impressed at the mine field that Ray had set up.

<Elizabeth we have to do something, if Ray doesn't return soon his physical body will expire.> Nali thought to Elizabeth. <What can we do? We have tried to leave and actually got in orbit but that's it. What if we can't leave? I am so afraid that Ray won't return.> Elizabeth told Nali. <As am I we can't go a very long time without him I am afraid that you are linked to me, I am linked to Ray, and now I feel that Ray is linked to both of us.

We all depend upon each other if we are apart for too long we will cease to exist.> Nali said <What!!?? I've just gotten a new lease on life and now I'm going to have to give it up?!

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I don't fucking think so!!!> Elizabeth shouted. Nali was happy finally she could feel the power that Elizabeth had hidden for years; Nali was starting to feel stronger already, as she felt Elizabeth was.

Good Nali thought she will fight for Ray as hard as I will. <Nali! We have to go to Ray I am not ready to die damn it I've fought too hard to just die like that!> Elizabeth said. Ray jerked awake, "Elizabeth?" he said.


Miahally could only stare at him, what was that? Was that the spoken language of the Treg Trag? How strange communicating that way to not know the joy of talking in the mind.

<Great Treg Trag, did you call upon me?> Startled a moment Ray was almost at a loss as to where he was or what he was doing. <What happened,> Ray thought wondering how he got here.

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<If I may Treg Trag, I believe that you expended too much power, I realize that your time is different from ours, but you have spent quite a bit of time here.

Is it good for you to be gone long?> Miahally asked. <I'm not sure, though I am feeling very weak, I need to go back I'll return soon, I have to but I am afraid that a year might have passed, maybe 2 but I will try to hurry.

Taking a deep breath he reached for his body scared at first when he couldn't feel it. Concentrating harder he finally found it but it was extremely weak! Pulling he was soon on his way trying to hurry Ray found it was tiring him, first time for that he thought. Finally he was back over earth but something was wrong, damn it was his heart!

It was about to stop diving as hard as he could Ray hit his body as hard as he could. Nali/Elizabeth both screamed when not only did his body jerk, but it also convulsed taking a huge breath then letting out a clearing cough. Damn but he was stiff Ray thought, in a squeaky voice he asked how long?

Nali took over looking at Ray sternly, "except for the short time you came back to talk to me almost 24 of your hours, all combined. You can't do this again Ray neither of us can survive without you." "What!?

What the hell are you talking about?" Ray asked a little surprised. "I found that Elizabeth is linked to me, I am linked to you, but you are linked to both of us. If you are gone too long then we both could expire, neither of us is ready for that. At present we are trying to leave to come with you, sadly we have only made it in orbit, and that took days." "I could ask your people to help, after all they are the ones that got me started being able to do what I can," Ray told her.

"Yes, please if you can I fear that if you are gone too long we could all expire." Nali said, though she sounded better Ray could still see the concern etched on her face. "I know I won't be gone this long any more I wouldn't have this time had I not passed out." Ray explained Nali looked at Ray even closer, "You need to go to my planet ask the elder to infuse you again.

You need to stay here at least an hour, rest and eat." Ray tried to rest, thing was he'd been asleep so much that he had to get up and walk. Elizabeth went with him making sure he didn't overdo it. Coming back Ray was about to lay back down when he reached out to her and kissed her as deeply and passionately as he could. Both of the females felt an almost palatable jolt through the body, suddenly Nali felt as strong as she had always, Elizabeth felt almost normal, what in the hell had that been?

Ray had felt it too, a surge of energy was flowing through him, not really having the time to try and figure it out, and Ray laid back then was in space. Stopping on the BLEMS planet first he felt them as they were approaching him. The whole group stopped several yards from him, Ray waited for the leader or elder as Nali had called him to advance. Finally the elder slowly came to Ray, <we feel a great weight upon you, we will do all that we can to help you.> <It is Nali she said to tell you that you need to infuse me again.

Also can you bring Nali and Elizabeth here? It appears we are linked and need to be near each other. They both have tried but got no further than the outer boundaries of our planet.> Ray informed the elder. <The first request is simple, it will keep you alive far longer though,> here it paused, <if you three are indeed linked it will only do so much 'til you are together again.

I take it you were extremely weakened?> Ray nodded. <The amount of the time that you were gone was almost too much it must be at least a unit of your time less.> With that, the Elder started to pour blueish energy into Ray's body.

Finished the elder said, <We have conferred about your two selameats, it is possible, the one who is a solid species like you, also contains the same type of power that you do. You will need to teach her as well as Nali, though Nali has extensive knowledge of it, you have actually used it, teach her well.> Ray was a little confused, the one who is a solid species like me? Were they referring to Elizabeth? Ray hadn't felt anything from her not an ounce of power, could it be that it was what had been killing her?

Shaking his head Ray thanked all of The BLEMS and left. A moment later a shocked Elizabeth and a willowy, human shaped Nali appeared near the others. "What in the hell was that!!?" Elizabeth shouted. <Elizabeth, you have to think what you want to say, The Blems as Ray calls them do not speak,> Nali told her. <What in the hell was that!!?> Elizabeth was shouting in her thoughts. <That was transference, how energy beings move through space, since we aren't limited by physical bodies.> Nali explained.

<Is that why I can feel Ray more now?

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Though he is moving away extremely fast, at least now I can feel him.> Elizabeth stated. <I am hoping that now we are here, we can also go there or near where Ray is, that way we won't be weakened again.> At least I hope we can Nali thought.