Blowjob und Analsex in einem Fitnessstudio mit Kayla Green

Blowjob und Analsex in einem Fitnessstudio mit Kayla Green
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"Tuckers Island" by Gail Holmes Chapter Thirty-Two "Penny you're back your father was asking after you, he's still on about the pair of you seeing you're mother!" Elaine informed her. "What did Jane say?" "I'd ask her, she wouldn't commit herself until she'd spoken to you! She's in the galley at the moment…you all right?" "Why…why do you ask?" "It's just that you seem to be walking odd, I wondered if you've hurt yourself?" "I'm fine…just need the bathroom!" Penny smiled, clutching Royce's arm to steady her.

"Sorry must go!" He's quite adamant that they go home with him, but I'm sure they are both against it. I think they're worried by the videos, they really think that life out there is somewhat cruel!" Elaine explained to Royce "Well she could be right you didn't want to go back; and you've lived there, they've only seen pictures of it?" Royce, I'm not saying they should not see their mother; God forbid, but think of their mother!" "Are you thinking of yours at the moment?" "Mine?" "You're parents…what are you thinking of them…they must be worried stiff?" "You're right; however you have given me a brilliant idea!" Elaine grinned as she walked away.

Jane was in the galley with Rodjana when Penny came back from the bathroom. "God you look a bit flushed! What have you been up to?" Rodjana quizzed, looking up from the table as she was laying it out. "That Royce…he's wonderful isn't he; he took me up to the woods for a quickie, God it was really enjoyable!" Penny grinned. "Don't let Paul here you say that; we're all supposed to be on our finest behaviours while your fathers here!" "I do have a confession to make to you Rodjana, I hope that they'll be alright, but I've really messed your panties up.

Or should I say Royce has!" "Wouldn't be concerned to much about that, they're made to withstand that sort of treatment, that's why they're so highly-priced in the first place. Mind you they do have an mystifying help of arousing any man, as I say it wouldn't be the first time they've been mucked up, they'll come clean don't worry yourself. Being as it was Royce I'm not to troubled anyway!" "Have you seen you're father?" Elaine asked. "No where is he?" Penny inquired.

"Gone for a lay down!" Rodjana reported. "Do we have to go back with him?" Penny asked turning to her sister. "I don't want to leave the island do you?" "As Paul informed us we do what we want to do; I for one, am for staying. Why not ask him to bring mother here, perhaps David's parents to; they could all have a holiday?" Jane asked looking to Elaine and Rodjana for an answer.

"Well that seems alright to me, but you do appreciate that sex will be taboo whilst they're here don't you, no sneaking of with Royce!" Rodjana smiled. "Hello girls; looks as if its nearly mealtime, that looks a fine spread even though I do say it myself. Your back Penny, have you both decided whether you're coming back with Brian and myself?" "Not at this time!" Elaine replied.

"However they would like you to bring their mother here, and David's parents. I think it would be a bit sudden for them to venture out into the outside world just yet, they weren't to keen when we took them to one of the islands to meet people" Elaine lied.

"I can understand that…the last thing I want to do is to take you against your will, anyway that sounds like a brilliant suggestion, I mean bringing them all here.

I think it would break the ice better if you take my meaning," said Ben gripping his hands as if rejoicing for them. Ben edged around the table beside Rodjana putting his arm around her waist. "What time do we eat then?" He mused taking a piece of tomato of a plate on the table.

His hand started to slowly slide down onto Rodjana's bottom. Rodjana felt his hand but didn't move not desiring to bring awareness in front of the others. She wanted to stand with her legs open for him; but after telling the twins that sex of any kind was forbidden, she knew that she couldn't. This however didn't stop Ben from reaching under her skirt; Rodjana started to move away from the table breaking contact with his hand and probing fingers. "I'll get Paul and Brian; we can all sit down then!" She grinned walking towards the galley door.

Ben knew he should apologise to her she only though that she was doing what was right. He looked at the twins and smiled.

"Where do we sit then?" The twins quickly came around to his side of the table pulling a chair out for him, "Here sit down; we'll sit each side of you" They both laughed, slumping into the nearby chairs.

Most of the evening was taken up by Ben explaining England to the twins and of course David, they we're intrigued by the amount of animals that their father owned, being as they'd never really seen much of any animals on the island.

"You'll have to have some here! Some cows maybe, at least you'll be able to have some decent milk in your tea!" Ben laughed lifting his cup and making a facial expression with regard to its taste. The twins we're not late retiring, as most of their life they had gone to rest at sundown, old habits die hard. Rodjana made straight for the settee next to Ben as they left the room, only this time Royce, Paul and Brian we're in the same room as it were.

She felt more than up for it, especially after the feel of his investigative fingers in the afternoon. Thankfully no one other than them knew of her escapade in the morning; mercifully her muscles had now relaxed, but her pussy ached for penetration, she did wonder whether Paul would abandon his ruling as now the twins had gone to bed.

David was getting a little horny, she knew that Royce had, had a good innings with Penny, normally the girls could at smallest amount, depend on getting fucked at least twice in one day. The only way was to get Paul himself worked up, she appreciated that he was easy, but if she did it herself it would mean she'd be fucked by him; really she sought after Ben, but this time for him to her fuck her, she didn't imagine that her muscles would tolerate an additional session like this morning, enjoyable that it was.

It was the first time she'd ever been in complete control. Rodjana lifted herself off the settee and made for Susan, she knew that Paul was partial to fucking her. "Come into the bedroom…a quick word in your ear!" Rodjana whispered to he catching her by the shoulder.

"What's wrong?" Susan asked as they left the room, looking over her shoulder. Rodjana headed straight for her bedroom and plonked herself down. "What's on your mind as if I can't guess?" Susan smiled. "Well…don't you fancy getting fucked by at least one of them?" "From what I witnessed…you've already sorted yourself out to day…I feel sorry for poor old Bendy…sorry Ben; it didn't take him long to fall asleep.

How come you never passed out that time?" "I made sure that he came when I wanted him to; that way I was able to pull off him slightly, by doing that he couldn't get up to his old tricks…mind you he wanted to!" Rodjana laughed.

"Any way I'm up for more I don't know about you?" "Me!" Susan grinned. "I haven't had any as yet!" "Oh…come on Susan; you could work Paul up I know you can, and that Brian, well one can only feel sorry for him, he's been looking up our skirts all day long. I'm sure that he went to the bathroom this afternoon to relieve himself.

I mean what a waste!" "How do you suppose I work Paul up; he's the one who's put the dampers on it all. Bet you anything you like he'll be like a bull in a china shop once Ben's left" "Sit in front of him you know the score!" "Elaine's already tried it, she fancied some earlier!" "It's you he always revels after! Go for it?" "So who are you after then?" "Big Ben…you know I crave after that enormous cock of his, I didn't think I manage to get it in this morning, it was a struggle!" Rodjana laughed.

"From where I was sitting it looked mighty painful, but then you always we're a glutton, it didn't look unlike a babies arm stuck up you!" Susan laughed loudly. "Shu…sh! You'll have then coming in here to find out what we're finding so funny!" "Well…that's what you want isn't it!" Before Susan had finished Paul put his head around the doorway. "What are you two up to then?" Paul grinned as he walked in towards them. "Just the man we wanted…quick Susan shut the door!" Susan leaped from the bed closing the door quickly returning to the bed.

Rodjana had already dropped his shorts with her mouth over his cock. Paul put his hands down and cupped her head. "Rodjana…you know what I said about this while Ben's here!" "I think it's a little to late to talk about that now…don't you Susan?" Rodjana eased away from him allowing Susan to see his cock for herself. Susan laid herself out on the bed in front of him with her legs wide open; the sight of her cotton panties sent a craving to his cock.

Rodjana moved to one side allowing him his freedom; Paul went down on her tugging the delicate cotton edge of her panties pulling them sideways, before enveloping her pussy with his mouth. "Paul!" Rodjana smiled. "What now?" Paul spoke but never moved his head from Susan's pussy.

"Are we free now…the twins are in bed?" "Yes…I suppose so! Go… go and help yourself!" Paul mumbled with his head stuck in Susan's pussy.

"And no noise!" Rodjana just made out his last words as she left the room. Back in the lounge Elaine was laid out on the floor, whilst Ben, Royce and Brian were sitting chairs watching a film. Rodjana crept up and sat down close to Elaine. "We've got the okay to get fucked if you want to, mind if I go for Ben?" "Where's Paul then?" "I got him worked up and left him with Susan, she'll keep him busy; but he informed me it was Ok, but no noise!" "But there's three of them, I take it you mean Brian also?" Elaine whispered.

"Of course! Neither of us has yet tried him, but no noise mind, if we wake the twins Paul will never forgive us. I'll go for Ben, just tell Royce what we're up to I'm sure he'll set the ball rolling.

Best take them into you're bedroom!" "Could you ask Royce; I feel a little forward, if you understand my meaning!" Elaine looked across at the two as she spoke. "Ninny! Of course I will, you just go to your bedroom; leave the rest to me!" Rodjana walked over and sat on the arm of Royce's armchair, leaning of over to his ear.


"Get yourself down to Elaine's bedroom; and take Brian with you. Keep it quite mustn't wake the twins, Paul has granted it, couldn't do much else with what he's up to. Without more ado Rodjana strolled over to Ben and sat down promptly next to him.

"Hello; to what do I have the pleasure your company now for?" Ben smiled, noticing that Elaine had removed herself from the lounge. "I think its time that we went to bed, that's unless your to tired of course?" "We! I don't think Paul would agree to that!" "He's approved to it, providing that we don't make to much noise. Doesn't want to wake your daughters up" Rodjana replied holding her hand out as she stood.

"Come on then, you've been looking up skirts all day I'm sure you're up for it!" Ben eased himself forward reaching up taking her by the hand. "I hope your right about this young lady; last thing I want is to fall out with him!" As Ben stood Royce and Brian were about to leave, the room, making for the galley "See you in the morning then Ben; we'll have an early start, I think your girls are cooking breakfast for us!" Brian grinned. "Sleep well!" "I will…I will at that!" Ben replied with a grin on his face, taking Rodjana's arm as she led him to her bedroom.

Ben plonked himself on the bed when they entered the bedroom, viewing its luxury. "Never been on one of Tompkins's cruisers before, they're very well kitted out aren't they?" "Never mind about the scenery; here let me undress you!" Rodjana started to remove his T-shirt; then pushed him back onto the bed whilst taking off his shorts. "Come on lift your bum! Now when I've finished with you your off to your own room at the bottom of the passageway, can't have the twins seeing you in bed with me now can we" Rodjana loved the idea of taking control Ben lifted himself allowing her to pull his shorts and pants clear of his legs the laid out fully along the bed before her.

Rodjana stood above him exploring his hunky body, sitting down beside him she took his huge cock into her hand. "Bet you've made a few girls winch with this monster haven't you Ben; why is it so big?" "Are you complaining young lady?" "No…it's just that I never visualised that one could be so massive. Is it right that you have over a hundred children?" "I was an humanitarian choice, young women whose husbands couldn't impregnate them; I just helped out" Ben sat up on his elbows looking down at his cock, sensing the comfort of Rodjana's soft fingers as she drew them up and down the thick shaft.

"Bet you enjoyed every minute of it! What did your wife think of it; I mean having so many step children?" "Hell…she doesn't know of things like that, and I hope she'll never find out!" Ben came aware of the blood rushing into the capillaries of his cock, this was going to be a good fuck, with no watchers, and he was on his own.

Rodjana had done him proud that morning; never had he experienced such feelings from a female working on her own. He slithered his hand leisurely down the bed beneath her skirt; Rodjana raised her leg slightly permitting him passageway; Ben loved the touch of panties; everything was too easy at Highlace almost clinical. No longer could he feel her fingers running up and down his cock, it had thickened immensely, now it was her whole hand gripping it, even then she could only grip a third of its circumference.

Rodjana leaned over him placing her lips over his cock; Ben took advantage of her movement pushing his finger slowly up within her pussy, she was already more than wet, but she didn't want him to stretch her pussy too much. In her mind she wanted to experience the spreading effect that his cock had on her that morning, she'd had no foreplay and she'd managed to get it in, she did appreciate that he's moistened it with her own juices. Tonight he was hers, she was going to make sure she enjoyed every last inch of him, and his cock seemed to be growing by the second.

Brian was grateful to Royce allowing him to go first with Elaine; it had been over a week now, he'd brought more than thirty-five girls to Highlace all of them raving beauties, thankfully Brenda had been there to take the edge off his frustration. Royce sat on the edge of the bed caressing her petite breast as Brian fucked her, looking down between them observing Brian's cock as it slid in and out of her, he knew she was enjoying him but if he himself had gone first, she'd never have perceived any feelings from him.

Sweat was rolling from Brian's forehead whilst Elaine whimpered beneath him. "I'm coming…I'm coming!" Brian blurted out as he forced his cock up her, holding it stationary as his seed pumped up inside her. "God that was good!" He sighed easing himself slowly from her.

Royce wasted no time positioning himself between her legs; he looked down at her pussy, Brian's spunk was congregating at her pussy entrance. "Please may I have a drink?" Elaine looked up at him with a smile on her face. Royce never turn his head away from her, lifting his cock up to her pussy, collecting the seepage of Brian's come on is end before pushing it up her.

"There's drinks in the cabinet over there" Royce informed Brian. Even though she'd been hard fucked and well-lubricated Royce could still feel the tightness of her young pussy, he eased himself back onto his knees as Elaine took the drink from Brian.

"That was bloody enjoyable young lady!" Brian stood over them looking down at Elaine's young body. His cock now limp but glistening from her juices. Elaine couldn't believe that in less than a month she'd lost her virginity and had six different cocks up her, that included Tompkins's of course Brian's did appear to be her smallest challenge, but she had enjoyed it.

But now it was Royce; she always was partial to his. Ben had wanted Rodjana to repeat her performance from the morning; but knowing the discomfort that she'd experienced, Rodjana wasn't ready to undertake a repeat, adamant that he fuck her. Ben was hovering over her as she guided his cock towards her pussy; she'd already moistened the complete shaft ready for its mission.

As soon as she felt it inside her pussy lips she reached up taking Ben around his neck. "Careful and gentle; but straight in!" She smiled up to him, pulling him down kissing him gently on the lips. As she felt the strain on her pussy walls she lowered her hands onto his arms gripping them as he eased his enormous cock up inside her, her eye's we're locked on his.

Ben was getting the same amount of enjoyment as she herself, her inner muscles gripped the large helmet as it was forced between them making her jump each time they released once the bulbous organ passed between them. She knew that she was very close to her capability, lifting her hips as to assist him with the concluding inches. "There, how's that feel now?" Ben held himself up her, forcing blood into his cock, allowing it to swell up within her pussy.

Rodjana gripped his arms feeling the sudden expansion of her inner pussy as the blood flowed ravenously into his already large cock. Ben started to fuck her leisurely now allowing his helmet to almost pop out on each withdrawal, Rodjana's hands slid down to his wrists she was now working with him. Each time he reinserted his cock Ben would allow air into her open pussy, unavoidably she would let out a noisy fanny fart as he glided it back up her; the aroma of pussy was beginning to fill the bedroom, which only bestowed more pleasure to him.

Rodjana knew he was getting pleasure from the fragrance of her, she could sense her own odour; uncle would at all times keep the panties that she'd worn all day, getting her to remove them as soon as she entered his home, sometimes even when he'd visit her own home, she'd often have to change them for him, even if he'd fucked her that afternoon. "How often are you going to pay a visit to us on the island?" Rodjana beamed up to him, rubbing her hands up and down his arms soothingly.

"Enjoy old Ben's cock do you!" Ben replied not faltering his stroke. "I wouldn't have schemed the way that I did if I didn't would I? With a cock like yours, you must fill every woman's desires" Ben never answered her but started fucking her hard, he was tired and knew he'd an early start in the morning. Rodjana started moaning beneath him as he thrust his cock into to her. Unexpectedly he pulled himself out and leaned back.

"Turn yourself around…lets go in from the back!" Rodjana rolled over onto her tummy, opening her legs wide. "No kneel… it's easier!" Rodjana lifted herself up onto her knees, her elbows on the bed. Ben was soon back up, thankfully he never caused any soreness, just allowing her the right length.

Rodjana buried her head into the pillows allowing her the pleasure of screaming without being heard too much. Her final scream ought have been heard, but everyone else was asleep. Ben had forced his cock deep inside her once more and came violently; as before Rodjana passed out, as the thick cream surged up towards her womb; Ben held himself deep, gripping her by the hips, making certain every droplet passed into her fallopian tube.

Ben laid Rodjana back down on the bed; sitting himself beside her for moments viewing her young body. He looked down at her open pussy, it was still moist, but only from her own juices, running his fingers through the soft down he leaned across her, kissing her on the cheek, then left for his bedroom. Ben and Brian left early the next morning, the twins had cooked a delightful breakfast, enlightening Ben that neither we're prepared yet to leave the island; but welcomed the idea of their mother and David's parents to visit, it fact they looked forward to it.

After Elaine had informed them of her idea, all three girls composed letters to their parents in England, which Brian would post when he arrived back in the UK, telling them that they we're all safe and sound. Rodjana had made an effort and written to Uncle although she knew she'd found a more pleasurable cock, but she did consider her pleasure with him over the time.

"I take it everything worked out for you last night?" Susan asked Rodjana as they walked back along the quay from the seaplane. "Couldn't have been better; trouble was he came up me like he did at Highlace, it was breathtaking but alas; I passed out like I did then, I didn't wake up until this morning…thanks I am very grateful anyway. How did you're evening go?" "Paul is a great lover, I just couldn't stop coming. I wanted him to stay…but he wouldn't because of Ben and the twins!" "Well the only ones of that seemed to miss out was Jane and David!" Rodjana grinned.

"Regardless of Paul's instructions" "Jane…but when did Penny get a chance?" "Royce; he took her up to the wooded bit up the top, at the end of the quay, between them they smothered my best pair of panties, they've come clean now though.

She could hardly stand when he brought her back on the yacht. God I'm going to miss old Ben!" Rodjana looked up to the sky, the plane was no more than a speck now. "He must have ruined a lot of woman's pleasures!" "I'm not with you…I thought you enjoyed it with him?" "That's the point that I'm making!

Who's got a cock here to match his?" "I found it quite painful to be honest!" Susan replied. "It's miles to large for me, I don't know how you can take it!" "You're most probably right, but take into account I've been engaging in sex for the last two years…my uncle's wasn't that small…your enjoying sex now though aren't you?" "Oh yes…but I think Royce's is as much as I can handle…he's gentle with it to.

Trouble is he seems to favour Penny, at least it looks that way to me!" "You have a point there; it might be interesting to find out how many times each of us are fucked and by whom…I'll agree with you about Royce…who do you fancy most of all anyway?" Susan laughed at this question.

"Paul really…trouble is he's like a bull in a china shop; but I suppose he hasn't the experience that Royce has.


He only lost his virginity prior to us coming to Highlace!" "Well he is our benefactor; without him and his wealth, I suppose we'd all be back home by now. God, I hate to think of the idea; I think we've all landed on our feet here" "Come on you two!

Paul's made us all a cup of tea. Have either of you seen David?" Royce quizzed from the deck, watching as the two girls walked along the quay. "He was with Elaine the last I saw of him, we left them in the lounge when Ben left!" Susan informed him. "Probably sowing his oats poor sod…most likely missed out!" Royce laughed. "Hope he's gentle with her if he is; I know what he's like when he feels deprived!" Rodjana muttered so only Susan could hear her.

"Rodjana! I thought you'd forgotten that!" "I don't like him that much, still we all have a cross to bear I suppose, be alright if he was a decent fuck!" "Well why do you let him fuck you then?" Susan asked as they walked up the gangplank.

"Greed I suppose, I mean on my part, if everyone else is being fucked by him, why shouldn't I!" Rodjana laughed. Rodjana was now craving for Ben to return to the island, it had been over a week since he'd left. "How do you think you're going to manage it…I mean his wife and David's parents will be here?" Elaine quizzed.

"They'll be no chance for you, and the way Paul is; none of us will get our hands on any of them, and you know how randy David gets, he must have been pulling his plonker every day before we came to the island. I'm getting to the stage where I don't want him; he's so bloody selfish, he can't wait until he gets his cock into you!" Elaine mused "Perhaps I should have another go at him?" "It's different with you…you have a deterrent that worries him, neither of us have your pussy vigour to ease him up, its not easy.

Once he's in, he'll go like stink until he's finished, there's no pleasure in that at all, it hurts, your glad when he's bloody finished!" "Don't worry…I'll have a word with Royce; see if he'll make me a dildo, then I can train you all with it. Your muscles will be as powerful as mine, it will only take a couple of weeks and you'll have the power in your pussy muscles as I do, we can rule this sexual pleasure to ours, as far as David's concerned" "I think there's one of those things in my bedroom cabinet, only it has wires attached to it, but it sound similar to how you explained it last time" "Well that's settled then, if we've already got one, we'll soon get our own back on David!" "By the way…how is you're list working out?" Elaine quizzed.

"List?" "The list…which of them is going for whom?" "Oh the list, yes the list!" Rodjana laughed. "Very well, you wont believe the results so far…it's funny that you mentioned David; well he's a glutton for it…he has it more than any of the rest; come to my bedroom I'll show you!" The girls headed for Rodjana's bedroom, Elaine sat on the bed whilst Rodjana went to her bedside cabinet. "God; Rodjana whatever is that smell in here, it smells as if something has died, I think you'd better open a window!" "It's pussy!

We never really get to smell it ourselves do we? Ben was making me do fanny fart's best part of the night, he loves the bouquet of it!" Rodjana laughed.

"Here have a look at the chart you'll see for yourself, David's had it more than any of the other two! I'll open the window whilst you look." "How d'you mean; David had more than the rest of the boy's?" Elaine asked taking the chart and laying it out in front of her as Rodjana opened the porthole.

"Here look follow the names; this is only from last week mind!" Rodjana sat back down beside and pointed to the names of the boy's on the left. "Look David's had at least three of us a day…but here on Thursday he's had five…you'll notice that Royce has three of us every other day.

And you were right about Royce; he seems to fuck Jane more often than any of us…Paul seems to appreciate you more than the others…and as for me…well Ok I get it every day. Ok sometimes twice" Rodjana pointed out the days that she herself had had sex and to whom with. She fell backwards onto the bed holding her chart up before her. "God Ben where are you…come back and fuck me …please!" "Rodjana!" Elaine laughed. "Well! It's between the men and the boy's…I rather the more experience male if you like!" "A big cock more likely!" Elaine laughed.

"It's not as easy as that…I like him to finger me…just one finger mind! Then enter me nice and slowly…letting me appreciate his sheer fatness…God what a cock he's got!" "I wonder if he's wife thinks the same as you?" "Believe me…she…she must be one of the luckiest bitches that I know of…think of being fucked by him every night…God I'd be in seventh heaven…just think he's over a hundred children… consider those happy women; knowing as to what pleasures they had with him to get their child…then every time that they looked at their youngster, recollecting the joy it was just being fucked by such a man!" "Rodjana…you're besotted with him!" "Elaine I would love a child by him… to be honest with you… yes I think I do love him… what's more I think he has feelings for me!

The twins; I feel as if they are my sisters, they make me feel close to him" "Rodjana!" "I'm sorry! I mean it; it's just the way he is! With uncle… Ok he was gentle… but Ben, he shows respect, but he could have been… like David; what had he to lose… nothing! But he's gentle, and passionate, considerate… always thinking of my feelings, he'd never force himself upon me, always waiting to make sure I was ready… he knew of his predicament.

Most women would run a mile seeing the size of his cock… but no he would wait… he would wait until he knew everything was right. Elaine he's a wonderful man" As Rodjana sat back up Elaine put her arm around her friend's shoulders.

"Come on Rod!" The name Rod; was never used unless total commitment to feeling was assured. "D'you really think you have a chance with him?" "Elaine … I love the man to bits… the problem is, he has a wife… and then his daughters whom live here with us here on the island. Believe me I'm gutted, what chances have I to ask him to live here with me?" "Rod… this is the 21st century… ask him, if he says no… well; at least you know where you stand.

He's stayed in England because of his wife…he's found his daughters… he might well want to stay here, if he has the same feeling for you that you think he has, he might well stay!" God Elaine; you could be right… I'm sure he could still run his businesses, and with his money he could employ Brian… and have his own plane here on the island, that would make it even… I mean a boy for each of us" "You always we're good at maths!" Elaine laughed.

"But would you let him fuck the rest of us?" "But, you don't like big cocks!" "I don't mean just me…all of us! By the look on your face, I somehow don't think you'd like that suggestion?" Elaine grinned. "Shush… what's that noise!" Both girls sat quietly and listened; Rodjana jump up from the bed quickly and made for the door, opening it slightly. "It's sobbing… Susan… it's coming from Susan's room!" Rodjana looked back towards Elaine. "Come on if it's that David again… God is he going to endure some treatment this time!" Both girls hurried into the passageway up towards Susan's bedroom pushing the door open, David was suspended over Susan taking the weight of his body on his toes, fucking her violently.

"Jesus! He's a maniac!" Rodjana whispered back towards Elaine. "Say nothing… I'll take over; he'll wonder what's hit him this time. He certainly won't be top of the list next week I'll make sure of that!" "Who's a lucky girl then?" Rodjana smiled as she sat on the bed beside Susan.

She could see that Susan wasn't enjoying it one little bit. "I'd be partial to some of that David!" She smiled up to him. David looked across to her without slowing his pace. "You want a good fucking to!

I'll take both of you on!" "I bag's first!" Rodjana smiled, as David lifted himself out of Susan. She gazed at his cock it seemed to be covered in come. Susan edged to one side away from him, swinging her legs onto the floor; her hand went straight down towards her pussy. Elaine walked around the bed taking her hand.

"Come on let's get you to the bathroom and cleaned up a bit! By the looks of it he's come already!" "That's from Brian, said he wanted a quickie before the flight, then David pulled me in from the lounge I didn't have a chance to get cleaned up!" Susan replied easing herself off the bed.

"He likes a sticky wicket!" "Where the hell did you get that from?" Rodjana laughed. "Oh it's what Royce said last night, when he followed behind Brian!" "Are you having this or not?" David quizzed holding his cock out towards Rodjana. "You lay down; by the look of you, you could do with a breather!" Rodjana informed him, pushing him down on the bed. David laid out drawing the pillow under his head; he loved to watch his cock in action.

Rodjana straddled him placing her feet each side then lowered herself gradually onto his cock; David observed as it leisurely slithered up her out of sight. Rodjana pulled her knees up under her chin clasping them with her hands the she leaned back sitting bolt upright exposing herself to him.

All David could make out was her open pussy lips, forced open by his cock; Rodjana started pulling on her pussy muscles rippling them down the side of his cock. "God; that feels really good…and you're not even moving!" David stated placing his hands behind his head. "I don't want to watch this!" Susan suggested in a whisper, knowing only to well what Rodjana was up to. "Come on Elaine lets go to the bathroom!" "I think I'll stay if you don't mind, I'd love to see how she doe's this…before long we'll all have the technique; you don't mind do you?" Elaine smiled.

"He'll be in agony again very soon, she'll play with him first, then God help him!" Susan went on into the bathroom whilst Elaine sat on the edge of the bed watching Rodjana; Rodjana just sat still her eyes glued to David's, there wasn't a movement being made by either. "I take it your enjoying something…but what?" Elaine looked down to David as she spoke. "I don't know how she doe's it; but she's going to have one hell of a belly full very soon now.

This is like heaven; God, what vibrations!" David pushed his head back closing his eyes. Elaine turned to Rodjana noticing that sweat was coming from her brow…her concentration under no circumstances weakened. She was waiting for the stir in his bollocks; conscious that she had to arrest his seed half way up his shaft, then his own body would be demanding ejaculation of the seed, whilst she grasped hard retaining it, making the stress on his cock even greater knowing his cock would swell from the inside, with the force of his ejaculation as she compressed it from the outside.

Her intention was to hold his cock taut until she could restrain him no more; then and only then would she accept his seed. As David reached up to cup her breasts, Rodjana pushed him back down onto the bed spitefully, speeding her vibrations along his shaft; David started to pant as he felt his balls twinge.

Still Rodjana showed no visual signs of movement; she knew he was close; suddenly the feeling she'd been waiting for came, the pulsations in the base of his cock told her he was ready.

David sat up on his elbows gripping his teeth together whist he spoke. "God…I'm coming… I'm coming! Are you ready for this" He gripped the bedding as Rodjana snapped her pussy muscles catching his seed half way along shaft seizing him hard; his body sought after ridding itself of the hot sperm, but Rodjana's muscle supremacy was to great. His cock throbbed trying to force the seed through the restricted inner passageway. Rodjana now relaxed her concentration on her hold, but now using her extensive muscle powers on him.

"Now you bastard you'll be fucking no one for at least a week!" Rodjana smiled down at him. David was going red in the face with fury; he knew he could do nothing, should he try; she'd possibly grip him even harder. "For God's sake…ease up! Ease up I say!" David shouted. Rodjana turned to Elaine with a broad smile on her face. "Can you go and get Jane…and collect a tumbler from the cabinet on your way back!" As Elaine jumped off the bed Rodjana caught her by the arm.

"There's no hurry…take you're time! David's not going anywhere; are you David? He won't be coming just yet for a while" Elaine walked slowly towards the door; but once the other side she ran down the passage as fast as her legs would carry her. Thankfully Jane was sitting on the floor in the lounge when Elaine got there.

"Quick…Rodjana wants you!" "What ever is a matter…you're out of breath?" Jane quizzed as she stood up. "Come on, I have to collect a glass yet!" "Great…Rodjana's getting me some creamy come; she said I could have the next lot that she gets it!" "I really don't know what your on about; please hurry…poor David's in agony in Susan's bedroom!" Both girls rushed back to the bedroom…by now tears we're welling in David's eyes, his cock was beginning to become bruised with Rodjana's constant hold on it.

He was lying out ridged when the girls entered the room Rodjana held out her hand for the tumbler as Elaine arrived. "Now David… assure me that whichever of us you fuck from now on…you will gentle and a perfect gentleman with us all. We're not here just for you're enjoyment, we also like to enjoy it!" "Yes…yes, of course I bloody promise…now for Christ's sake let go!" "What's happening?" Jane asked, looking down at David, seeing no reason for his anxiety.

"He's been rough with Susan again; but at least you can have a nice glass of hot creamy come, probably not as much as before but I can assure you it will be nice and fizzy" Rodjana sat for moments just kneading his cock, but with excessive force.

One could tell by the look on David's face that he couldn't take much more, he'd trouble speaking now with his teeth gritted together. As Rodjana released her muscles David let out an almighty moan, his seed spurted up deep inside her, Rodjana could feel it churning, she lifted slightly allowing extra room.

"God David; that feels really delightful we'll have to do this again!" "You're a bitch; that's the last time you'll get anywhere near my cock! You can go fuck yourself in future!" David growled. "You'll be saying that to all of us very soon, then where will you be…have to go back to Miss Fist!

Right Jane now for your nice creamy drink thanks to David here!" Rodjana started lifting herself off his shaft, with luck any of Brian's come left up her it would have mixed with David's. The girls watched as his cock flopped down to one side, once it was clear of her pussy, Rodjana lifted herself on to her knees spreading her legs apart; then pushed the tumbler up under her pussy, once again operating her muscles, Jane could see the thick foamy come gradually flowing into the tumbler, only this time it was just less than a quarter full.

When Rodjana offered it to Jane she looked into the glass. "Not an awful amount is there is there?" Jane held the tumbler up to David.

"Thought you'd have been a better man than that!" The girls laughed at her remark. Jane put it up to her mouth and started to drink it slowly. "I'll give you one thing though; it's nice, as well as hot, and believe me very rich in cream, but as I say not an awful lot there!" This comment hit David where it hurts; no guy likes to think he is under par from the rest of his colleagues. He gradually got up from the bed holding his cock, and then left the room.

"Well!" Rodjana smiled. "I'm sure that we'll all get a decent fucking from him now!" "What about you! You heard what he said?" Susan replied. "He's not that good a lover anyway is he!" Elaine quickly responded. "He can't learn it all in a day!" Jane stated, feeling sorry for him "We're not knocking him Jane; he's just selfish about the way he goes about it. He only ever seems to think of himself. With me, I can take that sort of punishment, in fact I quite enjoy a bit of roughness, but for the likes of all of you, he should be more considerate.

He'll come round; I think your last remark will make him think twice from now on!" Rodjana looked to Jane as she spoke. "Think of Susan… he's just given her a very painful seeing to; now if one of the other lads fancied a session, I mean it would be alright for them, but she'd endure even more tenderness from the pain that David's already caused her!" "Should we all refuse him then?" Jane asked.

"I don't think there's a need for that; I can assure you he wont be coming anywhere near any of us for at least a week! However there might be a way of soothing things out…if you make sure that I'm the first fuck he has!" "But you heard what he said!" Jane quizzed, glimpsing at Susan and Elaine in the hope that they would back her remark. "Once he's got over his shock of his own soreness; and as your own remark to him, he'll want a fuck full stop, and if you all refuse him they'll only be me left?" "How can we turn him down, surely it's his right, to have it when he requests it…isn't it?" Jane implied.

Rodjana laughed at her seriousness, thinking that she owed him her favour. "You don't have to have sex with anyone if you don't want to, you're not obligated to have it. I know we all enjoy it… what Rodjana's saying is, if we have it, we should also enjoy it" Elaine interrupted flicking her hair over her shoulder.

"Remember Susan and Elaine are almost as new to sex as you and Penny are! God forbid what David would have been like if he'd have known where to put his cock before we came along. Still I'll expect you can thank your Grandfather for that, you'd both probably ended up pregnant any way. "He was a very clever man, I don't know what we've have done when we started our periods if he hadn't have been there" Jane grinned, as if looking backwards to the time.

Chapter Thirty-Three "Thought you'd all got lost, I made tea half an hour ago; what were you all doing, having a girls meeting. We have to get on and finish the cabin, or the twins parents will be back and they'll be nowhere for them to stay. We want to save the cruiser for our own needs; no more creeping about when we fancy nookie?" Paul implied. "Any one seen David?" "Went to his room I think!" Susan replied, knowing full well that she was right.

"I'll collect him on the way back up on deck! You can all get those clothes off again; we'll get some sun to our bodies. Are you all right Susan; you look a bit pale?" Paul inquired as he headed for the bedroom door. "I think she could do with a lay down, we'll be up shortly, see you on deck!" Rodjana replied not wanting Susan to be subjected to any details of her predicament, recognizing that it was now sorted out.

"What did your grandfather do to help with your periods then; other that fabricate your tampons?" Elaine asked turning to Jane. "Well…we just couldn't get the blooming things in!" "How did he help then?" Susan grinned. "He found it quite easy…we had some oils well that's what he called it…he got it from some of the fish that he caught; didn't smell very nice mind, we used it for lamps in the evenings.

Well he'd just dip his finger into it, and then put it up inside us wriggle it about little, we would become very moist. He told us that it was a woman's thing; they went in quite easy after that… trouble was he only done it two or three time said he couldn't do it anymore. We asked…if we should ask David. He condemned the idea, telling us that he should never be asked; or let anywhere near that part of our bodies!" "In all probability it was to much for him, it must have triggered his inner senses even at his age…however he didn't want David to get anywhere near either of you.

God.if David had sensed the sensitivity with his finger up inside you, it wouldn't have taken him long to try and engage his cock, then you would have been in trouble. Old grandfather would have certainly acknowledged who the father was!" Rodjana mused. "Come on we'd better get up on deck, get your kit off girls, it won't take us long to get those two worked up…we might even cause a stir in poor old David" "God: Rodjana would you ever turn it down?" Jane laughed.

"As I told Susan and Elaine once, if God created anything better, he kept it to himself, and now with the freedom of the pill…need I say anymore! Come on; I have to pop into the bathroom first, have a quickie on the bidet. The boy's don't take to kindly to come in their mouths!" Rodjana replied making for the bathroom. "I'll see you up on deck; you come up when you feel better Susan, and make sure you do, you don't want you to start again and be in more tenderness.

There wasn't an awful lot to do to complete the cabin; basically just the plumbing, Paul had arranged with his father that Ben could collect mattresses and bedding etc, on his way through; he didn't want to take anything off the cruiser.

The girls busied themselves with arranging all the furniture; Royce was a credit to himself with what he could do with wood. The cabin had ample bedrooms, a spacious lounge, large kitchen, the bathroom, was all done out in seashells, it looked fantastic, an added benefit was the hot spring water that Royce had plumbed into the cabin, it was constant, not to hot just right for a bath or shower, so there was no requirement to heat any water only for hot drinks.

By the end of the week it was completed, a party was being organised, although they'd all sleep on the cruiser through lack of bedding, not that it was really needed anyway, except maybe the mattresses, Susan was more than over her discomfort, but David had a way to go as yet, his cock had swelled out of proportion, Rodjana would have treasured trying it, it was very similar to Ben's, well at least in thickness. Paul and Royce thought that he had some kind of predicament with sex; of course none of the girls would give them an explanation to the problem, and David was embarrassed by it.

The boy's at least Paul and Royce; had to some extent a crisis… two of them having to service the five girls and believe me they we're all ready. Notification had come through that Ben and his wife together with David's family we're coming to the island for the weekend, so a party was arrange for Friday night when all was completed, but this time it was on the beach adjacent to their new home.

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The girls we're huddled together, possibly scheming their next move, for what reason one cannot tell; but Penny appeared to be the most randy out of the five of them, mind you the rest had been well sorted, but she'd not experienced as much as a sniffing for at least four days. Her preference was naturally Royce, however under the circumstances the others decided that she should have first refusal, she'd waited so long.

Although if Rodjana had had her way she'd have drained the two of them before any of her friends could get anywhere near them; her lust for sex was incredible. If any woman condemned periods it was Rodjana, they we're even more irritating now, as she'd have to watch, as her friends we're fucked, having it up her back passage was no sacrifice for the real thing, the climax was completely dissimilar.

With uncle it had been different; that time of the month was expectable, there was only her, he'd always wear a condom well at least, in the latter time of there relationship this did save any awkward moments when she arrived home. Elaine broke Rodjana's line of thought. "Come on then Penny! If your need is that bad; go for him… only five minutes mind; don't forget you're friends.

Don't forget our agreement; anyone of us that make them cum, steps out of the running… leaving the only standing cock for the rest of us. No foreplay straight in with it, saves time… we'll see how long we can make them last!

Elaine grinned. Royce by now had his eye on her; his cock was semi-hard before she even got to him; pushing her head straight down between his legs engulfing his helmet into her mouth, his hand moved leisurely down amid her legs, but she seized his wrist halting his advancement, recognizing that she was more than wet enough; anyway she wanted to experience Rodjana's obsession of the feeling as her pussy walls opened out, under the sheer force of his bulkiness.

She'd feel swollen with pride knowing that Rodjana was scrutinising her every move… she however was anxious that she was being to over confident, but Royce's hand had now moved up to her breast. His shaft was now ready for her, but before she removed herself from it she'd made sure that she had left plenty of saliva around it's surface with ample on his helmet. Penny held onto his shoulders. "Come on big boy lay; yourself down!" She gently eased him back onto the warm sand and stood above him looking down at his erect penis; to her it looked gigantic, Penny looked across towards Rodjana.

"Don't just look at it! Sit on it!" Rodjana summoned. Penny slowly lowered herself above the huge cock, fumbling between her legs and clutching the shaft. Royce sat up onto his elbows watching as she guided it up towards her pussy; Penny rolled its head in the entrance mixing her own juices with her saliva on his cock, the opening was immediately found, gradually she lower further sensing as his helmet extend her pussy lips, once locked in position she released her hold placing her hands onto his waist.

"Are you sure?" Royce smiled up to her, feeling the tautness of her pussy on his helmet. Penny didn't reply, but gave him a smile as she gently let her body down onto the waiting cock; Royce was the first to be aware of the strain, mind you he wasn't going to protest. Penny lifted herself then went down on him again, this time increasing his depth very marginally, she was becoming very woozy her body was reacting to the inner feelings, inside a reaction told her to force her young body down, but her mind told her to take it easy.

The last thing she wanted was to hurt herself; or even Royce for that matter; her thoughts went back to David and as to how he'd suffered over the last week, again she raised and lowered herself.

Penny turned to Rodjana sensing the immense pressure on her internal pussy walls; she now understood Rodjana's passion, Royce's eyes we're closed as she started to bob up and down slowly increasing his measure inside her on each downward thrust, he craved to reach up and draw her down on him.

Penny was pleased with herself; but little did she know of the shear size of the monstrosity that Rodjana had yearned for. Penny had just completed her final movement to fill her pussy when Rodjana tapped her on the shoulder. "Five minutes!" She smiled. Penny grudgingly lifted from him, looking back down at the shimmering shaft. Rodjana moved over him, letting her pussy engulf his organ.

"Well done!" She smiled as she took her fill. Penny walked over to the fire and sat down on a nearby log, she knew that Paul would by no means provide her the matching experience that she'd just encountered from Royce; she watched as Rodjana leaned her body across him kissing him passionately, his cock glistened as it pumped up her in the light of the flickering fire, he fucked her hard.

Penny reached down between her legs driving her fingers up into her pussy, but there feeling was of no equal to the sensation she just endured. Once the others had had their share of him, the juices on his cock would remove any great pressure from it. She wished that they had their own man each; but that just wasn't possible with only three between the five of them, Jane had just taken over from Elaine, that meant that Susan would be next in line with Royce, she was already standing behind Rodjana.

Penny's main worries that one of them would make him come, then she'd never get around to having her pussy filled, as Paul and David we're always the first to come.

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"Would you like to try this one?" David stood over her with his majestic cock swollen beyond limits. Penny's eye's lighted up at the thought; she smiled up to him as she lie back onto the sand. "Are you sure you're ready?" "With all this going on; I just have to have a fuck sis!" David jested. "But I'd better take the lead if you don't mind; I give you my word that I'll be gentle" Penny watched as he kneeled in between her legs; his cock looked massif to her, she began to wonder.

David I think it'll be to big for me… I only just managed Royce's!" David took no heed of her plea as he offered his cock up to her pussy, moistening the end with her own juices, thankfully she was exceptionally wet, what with Royce then watching Rodjana being fucked by him, it went effortlessly for the first inch that's when the bulk of his swelling became noticeable.

"God… David it's going to hurt! No woman can take anything of that magnitude… please!" David was to keyed up to stop now, he himself could feel her tautness, but was adamant to try… the other lads had been fucking themselves silly over the last couple of days. The only reason that Penny had missed out was that she was working on the cruiser; she tried to sit up clutching his arms.

"Please David you know it won't go in!" "Let me try! I said I'd be tender with you!" David started to withdraw and re-enter her half an inch at a time; it was working, Penny could see his cock going deeper each time he gently push it back, the feeling that she'd had with Royce, it was beginning to return, thankfully he wasn't as lengthy. Penny leaned back as he started to speed his actions. Jesus David I'm coming!" Penny threw her head back moaning loudly, her inner muscles contracted giving David a nasty hold.

He himself screamed out. Paul and Royce sat up abruptly nearly throwing Susan and Jane from them; Elaine instantly ran across thinking that David was hurting Penny. "Get off! Get off you bastard!" "Elaine… it's alright… please; leave him!" Penny realised the dilemma she must have instigated.

"I'm fine… really; it just! God it's breathtaking. David don't stop!" Penny lie back, pulling her legs up to her chest. David continued to fuck her, by this time he could feel that his cock had filled her pussy. He looked back casting his eye on Rodjana, Elaine was just taking her place with Royce, turning she walked over towards him.

"Could I try some of that?" She pleaded sitting down next to Penny. "I'm alright Rodjana… honestly he's not hurting me!" "That; I can tell… have faith in me, I don't want to hurt him, just want to sample such a monster" David leaned back on his knees and looked up to her; Rodjana could just make out the thickness of his cock, it's head still deep inside Penny. "Please David! You know what I did was for all our own good; including yours.

After all; it wouldn't be that size it if hadn't been for me?" "Exactly! I've had to watch all of you enjoy yourselves…it even hurt to piss!" "David… I could do with a rest!" Penny lied, knowing that Rodjana wanted to prove to her that she herself could take such a weapon.

As David lifted from her she felt the warm evening air enter her pussy. Rodjana moved down before him, spreading her legs extensively; David looked between them; his thoughts we're to ram it up her hard, but thought better of it knowing how her powerful muscles could rip his body into instant agony.

He sank down on his knee before her; firstly kissing her open pussy lips; as if to say forgive and forget, and then looked up to Rodjana. "Am I pardoned?" "Come on…!" Rodjana smiled. "Get you're exquisite big cock in there, I've been craving all week for this… I didn't realise you'd be man enough to use it yet!" As David started to enter her, Rodjana lay and relaxed the best she could, not for the fear of any pain… just to make sure that her inner muscles had no response to his cock, she knew she could take it.

David couldn't believe just how easy it slipped up her, remembering her lecture to him he started to fuck her gently.

Penny stood and grabbed David by the shoulder; and looked at Rodjana. "One thing I might ask…! Will you let him come up me? I mean the last person that he came up was …you!" "You're on!" Rodjana grinned up to her. David felt somewhat comforted by this not knowing if Rodjana would repeat her action of his previous fuck with her. Little did he perceive; that there was still a considerable amount of pain nevertheless ahead of him? He couldn't for the life of himself understand how she never even winched at the sheer size of his cock.

By this time Jane and Susan had completed their cycle with Paul and Royce both taking theirs seeds; both the boy's knew that David's cock wasn't the biggest that they'd seen, but we're mesmerised by the erotic sight in the firelight, and as to how calm and collected Rodjana was, knowing how much of a tiger she was for a big cock, as David breathing started to labour; Penny quickly placed her hand back onto his shoulder. "Time; I think?" She smiled at him.

"Thank you!" David said with a grin, withdrawing leaving Rodjana laying spread legged. Paul couldn't understand the reason for his thankfulness; never had he heard him do this before. "The pleasure was mine!" Rodjana grinned back at him. "Thank… you!" She winked Penny was soon down ready and waiting, Royce couldn't believed his eyes perceptive of the difficulty that she was for him to enter her.

But once again she was aware of his magnitude, her pussy had decrease in size somewhat in the short absence of his cock, once again he forced her open as he slowly eased it back up. "Pant…!" Rodjana told her, noticing Penny's predicament. "What is this an antenatal clinic?" Royce asked with a laugh. Penny started to pant; aware that it did ease any discomfort within, although David was being very gentle, he had to be, if only for his own sake, both we're taking immense pleasure from his measured but deliberate stokes, once again Penny started panting but this time it was through her own pure enjoyment, David fucked her at a leisurely pace, he himself taking gratification from his actions.

He become aware of that Penny was about to have another orgasm, he held back for a few seconds allowing it to pass, knowing of the pain he endured with it the last time, once passed he continued his movements.

He's inner thought's now where that if he had a bigger cock, he'd have them all gagging for him, even Rodjana had enjoyed him. She'd even asked for him; as he kneeled up to her, he took pleasure in the sight of his cock as if slid slowly in and out of her, Penny was sitting up on her elbows once more, her breath still laboured. Royce and Paul moved back the table to continue with their drinks.

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Rodjana had a notion, and she believed it to be true, if it we're. Penny would never forget this night; she edged across to Elaine. "Get in and kneel behind Penny, rest her head onto your legs, make sure that when he comes she can't move back away from him… if I'm right she's certainly going to benefit from that monster this time… if she thought Royce was good, just you wait until she catches his load!" Rodjana whispered.

"Remember Ben… at Highlace; when he came up us the first time… well it should be like that for her… don't let her pull away from him mind!" "Why will it be so different this time then?" Elaine quizzed. "Think about it he hasn't had sex for a week, he's watched everyone else, his balls must be brimming; I'm depending on it.

The outcome of this will be tremendous. There is one other little thing that I have contemplated, if I'm right… well you'll see. I'll go in behind him, assuring that he can't withdraw from her!" Rodjana replied moving in behind David, putting her knees each side of his buttocks, then edging in tightly.

Her hands went under his arms, down to his loin, manoeuvring around the base of his cock, his balls felt solid, and gently she manipulated them between her soft fingers. David did wonder as to her purpose, but he enjoyed the attention, Penny herself was more relaxed now with her head supported on Elaine's knee.

Rodjana could sense David's breath starting to heave, she knew it wouldn't be long, this would be the orgasm of the century for them both, she made sure she had a good leverage to hold him up deep inside Penny once he started to come. "I'm coming… God! I'm coming!" It was only then that David realised what was about to happen. As his seed started to surge into his swollen cock it was constrained by the inner swelling of Rodjana's onslaught on him the previous week, it started to backup just like it did when she'd held onto his cock on the cruiser, forcing itself up towards the restricted capillary channel.

Rodjana knew he had trouble with peeing; spunk was thicker, a lot thicker, she leaned on him whist Elaine held Penny, herself not to sure what was happening. David threw himself forward over her but his cock was locked deep inside her tight pussy, with no further movement reachable. Rodjana knew he couldn't move in or out, "God…It hurts…For Christ sake release me!" David shouted out loudly. Paul and Royce turned sharply, rushing back to his side.

"What the hell's wrong with him?" Paul inquired. "He'll be alright in a moment… just leave him!" Rodjana gritted her teeth as she spoke under the pressure of holding him. At that moment his sperm started jutted into Penny, with no room for escape.

It had already started its journey to her womb. The girls held them both tightly together, not a drop was allowed to divert. Penny pushed her hands down gripping the loose sand in the hope of pushing herself off the pressure of his hot seed as it welled up inside, before proceeding on its journey. Elaine held her shoulders tightly, because of all the tension on her pussy; Penny herself started to come violently then slowly passed out.

As Rodjana alleviated her weight on him he gradually extracted his cock; looking down at it as he did so, then to Penny. "Why did you do that?" He asked turning Rodjana. "God; that bloody hurt!" "It would have been the identical if you weren't inside her. But believe me; she's just had the most paramount fuck of her life, and there is only one other person to my knowledge that is capable of doing that, and there is no way he'd do it to her!" Rodjana stood running her fingers lightly across his shoulders, then walked around and sat beside Penny.

Elaine hadn't moved when Penny came around, her head was still resting on her knee. "God… That was something else!" Penny grinned looking up towards David. "You certainly do know just how to satisfy a girl!" Penny placed her hand down on her pussy expecting it to be drenched with come, but other than her own juices it was free from any of his sperm.

She reached up grabbing him around the shoulders gripping him hard, then kissed him firmly on the lips "What did I tell you?" Rodjana smiled towards him, as Penny pulled away. "She won't forget you in a hurry… you'd better see about developing that cock of yours, I'm sure we'd all benefit from some action like that!" "So what did he do then?" Paul quizzed, wondering as to what all the commotion was about. Rodjana smiled to Paul giving him a wink "He's just done a Bendy!

That is, with Elaine and my help of course, but at least he achieved it!" Paul looked down at David's cock, noting how puffed-up it was. "Well… if we knew what caused it to get blown up to that magnitude we might be able to help, but to me it looks a mite painful to say the least. He hasn't done a lot with it over the last week has he?" "Must be something he's eaten!" Royce criticized with a laugh.

"More like what someone else has eaten!" Paul replied looking at Rodjana. David stood and reached down to Penny. "Come on let's get on with the party, it's a big day tomorrow!" He reminded them all. The party went on into the night, the twins we're more than merry by the time they both went to bed.

Rodjana did wonder what the twin's mother would be like; but Ben was her main concern, if his wife was here with him, he wouldn't have need for her, after seeing Penny with David it made her feel more than ready for him. The cruiser would be a safe haven now that the log cabin was finished. Chapter Thirty-Four The twin's we're already up in the galley cooking breakfast when Susan came in. "My you two are up early, I was just going for a walk!" She smiled sitting up on a stool at the table.

"Why so early?" "Paul… he said if we woke before the rest of you could we get started, I think he wants to make sure that everything is cleared up from last night!" Penny smiled. "How are you anyway?" Susan grinned.

"After David you mean! God… that was really enjoyable, shame it's not like that all the time, have you ever had it done like that?" "Only Rodjana and Elaine… I missed out!" "Was it as big as David's?" "Was what as big as David's?" Rodjana grinned as she walked into the galley.

"Morning Rodjana… Susan was just telling me that she missed out on what David did to me last night, but Elaine and yourself have had it done, I was inquiring if it was as big as David's. What was the boy like? Do you think David's will stay like that?" "My you're full of it this morning, you make sure that you don't say anything about this to your father.

Sex is taboo in the older generation!" Rodjana replied with a smile. "I thought you said that our father did it?" Jane smiled. "That may well be so, he is married!" Susan laughed. "I don't consider much to that idea… from what I gather, when you're married you can only do it with one person!" Penny replied. "I like it the way it is, pity some are so small though! How many different one's have you had Rodjana?" "Now that you ask, six in all!" "Has you're biggest been anything like David's, I mean, like it is now?" "Breakfast smell good!" Paul grinned as he walked in the door.

"Saved by the bell!" Susan grinned towards Rodjana and smiled. Paul ignored her remark or didn't hear it. "Now if any of you girls want anything make sure that you all get it before lunchtime.

Once or visitors are here they'll be no chance!" He verified looking at the four girls. "We're is Elaine?" "No up yet… I'll call her?" Susan replied jumping off her stool.

"How about you Rodjana?" "I'll give it amiss this morning, I just had a nice shower!" She replied. What she really thought was that if she had a chance with Ben… she wanted to be tight for him.

"You're turning down sex Rodjana… never thought I hear you say that. Not even David?" Penny said with a grin on her face. "No even David!" Rodjana replied. "I'm going up on deck, there's a nice breeze to today, like to clear my head, think I had a little to much to drink last night" With this she left the galley. "Where's Rodjana?" Susan asked when she returned to galley with Elaine. "Gone up on deck, she's only turned down sex!" Jane laughed as she put Paul's breakfast on the table.

"Can't imagine her saying that!" Elaine responded. "Is she alright?" The group were all up on deck at lunchtime waiting for the sound of the seaplane, knowing that Brian would dock it at the quay when he arrived. If there was one thing that Brian was good at; it was time keeping, at 12 o'clock midday the plane was heard overhead, all eye's we're trained towards the sky.

This time he came over the island first, then landed in the bay. "He must have been somewhere else before he got here!" Elaine stated as the plane skimmed the water. "God look at the side windows he must be full up with mattresses, at least will have something comfortable to put our heads!" Paul laughed. Rodjana had already left the cruiser and was making her way down the quay where she knew Brian would pull the plane in.

She stood waiting as the group got off. Ben walked straight up to her putting his bag down; then placing his arm around her waist giving her a big kiss, but unseen by his followers his free hand went up between her legs. Rodjana lifted he leg slightly allowing him a freeway.

"Sod the panties! I must have a dip before lunch!" He whispered into her ear. Rodjana felt not just one; but two fingers forced up deep inside her, this was very brutal for Ben, normally he'd take his time. "Thank you Princess… I'll be needing that; hope to see you later!" "This is Rodjana, she's a friend of the twins… Rodjana… this my wife Francis!" Ben informed her as he turned back towards his wife.

"Lovely girl don't you think my dear!" Ben implied, lifting his hand up to his face, in order to itch his nose as he spoke. But in reality, to get Rodjana's pussy aroma from his fingers Rodjana looked at the woman, who must have been in her mid fifties, at once she could see there could have been a resemblance to the twins, her face was very lined now, especially around the eye's, she wore very thick horn rimmed spectacles. Walking up to Rodjana she kissed her on the cheek, Rodjana noticed that she was at least six inches shorter than herself.

"I'm pleased to meet you Mrs Tucker" Rodjana smiled. "Drop the formalities child, just call me Fran, everyone else does. It's nice to meet you to my dear, I've heard so much about you!" "Rodjana did wonder as to how much she knew, she looked to Ben, who was still rubbing his nose.

Rodjana smiled towards him as she lifted Fran's bag. Ben put his finger under his nose, gesturing to sniff it, and smiled back. The twin's were already running down the quayside before them, Ben stood with his arms outstretched as they neared, catching Jane and spinning her around, then placing his arm around Penny's shoulder.

"Well here they are Fran! Aren't they… just beautiful; he eased his hold on them, and then looked over his shoulder as David approached them?

Fran took both girls into her arms tears welling in her eyes as she pulled them close to her. "Grace… Bill; meet David; hasn't he grown into a fine lad, come lad these are you're parents. David stepped forward embracing the pair of them. Rodjana moved back as the others arrived, allowing them space. "We'll collect you bits and pieces Ben, you carry on, we'll see you at the cabin!" Paul pointed up the beach towards the cabin as he and Royce collected some of there baggage.

Rodjana and the girls move in to gather up the small items. "What do you think of them then?" Elaine inquired as they walked along the beach. "I'd prefer it if she wasn't his wife, I hate to think that we are sharing the same man… God how could she have had such beautiful daughter's, they must stem from his side of the family!" Rodjana whispered, keeping her head down.

"Rodjana… they can't help who their mother is, no more than we can. We all get old!" "I wonder when he last had sex with her? God it could have been last night! Still as I said before she's the lucky one, she gets him all the time!" Tears started to run from Rodjana's eyes, she was getting quite upset. "I wish she'd have never came now!" "Rodjana whatever is a matter?" Susan queried as she came along side the two girls. "She's a bit upset because of Ben's wife!" Elaine pronounced.

"Upset; what on earth for, come on she's no oil painting is she, I'd have thought you'd have been glad to see her. It showed at least you have a chance!" Susan suggested. "A chance?" Question Rodjana. "Well… you we're the one, that wanted him to runaway with you!" "I don't follow?" Rodjana replied wiping her eyes.

"Well… if I felt the same as you… I'd at least give it a chance… I mean whom would you want to stay at home with… I'll bet she's a right old dragon!" Susan smiled. "But, he's been to bed with her?" "And another hundred women, would you like to see those to, just to make sure that they would have had you're approval?" Susan laughed.

"Think about it Rod; what would she say if she knew that he'd been to bed with you… she'd pull you're hair out!" Elaine informed her.

All three girls laughed at her remark. "D'you think I should tell her that she has competition?" Rodjana laughed. "She'd never believe you Rod!" Elaine clarified, with a laugh. "What are you three so happy about then?" Royce quizzed as he walked up the steps beside them to the cabin.

"Rod thinks we might have competition with Fran, I mean with you two?" Susan explained. Royce stood at the top of the steps looking back as the group caught up. "I see your point! I think I'll let Paul go first! He likes breaking the new one's to in. If she asks if we have an iron, don't ask her what she needs it for!" He grinned, before walking into the building. Rodjana had cheered up by the time that the group arrived at the cabin. "Put the kettle on someone!" Paul requested as he entered the main hallway.

"Our quests must be parched. "I'll get it!" Rodjana replied, making for the kitchen. She returned as soon as she'd put the kettle on. Ben and his wife were sitting on the large settee with the twins on the floor in front of them whilst David sat on the arm of the chair that his mother was sitting it.

Rodjana looked at her, she was a good looking woman, wearing modern day clothes, now if she'd been the twin's mother she would have had rivalry, that's if Ben hadn't already been there, Rodjana mused to herself. She noticed that Ben was trying to attract her attention, so she walked over to the settee. Ben looked up as she arrived. "Are you pleased now that the cabin is finished?" He inquired of her.

Rodjana read between his words noting the wink in his eye as he spoke. "Would you like to have a look around?" She smiled, I'm sure the girls have a lot to talk to their mother about, the kettle isn't that fast on the boil!" Rodjana smiled. Ben stood, looking back at Fran with a smile on his face.

"I feel like royalty here, the offer of a tour!" He grinned back to Rodjana. Rodjana headed for the kitchen, firstly to make sure that the kettle wasn't boiling or near to it. Ben followed closely behind her. "No tea for me Rodjana… just the cup I'll have… "A double whisky in it!" Rodjana smiled.

"Good girl… you're beginning to understand me now I think?" "Why did you have to do that on the quayside, in front of you're wife at that?" "I've wanted you all week…remember I don't visit Highlace now!" "But; your wife, surely she must ease you're frustration?" Rodjana interrogated hoping for a negative answer.

"Rodjana princess; believe me… I haven't seen the sight of her pussy in fourteen years, after the twins disappeared that was it as far as sex was concerned. I'm not two timing you know?" "Why do you call me Princess?" Rodjana stepped back as she spoke, Ben had held his hand out in front of himself as he moved forward. "No! Not here!" Ben lifted his hand up to his face. "God I must have you!" "Princess! Why d'you call me that?" Rodjana remembered her uncle always called her that name.

"That's how I see you! As my Princess!" Rodjana smiled at his answer. "I have someone else who calls me that!" "Now who has competition?" Rodjana could do nothing; the kettle boiled and its whistle blew, she knew she had to make the tea, or the others would wonder as to what the delay was. "Can I meet you later?" Ben inquired. "I don't know about that!" Rodjana teased. "I mean you've brought you wife to inspect me!" "Don't be hard on me!" Ben lifted his finger up in front of him.

"I can't expect this… to last me all night!" "You're disgusting Ben! Now come on, help me with these tea's, who wants what!" Ben helped carry the trays of teas into the lounge making sure that he took his whisky off before his wife noticed it. "Hope you haven't been up to naughtiness in the kitchen?" Susan inquired in a whisper as Rodjana sat down beside her. "You could be right my little fried!" she smiled "You didn't… you couldn't have, you haven't had time!" Susan grinned.

"Listen… he hasn't been near his wife for fourteen years, ever since the twin's we're marooned!" "Did you ask him?" "Ask him what?" "Rod… come on, will he leave her for you?" "Later… he wants to meet up with me later!" "You have asked then?" "No… he's gagging for it; I'll ask him before I let him have it. I think you could be right though!" "About what?

Rod… come on, tell me?" "About my chances with him; what do you think I mean?" "Where the hell can you meet him?" "On the cruiser… where else!" "You and everyone else!" Susan laughed. "What doe's that mean?" "Well it stands to reason… it's the only place for safe nookie!" "Come on Susan; do you really think I stand a chance with him?" "He's got to do better than what he's got… can you see him turning you down.

It's his cock you're after anyway!" "Susan… he love's me… as soon as he got on the quayside he pushed his fingers up me… told me he wanted the smell of me!" "The aroma of pussy, more like!" "You haven't a kind word for him have you; he calls me princess now!" "Rod… I love you to bits, I hope it works out, but come on, he's an old man for Christ sake… he just wants to fuck you!" "What are you two arguing about?" Elaine quizzed as she sat down beside them both.

"I think I have a chance with Ben, but Susan thinks he's only after my body!" "When you say have a chance… what do you mean by chance?" Elaine inquired. "Elaine… please be honest with me… you know my feelings towards Ben; I'm sure that he feels the same way as me, as soon as he got to the quay he pushed his fingers up me, told me he just needed the smell of me… Susan's no help; she say's he just wanted the smell of pussy… he told me wants to meet me tonight!" "Then meet him… no sex; tell him how you feel… and as to what he wants to do about it!" Elaine reached forward taking her hand.

"With a wife like his… this might be all he's waiting for; but are you sure it's no just his cock that you're after?" "Elaine… both of you we've always been good friends… tell me I want to take both or either of you with me.

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I'll ask him in front of you… but before I'll take his answer I'll ask him to fuck one of you… then give me his answer. I think you'll find that fair; if he say's yes then surely his answer must be right?" "The only way to find out, is if he say's yes afterwards!" Elaine stated. "I agree to what you're saying Elaine, but from my own point of view I don't think that I could handle his cock!" Susan suggested.

"Well in that case; I'll go with her… I know what you're saying; okay it is big… but if it gets the results that she wants I'm willing to take the chance. I just hope he's worth it!" Elaine inferred with a smile. "Brilliant! Then we'll go for it then?" "You don't mind if he fucks me first?" Elaine quizzed.

"Elaine… if it meant getting him … if he was mine, after a hundred women I'd agree to it; as long as I knew, it was me he wanted." "Then I agree… the pain of that huge cock I will suffer for you.

Afterwards if he doesn't agree… I'll kill him myself!" Rodjana move across to her friend and hugged her. " What's up with you two?" Paul asked, thinking, that one or the other was upset in someway. "It's Ok Paul… we're fine!" Elaine smiled. Chapter Thirty-Five Rodjana had made arrangements with Ben to meet him on the quayside at ten that night, he agreed, she told him that he must answer some questions before anything else could happen between them.

Ben asked for a renewal of her bouquet, until their meeting, to which she bluntly refused. The rest of the afternoon was taken up with unloading the plane; the cabin looked smart with all the new fixtures and fittings. Paul's father had really excelled himself with the bedding; all the sheets were of satin and in pastel colours with lace trimmings.

The early evening was taken up with swimming, Fran was a little concerned when Ben put his new swimming trunks on; telling him that he looked sordid, they more than illustrated the size of his manhood, advising him that he had two daughters to think of now.

When Rodjana saw him, she was somewhat jealous; as to the way the twins look at him, what would they do if they could actuality see it, it's was a marvel that never came out of the bottom of his costume. Elaine met up with Rodjana on the quay at 10.45, she'd arranged for Royce to come unbeknown to Rodjana. "But why?" Rodjana asked when she saw Royce heading towards the quay.

"To be honest… I don't think that I could handle Ben straightaway; I thought if Royce fucks me first at least I'll be ready for him!" "Elaine!

You lost you're virginity with Ben; if you could take him then, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to now?" "There is another reason… I didn't like the idea of you just sitting there, whist Ben had me… I thought that when Royce had me wet enough, he could then go to you.

That way you yourself wouldn't miss out… would you!" "I see your point!" Rodjana smiled. "I should imagine that it would be a mite exasperating for me to watch as he fuck's you" "Not late am I?" Royce inquired as he came up to the girls, looking at his watch. Royce viewed the two girls, they both looked horny in their little skirts, Elaine's blouse was open but tied at the waist, plenty of room to slide a hand in to cup her breasts. "Family gathering!" Ben smiled, noting that it wasn't just Rodjana on the quay.

"You go on down! Use my room… I see you in a few moments!" Rodjana informed Elaine. "Change of plan?" Ben inquired. "No… everything is fine! How did you manage to get away?" "Told Fran that I was going for a walk around the island before going to bed.

She's fine… talking to the twins!" "We have to talk!" Rodjana stated, walking up the gangway and sitting in one of the chairs.

Ben followed and sat down with her. "You have a problem?" He quizzed. "Yes… it's a big one! I want you to leave Fran!" Rodjana hesitated for a moment, to see Ben's reaction. "Leave Fran?" "For me… I want you to come and live on the island with me?" "But Rodjana she's my wife!" "Well you tell me that you haven't been to bed with her for fourteen years!" "Which it true, on my daughters lives!" "But… Ok she's you're wife but you haven't been all that faithful to her have you… I mean you have over a hundred children… so you have; as it were, been putting it about!" "How could I come and live with you here, what would Penny and Jane think?" "They love you to bit's Ben, they wouldn't care!

You could still do your business from here!" Ben reached forward placing his hand under her skirt, Rodjana felt his fingers tugging at the side of her panties. Moving her hand down she gripped his wrist. "No not yet… will you agree with what I'm saying?" "I could come and live here, I mean my time wouldn't be missed. I don't go to Highlace now!" "I don't want to be compared with Highlace; I want you!" "I'll make a deal with you!

I'll come and stay here during the week; then go home at weekends, just until you're sure about all this!" Rodjana felt his fingers once more, but this time she squeezed her legs together. "Can we go downstairs now?" "You can have sex with me but not until tomorrow!" Rodjana replied to his question. "Princess… I'm going mad for it… I must have you. I haven't had sex since the last time I was here!" "If I am you're princess then you'll understand what I'm about to do.

You'll have your sex but not with me!" "Not with you… with whom then?" "Elaine! She's down in my cabin now… Royce is priming her ready for you! Tomorrow I want your answer, if it's the same then we'll meet in the wooded area, you can have me then. Now if you let me down on this… you'll never come to the island again, unless you're with Fran!" "I agree!

But what of you… you love sex?" "When Elaine decides she's ready for you, Royce will continue with me! But Elaine will take his seed in her mouth when he finishes!" smiled Rodjana as she stood reaching out for his hand.

The sight before Ben when he entered the cabin gave him an instantaneous hard on. Elaine was laid out beneath Royce her legs pinned under his arms as he fucked her deeply; the couple never heard Rodjana and Ben as they entered. Elaine was moaning loudly as she clutched Royce around the neck thrusting herself up to meet his strokes.

Rodjana walked up beside them and sat on the edge of the bed, taking Elaine's arm "How are you?" Rodjana smiled. Elaine looked across towards her, noting that Ben was removing his shorts. She closed her eyes and laid her head back onto the pillow.

"Rod… I don't think I can take it… it's gigantic!" Rodjana turned back to Ben… in her mind she did agree, mind you if he was telling the truth; he wouldn't have had it for nearly three weeks. She yearned to see it being pushed up Elaine; she would have preferred it herself. Royce looked up at Ben and smiled, at least he knew he wasn't loosing out, he gave Elaine three more thrusts and then pulled out of her.

"She's ready Ben!" Ben moved in between her legs whilst Royce repositioned himself in front of Rodjana. "One last thing before we start!" Ben requested. "Of course…!" Rodjana replied thinking that he wanted to verify their conversation. Ben reached across lifting her skirt; then trust two fingers up her.

"Don't remove those panties when you fuck her lad, I'm taking those with me when I go!" Ben eased Elaine's legs up in front of him the offered his huge organ up to her pussy, gyrating it head in her juices… slowly he leaned forward. As Elaine felt the large organ spreading her pussy lips, she reached up gripping his arms tightly.

"Ben… I'm not ready… please I need more time; let Royce come back for five minutes… I'm sure it will be all right then!" "Please Elaine… you know he's gentle… give him a chance, you never made this fuss at Highlace!" Rodjana pleaded.

Ben edged himself forwards and leaned a little heavier on his cock; gradually it started to slip up into her. Enviously Rodjana watched as it slithered up into her, Elaine started to squeal loudly as he started to fuck her, very soon she calmed allowing his cock the credit it deserved. As soon as Rodjana accepted that her friend was comfortable, she layback opening her legs for Royce, welcoming his cock.

The scene beside him was motivating; he started to fuck Rodjana, using his full length, the more Elaine squealed the harder he fucked Rodjana, she reach across taking Elaine's hand. Thankfully the bed was more than wide enough for all four of them, but outside the cruiser dipped into the water on each thrust. "I'm coming… God!" Royce blurted out. Ben quickly lifted himself upright, allowing Royce room to get between them and up the bed towards Elaine.

She opened her mouth just in time to catch the thick substance; Royce placed his hand down to his cock squeezing its sides assuring she took his all. As soon as Royce moved away Ben started to fuck her hard… Elaine started grasping trying to catch her breath; she went into a multiple orgasm, Ben fucked her through it, never faltering in his stoke.

Rodjana still held onto her hand, sensing the heat spasms that we're going through her petite body. Ben's back was nearly raw with her clawing as he fucked her, again she reached orgasm, her back arched, she screamed out loudly. Ben knew that his time was close; he started to take long deep thrusts into her, readying him for the volume of come that he would produce.

He looked to Rodjana, she knew his meaning; she nodded approving of his intentions. Ben reached down clasping Elaine under her arms; she looked up as he pushed his cock up her for the last time, sensing the thickening of his shaft as the accumulation of his spunk began to compel it's way along it. Ben gripped her tightly holding his cock firmly at the base of her pussy; Elaine squealed piercingly as the cum started to pump up into her fallopian tube, she tried hard to push him away, but his hold was beyond her efforts.

Elaine collapsed in his hold. Chapter Thirty-Six Rodjana moved across to the bed as Ben removed himself from Elaine; they both sat looking down at her. "It really should have been me you know!" Rodjana expressed, viewing Elaine's open pussy. " So, have you made up your mind then?" "You have me over a barrel young lady, but I am flattered by your suggestion, what man of my age wouldn't be?" "That's easy for you to say, but where do I stand.

You have your daughters now, wouldn't you like spend sometime with them?" Rodjana knew this was only a ploy to get him on the island. "I can see what your saying" Ben smiled. "Yes it would be nice, but I have businesses to run!" Elaine started to stir as they spoke, holding her tummy as she sat back up. "You're a sod doing that again! You really enjoy it don't you!" she told Ben.

"Are you telling me you didn't?" Ben grinned. "How can I say no! At least it saves the mess. So have both decided anything yet, or have I got to go through that again?" Elaine quizzed.

Ben was lost for words for moments. "Are you telling me that if I don't give into you, I'm not going to get to fuck you at all?" Rodjana picked up on Elaine's words, thinking that he might give in to her. "Well that's what we have arranged, so it's up to you now!" Ben lifted his arm looking at his watch.

"Can I give you a definite answer in the morning, Fran will wonder where I have got to!" Elaine and Rodjana stay on the yacht when Ben left, watching as he climbed the stairs. "D'you think he'll succumb to your needs, he seems adamant about his businesses" Elaine asked. "He could still run them from here, it's not as if he's a hands on man is it?" Rodjana smiled.

"I do like his fingers though!" she laughed Royce was waiting on the end of the quay when Ben came down the gangplank, they headed back to the cabin together, leaving the to girls on the cruiser. Fran was sitting on the veranda when they arrived. "Thought you'd got yourself lost?" She inquired with a big grin on her face "Met up with Royce, he gave me a tour of the Island, wonderful place don't you think Fran, it's so quiet at night just the noise from the tides ebb.

Is everyone in bed then? Ben inquired. "For at least an hour, thought I'd come out here and sit in the moonlight!" "Would you like a drink Ben?" Royce quizzed as he climbed the steps.

"Sounds champion my good fellow, what about you Fran?" "Yes, why not, I'll have a gin, I know you have no ice, on it's own will do fine. Rodjana's thoughts went back to when Ben had come up her that morning on the cruiser; then remembering how she'd collected his sperm into a glass, offering it to Jane, she'd had enjoyed her father's cum, drinking it down in one long gulp, remarking as to how sweet it was.

What would she have contemplated should she have known it was from her father, and still warm? "Penny for them Rod!" "Nothing really, just thinking of Ben. Did you enjoy him, I take it?" "That's a silly question, I wonder that I could take him, but I hope I don't have to do it again, it seems unfair for Royce. He gave me a right mouthful!" Elaine smiled. " I don't know how you manage from a standstill, if you know what I mean" "It's more that I want it, I just hunger after his cock, it's the feeling when it goes in.

Christ! I'm coming over all wet just thinking about it!" "Great, but the sensations when he cum's like that God…you're in another world. It's no wonder you want him for your own" Elaine smiled. So what are we doing then staying here or going back to the cabin?" "Back to the cabin I think, as it's their first night, anyway Paul will be upset if we're not there in the morning.

Ben and Fran we're still sitting outside as the girls arrived back. "You've a lovely island here you don't know how lucky you all are, do they Ben?" Fran smile as the girls climbed the steps.

"I think it will be better when we all get all what we want here" Rodjana smiled looking at Ben. "Wouldn't you like to settle down here Ben?" Fran asked, placing her hand down on his knee. Rodjana winched at the sight of her, knowing that her was going to be lying next to the old bag all night. "What do you want here most dear?" Fran asked. Rodjana put her hands up to her face and burst into tears, running inside the cabin. "Ooh…I am sorry dear, did I say something that shouldn't have?" Fran asked Elaine.

"She'll be alright, she can be a mite touchy sometimes, you know us girls!" replied Elaine. "Time of the month perhaps?" Fran quizzed.

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"Fran!" Ben snarled. "Sorry dear, it was just a thought!" "You can't talk of the girl like that, normally she as good as gold, she doesn't need you making insinuations!" Elaine bid them both goodnight and followed Rodjana trail. "You okay?" she asked entering the bedroom behind Rodjana. "Fine I'm sorry about that!" "Don't you worry…he's having a right go at her out there, I think you could be right…he does have feeling for you!" "Why…what makes you say that?" "Well she virtually asked me if it was the wrong time of the month for you!" "Ben had a right go at her!" "I just couldn't stand and watch her cuddling up to him like that…God, I love him so muck Elaine!" "Let's see what the weekend brings forth, he might submit to your wishes yet.

I'll agree she is an old bat!" Elaine laughed. "It's nice to think he's pulled out of Highlace, at least it will give him the need!" "Rod…it's not all about sex you know. That cabin will be the height of luxury by the time all that stuff is in it, look carpets as well!" Elaine laughed. The girls had left the men to it with the cabin, and had all come back to the yacht. "Still more to come yet; Paul reckons his father is sending more from Highlace. The girls heard movement up on deck.

"So how are you two this morning then?" Ben asked as he came down to the lounge. "Where are the girls?" Meaning the twins and Susan. "There about somewhere!" Elaine smiled. "You must have been saving yourself, I still feel swollen from such a gorging load, pity you hadn't given it to Rodjana, I'm sure she'd have welcomed it" Elaine smiled towards him holding her lower tummy. "Well have you come to tell me your answer then?" Rodjana smiled.

"I make you a cupper if you like!" "I'd sooner a&hellip." "Whisky!" Rod grinned. "That's my girl, took the words straight out of my mouth" Ben sat down in one of the armchairs next to Elaine as Rodjana left the room.

"So what's you're answer going to be then; she's doted on you, you know!" Elaine quizzed, as if to get him in the right line of thought before Rod came back. "It's not easy you know! I mean I have a business to run!" "Don't tell Rodjana that, she'll never go along with it!" "It's true!" "What's true?" Rod asked hearing the last part of the conversation as she came back into the bedroom, handing Ben his whisky.

Elaine swung her legs onto the floor and stood. "You have a chat whilst I finish the teas. "So, what's true then?" Rodjana repeated herself. "I was just saying that I have quite a business to run, that I couldn't say here all the time" "But you could stay at Highlace when ever you wanted, that never hindered your business?" Rodjana smiled, "You could stay here during the week go home at weekends, bring Fran here once a month to see the twins.

You know you could sort all your business with your phone, someone else always does the groundwork anyway, you've said so in the past" Rodjana stood up looking down over him as she spoke. Ben knew he didn't have a leg to stand on; his thoughts were that as things were at present he could come to the island when he wanted, and fuck who ever he wanted, except perhaps the twins, even then it might come to that.

The way Rodjana wanted it he'd only get to fuck her; he could see her point of view. The thought of never coming to the island with Fran didn't appeal to him one bit.

Highlace would be unveiled soon, it had to be, and he knew its days were numbered. Here, he'd the chance of a good fuck for at least three weeks of any month.

"You want me to yourself then?" "Well I don't intend sharing you; if that's what you're asking!" "I can't leave Fran; to much at stake, property all sorts of things, she tear me to pieces if she knew!" Ben had to get his point over. "Tell me what happens on your bad week?" Rodjana didn't expect this, she was somewhat taken aback, by it's suddenness. "Your saying that you'd still need sex 24/7?

After having all you want within that time?" Ben said nothing hoping, just hoping that she'd bow to his need. He lifted his glass taking a large sip and looked up to her. Rodjana was adamant that she had her way, if this was the only way of getting it, she have to bend to his demands.

"Did you have anybody special in mind?" "I'd leave that to you!" Rodjana sat down onto the bed beside him holding his hand. Ben threw the rest of the whisky down his throat; already his cock was throbbing at the thought. "OK, I'll agree to that, but I pick who and when you fuck them, and what's more I want to be there.

One thing though, if anyone is going to get pregnant by you, it will be me! And when I want to be. They'll be no more of these last minute lunges, that's of course unless it's me" Ben slid his hand up under her skirt; easing his fingers straight up her, the talk had sent him wild.

Rodjana reached down holding his wrist tightly, restricting his movement. "You agree then! We have our own bedroom in the cabin?" Ben sat and thought for a while, his mind working overtime, he knew he had a good deal going.

Plus he'd be near the twins. "Yes, I'll agree to your terms! But what will the twins say about the set-up. By taking this on I take it that…you'll only be fucked by me?" "When we go back to the cabin you'll tell Fran that you're going to be away each and every week, and home at weekends for her.

And, that you'll both visit the island once a month; to see the twins" Rodjana held his wrist tightly, whilst she looked him straight in the eye waiting for his answer.

"Don't worry about the twins, I'll explain everything to them. And yes…I be yours and yours only!" "I agree, yes you have the answer then!" No sooner Rodjana released her hold his wrist; immediately he started to finger her in rapid movements, she wanted him as much as he did her. Royce had left her high and dry the previous evening; now she could take her fill from him, even though Elaine had drained him.

Rodjana stood and held out her hand. "I think you can take me to my bedroom now!" she smiled Rodjana lay back on the bed opening her legs spaciously, she didn't want him to get her to wet, wanting to sense the colossal cock as he pushed it up her. As Ben ripped off his shorts, the massive organ swayed from side to side, Rodjana sat back up, taking the huge organ into her mouth, and already she could taste the seepage of his juices as they excreted from below the enormous helmet.

As she flicked her tongue into the eye Ben groaned loudly, placing his hands onto his hips thrusting his body forward, if there was one thing that Rodjana was good at, it was a blowjob, her Uncle had once told her that she could suck a dead man back to life. Rodjana lifted his balls manipulating them gently in her hands as she sucked and licked. He's cock was so gigantic that she couldn't keep it in her mouth for to long, as it starved her of air and blocked her nostrils.

The more she sucked on it the larger is seemed to become. Finally she lie back once more opening her legs, Ben wanted to finger her, but she pushed his hand away from her. "Fuck me now Big Ben, spread me, I want to feel it going in!" Ben crawled up the bed between her open legs; he'd never done this before, thinking that she was asking the impossible, she couldn't be moist enough for such an entry.

Lifting his hand up to his mouth he placed spittle along his chubby fingers, then reached down to his cock, allowing the spittle to cover the first two inches of it. "Ben now! I don't need that" Rodjana reached up pulling him down to her by the shoulders. Ben nearly lost his balance, but managed to guide his cock in the right direction. Rodjana felt the tip of his helmet as it nudged against her moist pussy lips; it felt good.

He leaned lightly removing his hand, placing them both at her sides. Rodjana layback lifting her hips willing him to enter her, slowly but surely the mammoth shaft gradually started to slither in. She gripped his wrists, looking up into his face; Ben could see a slight anxiety in her face.


He held himself still; waiting for her expression to change, he himself could sense the tension on his helmet. "Are you sure about this?" He inquired. "I know I can do it, I want to be able to!" Rodjana started to lift her hips. "In your own time, in your own time" Ben smiled down to her. There was a slight judder as the helmet went through the first series of inner pussy muscles; things seemed to ease once it had past the entrance.

As Ben leaned down on his cock, aiding its entry, the feeling was incredible; it had been long since he'd experienced such tightness, but her face showed it all, but she'd not give way. If she was to be his, and his alone, this she must do, she looked down between them watching as the enormous organ slowly but surely, it disappeared leisurely into her tight crevice, Rodjana eased her hips downwards, then withdrawing herself from the huge helmet until it was clearly visible once more, allowing her juices to coat the shaft before easing herself up once more.

Ben wanted dearly to ram it straight up her; he felt she was teasing him; the more she teased him the greater the flow at the end would be. He intended to see that she got the full stream; he leaned gently on his cock willing it to go deeper, her fanny gripped even harder. Finally she had his all, and started to ride in slow gentle thrusts, utilizing the whole of his cock as she did so. The huge helmet gathered her juices, drawing then to her entrance on each backward movement; it was like a white cream, running back down the shaft.

She wasn't relaxed enough yet for fanny far'ts, but they wouldn't be to long. They both gathered momentum; Ben leaned over her taking his cock to the extreme, but only just, assuring that he never bottomed her, that would come later. Rodjana experience her first orgasm, massive shocks went through her young body, Ben was aware of the spasms as they travelled along his cock.

Rodjana cried out with the pleasure of it. Elaine slowly opened the bedroom door; preoccupied by the sight before her, remembering her own pleasures from the night before. Ben's backside was going up and down like fiddlers elbow, whilst Rodjana was squealing and thrusting beneath him, she knew before to long Rodjana would get her filling.

Elaine placed her hand down to her tummy as she watched the huge organ at work. Even now, Elaine could still feel the remnants of his sperm seeping from her own pussy. Ben heard the movement behind him but never hesitated in his pace. His was close; he would cum soon, Rodjana gripped his shoulders thrusting herself up to him.

"Fill me…fill me!" She pleaded. Ben was more that ready; he increased his pace, fucking her at a steady rate, then suddenly held fire.

Rodjana looked up into his eyes preparing herself for the flow, hoping that he wouldn't force his cock back up her, she wanted to feel as it gushed, sensing the feeling of puffiness she'd so longed for over the last few days. Then it came, her pussy came to life, the massive swelling began, his cum gushed with vigour, like a soda siphon, she placed her hand onto her tummy, just above her pussy, she could feel the violent pulsations as they spurted deep inside her from his huge cock. Ben held himself firmly moaning with each gush of spunk that left him.

Elaine sat down on the bed beside Rodjana, placing her hand next to hers, looking at her with a broad grin on her face. "Where does he get it all from, thought I'd had most of it last night" Elaine place her hand onto Rodjana tummy she could feel the swelling it almost felt as if something was alive inside.

As Ben finally withdrew, sperm started to flow immediately in a thick gooey substance from her open pussy. Elaine collected tissues from the bedside cabinet, placing them up tightly between Rodjana's legs, and holding them securely. "You'll be leaking all day with that lot, I think you'd better go and sit on the toilet for a few minutes let some of it drain away.

I'm still leaking from last night, remember I had two lots; one in my mouth from Royce and a good filling from Ben" Elaine look up at Ben as he stood pulling his shorts back up, with a smile on her face. "That should keep you happy for a while I'm sure?" She smiled towards him.

"I wouldn't bank on it!" Rodjana laughed. "I for one will be wanting more later!" "You can depend on that my Sweet! As soon as I have recovered I'll be back; but I have to go back to the cabin now, else Fran will be wondering as to where I have got to" "You'll tell her today won't you Ben?" Rodjana quizzed sitting up onto one elbow.

"Tell her?" Ben he replied with a big smile on his face, he knew he was going to enjoy his stay on Tuckers Island "Tell her that you'll be away now during the weeks; you'd better not go back on you're word!" "Don't worry yourself on that matter, she'll be alright. Now she has the twins back now, she'll be a new woman" "Does this mean that you'll get to fuck her?" Elaine asked politely, knowing that the same thing was on Rodjana's mind after his remark.

"Shouldn't think that likely, one look at my cock and she'd run a mile. She couldn't handle it when I was fucking her so it's very unlikely that she'd want to be fucked with it now!" Ben beamed. "Anyway I should think it's sealed back up now!" "Could you fuck her?" Rodjana asked, knowing as to how haggard his wife had become. "I should imagine she was very pretty once!" "You have a way with words young lady; don't let her hear you say that.

Especially with the time she takes in front of the mirror. Anyway I'll see you both later, have to get back for breakfast, I feel as if I need it!" Ben smoothed his hair in a mirror as he left the cabin. Both Jane and Penny were with their mother in the kitchen when Ben arrived back at the cabin, the sight of them both in their little short dresses, didn't take to long in Ben lusting even thought he'd only just emptied his bollocks into Rodjana.

As they leaned over the table their gleaming white panties were clearly visible to him. He moved across to a chair in the corner and sat, aiding a lower and unrestricted viewpoint. "So where have you been since the early hours then?" Fran quizzed without turning. "Just having a walk around!" Ben leaned forwards stroking his legs.

" Bit heavy on the legs though!" He's leaning forwards had nothing to do with his legs, the sight of the white panties was a real turn on, he'd have love to walk across the room and put his hand up both their skirts. The thought of being on the island and seeing them all run about nude really appealed to him, daughters or no daughters.

"Sod it!" He thought, "Yes, I'll do it, there could well be a chance of him fucking these two delightful young girls, with their red pussies, he'd not had a redhead for years. He'd come and live on the island; unlike Highlace it would cost him nothing. He did wonder as to how much cock they'd already had, and by whom. David must have fucked them before the others came along. As Penny leaned across the table, her skirt rode high on her bottom; Ben could see the round puffiness of her pussy, the panties we're semi see-though, allowing him the opportunity to envisage the redness of the pubic hair beneath.

The weekend came and went; Ben didn't get a chance to fuck either Susan or Elaine again over this time. His feelings were of his likelihood with any of the girls once he returned to live on the Island. Rodjana seemed to be a girl of her word, he could but hope, knowing Highlace was now out of the question, it was for his own good anyway; he'd not want any adverse publicity.

Fran was all for going back to the Island for long weekends on a regular basis, even a week on her own, this however didn't appeal to Ben if he was going to live there as his permanent base. It was toward the end of three months when Fran suggested that the twins came to England to stay for a months holiday, so far Ben had only looked and lusted after them, but to have them back in England away from Rodjana, his chances of laying them were increase by 100% END Follow the twins on their holiday in England.

The sequel "The Tucker Twins" 2nd Sequel "Penny Tucker"