Mattias Coleman pelado em Paradise Hotel

Mattias Coleman pelado em Paradise Hotel
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I was walking home to my dorm from work one day and I had a feeling that someone was following me. I turned around and saw a grey truck. I thought nothing of it and kept walking, but the truck was going very slow, and I got a little nervous, I took out my phone to call my friend, but before I could unlock my phone, the truck pulled up next to me and I started running, I didn't get far until the truck caught up to me. I tired to scream but the man jumped out of the truck and put his hand over my mouth.

He dragged me back to his truck and tied my wrist together with a piece of rope and threw me in the back of the cabin, I couldn't see where he was driving to. About 25 minutes of driving the man pulled over, and got out of the truck.


I looked up at him and saw his uniform, he was a security guard at my college. He pulled me out of the truck and said that if I scream, I'll regret it. I looked at his uniform again and saw his name tag, Devon Davis.

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He picked my up, dragged me out of his truck and dropped me into the bed of his truck that had a mattress in it. I looked back at him and he said, I've seen u around and you are the hottest girl on campus.

He jumped onto the bed of the truck, and pushed me to my back, he kissed my lips, his lips were so soft.


His lips parted and I could feel his tongue slip into my mouth and touch mine softly, he bite my lip. Then he put his arms around me.

I didn't even fight it, and he looked surprised.


He said "You don't mind?", I didn't response, I just smiled. He kissed me again and thing time I kissed him back, and then he pulled away, and started kissing my neck, he moved his hands around me and pulled off my shirt. He pulled away and looked at the black laced bra and smiled, he snapped my bra and threw it to the side. He bit his lip and looked at my eyes, I was more relaxed, he kissed my neck and started licking me, leaving a trail of wetness to my tits.

Then he kissed one, and grabbed the other. He put his free hand in my shorts and slowly rubbed around my clit. I started to moan. Davis stopped sucking on my tit and up buttoned my shorts then began pulling down everything. He spread my legs and went between them. He took off his shirt and I saw his amazing body, soft dark brown skin, amazing muscles.

It really turned me on. He then went down and kissing my thighs, going higher to my tight pussy with each kiss. He looked at me and lick my clit, I let out a little moan. He got his tongue really wet and let the wetness drip from his tongue onto my clit and then he kept licking and sucking on my pussy, making me moaning louder and louder.

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He kept licking my special spot and the faster he went the wetter my pussy got. Out of nowhere he stopped. I looked down up at him and he had a smirk on his face, and put a finger inside my tight dripping pussy, and then two.

He started licking me again and the moans got louder and louder. I could barely breathe until he stopped again. He came up to my face and kissed me, I could taste myself on his lips when he slipped his tongue into my mouth.

It was so warm. He asked me if I liked it and all I could do was kiss him back. I felt so weak, and so wet. He sat back up and started to unbutton his pants. I got onto my knees and he stood up. I pulled down his pants, then his boxers.

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His dick was so big and hard, my jaw dropped in shock, he saw this he shoved his cock into my mouth, it filled my entire mouth, hitting the back of my throat. I started to lick him from the base to tip, I got his dick all wet and started to suck it. I sucked him slowly and jerked him off, going faster when he began to moan. Davis started to tense up.

When I looked up at him and he was biting his bottom lip with his eyes closed. I kept sucking and sucking and Davis put his hand behind my head and held it down, his cock choked me until I started hitting him to let me up. He didn't let go and busted his whole load into my mouth without warning. He leaned back onto the mattress and just laid there in complete bliss. Davis then got up and pinned me to the mattress. I could feel his dick on my pussy waiting to slide in.

Davis kissed my neck and my legs spread for him.

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He started rubbing his still hard dick on my clit, a warm tingling feeling began in my toes and moved up my legs to my pussy. He slowly put his dick into my pussy and pulled up my legs and started thrusting.

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His dick hit my g-spot hard and I cried out. He started slow and deep at first but started to pounding my pussy when I began moaning louder.

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I couldn't control myself, my moaning got louder and louder, Davis kept pounding and fucking my pussy harder and faster, until he rolled over to my knees. He started to fuck me from behind, first he held my hips, pulled me back and fucking me, then he pulled my hair. This made my ass go up and his cock have a straight shot for my g-shot. I started screaming, my wet pussy was so tight around his dick. Davis fucked and fucked and he would grab my ass and squeeze it so hard until he suddenly weakened and stopped.

He pulled out and I felt his warm cum trickle out of my pussy. He shoved his cock back into me and it was so warm.

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The cum starting dripping out of me. He fell back onto the mattress and we were both laying there. Laying there in an awkward silence for a couple minutes until he told me that I didn't have to stay. I got back dressed and walked back to my dorm with the cum still dripping out of me.