Licking males pecker and balls blowjob and amateur

Licking males pecker and balls blowjob and amateur
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My cousin Vinny's Family. I grew up a few doors from my cousin. Vinny and I were very close friends and we went everywhere together. We were the same age but I was always a little bigger then him. Vinny had a younger sister by two years name of Margaret but everyone called her Maggie. She was a pain in the butt always following us around and telling his Mom when we did something we shouldn't.

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His Mom got divorced when he was 14 and they moved to Colorado because she had family there. We were both very sad when he left. Vinny and I continued to write to each other until we were sixteen when we both got computers and corresponded by E-mail from then on.

I grew to be a pretty good size. I was 6'2" and weighed 195 lbs. I played high school football and became an all city tight end. I received scholarships offers from the University of California and University of Colorado.

I chose Colorado because Vinny lived within 3 miles of the school and offered to let me stay at his house free. I thought it would be great to see him again. I arrived at Vinny's house during summer vacation and we started our friendship again as if we had never been apart.

I was also surprised at how developed his sister had become. She was not what you would call pretty but not bad either. She had developed a great set of tits and a cute ass.

She was 5'3" and weighed about 118lbs. She was wearing brace's which she tried to hide with her hands when she smiled.

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Vinny's Mother Grace was a beauty. She had the roundest face and when she smiled it was like lighting up a room. She had put on a little weight since I had last seen her but not much.

I noticed she had a full set of tits, bigger than Maggie's. Maybe a 34c vs. 36cor maybe even a "d" cup. She had a full ass and it seemed like everything jiggled when she walked. I tried to keep my mind off Maggie and their mother. It was hard some times because their mother Grace would wear cloths that showed her body and when she walked her tits would jiggle up and down and her ass would almost talk to you. Maggie was worse; she would run around in a tee-shirt and panties.


Any way the summer went quickly and Vinny and I got some fishing in and partied a lot. I started school in the fall and football practice took a lot of my time. About three weeks into the fall semester I had an occasion to come home early. Football practice had been cancelled. Vinny was working nights and sleeping days so I expected him to be home. Grace I new would be working and wouldn't be home until six. I wasn't sure when Maggie would be home from school.

I threw my books in my room and looked into Vinny's room but he wasn't there. I needed to go to the bathroom so on the way there I passed Maggie's room and heard this moaning and thrashing around.

I opened the door and could not believe what I was seeing. Vinny had Maggie's legs spread over her head and he was fucking her like a mad bull. She was shouting "OH Vinny you feel so good, fuck me, fuck me harder, I'm going to cum all over your wonderful cock." I just stood there frozen in time.

I watched Maggie throw her pelvis up and into Vinny as she shouted, "Oh god Vinny I'm cu, and cummmming and she screamed aaaahhhhhhhhhhh shit, and collapsed on the bed. Vinny buried his cock deep inside her pussy and came. I tried to sneak out but just about that time Maggie looked up and said "Oh shit." Vinny turned around and just grinned at me. I said christ Vinny she's your sister.

How long has this been going on?

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I had two sisters one older and one younger but I had never thought about fucking them. Abut two years give or take a month or two he said. Maggie had pulled a sheet up to cover herself and began to cry. Vinny said stop crying for god's sake, he is not going to tell anyone, are you Bob? No, I guess not, but gees Vinny your sister? She's a great peace of ass and she loves to fuck don't you sis. Maggie peeked out from under the sheet and ginned, shaking her head yes.

Vinny said "what are you waiting for, take off your clothes and fuck her." He turned his head and said you would like to fuck Bobby wouldn't you? She shook her head yes, and then said I've had a crush on you since I was ten.

Come on Bobby, come and fuck me. And she shook her beautiful titties at me. I stood there for about 30 seconds and then peeled off my close. Maggie looked at me and cried god Vinny look at the size of him.

I was now 6'3" and weighed 220lbs. My cock hung down a full seven inches soft. When hard I was close to eight. She jumped out of bed and came up to me and took hold of my cock that was beginning to get semi hard. She knelt down in front of me and took my cock into her mouth and began to suck. She backed me toward the bed until I sat down on the edge and she proceeded to shove her head up and down my shaft.

She could not get all of me into her mouth because when she hit the back of the throat she would choke. She lifted her ass up and motioned to Vinny to fuck her from behind.

Evidently watching her suck me off, made Vinny horny again. He shoved his cock into her pussy and began to fuck her hard holding her hips for leverage. Maggie was really good, she got into a rhythm and she was sliding my cock in and out of her mouth in unison with Vinny's strokes. At first I was a little apprehensive because of her brace's but they never came into play. Her lips slid over my cock like silk.

It took her about twenty minutes but finally I felt that erg in my balls and I told her I was about to come. She grabbed my ass and continued to suck. I just let go, it had been awhile since I had gotten my nuts off and I had plenty of sperm stored up.

I flooded her mouth and she swallowed and sucked until I was completely dry. Vinny blew his nuts deep into her about the same time. We all flopped on the bed exhausted. I hardly got my breath when Maggie sat on top of me and forced my half hard cock into her extremely wet cunt. She was full of Vinny's sperm plus her own juices. She began to ride up and down my cock. She would pause a moment and grind her pussy down on my stomach. I could feel the head of my cock touch the back walls of her vagina.

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As I got harder and harder she kept grinding her pussy back and forth pushing my cock head hard against those back walls. She began to grunt and make funny noises as she kept a steady grinding of her hot wet pussy on my cock. I couldn't believe how hot her pussy was. We fucked like that for almost a half hour. Finally I picked her up and got on top, shoving her legs up over her head like I had first seen Vinny fucking her.

I began to pile drive my now rock hard cock deep into her pussy, feeling the velvety walls slide up and down my cock. I could feel the tip of my cock hitting her cervix. She was screaming "oh christ, oh god you make me so hot I'm going to explode" Yesssssss o god yes I'm Cummming.

Oh my god aaaauuuuugggg, oh shit I'm Cumming again ohhhhhhhhh I can't stop cummmming aaaaaaaaaahhhh. She kept on like that for almost five minutes, finally collapsing in a dead faint.

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I fucked her for another minute or two and I grabbed her and held her tight with my cock buried deep into her vagina and emptied my load directly into her cervix. I laid there on top of her until Vinny said, Shit did that make me horny again and so I rolled off Maggie and Vinny got on top of her and began to fuck her for the third time. She was so exhausted that she just laid there and let him fuck her. I laid there watching him fuck her and after about a half hour of watching him I began to get hard again.

I moved up and sat on her tits and stuck my cock into her mouth and began to fuck her throat. She was having a little trouble choking so I turned around and shoved my cock back into her mouth.

For some reason in that position my cock went much deeper into her throat and she was able to get the head of my cock down her throat where her Adam's apple would be if she had one.

There Vinny and I were face to face. Him fucking her cunt and me her mouth. Just as I came into her mouth driving my seed down her throat and into her stomach I heard there mother Grace holler, "hey I'm home everyone, Dinner in thirty minutes. I jumped up, grabbed my cloths and made a beeline for my room.

Maggie jumped up and ran into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Vinny grabbed his close and still with a hard on ran to his room. I put on a robe and went to the guest bathroom and took a shower. I put on a pair of shorts and tee-shirt and a pair of sandals and went down stairs.

When I got to the kitchen Grace said where is every body. I told her I thought I heard Maggie's shower going as I came down stairs. I think Vinny is in his room getting ready to go to work. "What did you all do today?" Vinny and I played some cards and I think Maggie was doing her homework I told her I didn't have football practice to day so I got home about four this afternoon.

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"That's nice" she said. As I sat there at the kitchen table I could not help but admire her body. When she reached up to get something out of a cupboard her dress would hike up her leg and expose her nice thighs.

She said, "watch the potatoes, don't let the water boil over. I'm going to get out of these cloths and get into something more comfortable." She left and after about ten minutes she came back wearing shorts and a halter. "You looked so comfortable in your shorts so I put on a pair myself." The halter barley covered her tits and you could see her nipples pushing out the fabric.

She sat down facing me and I couldn't help notice that with her legs spread apart like she was sitting that the legs were a little bit lose. And I could see a little of her pubic hair which meant she didn't have any underwear on. I started to get a little hard. She said "do you want a beer, or are you in training?" I'm in training but a beer would go real good right now.

Just after I had my first swig of beer Vinny came into the kitchen and gave me a big shit eating grin. "Hi Mom how did your day go?" Vinny asked. "Rough one today. I'm plumb tuckered out.

I think I'll take a hot shower and go to bed early after dinner" she said. Vinny reached over and gave me a little shove and said "ok Mom, how about a beer for me." About that time Maggie came into the room wearing shorts and a halter also. They were even skimpier than her mothers.

You would never know looking at her that she had just been fucked five times and had given two blow jobs. She looked refreshed an innocent. Vinny leaned over and whispered something in her ear and she giggled and nodded her head yes. After dinner Vinny and I stayed down stairs for awhile and Maggie went up to her room.

As soon as we were sure Grace was asleep we went up to our rooms stripped and put on robes and went to Maggie's room. We took turns fucking her until about two in the morning.

She couldn't seem to get enough. We made her use a pillow to scream into so we wouldn't wake up their mother. The second time I fucked her she again got on top. But this time she had me lay down close to the edge with my feet on the floor.

For the first time I began to notice her beautiful tits. I pulled her to me and stuck a nipple into my mouth and began to suck. I kneaded and played with the other. Rubbing her nipple with my thumb. Bent over like that she exposed her ass to Vinny and he took full advantage. He went into her bathroom and rubbed some oil into her hole and then shoved his cock up her ass. Vinny must have fucked her there before because he went in with out any trouble.

I could feel his cock along the sides of my cock as he moved in and out of her anal cavity. He was not near as long as me maybe six inches but he was a little fatter than I was.

My god what a sensation. Feeling his cock run up and down mine as he fucked her. And Maggie grounding her pussy into me. I again could feel her cervix and she kept forcing me into it. We must have fucked like that for about forty minutes before we both unloaded our love offerings into her. I fucked her two more times before going to bed. I didn't cum the fourth time I just faked it. I couldn't believe Vinny's stamina.

He was still fucking Maggie for the fifth time when I went to bed. About four in the morning I woke up dying for a drink. I went down stairs in my shorts and took out a quart of milk and drank it.

I heard a slight noise and turned around and I could see by the light of the refrigerator Gracie sitting at the table with a glass of milk. I said shit you scarred the hell out of me. Sorry she said "I should have said something." That's ok; I turned on the light over the stove. She was sitting there in just a light robe made of silk or something like it.

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I could see most of her tits as her robe was slightly apart. She had her legs crossed which caused the robe to fall away exposing her legs. I could tell she was naked beneath it. I began to get a hard on. We talked a little while about nothing when she suddenly asked me if there was anything going on between Vinny and Maggie.

No, not to my knowledge I said.

Why would you even think something like that? Their brother and sister. "I don't know but I have heard strange noises up stairs late at night, but have been too scared to check it out for fear I might be right. I stood up and said I can assure you that I have never seen anything like that since I have been here. She stood and gave me a big hug and I could see she was relieved. Her robe pulled apart as she hugged me and I put my arms around her and hugged her back.

I could feel my cock harden and slip between her legs. I lulled her closer and could feel my cock slide over her pussy lips. She hesitated just a moment, maybe 30 seconds looking deep into my eyes and then pulled away from me and went to her bedroom. I was horny again and went upstairs and crept into Maggie's room and fucked her again for over an hour without cumming.


I vowed I would find a way to fuck her Mother. (Continued) All right reserved to the Author.