Dude is totally mesmerized by hotties wild weenie riding

Dude is totally mesmerized by hotties wild weenie riding
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Several times during my slutty period I had vehicular sex with men who I barely knew. Two such examples should show you just what a cock-hungry whore I really was.

I first met Alexx online and we started texting and sending erotic instant messages to eachother. Alexx was hot, way too hot for me. I knew sex with him would be good because someone THAT good looking HAD to be good in bed. I met up with Alexx at a coffee shop one Saturday morning. We had been texting the night before and I had sent him several pictures of my glistening, shaved pussy. He called me that Friday night and listened to me masturbate while he talked dirty to me.

Alexx showed up in his work gear and I was immediately impressed. We got our coffees and sat in a corner away from the din. "Why didn't you send me a picture of your tits last night," he asked as we huddled together.

"You didn't ask for one," I replied coyly.

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I smiled and leaned back, letting Alexx get a full view of my C cup breasts. Alexx admired them openly and beckoned me closer. He ran a finger over the tops of both breasts and I knew that people could see that my nipples got instantly hard.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," he whispered. "Yeah, you need to send me a picture of that soon." and he leaned back. I have to say, I was wet from just that slight touch. Alexx had thick, rough fingers, the kind I loved! "Well, maybe I'll send you one when i get home," I replied and leaned back again. "Don't you live around here?" "Yeah," I said, "but we can't go to my place, my mother's there." (At the time, my mother lived with me) "SHIT!!!" he exclaimed.

And for the first time I noticed the bulge in his crotch. I was impressed by it. "I gotta get into your cunt soon," he said, a little too loudly. I looked around and saw a man in his forties watching us. I was turned on by the thought of him knowing what Alexx and I were discussing. I leaned forward again and Alexx scooted his chair closer to me. I reached down and set my hand on his hardening cock.

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I could feel, through the pants, that his cock was throbbing for me. The guy watching us moved his hand under his table and I thought I saw the motion of stroking but I can't be sure.

"I think that would be great. But I have to warn you Alexx, I am tight, you may not last very long inside me." Alexx laughed and put a hand on mine and began rubbing up and down. "What's the matter Candy? You scared of the big, bad cock?" I snickered and tried to sit back.

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But Alexx had my hand and was continuing to rub it up and down his crotch. I heard a gasp not far from us and saw a woman with her daughter standing close enough to see what we were doing. Alexx noticed too and finally let go.

I glanced over at our "audience" and noticed that he too had stopped stroking. "So, when can I get a taste?" Alexx asked softly.

"Whenever we can find a place to do it." I replied. It would take several weeks of trying to finally get Alexx's cock into me. But he was soooooooooo worth the wait. One Saturday night, at around 3 AM my cell phone rang. I was in a dead sleep but I answered it when i saw that it was Alexx calling. "Hey, what are you doing?" He slurred. "I'm sleeping of course, its 3 AM," I replied. "I'm coming your way, I'm gonna pick you up, I want to fuck you," he mumbled.

"What? Where are you? What's going on?" Alexx told me he was driving home from a wedding and was passing my town on his way home. He told me he got horny and wanted to fuck and he thought of me.

"So, get up, give me your address and I will pick you up." I thought about it, how the hell would I explain leaving the house at 3 AM if my mother ever woke up? Where would he take me? I hadn't had sex in a couple days and was in need of a good fucking, so I agreed. I gave Alexx my address and got dressed. I opened my front door just as he pulled up. His pick up truck was high off the ground and I struggled to climb in.

We exchanged hellos as I shut the door and he sped off. At the top of my street Alexx stopped at the stop sign and we looked over at eachother. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into a hard kiss. I could taste the alcohol on his breath but I didn't care. The kiss lasted a while then he started guiding my head toward his crotch. Alexx undid his slacks and I liberated his cock with my nimble hands. I took his cock into my mouth with much enthusiasm. I sucked and licked and swirled my tongue around.

Alexx began driving around the neighborhood.

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He would stop when I got close to making him cum. "Yeah, suck it bitch!" he would say, as I took his entire cock into my mouth. Alexx pushed down on my head and made me gag a couple of times.

But overall I would have to say I enjoyed sucking his cock that night like I hadn't enjoyed sucking cock before. The sound of his moaning and the name calling made me hotter than I could have imagined.

Alexx pulled onto a dirt embankment on the side of a road not far from my house.

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"I want in you," he said and started undoing my jeans. I helped him pull them off and he stripped naked as well. Alexx started to get into the back of the cab of his truck but I said, "it would be better if I just lean back here and you do me in the seat." Alexx obliged and I spread my legs, throwing one on the dashboard and one on the door.

Alexx maneuvered his way between my legs and held his cock in front of my opening. As much as I wished Alexx had just slammed it into me, I thoroughly enjoyed the slow and deliberate entry into my tight, hot, wet cunt.


We both moaned together as his cock passed deeper into me. I was wet but Alexx licked his fingers and began rubbing my clit. I thrust my pelvis upward to meet his stroke and the moaning continued. Soon my shirt was open and my tits exposed. Alexx was licking and nipping at my nipples while he continued the slow introduction of his cock into my tight pussy.

I was making noises that Alexx enjoyed and he began to pick up the pace. I felt an orgasm rip through me and i clutched Alexx tight. "Don't move," I said. Alexx's cock was burried deep inside my pussy and the contractions of my cunt walls were causing him to moan.

I finally released him and Alexx pulled out of me.

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He moved to the back of the cab. "Come here," he said. I climbed into the back seat with him and ended up on my knees. Alexx pulled me down onto his cock from behind. The pleasure of that angle hitting my pussy just right felt soooo good. Suddenly, a car's headlights hit us.

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I froze, but Alexx kept pumping his cock into me. He pulled my hair and my back arched toward him. "You're gonna make me cum," he moaned in my ear. I cried out as another orgasm rocked my body. Alexx had been pinching my nipples as he continued to thrust into me. Alexx pulled out again and got me on my knees. He pushed my head down so that only my ass was in the air. I felt pressure on my anus and Alexx lined up to put his 6 inch cock into my ass. I was moaning and moving my ass toward him but when he entered me I screamed.

He was too big. I had only had anal sex twice before and neither guy was nearly as big as Alexx.


"Oh my god Alexx, stop that hurts," I cried out. Alexx didn't seem to hear me. He continued to push into my ass, the size and girth filling me and causing an amazing amount of pressure in my rectum. I started trying to get up but Alexx pushed me down again. "Shhhh," he said, and continued to anally rape me.

He reached around after licking his fingers and started rubbing my clit again. "Please no, don't." I said. But Alexx was in another world. He didn't hear me begging him to stop. His entire focus was on the tightness that surrounded his cock.

His fingers were starting to work their magic and I became aroused again. The thought of a man wanting to be inside of me so much that he would risk going to jail to do it made me hot.

He was raping me, and he didn't know that I would enjoy it. But he wanted to fuck me so much that he didn't care that I was saying no. The orgasm rocked me hard. I pushed back onto his cock and he pulled me up by my hair again. "Oh shit," he grunted into my ear. I felt his hot cum shoot into my ass. ************************************************** I met Dave on a different website, one for swingers. Dave was different, younger than I expected and he was single.

We talked twice on the phone before one night meeting in the Wal-Mart parking lot. I jumped into Dave's car and he took off driving. We searched for a private area to chat and perhaps do more. I don't even know where we were when he parked the car on a dirt road. Dave and I talked about boundaries and what we were looking for in lovers. Neither of us wanted a relationship, just sex, when we could find time for each other.

We talked about positions we preferred and the types of sex acts we were interested in. Dave didn't want anything to do with anyone's asshole, including his own. I don't like feet and I don't pee on people, I replied.

After working out all the details Dave asked if I liked sucking cock. "Mmmmmmmmmm, I love sucking cock," I replied.

Dave undid his pants and revealed an 8 inch cock that was succulent and hard. "All this talking is making me horny." I leaned in and kissed him softly on the mouth.

Our tongues played while my small, soft hand reached down and began stroking his cock. "Mmmmmmmmm," he moaned into my mouth. I broke our kiss and bent down. The angle was difficult because of the gear shift, but I managed to get my head in the right position. I began by licking the entire cock from base to crown.

I used my hand to move the cock out of the way so that I could also lick his balls. I sucked one ball into my mouth, making a loud sucking sound. I heard Dave take in a sharp breath.

I let the ball out of my mouth and did the same with the other. "Fuck," Dave sighed. I felt Dave reach down my shirt and he began fondling my tits while i continued to eat his cock and balls with much pleasure. I was so aroused that I began moaning with him.

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I sucked him off for twenty minutes, not even stopping when other cars drove by. I am sure we were a sight to see, Dave with his head thrown back in ecstacy and me, with my mouth full of dick. Dave stopped me before he could cum. He wanted to save it up for the next day, when we had planned to meet at my house for some raunchy sex. I leaned back into my seat, my jaw aching from sucking him for so long. Dave leaned over and kissed me good and hard.

We leaned into the kiss, ignoring the steering wheel and gear shift. Dave reached down the front of my pants and felt the hot wetness coming from my cunt. "Mmmm, sticky," he said and pulled his fingers out. He licked my juices off his fingers and said, "and sweet." Dave and I made out in his car for another two hours. We fondled and licked eachother with mutual pleasure. The next day he slammed his rock hard cock into me for so long I ached for days afterward.