Blonde Miley May gets fucked by her boyfriend

Blonde Miley May gets fucked by her boyfriend
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This is a work of fiction and all participants are over the age of 18. Chapter 1 Maria Baker had watched anxiously as her daughter Steph grew up. She tried her best to hide her from all the sleaze and sexualisation of the modern world but had come to realise that it was impossible. What worried her most was that she'd turn out like herself. You see Maria was a slut, possibly borderline nymphomaniac.

She had hoped getting married to Steph's father Donald and having a family would calm her down and it had for a while but Donald had always actively encouraged and took part in Maria's slutty behaviour and was now cuckold. They were extremely careful to keep all of their exploits a secret from Steph as she grew up but as Maria listened at her daughter's bedroom door, she feared it may all have been in vain. Maria was a hot looking 38 year old. She had long blonde hair that stretched down to the middle of her back; 5ft7", 120lb, 25" waist and 34D boobs.

She still turned heads especially when she dressed to impress. Steph was just like her mother. She was very pretty with a killer body that had developed early; 5ft 4", 115lb, 25" waist and 34C boobs. Maria was well aware of the attention that Steph had been receiving for a few of years now and she thought that Steph was now sexually active.

Something had changed in her daughter that Maria recognised and didn't like. Steph's boyfriends, which had always been her own age as she went through high school were now in the mid-twenties and could only be described as men. Donald and Maria were pretty liberal and as Stephanie was over the legal age of consent and nearing the end of high school, Maria and Don knew there was very little that they could do other than encourage Stephanie to make good choices.

Maria stood silently outside Steph's door and listened. She'd returned home early from her Friday night out with one of her own 'special friends'. Donald was away overseas again, setting up another location for his company. He worked away quite a bit and when he did Maria would phone a 'friend' or go out to a bar to find a new friend, always with Donald' s approval and always sending him pics or video taken on her phone.

Sometimes she'd get fucked while on facetime or skype so Donald could watch live. Tonight she'd been with Chris, a regular fuck buddy, but there evening had been cut short when Chris had been called into work unexpectedly, interrupting them just as things were hotting up. Maria had had to come home, horny and unfulfilled. Steph was supposed to have one of her girlfriends over to keep her company but clearly that had changed when Maria had left the house.

Music was playing in her bedroom but it didn't cover the sounds of fucking emanating from within. "Oh yes baby, fuck me. Fuck me hard. Make me cum" Steph cried. Maria stood rooted to the spot in shock as she listened. She knew she should go but she couldn't help herself. It crossed her mind to burst in and confront them but she found herself pressing her ear against the door to listen carefully.

Already horny from the attention she had just received from Chris and the sounds of her daughter being fucked and encouraging her lover to fuck her harder was turning her on even more. She was ashamed but couldn't move. "Oh Jesus Baby, you are so fucking beautiful." Maria heard the guy fucking her daughter say. It sounded like Bobby, one of Steph's new friends; he was 23 years old and very good looking.

Maria had admired his athletic body when he took Steph on a date earlier in the week. Her hand moved under her mini dress and into her wet panties, she rubbed her clit and listened to the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh and the grunts and groans from her daughter's bedroom.

She shifted her position to move her legs apart and then then the damned floor squeaked. The noises from within suddenly stopped and only the music and whispered voices could be heard.

Marie held her breath. She was sure that Steph and Bobby must be able to hear her heart hammering in her chest but then she heard Stephanie's voice. "It's nothing, don't stop baby" Maria breathed a sigh of relief and began to pant as her fingers moved quickly in her panties.

Steph was clearly the one directing the activities as she instructed Bobby to switch positions and 'do her from behind'. "Ooooh yesssssssss" Steph purred as presumably Bobby slid his young hard dick into her. "Fuck me baby, fuck me, yes, yes" Steph moaned. Maria licked her dry lips and imagined what was going on in the bedroom; she dipped her fingers into her aching pussy as she heard slaps and squeals before Steph spoke again. "Yes daddy, spank me, spank your naughty little girl." Maria gasped as her daughter acted out her daddy fantasies with Bobby, she slowly sank to the floor as Bobby spanked Steph as he fucked her doggy style and began talking dirty to her.

"You like this don't you baby? You like being spanked don't you?" "Yes daddy" "Tell me what you want me to do" "Fuck me in the ass daddy; treat me like the dirty slut I am." Maria pulled her dress up around her waist, leant back on her elbow and pulled her panties to one side as she fingered herself and rubbed her clitty.

She couldn't believe what she was hearing and how it affected her. She wanted to see what was happening so much, to see her daughter taking a cock in her ass. She knew it was really, really wrong and she was ashamed but hugely turned on at the same time.

Her life had always been a battle between what was right and her sexual urges and now as she laid back, her juices leaking onto the hallway carpet as she neared her orgasm, the urges were in control. Steph moaned loudly and Marie imagined Bobby inching his dick into her ass. "Oh Jesus! Yes daddy, fuck my tight little ass" A small groan escaped Maria's lips as her orgasm built inside her. She listened to Bobby's guttural noises as he fucked her daughter in the ass.

"You dirty little slut, you fucking love it don't you?" "Yes daddy, I love you fucking me in the ass" Steph groaned. "I bet you'd like a big hard cock to suck on right now wouldn't you?" Steph moaned.

"Oh fuck yeah. I love cock daddy. I'd love to suck a big hard dick while you fuck my tight little ass" Maria groaned again and rubbed herself harder and faster as she listened to Steph talking like a whore. Soon Steph's cries got louder and louder and Maria was impressed by Bobby's staying power. She found herself wishing it was her that was being fucked by this stud. "OH FUCK I'M CUMMIING!" cried Steph "Don't stop, don't stop!" Maria's head rocked back and she let out a silent scream as her own orgasm coincided with her daughters.

She clamped her thighs together onto her hand as her body shook. Bobby continued to fuck Steph as she begged for his cum and eventually he panted that he was cumming. Groaning as he emptied his balls into her ass. Maria lay panting on the carpet and listened. "Fuck Steph you are so fucking hot." Bobby said as Maria quietly stood and walked to her own bedroom. Chapter 2 Maria lay in bed and thought over what had just occurred.

There were two factors; firstly, her daughters behaviour and secondly how she, her mother had reacted to it. She'd thought that Stephanie wasn't a virgin but she had no idea just how sexually experienced she was. She recognised herself in her daughter and that troubled her. What troubled her more though was how she had reacted, she had become incredibly turned on by the sounds and thoughts of what was going on in the bedroom. She had wanted to be part of it, to enjoy both of their young bodies.

She was frightened that she wouldn't be able to look at her daughter the same way again. Even now as she thought of her being fucked she found herself becoming horny again and her hands began exploring her body, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples before idly stroking her shaven pussy. She thought of how Steph had encouraged her lover to treat her like a slut and had expressed her desire to have another man join them.

Maria thought back to her first threesome, she'd persuaded her best friend Susan to join her and Donald as a birthday present for him. They were the same age as Stephanie was now. Donald had loved watching Maria and Susan exploring each other's bodies and it was then that he discovered his joy of watching Maria being fucked.

It hadn't been long until they'd invited one of Donald's friends into their bedroom and Maria had enjoyed two cocks for the first time. Gradually Donald become more and more of a voyeur as his wife enjoyed a variety of lovers, male and female, singular or in a group.

She could see a clear path for her daughter. Maria heard Bobby leave and then as Steph took a shower, Maria formulated a scheme to hopefully witness more of Stephanie's exploits before falling asleep and dreaming of her daughter the slut. Chapter 3 "Hi Mom!" Steph said as she bounced into the kitchen as Maria prepared them breakfast.

Maria looked up and could see that Stephanie was wearing sweatpants and a T shirt; her large tits bounced as she skipped over to embrace her mother and kiss her on the cheek. "Good morning Stephanie, did you sleep well?" She asked. "I slept great thanks. I was really tired." I bet you were, thought Maria, smiling to herself. "Did Becca come over to stay with you last night?" She asked.

"Yeah, she came over for a while and left at about 10pm when I went to bed. Did you have a fun night?" Steph replied. There was something in the wry smile that Stephanie gave her mother that Maria didn't like but she dismissed it and they chatted as Maria cooked them both some eggs and bacon.

Maria couldn't help picturing her beautiful young daughter naked and all fours begging to be fucked in her ass and found herself staring at Stephanie. "Are you okay mom?" "Sure honey, I'm fine." Marie smiled, shaking herself out of her day dream. "I'm going to go out again tonight sweetie. Is that okay?

I'll be late. You should have a friend or two over to keep you company sweetie. Have a sleepover or something." "Okay Mom" "I'm sorry to go out darling again but Helen has a spare ticket to the theatre and afterwards we're going dancing.

You know we haven't seen each for ages so we have a lot to catch up on. Are you sure it's ok?" Steph laughed. "Mom, forget it, I'll be fine you go and have fun, I'll see if Becca wants to come over again." At 7pm Maria came down the stairs, ready to go out.

It was a pain that she'd had to go through with the charade of getting all dressed up with makeup but hey. "Wow mom, you look great." Stephanie said, looking up from her TV show.

"Thanks sweetie, you don't think the dress is a little revealing do you?" Maria had pulled on a red backless mini-dress with a plunging neckline that made her ample cleavage 'pop'. "Mom you look hot as hell, you have a great body and your boobs look amazing in that dress. I wish I had your legs too." Steph got up and walked over to her mother. Looking into Maria's eyes Steph ran her delicate hands up and down her body. "So sexy mom, I hope look as good as you when I'm half your age." She gently squeezed her mother's ass.

Maria stared at her daughter unable to move as her skin tingled under her daughter's delicate touch, her breath caught in her throat as she struggled to understand what was happening. Stephanie held he gaze before breaking away and heading back to the couch.

"Now get out of here and have a good time." She said over her shoulder. Maria breathed again and stared at her daughter as she moved away wondering what was going on.

"Oh&hellip.Okay honey, I'll see you in the morning." She stuttered. Maria drove out of the drive and took a right and parked just down the street where she could still see the entrance to their driveway.

She pulled out her book and waited. Just over an hour later she saw a car pull into the driveway. Two figures were visible in the car that Maria recognised as Bobby's. No Becca again then thought Maria. She had correctly guessed that Stephanie would make the most of Maria being out late again and this time Bobby had brought a friend! She wasn't expected home until after 2am and so Steph and her friends had plenty of time.

Maria decided to give them some time and smiling to herself, carried on reading her book. After she felt she'd given them enough time she stepped out of the car and crept up to her house. Walking around to the rear she peeked through the window and saw some empty beer cans in the kitchen. There was no sign of anyone downstairs and so Maria silently let herself into the house.

She slipped off her shoes and held them in her hand and she listened intently. She could hear noise from upstairs and so quietly climbed the stairs, she could now clearly hear the voices of her daughter and her two friends but not what was being said. Slowly she crept along the hallway, Stephanie's bedroom door wasn't closed properly and light spilled out along the edge and bottom illuminating a little of the dark hallway.

As she neared she could hear her daughters muffled moans and then a male voice, "Yeah baby, suck my dick" There was about a 1" gap in the door and Maria stood and peeked into the room.

Stephanie was lying on her back on her bed. The foot of the bed faced the door where Maria could see she had on a 6" pleated, red and black chequered micro skirt that was pulled up around her waist and white opaque thigh length hold up stockings.

Some 6" black heels that Maria had never seen before hung off her feet. Her white collared blouse was unbuttoned and her large perky tits were pulled out of her bra cups. She could see Steph had put her hair into pigtails to complete the look. It seems these boys liked their schoolgirl dresses as a schoolgirl, albeit a very slutty one.

Stephanie's legs were spread held open by Bobby who was knelt on the floor fully clothed with his hand on the underside of her thighs and his head buried between her legs.

A guy that Maria hadn't seen before was stood by the side of the bed at Stephanie's head with his jeans open and pulled down around his thighs; his large erect penis (a nice fat 8" circumcised specimen by Maria's estimation) was being hungrily sucked on by Stephanie as he fed it into her mouth.

On Stephanie's desk her laptop was open and the light of her webcam was on, Maria could see that what was happening in the bedroom was displayed the screen. Jesus!

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What was her daughter into? Maria felt a familiar itch in her panties and placing her shoes on the ground pulled her dress up around her waist. Pulling down her panties she stepped out of them noticing that they were already wet.

Her finger slowly ran up her pussy and she shivered, with her other hand she began to knead her breasts, her nipples hardening as she moistened her lips with her tongue. Stephanie was clearly enjoying herself very much, she moaned in pleasure as she sucked the cock expertly, taking it deep into her mouth.

"Hmnnn that's good, suck it baby." Bobby's head moved as he licked Steph's pussy and judging by the noises she was making he was obviously doing a good job. Maria rubbed her clit gently as she wished she could trade places with her daughter. Suddenly Steph stopped sucking the dick and began pumping it in her small fist, her fingers not quite able to go right the way around the considerable girth. "OH FUCK I'M GONNA CUM!" she cried. "DON'T STOP, DON'T STOP!" Maria watched intently as Stephanie threw her head back as an orgasm coursed through her body making it shake.

Bobby continued licking her hard until eventually pulled away. "Oh Jesus. Oh my god." Panted Steph. "That was so good. Now someone fuck me." She commanded. Bobby rose from the floor wiping his mouth on the back of his hand. Maria could now see her daughter's pussy clearly. She, like Maria was shaved smooth and Maria wondered what people her teachers and friends thought of that when she showered after gym.

Maria stared at Stephanie's cunt as it glistened with a mixture of her cum and Bobby's saliva, her clitty standing proudly erect and she found herself licking her lips. The boys quickly undressed, throwing their clothes in a heap on the floor as Stephanie removed her last garments and watched them with lust filled eyes.

As they undressed the boys got in each other's way and Maria heard Bobby address his friend as 'Dave'. Bobby took his place at her head his cock bobbing in front of him. He was a little smaller than his friend but still a nice looking dick.

They had both carried out some nice 'manscaping' and Maria thought back to when a time when no-one shaved their pubes at all. Maria's view of her daughter was suddenly obscured Dave as he stood between Stephanie's outstretched legs and spread his legs to lower himself to the correct height.

Maria watched his taught muscular buttocks as her daughter moaned and Maria guessed that her pussy was being filled Dave's thick cock. Maria watched mesmerised as Dave's ass started moving backwards and forwards, fucking Stephanie in long slow deep thrusts. She could see that Steph held her legs by her calves, pulling them back toward her shoulders.

Maria then remembered the laptop that she could see from where she was and turned to the screen. She could now see as Bobby held Stephanie's head with his hands as he pushed his cock into her mouth while Dave fucked her pussy deeply.

Maria found herself immensely turned on and stroked, rubbed and fingered her pussy until she just had to lie on the floor again.

Carefully she positioned herself where she could see clearly through gap and watched her daughter expertly take two cocks. Maria watched as the boys took turns fucking her daughter in a variety of positions; missionary cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and doggy.

Stephanie reached another orgasm while bouncing on Bobby's cock cowgirl and so did Maria, almost as if they were in sync.

She had writhed on the carpet, her cunt aching for cock as she'd thrummed her clitty hard, biting her fist to silence her cries. She knew she could so easily be caught but she didn't care. If she was, she'd beg the boys to fuck her too. She was impressed and a little amazed at the prowess of the two young men, how they hadn't cum yet was beyond her. The three of them were fucking like porn stars, all the time Stephanie encouraging them to fuck her hard and treat her like a whore.

"You're my little fuck toy aren't you?" said Bobby as he held Steph by the hips and slid his dick in and out of her cunt doggy style. "Yes Daddy" replied Stephanie, breaking away from sucking Dave's slippery prick for a moment. "I'll do anything I want to you whenever I want, wherever I want right?" "Oh yessss Daddy, I'm your little slut." groaned Maria's little girl.

"Would you like Dave to fuck you in the ass?" "Oh my god yesssssssss" she hissed. "Tell me." Bobby commanded. "I want Dave's big hard dick in my ass daddy." Steph groaned. Maria noticed that they could switch who was dominant depending on the situation. They both obviously got a kick out being dominated. Bobby pulled out of Steph and Maria watched his hard slick cock jutting skyward.

'Oh to be a teenage slut again' she thought. "Where's your phone?" Bobby asked Steph. Steph pointed to the nightstand and Bobby picked it up, along with a bottle of lube. Handing the bottle to Dave he said; "I'm gonna get some nice close up action shots for you baby." Stephanie giggled and positioned herself so she her head was at the foot of the bed. Arching her back downwards she pushed her face into the bed and her ass up in the air, she gripped the edge of the bed in her small fists.


Dave applied a liberal amount of lube to her ass as bobby moved slowly around the pair obviously filming with Stephanie's phone. Maria was transfixed, her heart was pounding and her mouth was dry.

Dave squatted behind Steph and guided his thick member toward her asshole. "OH MY GOD!" Steph cried and Maria saw her knuckles turn white as she gripped the bed. "IT'S SOOOOOOO BIG!" Dave rocked back and forth, slowly inching past her resisting sphincter muscle.

Suddenly Stephanie raised hr head and stared straight at Maria, pouting her lips as Dave's cock finally slid into her ass. "Oooooh" she purred. Maria stared back at daughter. She was sure that she couldn't be seen through the small gap in the door but it was as if Stephanie could see her. She was looking right at her!

"Oh yeah. That feels sooooo good. Fuck my tight little ass." She said continuing to look in her mother's direction. Maria found herself whispering "Fuck her, fuck her ass, fuck my little slut good." As she stared into her daughters face, 3 fingers inside herself as rubbed her stiff clitoris hard and fast.

Dave slowly picked up speed until he was pounding away behind Steph, his thighs slapping against her fleshy white buttocks as he drove his prick into the girl. Stephanie moaned like a whore with each forward thrust and wrinkled her face up in ecstasy. Bobby meanwhile captured it all on her camera, getting her facial expressions as well as Dave's cock sliding in and out of her lubricated asshole.

"Do you like baby? Does that feel good?" Dave asked his fuck toy. "Yes daddy" Steph groaned "It feels so good, I love Dave's cock fucking my tight little ass." She reached back under herself and it didn't take long before she started to moan about her imminent orgasm.

Maria stared at her daughter face as she came hard, her face flushing red and her mouth open in a silent cry. Maria as if somehow joined to her daughter's sub-conscious felt her own orgasm suddenly hit her and her whole body shook as if being electrocuted as it ripped through her. "OH FUUUUUUUUCK!" cried Stephanie suddenly finding her voice and as her petite frame trembled all over she buried her face in the bed as Dave continued to pound her from behind.

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Dave abruptly stopped. "I'm gonna cum bro" he told his buddy as he pulled his cock from Steph's gaping ass. "Okay slut, get on floor on your knees." Bobby instructed Steph. Steph climbed off the bed and knelt about 2 feet away from her mother who was still recovering from her own orgasm.

The lads stood in front of her and as Dave carefully stroked his cock, Bobby offered his to Stephanie's mouth. Steph immediately went to work alternately sucking and tugging on Bobby's prick obviously working hard to make him cum as he continued to film. Once again Maria marvelled at how talented her daughter was and soon Bobby threw his head back and groaned. A huge wad of cum erupted form his cock and splashed over Steph's face as she pumped his cock in her fist.

Stretching open her mouth she caught the next and subsequent loads in her mouth. Dave tugged his own dick hard twice and pointed his cock at Steph. "Oh my Jesus!" He cried as a gusher of semen flew out of his dick and hit Steph in the eye. Dave quite purposefully covered Steph's face and tit's in his warm sticky cum.

S Steph seemed to look right into Maria's eyes again as with a big gulp she swallowed the cum in her mouth and the looked up at the boys with do eyes as they took turns having their cocks sucked clean. Maria quickly and quietly stood and took once last look at her cum covered daughter as she sucked their softening cocks gently. Cum hung from her nose and eyelid and ran from her tits down her flat stomach.

Maria gathered her things and tiptoed quietly out of the house. Chapter 4 Maria had got back to her car and realised that she still had a little over an hour before she was due home.

She thought about calling one her 'friends' for a quick fuck but she was pretty spent already so she drove about aimlessly waiting for enough time to let the boys disappear and for Steph to tidy the house and shower.

When she got back home the house was silent and dark. When she awoke the next morning Marie entered the kitchen in her robe to find a note from her daughter. "I've gone to the mall with Becca. I hope you enjoyed the show last night. See you later xx" It read. Oh my god! Thought Maria, 'I hope you enjoyed the show' Did that refer to what went on last night or as it a quite innocent note from a daughter hoping her mother had enjoyed her time at the theatre?

Steph did seem to look right at her last night but she was sure she couldn't be seen. Maria decided to look around her daughter's bedroom. Something she'd not done for a while now as she respected Steph's privacy as she grew older.

Walking into the bedroom where last night she'd witness her daughter behave like a porn star she started opening drawers and cupboards and saw nothing particularly abnormal. She looked under the bed and saw a large plastic crate. Maria didn't recognise it and pulled it from under the bed. It was lockable and had a padlock on it but the key had been left in the lock. Maria unlocked it and looked inside. Inside were a large array of sex toys, sexy lingerie and costumes.

The schoolgirl outfit from last night was in here as was a PVC white slutty nurse outfit. There were various very nice lingerie sets of matching stockings, panties and bras in various colours and styles. Maria pulled out a large black dildo and then a glass butt plug, my goodness this girl had as many toys an outfits as she did!

The final thing that Maria noticed was a small USB memory stick. Maria picked it up and took it to the laptop on the desk, plugging it in. There were many labelled folders on it with some names that Maria recognised like 'Bobby', 'Becca', 'Kim' and 'Rick'. There were other names that Maria did not recognise and one that jumped out at her called 'Bobby and Dave.' It was this one that she clicked on.

There three video clips in the folder. Hands shaking, Maria clicked on the first one and Steph in full schoolgirl outfit appeared, she danced around provocatively, bending over and showing ass to the camera.

The boys then came into shot and began groping her. This was obviously the footage taken from the laptop last night. Maria clicked on the next clip and saw the phone footage she watched mesmerised, as Dave slid his fat cock into her daughter's tight ass. Maria became instantly wet without really realising what she was doing she picked up the laptop and placed it on Steph's bed sitting beside it. She looked at the next clip and saw it was the cum shot. First Bobby and then Dave unloading their balls onto Stephanie's face and tits.

Maria's nipples grew hard and erect and her hand absently slipped inside her robe and began squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. She continued viewing the videos, her robe falling open and her legs opening, she watched her daughter and Becca, her friend lick each other's young pussy's and fuck each other with dildos, and she watched her suck boys off in their cars or ride their cocks in the passenger seat, Maria lay back on the bed and began stroking her moist pussy as she watched Stephanie fuck and suck.

"Well mother, it seems you did enjoy the show last night!" Chapter 5 Maria looked up startled to see Stephanie standing in the doorway with a strange smile on her face. Maria quickly pulled her robe around her and started an extremely flustered, stuttering apology. Stephanie moved into the room calming her mother down.

"Don't worry about it mother, stay there, relax, let's talk." She sat beside her mom and put a hand on her thigh turning to face her. "I'd hoped you'd find the box." Maria stared at her daughter, her face glowing bright red.

She had absolutely no idea what to say. Stephanie giggled lightly. "I heard you outside my bedroom on Friday, listening, and I knew you were there last night, watching. You got off while you watched didn't you mom?" Steph's hand gently moved along her mother's inner thigh, under the robe. Maria didn't move, she just stared at her daughter, frozen. On the laptop scenes of Steph's sexual exploits continued to play. "It's okay mom. We're the same, you and me. I know all about you and what you and dad get up to.

You really should be more careful with your texts and e-mails. " "Oh god" Maria whispered. "It's okay mom, honestly. I don't judge you. I understand.

I get the urges too. Well, I guess that's pretty obvious right?" She laughed, gesturing to the laptop. Maria was forced to smile and visibly relaxed. "What now?" Maria whispered. "Oh mom" said Stephanie and hugged her mother. Maria clamped her arms around her daughter and squeezed her hard. They held the embrace for some time before they pulled back slightly and gazed at each other staring into each other's eyes.

"I love you Stephanie" Maria said and kissed her daughter quickly on the lips. They held each other's gaze again and then something altered in the way they were looking at each other and they both recognised it. Stephanie reached inside her mother's robe, her hands around her back. Maria shivered at the feeling of her daughter's hands and fingers on her naked back running over her skin lightly.

Steph moved forward again and kissed Maria again this time harder and she held it until Maria kissed her back. Their mouths opened and Steph's tongue slipped into Maria's and she groaned quietly. Steph's hands moved all over her mom's back as they grew more and more passionate, their tongues intertwined darting into each other's mouths.

Maria's head was spinning.

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What was she doing? She was so ashamed but so horny. Stop, stop. "NO!" Maria cried holding Stephanie by the shoulders and pushing her back. "I can't, we can't. This is so wrong!" Stephanie stared into her mother's eyes.

"No it isn't mom. I want it and I know you want it too. I want to have what you have, do the things you do, and do it with you. " "But you're my daughter Stephanie" "Yeah, and you're my mom. My very hot, sexy, gorgeous horny mom" Steph reached up, her finger tips grazing Maria's skin lightly until she found her mother's breasts. She squeezed gently and finding her nipple erect, rolled it between her thumb and forefinger. No. Please stop. Maria said but she did nothing to stop her daughter and there was very little conviction in the plea.

Maria had tried to resist but the switch had been flicked and there was no going back. They stared at each other with lust filled eyes and then Maria gave in completely. "Oh fuck!" She moaned and began tearing at Stephanie's clothes.

Stephanie pulled the robe off her mother shoulders and then allowed Maria to pull her T-shirt over her head. She reached back and unclasped her bra and her pert 34C titties bounced free.

She pushed her mother back on the bed and shut the laptop and put it on the desk. Maria stared at her daughter as she wriggled out of shorts and panties and stood in the middle of the bedroom floor, naked.

Maria pulled her own her panties down and tossed them away. She held her arms out. "Come here baby." Stephanie climbed onto the bed on top of Maria and they kissed passionately again, they explored each other's bodies with their hands and fingers.

Stephanie kissed her mother's neck, nibbling gently causing Maria to moan. Maria held Steph's head as she kissed and nibbled down to her tit's where she squeezed and kneaded them, sucking a stiff nipple into her mouth and teasing it with her teeth.

"Oh my god" sighed Maria The touch of Stephanie felt so good it obliterated any thoughts of shame or wrongdoing, she was gone now, completely caught up in the moment and desperate for sexual relief. Steph reached down and Maria gasped as Steph's fingers found her pussy and slipped inside, first one, then two. "You're so wet" Steph panted, breaking away and moving down, kissing over Maria's flat stomach.

Maria lay back and spread her legs wide as Steph climbed between them and began licking her clit as she finger fucked her. She squeezed her tits together and panted as Steph flicked and rubbed her clit with her tongue, lapping up her juices. Maria hadn't felt so horny in years "Oh Jesus. Oh baby. OH FUCK!" she cried as Steph tongued and fingered harder and faster. Realising she was going to cum soon, she pulled Steph up and climbed to her knees, she flipped her naked daughter onto her front and then straddled her, sitting on the small of her back.

She leant down and kissed Steph's neck and whispered in her ear. "Slowly baby, I want this to last." Maria took her time exploring Steph's body, she lay on down rubbing her boobs over Steph's back as she kissed and massaged her.

She hadn't felt such smooth, soft, young skin like this in such a long time. Steph groaned softly as her mom worked her way slowly down her back, sliding off between her legs and she reached her buttocks. 'Holy shit' thought Maria, her daughter had the most perfect ass. She kissed the soft white skin and squeezed the plump buttocks before slapping one playfully making Steph squeal in delight.

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Placing one hand on each soft butt cheek, Maria ran her tongue between Steph's ass cheeks and Steph pushed her ass up and parted her thighs to give Maria better access. Maria stared at the perfection of her daughter's asshole and pussy, exposed in front of her. Stephanie jiggled her buttocks, her face resting on the bed, arms stretched out in front of her and Maria began licking slowly.

"Oooooh Momma." Sighed Stephanie as Maria lapped her pussy and across her perineum to her asshole which she teased with her tongue. Soon she was panting as Maria continued to slowly lick her and probe her asshole and pussy pushing the tip of her tongue inside. "Oh my god that feels sooooo amazing mom" she groaned as Maria's tongue flicked her most sensitive areas. Marie pulled back and kissed Steph's buttocks tenderly.

Her left hand gently rubbed the sixteen year olds pussy, her fingers slipping into the warm folds and then rubbing her protruding clitty. With her right hand she probed at her glistening asshole and as Maria worked both hands, Stephanie began to gyrate her hips and groan loudly. "Oh momma, Yes. Don't stop. It feels sooooo good." Maria used her fingers and mouth on her daughter until Stephanie was on the verge of cumming and then she backed off before going again. Each time she resumed she increased her daughter's level of pleasure.

It was time to show this young lady how it was done. Soon she was pumping two fingers in and out of daughters pussy as she pushed a finger of her other hand into her ass always kissing and licking. Stephanie was groaning and released the bed sheets that she had balled up into her fists and reached back and under herself to rub her clit and bring on the orgasm that her mother had been denying her. "Yes momma, I'm gonna cum. Make me cum!" Maria abruptly stopped what she was doing and Stephanie groaned in disappointment.

"Please mom, I'm sooooo horny. I need to cum." Maria giggled and pulled her daughter's hand away from her pussy where she was still rubbing herself hard. "Soon baby" she purred. Stephanie moved quickly and slid off the bed, taking Maria by surprise. She pushed her mother onto the bed roughly, face down. Maria didn't resist as Stephanie sat on her lower legs.

"Okay, Mom. You're turn." She said. Stephanie brought her hand down hard on Maria's ass, first one cheek and then the other. Maria squealed as Stephanie watched the red marks appear on her mom's fantastic butt. "You" Steph said spanking Maria again. "Are" slap. "Very" slap. "Naughty." Slap. Maria bit into the bed clothes as she was spanked. She loved being spanked and the role reversal made it even more thrilling. Stephanie stopped and admired her mom's ass. God she was so hot.

Steph hoped she looked this good when she was her age. They were often mistaken for sisters; admittedly Steph did look older than her age but hell, her mom certainly looked younger then hers! Steph leaned over and rubbed her tits into Maria's ass and kissed her back as she slid between her legs, moving them apart.

"You're so hot mom. We are going to have SO much fun." She breathed. "Hmmnnnn" Maria sighed. Stephanie knelt up again and holding Maria by the hips, pulled and Maria's upped body slid down the bed a little as her butt was pulled up. Stephanie grabbed a pillow and pushed it under her mom's tummy supporting her in this position.

"Did you like Dave's big fat cock last night?" said Stephanie spanking Maria again. "Yesssssssss" hissed the reply "It's so fat and hard and he can fuck for ages." Steph continued, watching her mother's ass jiggle and redden as she spanks her again. "Would you like to have Dave and Bobby fuck you like they fucked me?" Maria groaned into the bed as Steph kneaded her ass cheeks, spreading them and exposing her asshole.

"Tell me mother. What would you like those naughty boys to do to you?" Maria's legs parted further and she pushed her ass up higher as she pictured Bobby and Dave fucking her daughter. She could quite clearly see their young hard cocks and the how they fucked Steph so good. Maria hadn't had the pleasure of such young studs in such a long time her mouth began to water at the prospect.

"I want them to fuck me baby. I want them to fuck me good and hard." She moaned. "Would you like to have Dave fuck you in your ass? I know you like anal mother." "Yes. Oh yes, I want Dave to push his big fat cock into my ass baby. I want it sooooo bad." Maria began humping at the pillow beneath her, her pussy dripping wet and a feeling in her tummy that signified a strong desire to cum.

"Well" Steph continued. "We'll have to arrange that, wont we? Dave and Bobby will love to fuck such a fine piece of ass." Steph reached down to the box on the floor and retrieved her glass bulb butt plug and some lube.

The plug was about 4" long with a maximum circumference of 5.5". "Spread your cheeks." Steph instructed and Maria reached back obediently. Stephanie squirted some cold lube onto Maria's asshole making the older woman gasp and then began pushing the Glass plug gently at her rosebud.

"You wish this was a big hard cock dontcha' momma?" Maria squirmed on the bed. "You wish there was a stud to fuck you in your ass right now huh?" Maria groaned as Stephanie pushed the plug up and down, gradually opening her asshole up. "Get your ass full of big juicy cock and then send some pics to daddy, huh mom? Maria was thinking exactly that.

Donald would love to see her ass fucked by a young stud. "Oh yes baby, I want a big fat juicy cock in my ass." Stephanie pushed down on the glass plug and watched as Maria's asshole spread wide to accommodate the widest part eliciting a loud moan of pleasure from her mom.

"Ohhhhhhhh" Stephanie held the plug before finally allowing Maria's ass to suck it in, her ass lips closing around the glass stem, her hips gyrating as she dry humped the pillow.


"Oh my god" she moaned. Stephanie admired her mom's asshole and then spanked her hard making her yelp. Steph climbed from between Maria's legs and turned around lying on her back with her head at Maria's waist. Maria climbed over in lowered her pussy onto Steph's face and hungrily began to lick and suck at her daughter's young cunt. The two ladies licked, sucked and fingered each other hard, panting and moaning. Stephanie kept tugging on the plug in Maria's ass, opening her up before allowing it to be sucked back in and each time she did so, Maria would grind her cunt down and lick harder.

Soon the girls began moaning in unison. "Gonna cum" panted Maria and rubbed Stephanie's clit with the palm of her hand. "Yes momma, don't stop, I'm cumming, I'M CUMMING!" Stephanie began to convulse as her orgasm hit her and she flicked Maria's clit with her tongue hard. When she felt her mom tense up as her orgasm began she pulled on the plug.

"OH FUCKING JESUS!" Maria cried as an intense orgasm washed over her. Stephanie continued licking hard and slowly withdrawing the plug as Maria came in waves, flooding her mouth with cum. The girls eventually shuddered to a stop and began laughing.

"Holy shit. That was fucking intense." Said Steph. "Oh baby, that was so good. I haven't cum like that in a long time. Thank you." Maria climbed and turned around so that they could cuddle properly. They kissed long and hard. "I love you Mom." "I love you too baby. More than ever." "So Mom……" Maria looked at her daughter. "What about daddy?" Maria looked at her daughter and smiled mischievously.

"Don't you worry about Dad; I know just how to deal with him." END OF PART 1

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