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This is a companion story to my earlier "Joan's Week as a Motel Slut". It is not a continuing story line and may be read independently. However, if you enjoy one you may enjoy the other. Reader comments, opinions and feedback are welcome. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Joan ushered the couple out of the the new home they had just signed a purchase contract for watching as they walked to their car and pulled out of the long drive into the street.

She waved as they departed and went back inside to gather up the paper work from the completed transaction. Joan was completing her first year selling real estate for one of the largest firms in town. She had been quite successful selling four to five units each month which was better than some of the regular staff.

Now that the kids were in school during the weekdays she had hours available to work and Mark would often hold down the fort at home if she needed to meet clients at night or on weekends. She really enjoyed the work, was good at it and easily cultivated client relationships. The large home she had just sold would produce a nice commission on its $930,000 price and she had moved the property in less than 30 days which would yield a nice little bonus to go with her regular cut of the firm's commission.

Joan called her office to report the sale to the office staff and told them to post the sale on the MLS so other agents would see that the house was under contract. She ask if there were any other showing scheduled that day and the office confirmed that there were none.

It was Saturday afternoon and Joan knew that Mark was home with the kids. She wanted to complete what had become something of a ritual for her following the sale of a property. Joan moved slowly through the empty rooms on the ground floor giving the place a final walk through. As she returned to the kitchen counter she kicked of her heels feeling the cool tile beneath her feet.

She walked toward the entry hall unbuttoning her blouse as she went. She reached the stairway to the second floor and stopped to remove her blouse and drape it over the bannister post at the foot of the stairs.

She slowly climbed the wooden stairs and walked along the long hallway with doors opening to the 5 bedrooms. Joan unfastened the sheer bra covering her firm 33C breasts and draped it over a door handle along the hallway.

She walked slowly along the hall unbuttoning her skirt and allowing it to drop to her feet as she reached the entrance to the Master Suite. She stepped out of her skirt leaving it lying on the carpet and entered the large room wearing only her tiny thong. The room was very large with entries for the Master Bath and a very large dressing room containing His and Her closets along one wall.

Light flooded into the room through a large bay window in he rear wall and sunlight streamed through three large skylights above. Joan walked around the large interior of the room then stopped near the window and slid her thong down her hips and legs to the floor.

She stepped out of the tiny garment and walked toward the center of the room where rectangles of light hit the carpet from the skylight above. She lay down on the thick cushioned carpet, spread her legs and began rubbing her vulva, separating her folds and touching the moisture forming along her vaginal walls.

She began to masturbate alone in the empty home. The urge to satisfy herself had come to Joan out of the blue following one of her early successes and every since she had repeated her personal little ritual deriving much satisfaction for what she began to think of as her consecration of the property. She would supply the first orgasm in the new home, leaving her own little blessing inside the empty structure the first of many human sexual acts that would occur within its walls during its lifetime.

She had come to look forward to her little act of self pleasure as an integral part of the sale. It certainly wasn't necessary that she shed all her clothing and she didn't need to scatter her apparel randomly throughout the property but she enjoyed the added stimulation of becoming completely naked as she wandered about and in the process leaving herself vulnerable to discovery if someone unexpectedly came into the house while she was in the throes of pleasure.

The risk of being discovered without the option of covering herself heightened the sexual excitement for her performance. Often she would perform her act in the Master Suite but she had on some occasions lay on granite counters, family room carpets and sunroom floors. If the house were furnished she might lay on a bed or comfortable couch allowing some of her wetness to seep into the fabrics as opposed to the carpet or flooring.

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She always had a satisfying orgasm as part of closing the sale. Joan spread her legs widely and moved her fingers to uncover her sensitive little clit as she stared up into the blue afternoon summer sky.

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Her hips now drove her pelvis to undulate as her ass snuggled against the carpet and her fingers dipped into her opening then traced her wetness along her folds and around her clit. The feeling was teasing and pleasing and her senses were sharpened by the smells of newness around her and the tactile stimulation her body received from the new pile carpeting supporting her. As her arousal built she began writhing against the carpeting and issuing little cries of pleasure as her urgency toward orgasm increased.

She jammed three fingers into her vagina and pressed the heel of her hand against her uncovered clit and bucked her hips into the air as waves of pleasure rolled over her. Another consecration ritual was complete. After a period of recovery she arose to gather her clothing noticing the area of carpet saturated with her juices.

On the way home Joan dropped off the signed sales contracts at the office and gave Mark a call to let him know about the nice sale and that she was on the way home. When she arrived Mark greeted her with a kiss and a chilled glass of wine. Joan was excited about her latest sale and the very nice commission and bonus that she would receive after closing. "The success you are having makes me think that I should go to work part time and let you work more.

You are making the big bucks many months now, not me." Mark kidded. "The kids are away tonight with my folks, what do you think about a Tease and Torture night?" Mark asks.

"Hmm, that sounds like fun. We haven't done one of those in awhile." Joan replied. After having a quick dinner at home Joan went up to have a bath. She undressed as water ran into the large spa tub. Mark came into the bedroom with a bottle of champaign and two flutes. He poured two glasses and presented one to Joan. "Congratulations to my beautiful wife on her latest real estate sale, may you have many, many more!" Mark toasted her. Joan gave him a kiss followed by a sip of the tasty, bubbly fruit.

Joan relaxed in her hot bath with strong pulsing jets of water buffeting her body as she sipped on her flute of champaign and let her thoughts wander among some of the little delights awaiting her tonight.

After her bath Joan applied lotion to her skin and fresh glossy lipstick. She looked at her tanned petite 5' 3'' body, pouty breasts and firm tummy which dived toward her hairless pubic mound and puffy vulva.

Now 34 with two children Joan looked much younger and took pride in maintaining herself. She worked on her conditioning and kept her weight under 125 lbs. She brushed her now longer hair and pulled it back into a ponytail. She then left the bedroom and walked naked down the stairs and through their darkened rooms to Mark's man cave in the basement.

As Joan descended the stairs she was greeted by a dim red glow emanating from the open doorway into Mark's work shop and TV room. Her bare feet felt the cool tile floor as she reached the bottom and she walked a few paces and entered the room bask only in red light from a decorative spot light Mark had placed to reflect off the white ceiling. On a flat screen TV against the back wall was playing a porn video with the sound turned low.

Joan noticed several male and female bodies entwined together in an orgy scene. Mark had opened the fold out bed from underneath the couch cushions. He walked to greet her taking her in his arms and pulling her nakedness against his own in a warm embrace and kiss. He led her to the side of the bed upon which Joan saw their 'Tease and Torture Bag' which contained the devices and toys they used on these special occasions. They looked at each other in the unearthly glow and allowed their hands to roam over each other's bodies as their mouths played with the others in a teasing build up to their sex play.

Mark picked up a wide black cloth, folded it twice and placed it over Joan's eyes tying it behind her head. He then knelt at Joan's feet and placed the soft fur lined cuffs around her ankles. He arose to place restraint cuffs around both wrists. Joan could feel the tingle of anticipation run over her skin as the devices were attached.

He then had her get onto the bud on her stomach placing a large foam pillow beneath her hips to elevate her ass. Mark then methodically attached red tie straps to each of the cuffs and tied them securely to the metal bed frame leaving her spread and vulnerable. Joan felt the warmth building inside her. Her senses were submerged inside a darkened world from the sounds of sex coming from the porn video sound track and her tingling anticipation of what sensation she might feel next.

Joan felt the light touch and tickle of feathers as Mark began tracing over her back, buttocks and legs with a feather toy. The light stimulation caused her to shiver and goosebumps to appear on her soft flesh.

Mark played over the broad expanse of Joan's skin for awhile before beginning to lightly trace along the insides of her thighs and along the crevasse of her ass. The tickle to these sensitive areas made her wiggle against her restraints in response to the teasing stimulation.

Abruptly the feather went away to be replaced by Mark's finger probing at Joan's tight rectal opening. His finger played around her little brown ring, rubbing and pressing but not quite penetrating inside her. Joan began to rock her pelvis against the pillow in an attempt to increase the pressure of Mark's light touch.

She felt the need for some contact with her clit and wanted her ass to be entered but her husband continued to tease and taunt her as her desire became more ardent. Joan's body responded moving seductively within it's constraints to the stimulation being applied. Marks finger abandoned Joan's little opening to be replaced by several drops of lubricant. Marks's finger returned and began to gently work the slick substance around her opening and into the outer ring of Joan's rectum.

The stimulation was very pleasing to her. She was eager for what would come. She felt pressure against her tight little opening and as the first small anal bead pop inside her.

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Mark slowly rotated the string of 8 graduated beads around and she felt the single smallest bead rotating just inside her rectum. Now pressure once again as the second and slightly larger sphere was pushed inside.

Her husband was slow and methodical as he teasingly inserted the entire string of beads inside her rectum. The last and largest made Joan feel as though her rectum was filled. Mark toyed with the plastic pull ring sticking back several inches from Joan's opening now puckered outward from the beads filling her back entrance.

She continued to rotate her hips as she sought more contact to her sensitive region. Mark stepped away from the bedside allowing Joan to experience her filled anal passage unmolested for a few minutes.

Her body was so inviting as she sensually moved her pelvis over the supportive pillow, her lovely round ass rotating gently in a private rhythm only she could hear. The background sound of lusty love making coming from the TV added to the scene of the couple's sex play in its early stages.

Joan now felt Mark's hand between her legs as he began to touch and tease her exposed vulva just below her beaded rectal opening. He rubbed her wet slit spreading her wetness over the surrounding folds and around her clitoral hood.

Joan began to press her mound into Mark's hand as he played among her most sensitive areas and probed inside her moist opening with his fingers. Joan urgently moved her pelvis in attempts to engage her aroused clit with Mark's playful hand working herself into a high state of excitement. Mark now moved two fingers up and along Joan's spread outer labia and within the protective cover of her little pleasure button and held them still against its sensitive little tip.

This provided just the contact Joan sought as she began pressing and rotating her mound against and around the pleasing touch to her little pleasure nub. Her muscles began to quiver; her lovely thrusting ass involuntarily shook like jelly as she engaged her inner pleasure with her whole body. She uttered little cries of effort and pleasure as her body rose toward its eruption and her first orgasm of the night broke over her.

As Joan's body shook in orgasm Martin pulled on the end of the string of anal beads popping the first through her clinched sphincter muscle. The intensity of Joan's orgasm was heightened by the sensations from the string of beads being pulled slowly from her ass during the peak of her climax. Martin watched in fascination as his lovely wife's body underwent one of nature's true expressions of beauty, the female orgasm.

Mark held his hand against Joan's pulsing pussy as her passion slowed and slowly stroked his hard cock with his free hand as he observed Joan's little deaths shake her body following her initial climax.

Mark released Joan's restraints and she rolled over and sat on the edge of the bed. Her blindfold remained over her eyes as Mark pulled her to her feet and embraced her and they shared a warm kiss.

He handed her a fresh flute of chilled champagne which she sipped. "Are you ready to continue my love? Mark ask. Joan shook her head affirmatively as Martin turned her back toward the bed. Joan now lay on her back as Martin reattached her restraints. He then left her lying undisturbed for a couple of minutes while he gathered some of the devices and toys to be used on her.

The next sensation that Joan experienced was the prickly contact on her skin from two small metal discs edged with tiny sharp teeth as Mark moved the little tool lightly over her breasts. He had fashioned this little teasing device from a wallpaper scoring tool by removing the swivel mounted rolling disc from its protective cover and attaching it it to a short wooden handle thus permitting Mark to direct the small rolling discs into narrow sensitive parts of the body. The teeth of the disc were tiny and very sharp providing a sensation similar to that of a pin pricks as the teeth rolled over the skin.

Mark started by slowly moving the teeth over and around Joan's breasts then around and over her hard nipples which became instantly hard and aroused from the tactile stimulation.

He next moved down her belly and into her hairless pubic area guiding the teasing toy around her clitoral hood and along the folds of her vulva and over the tinder skin between her vulva and ass. Joan squirmed under the prickly sensations coursing through her skin. Martin then spread Joan's outer labia attaching a small plastic clothespin to each little elastic membrane of skin.

He guided the prickly disc lightly over the tender, sensitive inner skin and saw Joan's vaginal opening clinching from the sensations she experienced. The tiny little metal teeth were allowed to play over and round Joan's most sensitive regions, between her tender inner thighs and near her sensitive clit in a torturing trail of sensations.


Joan's body responded with a shiver as her skin became and erotic surface for sexual play. Joan found this restrained torture highly stimulating. She could feel her inner wetness increasing and her body wanted more contact which she was unable to supply.

The discs were removed from her skin and she was left alone again. The stimulation she now felt was from the two pinching clips attached to her labia. Mark then began applying plastic clothespins to Joan's hard nipples then randomly about her breasts surrounding her areola. Each little pinch of skin captured by one of the clips was like a little nip of flesh by the teeth.

The pain was piercing and blended with her high state of arousal as the stimulation continued. The next sensation was that of a firm objet being pressed against her rectum as Mark slowly guided a small vibrating anal plug inside. She felt her labia freed of the pinching clips. Mark then inserted a clitoral and G-spot stimulator inside her vagina.

Her universe would now be focused on the mechanical stimulation of her pussy and clit as she settled into a realm of swirling pleasures. Their tease and torture play went well into the early morning before Martin emptied the semen from his aching manhood inside Joan's pleasured body. Monday morning when Joan went into the reality office she had a message to see Mary who was the owner/broker of the agency. Mary offered Joan coffee and congratulated her on last week's nice sale.

They chatted for a few minutes and Mary said "Joan, I have a new employee that I would like to have learn the ropes from you. I think you two would make a compatible match and may have much in common, so if you will agree I'd like to assign her to you for the next two months.

She can shadow you with clients and perhaps start to lead some of the showings and handling the paperwork for some contracts during the second month. One other thing, she is a niece of mine but I don't want you to treat her special in any way, she is just a trainee as far as you are concerned. Also, you will be paid for instructor hours in addition to any commissions you earn during the time that she is with you." Joan was fine with the assignment and felt somewhat complimented that this training assignment had gone to her with many much more senior agents around the firm.

"Well now that's settled, let me get her in to meet you and you can begin getting acquainted." Mary called reception and said would you send Megan to my office please. Shortly Mary's secretary opened the office door and Megan entered. She appeared to be early to mid 20's slim build about 5' 8" and perhaps 115 lbs.

Megan was a pretty young woman with fair skin and delicate features. She had short brown hair, wore little make-up and was wearing a dark pantsuit which made her appear even slimmer than she actually was. Mary introduced the two and covered some key objectives of the training to be done. Megan was attentive looking frequently at Joan as if to read her reactions. Mary finished up and excused the two new acquaintances to begin their time together. The morning was spent reviewing some basic tenants of scheduling house showings, accessing and searching the data base of multiple listings and preparing comparisons for clients.

They went to lunch at one Joan's favorite delis.

Megan disclosed that she had been out of college for about three years and had worked in another city as a waitress, barrister and for awhile in retail. She had not been successful in finding a position utilizing her degree as a French Language major other than teaching which she had no desire to do.

She was single, lived alone and had moved back to the city when Mary offered her the chance to try being a real estate agent. She seemed somewhat excited about the opportunity. As they shared some personal history Joan found herself noticing something different in the way Megan looked at her particularly when there was a break in the conversation or when Joan was giving their waitress her lunch order.

When she turned away from the waitress and back to Megan she noticed that Megan was already staring at her in a way she found unusual. There seemed to be a somewhat different chemistry existing between the two of them. During the rest of the week Megan was Joan's constant companion at work, accompanying her on client showings, assessing new properties and compiling information for client home searches.

They related well to each other and Megan seemed to possess the traits needed for a successful agent. However, Joan continued to feel some unique unspoken underlying bond with Megan she had not experienced before. On Friday they had two showings for a new client. Joan as usual was dressed in a business appropriate dress but one that offered an appreciation of her best feminine assets. The length was just below mid thigh and the cut accentuated her rear nicely.

Megan dressed as she did most days in a dark pantsuit. After the showings were completed the two were going over some of the sales materials back at the office.

Megan accidentally brushed several sheets onto the floor and they both turned to retrieve them.

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Megan was on her knees while Joan turned in her seat. Joan was picking up sheets near her and as she looked up she saw Megan staring between her legs which had separated awkwardly forcing her tight skirt to ride high up her thighs. Both were motionless as Megan lifted her eyes to meet Joan's and they silently stared at each other. Megan finally stood up with papers in her hands and as they both arranged the material on the table top Megan's hand touched Joan's and it felt like an electric jolt to the skin.

Joan was confused by the sensations she was feeling. Was she developing some sort of attraction to this bright young woman? The next week Mark was out of town on business. Due to the Megan's training and a heavy schedule of showings and preparation for two closings Joan arranged for one of her reliable sitters to be home with the kids until she returned following work each day.

Most of Monday Megan and Joan prepared for several upcoming showings the next day. By late afternoon they were among the few left in the office. They walked to the parking garage to depart for the day and stopped beside Megan's Mini to chat. As they stood there alone in the darkness of the garage Joan and Megan looked at each other and the conversation ceased.


Megan stepped toward Joan and touched her face lightly with her fingers then leaned toward her placing her soft lips against Joan's. Joan accepted the advance without resistance. Megan pulled back and looked into Joan's eyes briefly seeing what she hoped to see she took Joan's face in both her hands and kissed her again this time more demandingly. Joan found herself responding to the younger woman and feeling her body began to respond as well.

The two kissed deeply for several seconds before separating. Joan found the soft lips and smooth skin against her face very erotic. As they separate Megan said "I've wanted to do that since I met you." Joan was lost for words and found herself smiling at Megan. Megan touched Joan's face again and then opened her car door and said "Have a good evening Joan, see you in the morning." Joan stood there and watched Megan drive away trying to gain control of her strange new feelings for this woman.

She now knew there was an undeniable attraction between them. Joan stood there in the parking garage all alone and feeling very randy from the brief encounter with Megan. What the hell was she thinking! This younger woman, niece of her boss, and Joan was feeling a sexual attraction to her? She had never had this kind of thoughts about another woman before. Where could this thing possibly go that would be positive for either one?

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Surely she couldn't have these new and strange feelings for this young woman! Joan walked to her car and headed out for home. As she drove her confused feelings combined with a growing need for physical relief kept her vagina moist and her state of perplexing arousal continued to build. Mark wouldn't be there for her tonight and she needed someone other than herself to satisfy her cravings.

Just before she got to the expressway she pulled over and called her sitter. "Cindy, this is Joan, could you stay a bit later this evening and perhaps fix dinner for the kids. I'm delayed with a prospect at the office and need more time to finish up." Joan asked. "Sure", replied Cindy. "Wonderful dear, I'll give you something extra for today for helping me.

Be there as soon as I can." Joan said. She then headed toward the expressway and entered the heavy late afternoon traffic going the opposite direction from her home. She headed out toward the regional airport and the myriad of business hotels surrounding it. She had found them to be an excellent source of randy business travelers in town for a night or two and on the prowl for a one night stand to relieve the boredom and brighten up a lonely night.

Joan had used this stalking ground on a few occasions since her memorable week in the motel with Mark a couple of years earlier when she had allowed herself to be whored out by a stranger on afternoons when her husband was away. She found that sometimes nothing was more satisfying than an anonymous dick or dicks to satisfy one of her cravings. She enjoyed her little secret dalliances with strangers she would never see again.

Tonight she needed a diversion from the confusion the afternoon had brought. Upon arriving at the hotel Joan went into a restroom off the lobby and removed her small thong and bra squeezing them inside her purse.

She left her blouse unbuttoned at the top to permit a flash of exposed breast to patrons of the lobby bar. She then walked into the lounge and took one of the high stools at the bar allowing her skirt to ride high upon her thigh providing a stunning view of her shapely legs. Her wait wasn't very long.

After a couple of quick drinks, Joan, Dennis and Chung were in the elevator on the way to the 12th floor. Joan was between the two young men, both technical support staff members traveling between company locations and on a one night layover before flying out the next morning. Dennis was eagerly kissing her and fondling her breasts while Chung hiked her skirt up and played with her bare round ass. The elevator stopped at their floor and the three exited and quickly entered one of their rooms.

Joan was easily undressed and both young guys started removing their clothes. Joan lay back on the king sized bed and played with her clit watching the two hard young bodies being uncovered for her.

As the two lean naked men, both sporting nice sized uncut cocks, stood watching her Joan moved from the bed and onto her knees before them. She placed Chung's dick between her lips with her left hand and began pumping Dennis's fatter cock with her right. Chung began pushing his cock deeper into Joan's mouth and she had to grasp him tightly to better control her breathing and position his member for penetration into her throat.

She became aware that Chung was becoming excited and moved her mouth to cover Dennis's cock. She alternated her oral pleasuring between the two for the next several minutes thus not allowing either to cum right away. Joan then got back on the bed on all fours and presented her rear to the two eager fellows.

Chung began rubbing and probing her moist pussy while Dennis climbed onto the bed in front of Joan and offered his cock to her mouth again. Chung moved directly behind her and Joan felt the hard head of his dick push into her vaginal opening. Chung commenced slow deep strokes inside her. Joan found a comfortable pace of taking Dennis's hard penis deeply in and out of her mouth and throat.

The trio settled into a state of mutual gratification and pleasure as flesh inflamed flesh toward its desired end. Dennis was first to spill his semen inside Joan's mouth most of which she managed to swallow. Chung was next as he witnessed Dennis's orgasm his pace of thrusting increased and Joan pushed back to meet his eagerness.

She felt his cum being pumped inside her. Joan pushed Dennis back on the bed and continued her attentiveness to his softening cum slick cock.

Chung crawled onto the bed beside Dennis and she included him as she began urging both male members to firm erectness once more. Joan then straddled Dennis and lowered her vagina onto his hard dick.

She rotated her pelvis churning the fat dick inside her creamy channel filled with Chung's cum. She continued to pump Chung's cock as she rode atop Dennis. After several minutes of slow stimulating fucking Joan said to Chung "Get behind me and put your dick up my ass." Chung eagerly moved behind her and she lay forward against Dennis's chest presenting her spread rear to him for penetration.

Her tight brown ring glistened from her own juices and some of Chung's spilled cum. Chung spread her cheeks wider with his hands and leaned toward her licking and tonguing her enticing opening. The sensations heightened Joan's state of arousal and she pressed her rear back toward Chung's face. She now felt the crown of his dick pressuring her rectal opening.

She relaxed and the tip popped inside. As both men pumped inside her the fullness and pressure combined with the oh so wonderful sensation of feeling those two nice cocks rubbing closely together with only her thin inner wall separating them produced almost intolerable sensations and intensity.

The pace of the fucking among the three began to build rapidly. Joan urged both cocks to plunder her as she rocked her pelvis between the two hard young men. Her building arousal peaked and Joan felt the first wave of her orgasm roar through her.

Her body shook and quivered between the two thrusting males both seeking their own release. Joan experienced wave after wave of pleasure as she was soundly plowed while in the midst of her own satisfied state. Chung was the first to empty inside her for the second time. His seed was warm inside her tight rectum. Chung withdrew to watch Dennis thrusting against Joan's grinding pelvis before he too deposited more semen inside Joan's contracting vagina.

The coupling trio disentangled their bodies and rested. Joan went to the bath to clean up a bit then put on her skirt and blouse. Her two playmates were eager for her to stay the night but she excused herself and left to get back and relieve her sitter. The little airport interlude had been just what she needed to clear her head of thoughts of Megan, at least for the moment. The next morning at the office Megan and Joan collected the client materials they would need and drove to meet them.

They were showing three very nice homes in an exclusive suburb outside the city. They made small talk in the car but there was an underlying tension that both sensed. They stopped for coffee before the scheduled meeting time.


As they perched on bar stools at the coffee shop Joan was very aware of Megan's presence and she caught herself thinking about how soft her skin had been against hers when they kissed the previous afternoon. She sensed the warm feeling in her vagina as she thought about their kiss. The new sensation rattled her composure somewhat.

Megan had prepared for the first showing of the day and led the tour of the house with Joan only supplying answers to a few questions that Megan did not yet know. Joan felt proud of the way Megan performed and knew that she would soon be effective on her own. They treated the clients to lunch at a local restaurant and talked about the property search and some of the pros and cons of the house they had just seen.

Joan conducted the two afternoon showings. The clients then left to consider the choices they had visited and decide if they wished to make an offer for one of the houses. Joan told them that they would remain in the area for awhile if the couple needed to discuss anything or perhaps revisit one of the locations. She and Megan were now left in the large new empty home alone.

Within minutes of the clients pulling out of the driveway, Megan approached Joan softly touched her face and leaned in to place a soft kiss on her lips. Joan instantly responded. The spark of yesterday now smoldered as their hands found the others clothing and they began to disrobe each other standing in the entrance foyer of the empty house. Joan unbuttoned Megan's top and opened it to expose a soft bra covering her small breasts. Joan's blouse slid to the floor and Megan unclasp the sheer bra enclosing Joan's firm pert breasts to her touch.

She traced her fingers over the soft creamy skin and watched Joan's prominent nipples harden under her touch. Joan leaned toward Megan and softly kissed and licked the two brown protruding nipples dotting her tiny breasts then pulled them gently with her fingers. Megan unbuttoned and unzipped Joan's short skirt and it dropped around her feet as Megan dropped to her knees to kiss Joan's belly above her small thong. Megan then took the waist band of the thong and lowered it to lie atop the skirt on the floor.

Megan kissed Joan's bare pubic mound and ran her hand between Joan's legs and along her moist slit. As Megan stood up Joan stepped out of her shoes and away from her clothes as she unfastened Megan's slacks pulling them down her slim legs. Megan removed her shoes and balanced on one foot as Joan slid the pants from her.

Joan then slid the cotton briefs Megan wore down her legs disclosing her prominent pubic mound covered in dark neatly trimmed hair and her slim firm ass. Joan touched her folds and found Megan wet from her arousal. The two embraced feeling their naked bodies touch for the first time as they kissed and searched one another's mouth with their tongues. Joan found the sensation of soft female skin and Megan's touch to be electric. Hand in hand they walked down the tiled hallway and entered the formal dining room.

Joan turned on the overhead chandelier and dimmed the lights to a soft glow. They stood under the lighting and Megan began kissing down Joan's neck to her chest kissing, licking and sucking lightly on her nipples before dropping to her knees and continuing down Joan's belly to her mound.

Megan's hand played between Joan's legs and over her vulva in its exploration of this new body. She looked up at Joan and tugged her hand to come down to her and as Joan knelt in response Megan lay her back on the plush carpet kissing her deeply as she lay back against the floor.

Megan then moved to spread Joan's legs opening her sex for pleasuring. Megan positioned herself between Joan's legs and her mouth made contact with Joan's moist folds and vaginal opening. Megan expertly began tonguing along Joan's slit and probing inside Joan's vagina with her tongue. The pleasing tongue teased over Joan's ass and back up to her clit and excitement swept over her as Megan supplied stimulus.

Her touch was masterful. Joan writhed beneath Megan's touch. She urged her open sex toward the soft lips and probing tongue for more contact more stimulation more penetration. Megan began inserting fingers inside Joan's vagina and with her other hand she pinched Joan's clitoral hood and lifted it from the sensitive organ to flick it's nerve filled tip with her tongue as her fingers probed upward seeking Joan's G spot against her front wall.

Joan's ass and thighs quivered uncontrollably as she arched her body toward Megan's pleasuring touch her breathing was now raspy, loud and she moaned uncontrollably as her orgasm built toward the point of no return. Megan increased the pressure against Joan's vaginal wall and flicked her tongue more rapidly over Joan's tormented clit as the first large quake of pleasure consumed Joan. She grasp Megan's head pulling it hard against her vulva her pelvis bucked wildly against Megan's face as the initial waves racked her body and wetness ran from her.

Megan clasp Joan's elevated ass cheeks and held her body close as the orgasm rolled over her. As Joan began to relax from the trauma of her release Megan sat up beside her and said "I've been wanting to make you climax for days now.

Joan smiled up at her and said "You, my dear, are unbelievably good!" They enjoyed another kiss. "Now I want to taste you Megan, lie down here with me." Megan moved beside Joan and Joan began to trace along Megan's lean body with her fingers while kissing and nipping at her hard nipples with her teeth. She moved between Megan's long legs lifting and bending her knees toward her chest as she splayed her wide. With her hands behind her thighs she lowered her face to Megan's vulva and began to explore her wet folds with her tongue and lips.

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Her smell was musky and pungent her taste somewhat metallic as she sampled her wetness. Joan licked up Megan's slit and into her hair covered pubic mound as she absorbed Megan's essence.

Joan reached up to pinch and squeeze Megan's nipples sometimes stretching and twisting them away from her thin body.

Megan's breathing became rapid and Joan was aware of more secretions coming from her. Joan spread her labia and eased several fingers inside lubricating them with her juices.

She traced the wetness from Megan's vagina to her tight little ass and probed a finger inside. She now held Megan with a thumb in her vagina and middle finger up her ass as she pressed and squeezed them together inside her.

Megan moved her pelvis against the movement of Joan's hand as Joan's mouth found Megan's clit and began sucking the little bud between her lips. Megan's reaction was instant. She cried out arching her back and was taken by her own tidal wave of pleasure as Joan continued to supply stimulation to her wet demanding sex.

They lay looking up at the light from the chandelier as their hands gripped the others in the aftermath of their coupling. Joan's cell phone suddenly interrupted their sated state and Joan ran back to the foyer to answer. It was the clients who said they had decided to place an offer on the last house of the day, the very one that Joan and Megan had just consummated.

Joan thought, maybe the sex was an omen foretelling the coming sale. Megan had now joined her and the two stood in the new home, naked and happy with their day for many reasons not the least of which was the new partnership that had been formed. They smiled and embraced as the daylight began to fade outside.