Bodybuilders teens gay sex first time Two hot naked college frat

Bodybuilders teens gay sex first time Two  hot  naked  college  frat
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I collapsed on the bed after he left. My mind was swimming. Never in my life did I think it would be like that, that my whole body would be held captive to one touch, at once place on my body. The movement inside me, the feel of me clinching around him, being parted by him, the force of his movement against me, all cam surging back to me.

I felt open, not really able to feel him inside me, but rather the absence of him. I moved to the head of the bed, and let my wet hair hang between the bed and the wall. Closing my eyes, I reached down and felt my still wet vaginal opening. I slid two fingers inside myself and could feel how open I was. When I got to my knuckles I pulled them out and felt the pleasure radiate through my body as I rubbed against my clit. I looked down and saw the residue of his cum on my fingers, and closed my eyes while at the same time applying my now cum soaked fingers back onto my swollen clit.

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I didn't enter myself again, but rather slid my fingers down my opening and applied pressure with the base of my hand. I felt the length of my finger along my opening, the tip reaching my perineum and the base of my hand grinding into my clit. I shuttered with the force. Instinctively I brought my hand to my mouth while using my other hand to replace the pleasure.

I could taste myself on my fingers, a hint of his cum mixed with my juices. The taste was more of a turn on than my hand, but the two combined made me shutter harder.

I pressed harder with my hand, moved faster with my fingers. The pace began to be extraordinary. I found myself squeezing my own chest, pulling at my nipples, shaking them back and forth as the pace began to be chaotic. In my eyes mind, I could see John over me, feel his cock inside me, feel that thrust, and that is when it happened. My ass lifted off the bed, My whole body when tense and rigid. My ass clinched and my arms flung to the side to brace myself. I screamed, and then it was like a wave, no an explosion of heat rushed from my pussy to the tips of my extrimities.

I was out of breathe. It was hard to even open my eyes. Finally my body was loose, looser than it had been in a long time, and I opened my eyes. There he was. "That was quite the show." "What the fuck? You just come in whenever you want?" "Im telling you those tits are amazing." "David, really. What the fuck." I was trying to pull the covers over me, but he had taken a seat on the edge of the bed.

"So Mr. John took the Cherry huh?" "What? That's none of your… really get the fuck out of here." "Well tell me this much. You did use protection didn't you?" "That's none of your fucking business.

Hand me my shirt over there." I was pissed. This wasn't cool at all. All I wanted to do was get covered up and get the hell out of the house. "I will, but please tell me you used a condom. Then I'll give you your shirt." "No.

No we didn't use a condom.

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Now give me my shirt." He reached down on the ground and grabbed the shirt. He reached out to give it to me, but as I went to grab it he pulled it back. "So your going to have his baby now I guess. Stay here at the beach and raise little surfer babies. Stupid." "I'm on the pill stupid. Now give me my shirt." He tossed it to me and I stood to put it on.

"Why the hell are you on the pill of you don't fuck?" "Mom put me on it because my cramps were bad ass." I went to the dresser and grabbed some bikini bottoms and turning away from him, I put one leg in the opening. I looked back at him. "You really are an ass. You know that don't you?" I put my other leg in and bent a bit to pull them up. When I did he slapped my ass and I jumped. "That's for being a bad girl." I moved forward against the dressed as a reflex, looked back at him with horror and anger and said, "Don't fucking touch me.

Get the hell out of my room." He was standing now. I looked him straight in the eye and saw him move toward the door.

When he did I turned away from him, disgusted, and bent again to pull up my bottoms. When they were up I turned to see if he had left the room, but he stood, not three feet from me, his pants on the ground.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing you fucking perv?" He didn't respond. He moved closer to me and I backed up. My ass hit the dresser and I felt the room close in on me. He was almost against me. There was a look in his eye like I had never seen before. He reached up to my chest and took my right tit in his hand. I slapped his hand away and my tit fell against my stomach. "That's not yours to touch when you want to." He reached and grabbed my other tit, "how about this one?


Can I grab this one when I want?" I slapped that away and moved again into the dresser. I almost sat on it. He moved closer, then against me.

I tried to push him away, but he was too strong. He held his ground. I raised my hand to hit him, and he grabbed it. "David what the fuck are you doing. I don't like this." "but you will." My head began to spin.

I panicked. My vision began to focus on his face and everything else went away. I couldn't hear anything. I lost power over my arms. He grabbed my breasts in his hands and squeezed. I couldn't feel it. All I heard was, "I think I'll take that raincheck." Then his kissed me. I didn't resist. I couldn't. I didn't have the strength. What was happening was too overwhelming. He retracted completely. He looked me up and down and I think he finally registered the horror in my eyes.

So many things began to swim through my mind. I thought about Christmas and David opening presents. Thought about the pictures as a young boy. I thought about the way mom talked about him, how dad praised him and bragged to all his friends about his college son.

"If you want to fuck me, I cant stop you. Is that how you want this to go?" I sat on the bed. I was crying now. "Look im sorry. I saw you there. Hot as shit, thought about last night and thought you would be game for it, especially after John started you off and didn't finish the job." "What does that have to do with anything?" I was a mess now.

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Tears were everywhere. Im sure I was blowing snot bubbles. Definitely not attractive. "I just want you to have the week of your life.

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I'm sorry. Give me a hug and I'll leave ya alone." The room had changed. My vision had repaired itself. I stood and went to him. He put his arms around me and I embraced him. Ironically, I didn't want to let go.

All the emotions were taking me over, and I squeezed tighter. That's when I realized that he was hard. I hadn't noticed it before, but when I did, I looked down at it. It was huge. All the memories from the night before came back. I thought about how John felt inside me and wondered how something that much bigger would feel. I told myself I couldn't think that way.


"Someone is awake." "I'm sorry. I just have a hot ass sister." He moved away from me and went towards his pants. A different kind of panick overtook me.

I didn't want him to get dressed. I couldn't believe that I was thinking that, but it was overwhelming. "You don't have to do that." It just came out. "So now you want me to stay naked?" He was half laughing. "No. get dressed you ass. We cant do that." "Do what?" He moved closer to me. Pants still on the ground. "Nothing. Get your pants on." "No. Don't do that. Don't get all prudish on me.

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What were you thinking?" "Nothing, really. Can we forget this?" I was trying to reverse the path my body and mind had taken. He was almost against me. Without thinking I reached down and took his dick in my hand. "I guess we cant forget this." He smiled. "Shut up." I pulled him by his dick to the edge of the bed.

I sat down and pulled him to my mouth and put the head of it in my mouth. Oh god the feeling. I closed my eyes and the sensation of him against my tongue and lips was increased.

I could smell him and feel him move into my mouth and my lips move down his shaft. I could feel myself getting wet. He didn't let me suck him long.

He pushed my shoulders and I fell back onto the bed.

He reached down and pulled my bottoms around my thighs and then to my ankles. AS he did, he dropped to his knees and put his mouth against my opening. I felt his tongue part my lips and begin to flick my clit. I moaned. I got goose bumps. My chest began to almost burn. I felt my senses highten. Every touch of my skin was on fire. The he stopped. "His cum tastes pretty good." Until that moment I had forgotten that John had fucked me, that he had cum in me, and now the idea of David eating me out with Johns cum inside me made me go crazy.

When he put his mouth back on my clit, I came immediately. He stood up and looked down at me. I could see his hard cock. "I want to see those gorgeous tits." I complied. I reached to pull my shirt over my head, not easy when your on your back and just had and orgasm. I had the shirt over my face and pulling up, trying to get the back of my shirt to release from my weight, when I felt the full length of his cock push into me.

He didn't try to ease inside me. With one push, the entire cock was thrust into me. I screamed and let go of my shirt. My face was covered, but I didn't have the strength to move. His cock had made all my muscles immediately relax. I reached down to my stomach instinctively. In my mind I imagined how deep he was. "Are you ok?" "Oh my god, don't take it out." It felt like someone's entire arm had be thrust inside me, but there was no discomfort.

He retracted, and I reached for his ass to hold him inside me, but he immediately pushed back into me. I let out a groan, and my arms flew to the side to brace me against the bed. My head flew back and the power was overwhelming. I tried and tried to get my shirt over my face, but I didn't have the power. Everything I was close, he pushed into me and I collapsed onto the bed.

When he finally paused, he lowered his ass to sit up a bit and I felt his hand grab my exposed tits, and as soon as he began to squeeze, I felt his dick put pressure inside me, almost pushing against me to raise me, and a huge wave of pleasure released.

It was sudden. I wasn't expecting it. I huge stream of my cum released and splashed against him. My body thrashed about with him still inside me, and with every movement I felt the pressure again and I couldn't control myself. He let me move with my tits in his hands, and then finally he pushed me down with my chest.

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"Guess we found the G-Spot." He paused for a second and then started to fuck me almost sitting on the floor. The angle kept hitting me right where it had. I came again. He continued. I came again. He pulled all the way out of me, and I moaned for him to get back inside me.

When he did he pushed in so hard that I screamed and a huge stream of my cum launched against him and my body went numb.

I was jello. He stood and began fucking me hard. The slap of his body against mine was loud, and even louder were my tits bouncing against each other. He pulled all the way out of me and stood completely. "Turn over." I complied.

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When I did I finally pulled my shirt over my head and as I did I brought it to the bed and he grabbed my hips. He pushed the head of his dick against my ass. "Lower." He brought it lower and pushed inside me. Instictively I moved forward, but his hands on my hips stopped me. He pulled me against him as he thrust forward and felt him spread me as he went deeper than he had. It felt like he was in my stomach. My head came back. He pulled out and pushed inside me again.

He fucked me that way for a while. He used my tits as handles and pulled me against him. It wasn't as overwhelming as it was before, but the force and the movement were driving me crazy. The sheer depth of his cock inside me amazed me.

Then his stopped and laid down on the bed beside me. "Did you cum?" I asked. "Hell no, you'll know it when I cum. Get on top of me." I did what he asked. I hovered over him and lowered myself down on him. It felt different. He felt longer as I lowered myself. It didn't seem to end entering me. Then I reached bottom. I was completely out of breath. I leaned back and felt the length of him inside me. Again I grabbed my stomach. "Deep in that pussy isn't it?" I didn't respond.

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine the length of him inside me. I tried to pull off him but my legs were too weak. I moved forward with my hips and felt my clit drag along his base. I shuttered. He grabbed my tits and squeezed. He pulled me with my tits and I moved toward his face. I pulled back and that got the rhythm started. I began pulling my hips back and forth. I felt the length of his cock bounce from the front to the back. The firmness of his cock pushed against my clit and then my clit found his pelvis.

I could feel the frustration building.

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He squeezed harder on my tits and then released them. They began flopping around with my movement. They slapped against each other and against my stomach.

I grinded harder on his cock, trying to get him deeper, hit that place that it seemed he was so close in getting to, then it happened. I leaned back with the orgasm and he smacked out of my pussy and when he did a stream of my juices sprayed onto his chest. As it did I fell back onto the bed and my legs came together with the orgasm. "Damn girl. You soaked me. I guess its time I actually fuck you." I looked up at him in amazement. "What?" I mean what had we been doing?

He took his place standing on the edge of the bed and grabbed my legs and rotated me around on the bed. He could have fed me shit at this point and I wouldn't have had the energy or strength to stop him. He pulled my legs straight up in the air, making a v-shape, and then pulled me again to the edge of the bed. "now grab those titties so you don't get a black eye." What followed was amazing and terrifying. He began fucking me harder than he had had. His dick slammed inside me and the force of his body against mine made a loud slapping sound.

He fucked hard and pulled my legs for leverage. I tried to hold my tits in place, but at some point I gave up and they began to fly with every pounding. He rotated me on my side with the use of my legs and kept fucking. He rotated me onto my other side and grabbed my tit hard and I let out a yelp of pain as he used it alone to pull me all the way onto his cock. When he pulled me back on my back and started fucking me I could feel a difference in his cock.

Don't ask me how. My pussy was numb. He was fucking for what seemed forever, I felt like if he pulled out my pussy would be permantently open. "Im going to cum. You ready for this bitch?" "Yes. I want to see you cum." "Hell no. Your getting his load deep in you." Then he spread my legs and pushed all the way inside me. He let out a huge grunt and then scream. I didn't feel anything, and then as he pulled out and pushed in again, I felt the surge of heat and the sudden increase in wetness.

I didn't cum, but the feeling was intense. He moved again and again, and as he moved and came, I lost most sensation of his cock, just the pressure and was overwhelmed by what felt like gallons of fluid inside me.

When he finally stopped moving he pushed all the way inside me and collapsed on me. He kissed me and took my nipple in his mouth. After a minute or so, he stood, cock still in me. "I want you to put your bathing suite on and go to the beach with me and let my cum slowly leak out of you." I didn't argue. I got dressed and felt the huge mess that was my pussy. My legs were weak, and when I finally laid down on my towel at the beach, fully exhausted, I saw John approach.

He kissed me as I lay on the towel and looked at my crotch. After starring for a second he whispered in my ear. "Sorry I made such a mess, you might want to get in the water before your brother notices." I looked down at myself and noticed my bathing suite was soaked with cum and a small stream had leaked out of me and escaped my bottoms to form a pool on my towel.